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Normalizing Autism--We Have No Choice

Old is new memeBy Anne Dachel

Countries around the world can no longer ignore all the neurologically disabled children and young adults everywhere. Despite the pretense that nothing is really going on, that we've only in recent decades understood that there are people living with autism--ones who can't speak, interact normally, behave like other children--we're having to make accommodations that were never needed before. Somehow we have to convince ourselves that designating more and more places as autism-friendly/sensory-friendly is just the result of greater awareness. Stories are out everyday that prove my point. We're adjusting, it seems, no questions asked. Soon, as more and more of these children age out of school and enter adulthood, we won't remember a world without those with special needs everywhere.

I imagine the forms parents fill out for registration for school or sports or organization will soon look like this:

Form AD

 Here's a quick look at the world surrendering to autism. There's no need to look for a cause or call it a crisis or try to prevent it. We've all learned to accept autism as a normal part of childhood in the 2st century, and soon we won't remember a world without people on the spectrum. We have to do this, the alternative is to expose how an unchecked, unsafe vaccination schedule damaged millions of children around the world. That is the unthinkable to the people in charge and their lackeys in the press. 

Get used to hearing about "autism friendly" and "sensory friendly" accommodations. They're the signs of the times.

Aug 22, 2016, ABC4 Charleston (SC): Myrtle Beach airport opens space for children with autism

A South Carolina airport is about to become the second in the country to help families with autistic children by offering a quiet space to decompress after a flight....

The room in the airport's baggage-claim area features pillowed and cushioned cubicles and seats marked with the words "Quiet Room" on its glass paneled door.

Becky Large of the Champion Autism Network says the room provides a safe environment for autistic children and a caregiver to relax while others collect checked baggage.

(Notice this is designed for "autistic children." It seems the needs of autistic adults aren't really a concern at the moment.) 

Aug 22, 2016, Tampa Bay Times: Top things to do in Tampa Bay for Aug. 23

Sensory Friendly Films: AMC Theatres and the Autism Society have joined together to present this special series of films in an environment friendly to those affected by autism and other sensory issues. This week features War Dogs. 7 p.m., Woodlands Square 20, 3128 Tampa Road, Oldsmar. Also held at Regency 20 in Brandon and Veterans 24 in Tampa. $6.50 (price varies by theater). (727) 771-6643(727) 771-6643.

(In the midst of the community calendar is the announcement of the local "sensory friendly" movie. We're not surprised. It's more awareness. Too bad none of these people were ever able to go to the movies before.)

Aug 22, 2016, Norwich (UK) Eastern Daily Press: Experience Chapelfield through the eyes of an autistic child

 Shoppers at Chapelfield in Norwich will be handed virtual reality headsets at the weekend so that they can experience a shopping centre from the perspective of an autistic child.

Headsets will be dished out from 9am on Saturday in an attempt to help people understand what it feels like to experience all those overwhelming sights and sounds experienced by autistic children while out and about.

The project is part of a pioneering initiative between intu and the National Autistic Society, aiming to bring better awareness and support for autistic shoppers and their families. ...

Alex Marshall, the 10-year-old star of the film, said: “It really helps when people understand things, and this is a really cool way to do it – you can just show someone inside your head! When someone’s seen what it’s like, I think they’ll know why I get overwhelmed, and then they’ll understand that I’m not being naughty.”

“More than 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum and our action in support of this campaign will help intu Chapelfield be as accessible and welcoming as possible to all guests,” added intu Chapelfield’s Marketing Manager Sheridan Smith. 

(The public gets to experience sensory overload. It's nothing to worry about, it's just the way some people are--in fact the Daily Press tells readers that one percent of the population has autism, even though no one has been able to show us a comparable rate among adults and the subject of the video in a little boy.)

Aug 19, 2016, Southport (UK) Visitor: Southport's NatWest bank is now 'autism-friendly'

A Southport bank is now ‘Autism Friendly’ following a training session carried out by a Merseyside social enterprise.

Staff from the bank took part in a workshop run by Autism Adventures as part of NatWest’s commitment to supporting customers from all walks of life....

Ms Simpson said: “Autism has no visual traits so a child may just act up out of nowhere due to any number of circumstances.

“When you are a parent and this happens, it can be incredibly challenging so knowing you are in a shop or business with staff that have undergone training is incredibly helpful.”

(Meltdowns welcome. We understand.)

Aug 19, 2016, Donegal News (Rep of Ireland): Local bikers to host event for Autism support

LEATHER clad bikers might have a reputation for being tough, but they will roll down their sleeves tomorrow (Saturday) in order to raise much needed cash for a Donegal childrens’ charity.

Kind hearted local members of the Devils Disciples Motor Cycle Club (Ireland) are dedicating this year’s North West Bike Show at Larkins of Newmills, outside Letterkenny, to the Autism Family Support Group....

“The show is an annual event anyway, so we decided to have a family event until 6pm, before the rest of the bikers arrive from all over the country. Our bikers just want to do something for kids with autism,” he said.

Aug 19, 2016, Oneonta (NY) Daily Star: Glimmerglass fest to host autism-friendly performance

The Glimmerglass Festival will present a sensory-friendly performance of “Perfect Pitch,” a baseball-themed musical revue, at 2 p.m. Thursday in the pavilion next to the main stage. The Kelberman Center, which offers programs and services for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and their families, is providing support for the initiative at Glimmerglass.

Festival organizers are working with a Kelberman Center educator to create a theatrical experience that may be enjoyed by people with autism or other sensory sensitivities. The event will provide an environment where talking, noise, and movement throughout the theater are encouraged. Additionally, special attention will be made to reduce sudden sounds and lighting cues, and a quieter space will be designated outside the theater.

(Someone please explanation to me how, if autism has always been here, we could have neglected a disabled population with such significant needs until only recently.)

Aug 18, 2016, Macon (GA) Telegraph: 10 Days Calendar
Sensory Friendly Screening for Kids with ASD

Experience a sensory-friendly version of the Disney movie “Pete’s Dragon.” The movie will be screened at a softer volume, with lights up. Those in the audience are welcome to dance, sing, express themselves and move about. $7.50 per ticket. 11:45 a.m.

(Special showings for kids on the spectrum are now a fact of life.)



You're so right. Soon we won't remember a world where there were not autistic people everywhere. Already the authorities tell us they have always been here, when all of us remember they have not. Soon it will be easier to believe that statement. Scary.

Tim Lundeen

@george can you post a link re Trump saying "we will fix this"? Thanks!


And here in Ontario we're also straining with the autism crisis -- that has always been amongst us just under a different name.

George stevens

Anyone see the vaxed quote saying trump said "we will fix this" after seeing vaxxed?

go Trump

Always exciting to watch the news coverage of the ZIKA epidemic / pandemic ? omg

It might be nice if the media would for ONE WEEK cover the 70-90 American SIDS deaths and the 160 new cases of Autism every day.

Will California, the North Korea of vaccines, be the first to add the new Zika vaccine to the schedule ?

What is Kim Jong Pan up to these days ?



That's just what I've been wondering. For years.

How about vaccinated at the airport?? Between flights with nothing to do? GET VACCINATED! I actually saw a sign like that once.

Jeannette Bishop

I see a lot of people aware of a new crisis (or maybe believing it's only new to them) trying to do what little they can do while waiting for better solutions from the established institutions that claim that's their job, and then there are those in those institutions preventing such action from occurring putting the shareholder class and their agendas above the well-being of the childhood (really the entire) population.

I hope that's changing though, in that more in the trusting or go-along class (for lack of better ID) will see the systemic fraud and stop supporting these institutions and maybe see the urgent need to dismantle many of them:

moon batchelder

As my thirteen year old, high functioning daughter nears adulthood, I wonder what sorts of resources there might be too help her navigate in this society. Since she doesn't stand around 'stimming' and can speak or occasionally meet another's eyes, many confuse her with a neuro-typical person. But due to many lingering delays, including an ability to self calm, understand nuanced breakouts in others, or tolerate the unexpected without a meltdown, (i.e. a temporary power surge that interrupts electricity, a need to shift gears when something comes up)
Are there therapists to help her? Or even just someone to make sure she pays her bills? Do there exist home companion counselors to come round and make sure she's alright? Check in on her?
I'm a sixty one year old single parent, and fortunately in pretty good health; but what happens to her if I die? For some parents those whose autistic son or daughter have more pronounced deficits, more obvious ones, there may only be 'care facilities' if need arise when their caregiver does. But how do the high functioning fare? Will there be sufficient safety net in place for them?


If you walk into a CVS pharmacy, or if the university health clinic - decides to move itself over to the student union for a day and see how many they can vaccinate with a meningitis vaccine ---


Are they kept?

Do they send them to their regular doctor to join with their medical records?


Vicki Hill

I couldn't help notice that most of your links talked about accommodations for autistic CHILDREN. Of course, those children grow up. The world is not nearly as "accommodating" for a man of 25 who is walking alone in a residential neighborhood (where he lives with his aging parents). Or the 30 year old man who spends too much time observing the dogs and cats up for adoption at the local shelter or pet store. Or the 21 year old at the grocery store who keeps touching the oranges.

John Stone


Well, we know where the 1% figure came from. They couldn't find the cases so they made them up. First of all they made them up for the UK and then they made them up for the globe.

Bob Moffit

' It's nothing to worry about, it's just the way some people are--in fact the Daily Press tells readers that one percent of the population has autism ....."

Just asked my "friendly computer wizard" the following questions:

What is the world's population .. ANS: 7.4 BILLION

What is 1% of 7.4 BILLION .. ANS: 74,000,000 MILLION

What is population in USA .. ANS: 322,123,000 MILLON

What is 1% of 322,123,000 .. ANS: 3,220,000 MILLON

The cynic in me always questions why someone would choose to use "percentage" .. instead of actual "numbers" .. when describing total population number of autism "victims". Somehow 1% does not seem as alarming as 74 MILLION.

The cynic in me also questions the true motive of the following add:

"Experience a sensory-friendly version of the Disney movie “Pete’s Dragon.” The movie will be screened at a softer volume, with lights up. Those in the audience are welcome to dance, sing, express themselves and move about. $7.50 per ticket. 11:45 a.m."

Could all these "autism friendly" and "sensory friendly" accommodations that Anne has listed be an acknowledgement by corporations the PROFIT-MARKET for autism victims is already LARGE and the GROWTH of that market is far more likely than not?

I am sorry .. but .. the cynic in me can't shake the feeling that Autism is one of the few GROWTH industries in our country today.

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