Fear at the Intersection of Race and Autism – Part 2
No Ruling in SB277 Hearing

Preliminary Injunction Hearing on SB 277 in San Diego Federal Court on Friday, August 12th

UPDATE:  Josh Coleman is LiveBlogging at FB Live:  Josh Coleman is live blogging this: https://m.facebook.com/VaccineCorruptionToday/

SAN DIEGO, CA—The Hon. Dana M. Sabraw, federal district judge in San Diego, will entertain oral arguments on Education 4 All’s (E4A) Motion for Preliminary Injunction to halt SB277, at1:30 p.m. on August 12th.  E4A’s challenge to California’s repeal of all religious and conscientious exemptions to mandated vaccination is the only item on Judge Sabraw’s docket on Fridayafternoon, and the court will hear from the plaintiffs, the state departments of Health and Education, and from attorneys representing the Santa Barbara County public health office. 

With many California school districts returning to campus for the fall term, this Friday’s time sensitive hearing is critical for those children whose vaccination status will cause them to suffer exclusion from public and private schools under the new law.

Twenty-one individual and non-profit organization plaintiffs filed suit against various defendants including the California Departments of Health and Education, alleging that SB 277 is unconstitutional.  The lawsuit relies on the fundamental right to education under the California Constitution, the rights of parents and children under the United States Constitution, and cites numerous violations of state and federal law, including statutes that protect disabled children. 

Thousands of California students should learn after the hearing whether they may return to school in the next few weeks, or be permanently barred from receiving public or private education.

WHAT:           Preliminary Injunction Hearing

WHEN:           Friday, August 12th at 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: Courtroom 13A, 333West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

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About Education 4 All: The Education 4 All (E4A) Foundation, founded in June 2016, seeks to redeem California’s promise of equal education for all children.


Blossom Borba

This is just a violation of our rights. I am surprised this is even happening. Ignorance or fear shouldn't be the reason for this. The ingredients in vaccines are toxic and that is the only reason I disagree with vaccines. This is our children and I can't even believe anyone would allow this mandatory vaccination to pass. I would like to see this law repealed asap! Stop mandatory vaccines period.


This week Obama -- exasperated at Congress for failing to fork over a couple billion in Zika funding -- announced that he was unilaterally taking $81 million in funds earmarked for other critical biomedical programs, including programs to help opioid addicts in the USA, and handing it over to some lucky drug companies so that they can quickly develop and market a Zika vaccine.

Meanwhile, PAHO came out yesterday with the very latest Zika numbers, which clearly show that the epidemic of Zika-related birth defects remains concentrated in a single country -- Brazil. (See link below for details.)


What this means is that either Zika had nothing to do with these birth defects, or that it does not act alone -- that it requires a co-factor of some kind (e.g. a pesticide or a vaccine). But of course, this information won't stop the drug industry from rushing to market yet another dangerous, useless vaccine. It also won't stop the CDC from insisting that every child, every pregnant woman, every healthcare worker, and every senior citizen be vaccinated against the oh-so-dreaded Zika virus.

"It's scarier than we thought," the CDC spokesperson said with a smile.

Ching ching.


Sadly, I live in CA and am a lifelong Democrat. I cannot express how profoundly disappointed I was when this legislation passed. As the parent of both a vaccine injured child and an unvaccinated toddler, I am doubly impacted by this ridiculous law. How on earth can I subject my healthy toddler to the 53 jabs included on the current vaccine schedule? After having lived the past 11 years in agony --that I wouldn't wish even on Dr Pan -- because I so stupidly trusted my son's health to vaccine manufacturers. The State should not be permitted to strip away my parental right of informed medical consent nor remove my daughter's right to FAPE because I refuse to do so.


Thank you for your help!


Exclusion from the public fool system might turn out to be one of the best things that could happen to these children, though I realize most parents don't see it that way. And the state has no right to deprive kids of the education their families pay taxes for. Still I would hope to see an explosion in home schooling by those parents who have the resources to do so.


Josh Coleman is live blogging this: https://m.facebook.com/VaccineCorruptionToday/

go Trump

God bless all of those making this legal effort in California.

I understand that Otto Coleman still needs a number of vaccines to be allowed to attend school in his wheelchair. http://www.ageofautism.com/2015/06/disabled-ca-boys-testimony-to-sb277-lawmakers-i-love-going-to-school-please-dont-take-that-away-from.html


Of course, his younger brother needs the entire forty plus CDC doses / from age zero to five ... to be allowed to start his education.

As always, follow the money and show how much pharma money was provided to those who voted for the vaccine mandates for 10% of the US population. I assume a few million was spent to secure two billion dollars in vaccine revenues.

A great two minutes with Polly Tommey....


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