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GenerationBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve been sharing my son’s story on several platforms for several years now.  For as many years as I’ve been sharing it, some people still haven’t heard what happened to Ronan.  When I meet someone who is curious about his vaccine injury, I don’t mind retelling the story one more time.  I do that in the hopes that what I impart is useful – be it a small piece of advice, a gentle warning, or if it becomes the start of a conversation that gets them thinking outside the box, I’ll keep sharing Ronan’s story.

One of the last times I shared the story, I added a few afterthoughts.  I did that because I knew that other people, including an expectant mom that I asked to join in, were listening to the conversation.  I didn’t want to scare the pants of any of the women but knew that if I wasn’t completely honest with them, they would walk away confused.  Worse, they could walk away upset with me.  Since the last thing I want to be is the source of someone’s anger, I carefully crafted my responses while also cited resources that supported the wisdom I wanted to impart. 

I shared what I’d do if it was me – if I was pregnant again, if I was taking my brand new baby in for a “well-visit”, if I was told vaccines were necessary.  After offering what I had to offer, I didn’t want to forget my thoughts.  So, I sat down and typed them up and called them Things I’d Do Differently

It isn’t a long list but could quite easily be expanded to include more details, lots of links, and plenty more topics.  But for now, for today’s post, stemming from one of the latest convos I’ve had about Ronan that lead to talking about diseases that lead to talking about vaccines that lead to talking about pregnancy that lead to talking about pregnancy and vaccines, here are 10 things I’d do differently today.  

What else would I do and what else could I tell a young mama-to-be to know to help her make a more informed choice?  Here’s a start:

1 – Learn the immune system, its function, and how to support it.

2 – Learn about communicable diseases, how they’re spread, and how long the disease usually lasts.  Also learn where the disease is typically caught (locally?  regionally?  overseas?) and how the disease run its course (rash?  fever?  vomiting?).  Then, learn how to treat disease and know what, if any, long-term effects may result from it.

3 – Weigh the likelihood of coming in contact with the diseases.

4 – Learn which vaccines are on the current recommended vaccine schedules (pediatric and adult).

5 – Learn what a vaccine is and what it’s supposed to do. 

6 – Look up each vaccine’s efficacy and safety record(s), if those exist.

7 – Look up what vaccine consumers are saying about each vaccine, specifically the ones that my provider is suggesting. 

8 – Look up what a vaccine reaction can include (knowing that not all reactions are recorded and that not all who are recording those reactions are in agreement that it’s directly tied to a vaccine.  They think that reactions may just have been a “coincidence”).

9 – Talk to my provider about the pros/cons of vaccinating and not vaccinating keeping in mind that the provider, the vaccine manufacturers, and our federal government, which oversees the vaccine program, cannot be held legally responsible for any adverse reactions should any problems arise.

All the while…

-Making sure to know my family’s medical history (Anyone have a vaccine reaction in the past, even a minor one?  Any relatives have an autoimmune disease?  Do I have an autoimmune disease that could cause vaccine complications?). 

-Making sure to follow any updates on vaccine news (Remember when we were told that 2 doses of the HPV vaccine may be as effective as 3 doses?)

-Making sure to follow updates on vaccine development (Remember that big Ebola scare last year?  Whatever came from that?  How about this year’s scare - Zika?  What’ll we be scared with next year?).  

-Making sure to look for reports of any news associated with a vaccine (like this year’s report that oops, the FluMist vaccine “has performed quite poorly”,  or the one that said this year’s flu shot was ineffective and yet was pushed so heavily and on all populations – including on pregnant women!  The CDC says to get a flu shot,  but I’m not sure how they can stand behind that suggestion.  This flu vaccine package insert that states safety and effectiveness hasn’t been established in pregnant women nor in nursing mothers.

Flu shot insert

And finally, if it were me having to do this all over again, I’d…

10 – Take all that I’ve learned, asked, questioned and researched, and go with my mother’s intuition.  I have it for a reason.  If I find that I have one doubt, even if it’s the tiniest, seems so insignificant but keeps me up at night doubt, I must always go with my gut.  Always. 

I think you could take out vaccines in that list above and use any of the other “standard operating procedure” type of procedures young moms are asked to do (be induced, allow erythromycin cream on baby’s eyes, administering the vitamin K shot, etc.).  Replace vaccines with those other procedures (Laura’s got some great ideas to consider) and get a head start on reading, thinking and deciding what mama-to-be wants.  They could do that and should do that before they find themselves in a situation having to make choices about their health and about their baby’s health.  Being able to make a choice is good, but being able to make an informed choice is even better. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Ronald Kostoff


While your ten suggestions are admirable, I question their practicality. Vaccines are but one of many issues to consider in the overall context of family health. Your suggestions could be equally applicable to use of wireless devices, use of pesticides, types of food selection and preparation, etc, etc.

Some of your suggestions on vaccines require a broad understanding of the medical literature, and the ability to distinguish between the fact and fantasy that constitute this literature. They also require the ability to distinguish between the fact and fantasy promulgated by the 'health' practitioners and clinicians (and their handmaidens in the media and government). How many years does it take to develop such a level of understanding? This level of understanding applies not only to the vaccines, but the wireless radiation, food selection, and myriad other potential pervasive causes of disease I identify in my eBook.

I don't have an answer to these questions. From my own experience, gaining the level of understanding you suggest for even a few of these potentially toxic stimuli has taken years, and even then there are many gaps. The divide between 1) what people put into their shopping carts at the supermarkets while cradling a cell phone on their shoulder and 2) the level of sophistication you are suggesting for even the one potential toxic stimulus of vaccines would rival the width of the Grand Canyon!


Parents only need to learn one thing.

That rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine.

Once you know that you will realise that the entire paradigm is a bare faced lie and there is precisely zero benefit to any of them.

Yes they are extremely dangerous, but more to the point, none of them have, do or will ever work.


Jesus bay ..not one! we have two kids totally un-vaxxed never been to the allopathic quacks once..
the brain washing is so strong even the ones on here who know better ..don't.


Tony Bateson

Yes Cathy I agree with you but I would add something. I have just had the benefit of talking with a former UK National Health Service Theatre Sister and Head of Clinics. In Britain procedures have changed in recent years, there is an obligation upon medics to advise patients about risk in all surgical procedures, failure to do so can incur the NHS in large compensation settlements. In order to meet 'informed consent' requirements however, patients might be required to sign documents. Most paediatric vaccination patients (their parents) do not however, read the insert or are given advice about risk. Most patients (their children) are therefore outside the 'safety net' of advice or informed consent. Do they exonerate the National Health Service from liability as a result? Is not vaccination with a needle a 'surgical procedure'? Is the NHS not culpable in failing to ensure that all vaccination patients (their parents) are compulsorily obliged to complete informed consent procedures?

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Tim Lundeen

Cathy, this is a good list and everyone should follow it. But it is daunting, especially for a pregnant Mom. It also makes a lot of difference which resources she goes to. If she reads Offit, they'll come to the conclusion that vaccines are wonderful and they should get them all, and they'll feel they did their research! (I've actually talked to people who did just this, and thought it was a waste of time to do more research on vaccines. They refused to listen to the science-based concerns I raised.)

Instead, you could suggest they start by watching two films: Vaxxed and Trace Amounts. These are powerful and much, much less work than you are suggesting. Then some web sites: is technical but powerful (at least for me), the #hearthiswell YouTube channel, and Dr Suzanne Humphries's site, which talks about how to treat various illnesses. Then a few books: Dissolving Illusions (you can't say that you've researched vaccines if you haven't read this) and Rising from the Dead, which will give her a better understanding of our medical system. Also make sure they know not to clamp the cord until it stops pulsing, and that the Vitamin K shot has serious risks to be evaluated.

Jeannette Bishop

Looking at the mindset of some young and new mothers, I might also suggest something that educates on the limits of vaccination training (particularly regarding risks and limitations of the procedure) actually provided to physicians and nurses.

Suzanne Humphries's books may provide some helpful perspective on how there is more political pressure and fear, and a distorted sense of expertise on the part of many practitioners, than objective analysis involved in vaccination recommendations and administration, and evidence of how the mainstream "grammar school" history of disease prevention does not convey anything like the complexity of the actual history.

Jesus baby

If had another child is there a single vaccine you'd consent to?

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