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Comic or Raging Bull? Open The Conversation About Vaccine Injury!

Wow. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel went full Penn & Teller on those of us with vaccine injured kids?  So here's a REAL DOCTOR, Jimmy!  We pray your toddler Jane avoids the tragic fate so many of our kids have endured - and continue to pay the price now decades later....  I heard you on The Howard Stern Show last week. You're a funny guy. Smart as a whip. Why not use that intellect to dig a bit deeper than the CDC pharmedia press release version of vaccine choice? Kim



That Deen show video was fantastic. One of the best I have seen on the topic of vaccines and their problems, particularly regarding live vaccines and the fallacy of ridding disease with them.


Re: Vaccination
Only keen journalists realize it's not a question of yes or no...
it's a question of how and why?......


From Kimmel, to Stewart, to Colbert, to Fallen, to Bee to i'm sooooo disappointed had to put a female last.......i'm so tired of modern day satirists making fun of the parents of disabled children.

I'm SO hoping Samantha Bee takes a moment to LHFAO (H would stand for HER)..... if we can't laugh, we're all sunk.....

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Bob Moffit -

'As I understand it .. today's generation of children require epi-pens for juvenile type 1 diabetes .. peanut allergies, allergies, asthma, on and on .. where 1 in 6 American children are reported to have some type of auto-immune disorder .. most of which require epi-pens.'

Epi-pens provide a shot of adrenaline that reduces the severity of anaphylactic shock, which is a severe allergic reaction and distinct from autoimmune disorders (although they share immunological similarities). Common exposures that cause anaphylactic shock include peanut oil, wasp or jellyfish stings, and fire ant bites, although there are plenty of other natural exposures that can provoke the immune system into a dangerous reaction. Ambulances carry Epi-pens as do people with a history of anaphylaxsis as a means to keep the patient alive during the time it takes to reach specialist care, with up to three shots being necessary for a single exposure.

The number of people susceptible to anaphylaxsis has grown over recent decades along with the number who suffer allergies. I have seen estimates of the number of American children with a form of allergy as high as one in four, although there are no good figures. The one in six statistic you cite is that for neurological conditions.

It is the hard working people stuggling to find the money for such medications as Epi-pens who fund pharmaceutical profiteering.



You need an exclamation mark after 'base'.

go Trump

Of course we can never forget the famous pediatricians of yesteryear, one being Dr. Elizabeth Peabody of Annapolis Maryland, the birthplace of the miracle “diphtheria toxoid vaccine” which of course she supported.

Speaking at a PTA meeting on the cutting edge technology, she stated the booster shots were extremely important as the immunity could wear off...

The vaccine of course was the first to be preserved with mercury / thimerosal and “her well vaccinated son” was among the first studied for Autism by Leo Kanner in 1943.


That's right, Jimmy, you've earned your name engraved in stone- on the black wall of the Vaccine Holocaust Museum.

Not only that, Jimmy Kimmel will likely win the Sonofi Pasteur Vaccine Propaganda Trophy; the one that has a gold-plated syringe fused to an aluminum base.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you. Dr. Bark's interviews are always appreciated, particularly her responses to some of the things said in Kimmel's program.

Watching this again, I think Kimmel showed evidence of cognitive teleprompter dissonance, though. The same thing IMO occurred in the replayed recording of Elizabeth Cohen's "some people don't hear this well." So, I evaporatively console myself that likely the children of these media personalities are in a little safer space than those who trust their pharmaceutical promotions (hopefully that's no one truly, but so many bandwagon bullies seem to love to pile it on in the realm of GoogleTube). And if they ever find that mandates are essentially breathing down their own or their children's necks, wonder if they ever regret taking the roles they've taken?

Cherry Misra

For people like Jimmy Kimmel, Dr. Boyd Haley has the response, "History is gonna come and get you!". That's right, Jimmy, you've earned your name engraved in stone- on the black wall of the Vaccine Holocaust Museum. It'.s ok, youre not alone. There are many who look the other way when the autism holocaust marches past . Many who do not question WHY.

John Stone


Absolutely. In the UK they had to trash everybody and Andrew Wakefield ahead of all of them. Particulary, the damaged children and their families had to be excluded from the media. It was a gradual process at first but it gathered pace: "science" had to prevail (or what you and I call corporate and state bullying): it was ad hominem with bells on but once you have the machine to deny damage from one product you have the machine to deny damage from all of them. A bigger trial was HPV vaccines because the victims were articulate. In the US we saw Reiss spray her subtle abuse against the casualties of HPV vaccine in the Katie Couric business (and she had followers who were much cruder). This was an intensely shameful episode.

It has to be said that what is actually screwing the science are campaigns of this kind which corrupt the data and undermine the relationship between doctor and patient, government and citizens. It is a crazy idea that you can just suspend the normal rules of a liberal democracy and not reep appalling consequences.

On a charitable analysis Reiss knew nothing about anything except which side her bread was buttered.

Autism Mom

Well said John Stone!

Bob Moffit

@ John

"This whole thing is about making the victims look ridiculous. But I wonder in times to come who will really look ridiculous."

Saul Alinsky's well-studied book on instigating revolutions .. "Rules for Radicals" ... lists as the 12th rule:

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

I think Alinsky's 12th "rule for radicals" .. has become the pharmaceutical industry's 1st rule .. "go after PEOPLE (PARENTS) .. because it is much easier to "isolate PEOPLE (PARENTS) from garnering any support" ..

I think Jimmy Kimmel's comments provide an excellent example Alinsky's 12th rule .. after all .. Jimmy "targeted" his remarks directly at PARENTS .. which included "ridiculing THEM for having witnessed first hand what happened to their perfectly healthy toddlers immediately following recommended and approved vaccines .. then suffering the tragic .. life-threatening .. life-long consequences> Jimmy also knew his remarks were not meant to be humorous .. they were meant to be CRUEL .. because cruel remarks are "very effective" in "isolating those parents among their peers."

Kimmel should be ashamed of himself ..

As an aside .. there was a photo of a statement shown in this show .. it read:

"The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures .. they create customers"

Just yesterday saw a snippet on local news regarding the pharmaceutical industry raising the cost of EPI-PENS .. from $100. a shot a few years ago .. to the astounding new price somewhere around $600.00 a shot .. accompanied by a mom with an asthmatic daughter sitting at her side saying her family will not have the MONEY to pay $600. four or five times a year .. and ... without the epi-pen .. her daughter may not make it to the hospital in time is they don't have it available at all times.

As I understand it .. today's generation of children require epi-pens for juvenile type 1 diabetes .. peanut allergies, allergies, asthma, on and on .. where 1 in 6 American children are reported to have some type of auto-immune disorder .. most of which require epi-pens.


Dan Burns

A footnote. Through their television show, Penn & Teller are known by people who are not me for comedy, magic, and "skepticism." - Wikipedia.

John Stone

It's class ideology - you want to belong, you have say these stupid things. At least you certainly mustn't say the reverse or you will have Dorit Reiss, Karen Ernst and the Task Force for Global Bullying after you. We have to remember that tweeting (aptly named) is about territory. Of course, we have to do it too. But really, what the hell does Kimmel know about what happened to your child?

This whole thing is about making the victims look ridiculous. But I wonder in times to come who will really look ridiculous.

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