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Once Vaxxed But Not Shy? Washington Post Article Spurs Debate.

Caution"He beat me and I went to the hospital, But I know he loves me. I'll be home tomorrow."

"In September 1961, an overweight woman from Queens, New York, called a group of friends over to her house and confessed that eating cookies was her obsession.  Her name was Jean Nidetch, and with that first admission she discovered that one of the most effective keys to weight control are "empathy, rapport and mutual understanding." Her discovery resulted in a seventy pound weight loss and one of the most successful weight-control organizations in the world - Weight Watchers."

"It's just one drink. I can stop at anytime."

"A vaccine made my baby stop breathing. But I still believe in vaccination."

This article in the Washington Post is making the rounds of social media with all manner of comments. Many of our readers have vaccine injured children. Many of us will never touch a vaccine again.   While maintaining respect for this child, what are your thoughts?   We each have a unique risk/reward formula don't we? And would the Post consider a similar article from a Mom who will never vaccinate again? Maybe I'll ask... KIM

Last year, I became a mom. During my pregnancy, I read all the books and all the articles, and my husband and I mentally crafted a framework to use to raise our baby. I would breast-feed. We would use cloth diapers. We would eschew television and electronic devices for her first two years. And we would vaccinate on time, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended immunization schedule.

Of course, I know now that nothing ever goes to plan when it comes to parenting. We tried cloth diapering; that lasted a week. My daughter was never able to breast-feed successfully, so I ended up pumping exclusively and feeding her from bottles. We let her watch TV when she’s feverish and cranky.

But we kept our promise about vaccinations. My husband and I know that vaccines are an easy and essential part of preventive health care that will help keep our baby from contracting serious and even potentially deadly childhood diseases. And even though a severe medical reaction would test our resolve, we continue to ensure our daughter never misses a vaccine...



Jeannette Bishop

Quakenboss's perspective:


Francis Weibel

The Vaccine Reaction has written an article claiming (and proving) this WP article is "native advertising".

Here is the link: http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2016/08/native-advertising-for-vaccines-in-the-washington-post


OMG Tim! That is terrible.

What do you think the culprit was? An allergic reaction?

Tim Lundeen

One of my sisters is an RN, and she totally believed in vaccinations until one of her children stopped breathing just after he'd been vaccinated. They were able to revive him, but it was the last vaccination any of her kids ever got. As she said, if he had stopped breathing 15 minutes later while she was driving home, she would have arrived with a dead child in the back seat.


"A vaccine made my baby stop breathing. But I still believe in vaccination."

There are only three words that come to my mind, after reading these these two sentences.

Mind. Numbing. Stupidity.


The toxic heavy metals in vaccines have perfectly acceptably substitutes:

Thimerosal => Phenoxyalcohol (presently used in vaccines)

Aluminum Phosphate => Calcium Phosphate http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC95982/

Not to say that vaccines would be safe with the substitutions, but they would certainly be safer. Every single defense of these compounds is utter BS! There is absolutely no sane argument for defending the inclusion of these ingredients over their less-toxic counterparts.

Look it up! Thimersal isn't even an effective preservative since the Hg can bind with the -thiol group in the antigentic protein rendering it (Hg) less capable if bacteriostatic activity. This has been shown to to be the case. Numerous examples of thimerosal-preserved vaccines have been contaminated by foreign bacteria.

It is worse than worthless. Much worse.

Aluminum has no special adjuvant properties. The only property of a mineral adjuvant is to adsorb antigens on it's surface, making for a time-release antigen depot in the body. Calcium compounds can do this too. The vac-apologist will tell you that alum provides a strong "immune response", but they fail to mention that any insoluble mineral will do exactly that.

david m burd

Narad, (!)

Yes, the "Spanish Flu" in 1918-1919 was indeed NOT caused by a "flu" virus, as virtually all fatalities were directly due to four, five, six vaccines for such as diphtheria, yellow fever, anti-pneumonia, tetanus, measles, etc., given to ALL the 4.7 million U.S. military recruits, that sparked the Panic. On top of that, scores of millions of civilians were panicked and also got several vaccines - all made from pus and toxic infections scraped from captive cow whose rotting belly tissue was used as the basis for all these insane "vaccines."

So now, 98 years later, our present Immunization Schedule for children is based on the same medical lock-step beliefs. Every substance (i.e. excipients) injected by shots to our children today are basically the same toxic brews stemming from the 1918-1919 Fiasco.

So,what percentage of present medical professionals actually investigate what's in the vaccine shots they cavalierly promote? My guess is maybe 10%, but of course these 10% are marginalized and ignored by the Mainstream Media. Instead, such as the Washington Post runs total bull-crap from fictional writers ever more justifying their commitment to vaccines endorsed/promoted by U.S. Health Leaders. No fiction writer could ever make up what goes on today.

go Trump

If this child had died, it would have been called SIDS.

There would have been no cause of death found, and the death certainly would not be due to a "well baby vaccine visit."

They pediatrician did not lose a customer on this one. I assume the next well baby visit is on the calendar...


Some people are just plain stupid! In this country, stupid is practically a sacrament.
I sympathize with Benedetta after witnessing a relative with a child on the spectrum decided to give him 3 HPV shots. Very disturbing. Nothing I said made any difference. People love to be impressed by labels and white coats but may pay a very high price for that nonsense adulation.


I just finished the book Virus Mania and have come to the conclusion that vaccines do way more harm than good. Most viruses have not even been proven to exist or to be infectious is any way.

Gullaine-Barre Syndrome and Accute Flaccid Paralysis are essentially the new Paralytic Polio designations.
Aseptic Meningitis is the new non-Paralytic Polio.

Vaccine Damage has come under different classifications over the years.

Even the Spanish Flue Epidemic was precipitated by mass Diptheria Vaccination.


Honestly, I'm reminded of the Christian cult that handles snakes in the name of the Lord. They get bit. Some die. They pick up the next snake. But to make your child handle the snake? Rattles me.....


Jim Jones would be so proud. Can't wait for Charlie Manson's article.

david m burd

Wow! This mother's "experience" with her baby clearly had Paul Offit as her ghostwriter. However I would like to address her absurd propaganda that 10 million vaccine doses by age one are given each year in the U.S.

For decades the yearly U.S. births have been right around 4 million. By one year of age almost all babies (except those of us who've realized the insanity of all the child vaccines) getting vaccines comes to 3 1/2 million. Per the CDC Vaccine Carnage Schedule, it's 27+ doses of injected vaccines (and I'm not counting the day-of-birth toxic HepB Immunoglobulin shot or the Vitamin K shot or the exposure in their mother's womb to her flu shots, etc.).

So the extremely simple fact is that 3 1/2 million babies getting 27 vaccine doses by one year comes to 94 1/2 million vaccine doses per year - NOT the 10 million as cited by this Washington Post Creature.

What's even more bizarre about this Creature and her husband, is she claims for a year they read constantly all the literature that exists on child vaccinations!! I guess they used the Washington Post for their source of knowledge and literature. WHICH makes me ponder; what does the Washington Post have to gain by willfully sponsoring and repeating what they are fed by CDC, NIH, et al??

Jeannette Bishop

@Bob Moffitt,

I agree this is THEIR decision (assuming this is a real story), though it doesn't appear (I'm not actually giving the WaPost traffic and so maybe I should shut up, but ...) to be made from an actual informed position regarding the limits of efficacy of vaccination or the extent of vaccine adverse effects.

And of course, the underlying point is to tell those wanting to avoid vaccine injury how to think, or at least act, with no respect (probably with complete disrespect) for THEIR right of choice.

NWO Reporter

The reaction her baby had is "incredibly rare," eh? What is the basis for that conclusion? Vaccinated babies die suddenly on a regular basis, their deaths ruled Sudden Unexplained Infant Death--a non-explanation. There is no attempt to connect these deaths to vaccination. Had she not heard her baby's strange cry, that very well could have been the fate of her baby, too.

The WaPo article is disgusting and shameless propaganda. Is the author being truthful? Perhaps, although I very much doubt she is solely responsible for all the content. I've heard many stories of parents whose babies had severe adverse reactions to vaccines, but they kept going back for more, until finally the devastation is permanent. Even then, they may deny the connection, unable to face their role in creating it. The vaccine myth is powerful and ubiquitous mind control that can override all common sense and reason.

Jeannette Bishop

Because you're not supposed to stop vaccinating, so that you're "protected" till you die (probably from a vaccine injury, but preferably also while on dozens of pharmaceuticals treating symptoms of various vaccine and pharmaceutical side effects for whatever duration your otherwise worthless life is worth)?


First, I didn't see which vaccinations her daughter was given. Yes there is the piece of crap called the schedule, but the author should have clearly stated the vaccines given. Second, if there are future problems, and this was this was the warning and the warning was ignored--seems ripe for legal action against the parents/doctors etc.

False scientists make me laugh

Mike, your empathy is truly appreciated.
I can't help but think this tactic by pharmedia is an epic fail.

Robin Miles-McLean

This makes me so incredibly sad.... It also makes me mad - it's getting so that I can hardly read the Washington Post any more. From their super pro-GMO reporting, to their Zika hyping, to their shaming of people who've realized the inflammatory nature of gluten - just to name a few - they have simply become a mouth piece for big Ag, big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex - just ugh!

And I am guessing that her baby already had had a vaccine reaction as indicated in the baby's inability to nurse well. Of my 3, the one who didn't get Hepatitis B vaccines and/or vitamin K on the first day of life was the best nurser. The other two had much more trouble - all that aluminum....


This is fascinating. If I was watching all this on TV from another planet, I'd be really entertained.

How did they get this young mother to watch her baby almost die in her arms from a vaccine, )assuming that really happened and that she is a real person), and then turn around and come out singing the praises of vaccination? Wow. Is she medicated? No really, if she's real, I want to know what's wrong with her.

So, the tactic has changed. Before, they didn't talk about reactions. They were so rare and if a baby stopped breathing after a vaccine, it had nothing to do with the vaccine, because babies just stop breathing sometimes and sometimes they die. But the official story is that it had nothing to do with the vaccine. Vaxxed has changed all that. Not only with the movie, but the filmmakers have continued to document hundreds of vaccine injury stories (youtube - Truth Tube and Autism Media Channel). They have filmed many, many parents telling how their babies stopped breathing, became limp, seized, etc., after vaccines. Many died.

So now the Washington Post et al have changed their tune. Now, yes, babies stop breathing, and yes, it's from the vaccines, but no (LOLOLOL), it's not a reason to stop vaccinating.

Wow. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. I want to know how many people this will fool. I want to know too how they got this young woman to be this deluded and how much help she got in writing this piece of garbage propaganda.


PS from a 97 year old
I'm so glad I listened to the doctor. I'd do it all over again too
Feeling excited to meet a guy.

Bob Moffit

Hey .. if this mom wants to continue vaccinating her child .. after suffering the frightening experience of witnessing her child's serious ... life-threatening .. possibly life-long .. adverse reaction .. so be it.

After all, it is obvious these parents love their child dearly .. and .. their faith and trust in "one size fits all" vaccines .. regardless of gender, weight, stage of the child's individual development markers, etc, etc ... and .. the policies by which they are recommended, approved and administered .. especially the age and number of vaccines administered at a single visit .. again ... so be it.

In my humble opinion .. any parent's decision to continue vaccinating THEIR child after THEIR child suffered a "life-threating" vaccine reaction .. is THEIRS alone to make .. however .. THEIR decision ought not over-ride the decisions of thousands of loving parents who witnessed first hand similar adverse reaction .. some even suffering the loss of their perfectly healthy child .. immediately following vaccinations ... who have justifiable .. valid .. common sense reasons .. for making their decision to opt out" of continuing to expose their child or children from further RISK.

Personally .. I am in awe of the various "supreme risk takers" .. who voluntarily jump off mountain tops without a parachute .. such as .. that free falling sky diver who jumped into a "net" 25,000 feet below .. but .. there is quite a distinction between "voluntary supreme risk takers" .. and .. parents who many public health bureaucrats would REQUIRE ASSUME ALL THE KNOWN RISKS OF VACCINES TO THEIR CHILDREN.

As I see it .. perfectly healthy and innocent CHILDREN are routinely exposed and suffer the RISKS .. while the public health officials and vaccine manufacturers remain completely RISK FREE.

That's like the guy WATCHING the guy jump 25,000 feet into the net .. where is HIS risk?


I'm 97 years old and on my last visit to the doctor, he recommended I take the HPV series. I asked him why and he told me it's a safety measure. I told him I haven't had sex since my husband died in 1991.
He told me then that one never knows when a proper suitor will appear. So I finally consented to the vaccine. After the first shot, I became a hoarder, collecting everything from old rags to lizards. He said "So what," to that so I took the second shot. I could only eat iceberg lettuce. He told me I'd have to take the third one or the others won't have any effect. So after that I'm confined to a wheel and am unable to move my arms or legs. When I told that to the doctor he said, Excellent and now you can find your
soul mate.


Oh brother. What a goofy storyline. Obviously written by pharma.

Oh yes, our baby almost DIED after a vaccine, but gosh, we still never, ever miss a single one!

(I also like the subtle hit against breast-feeding, cloth diapering, and minimizing TV for growing young minds.)

Of course, you didn't give breastfeeding a decent try. You're a power yuppie with too many worlds to conquer. Of course, you gave up on cloth diapering - washing poop is such a PAIN. Of course, you gave in to TV to fry your baby's mind. It's CONVENIENT.

What a joke.


I've only posted a couple of comments here before but I feel the need to go in deep here.

I was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 7 and my life has had its ups as well as downs- I'm not going to lie. While I believe my condition was not a direct result of any sort of vaccination, I've heard too many horror stories, on this site and elsewhere, to believe it CAN be a factor.

My mother has been my rock through my life. She is my advocate, fighting for me when no one else would. Before the age of 60, she has unfortunately, also had a heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, you name it. I can only imagine what it's like for those who have children more severely affected.

I sincerely hope this woman and here daughter are doing well, because in my experience, I've been around children who can't communicate, aren't toilet trained, and couldn't function in normal society.
If this were the case for this woman's daughter, she might have a less rosy view of vaccination.


I am afraid I do understand this kind of thinking for I have Been there - for many of a year -
Such continuous stupidity on my part done in my daughter, and my father, and my son, and my husband.

After the second reaction to the DPT for my son if I had taken the attitude of never another vaccine - I could have saved all four of "em.

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