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Best of: A Torrent of Leaks Reaches Flood Stage

AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaDan is on a short break. This post ran on 8/23/14. Since then, Vaxxed has exposed the CDC Whistle blower to a broad audience and we're bearing down on a Presidential election. How many children have been diagnosed in 24 months' time? Yesterday I had a new student in a karate class I teach, I heard Mom say, "He attends [name of developmental peer combo preschool in our town.]" I asked her, "Is he a peer or on an IEP?" "Oh! He's been tested for autism 3 times, he has sensory processing disorder and speech delay."  And the leaks continue. And the flood drowns.  KIM

By Dan Olmsted

As the MMR whistleblower issue blows up, here's one thing that’s worth remembering: The specific manipulation of data being alleged is that the CDC covered up a risk for autism in black males who got the MMR shot earlier than 36 months. That is appalling, and raises terrible echoes of the nation’s public health officials and their odious Tuskegee study of untreated black males with syphilis.

But more broadly, according to the medical, scientific, and journalistic consensus of our day, there should be no good evidence of any kind, whatsoever, linking any vaccine to autism in any child, ever. Ever! (“One Thing We Know About Autism: Vaccines Aren’t to Blame” – National Geographic. “Once again, the research is definitive: vaccines don't cause autism, and the potential costs of vaccines' mild side-effects are clearly smaller than those of the lethal diseases that can spread if we don't vaccinate all children.” –

Since “we know” that vaccines don’t cause autism, they certainly don’t cause it in black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males. They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta.  They certainly don’t cause it when the MMR is given to black males in Atlanta before a certain age – or, for that matter, given on the day of birth to blue-eyed females in Dubuque born on the first or third Thursdays of months ending in "y."

They don't cause autism! Got it? If they did, even in such a circumscribed cohort as black males in Atlanta vaccinated with MMR before 36 months --  that would start a cascade of challenges to orthodoxy that simply can’t – and, if the authority figures have their way, simply won’t – be tolerated. This is what the The Times and The Networks and the Agencies are going to be working overtime to shore up.

The CDC’s William Thompson, whistleblower to Brian Hooker on the MMR study and lead author on another on mercury in vaccines, has probably ruined more than a few of his colleagues’ August vacations at Hilton Head. One can’t help think of goofy cartoon characters running around a leaking dike and plugging every hole that starts spurting. They are down now to using their toes. (Check out this staggeringly off-message comment from Dorit Reiss on CNN: "Even if his [Brian Hooker's] claims about the study were correct, which is doubtful, it would show that for most of the population, MMR does not cause autism." I imagine a Merck guy yelling in her ear, "Dammit, Dorit, don't ever say it's OK if the MMR just makes a few thousand black boys autistic! Do you really want this job? ")

More broadly, these “leaks” in the bulwark of conventional wisdom have been coming for a long time, and not just from people on the inside with information to share.

I’m talking about leaks like all the parents of children on the other side of the elevated-risk stats – MMR shots at 12 months, illness, regression, autism.

Leaks like parents who saw it with other vaccines, at other times  -- parents who were willing to share what happened to try to keep it from happening again.

Leaks like the original Verstraeten study at the CDC that found a high risk of autism for infants who got the most ethyl mercury by the first month of life, as opposed to the least.

Leaks like the CDC coverup of the soaring autism rate in Brick Township, N.J.

Leaks like all the evidence from low-and-no-vaccine populations with low-to-no autism. Leaks like the unwillingness of the public health authorities to even study the issue.

Leaks like the Hannah Poling case, which the government conceded was triggered by autism, but buried by obfuscation. Leaks like the Unanswered Questions study showing autism all over the place in unacknowledged vaccine “court” rulings.

Leaks like the SafeMinds parents identifying autism as a “novel form of mercury poisoning” more than a decade ago. 

Leaks like the Merck scientists who came forward to say the company faked data to make its mumps vaccine look effective.

Leaks like the connection between the first cases of autism reported in the medical literature, in 1943, and the families’ exposure to the new ethyl mercury vaccines and fungicides. 

Leaks like the whole catastrophic half-a-millennium love affair between the medical industry and mercury, one that should have ended long before the autism tidal wave started carrying away America’s children.

Leaks like the most obvious one of all – the explosion of autism and the vaccine schedule at the same time Congress gave the nation's corrupt drug makers a free ride in court, a ride on the backs of America’s vaccine-injured children and their stumbling families.

These leaks are becoming a flood, and the flood a tidal wave, just like the autism tidal wave, and the wave is washing away the whole wall of denial built by the same people who just about now are running out of fingers and toes to plug them with.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism. [email protected]




They have hijacked the autism narrative and projected it onto a manufactured crisis (Zika) so that they can control the narrative, create panic, distract from the real crisis, and cash in at the same time. Diabolical.
The View. At 24:00 OB/GYN talks about Zika. See how she says that we all have to worry about pregnant women - how we as a society will be paying for these damaged babies. How the number of cases and extent of the problem have been underestimated:


The dam is full of leaks yet never seems to break. I don't see law makers or the media ever having the courage to challenge the false vaccine medical paradigm. But maybe there is hope with state judiciaries challenging shaken baby syndrome. Recently Chief Justice Ralph Gants of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled for a new trial in a shaken baby case. At some point doctors may even become liable for accusing parents of shaken baby deaths when there is no evidence. Some of these witch hunts will have to end. So if there is no such thing as shaken baby syndrome what is causing these deaths? They almost always happen after vaccinations. Duh???

Other than that I think it might be a bottom up affair. When California's home school population swells a couple of hundred thousand, when doctors offices are open but empty because no one is scheduling "well baby" visits, and when the alternative doctors are getting all the business. One boutique doctor in California is so busy he is working seven days a week, ten hours a day, and people will pay "anything" to see him although his practice is full. He said the same of all the other doctors that offer alternative services.

Finally, I think research into vaccine side effects is booming outside the U.S. and that research is leaking or should I say flooding into the U.S. How long will the CDC be able to hold out as the lone nation who is willing to throw caution to the wind. We'll have the highest autism rate, the highest SIDS rate, the highest autoimmune rate.... The moral corruption of our political and medical system will become an international scandal.


Somebody had the audacity to ask why I believe vaccines cause autism... 1 I saw Tanner regress after vaccines 2. I heard some Parents testimonies 3 I heard more Parents Testimonies 4 I gathered a few links of research articles 5. I gathered a few more links 6. A CDC Scientist told me If that is not enough review the articles I wrote as well as my friends at @TannersDad Tim Welsh


#7. Although the medical community still has no idea what IS causing autism, they've somehow determined with absolute certainty.... that vaccines IS N0T.

Yeah, sure.

TannersDad Tim Welsh

Somebody had the audacity to ask why I believe vaccines cause autism... 1 I saw Tanner regress after vaccines 2. I heard some Parents testimonies 3 I heard more Parents Testimonies 4 I gathered a few links of research articles 5. I gathered a few more links 6. A CDC Scientist told me If that is not enough review the articles I wrote as well as my friends at @TannersDad Tim Welsh


@Jeannette Bishop

Thanks for the link. That was truly a fascinating video.


And no bumpers, Benedetta. Don't forget the bumpers.


SIDS The doctors have this well in hand folks and have had for a long time. It is those darn parents not positioning their baby correctly. Darn those parents - they were suppose to get those kids off their backs and onto their bellies in the 80s. By 2000 - it was on their sides, and this morning on the news it was back on their backs. Meanwhile - watch that mattress in the crib - we sure would not it too soft, and no stuffed toys of any kind.

Lordy Mercy -- sure don't let that baby sleep in the same bed with you.


Dan Burns, Amen! Rain!

Jeannette Bishop

@Narad, here is a 9-10 minute summary (helpful for those who, like me, view or listen to audio more than they read):


Re SIDS - How about everyone distribute copies of the following to as many doctors as possible:


I suppose the Zika spraying is the preferred weapon of choice to attain the phamageddon utopia.And the band played on whilst it rained pharma poison from the blue skys unwittingly on the people below "Its raining" and I do wish it were cats and dogs.


go Trump

The present ... OMG it is Zika / news circus... once again shows the endless hype of our “long bought out” American news media. Each and every Zika case is documented on television and the “miracle worker CDC Zika experts” walk the streets, block by block looking for “evil mosquitoes” in Florida.

After missing the Zika / microcephaly connection for nearly 70 years, the CDC suddenly has it figured out and a pesticide war is declared. Of course the first thing they did was to ask for 1.8 Billion dollars or shi..t / American babies are doomed.

Question / Could enough vaccines make the infants head to swell back to normal size ???

As always, nothing ever in the news about the 10+ SIDS deaths / 160 new Autism cases / EVERY DAMN DAY.

This couple said they had more help from the coroner than they did their pediatrician after the death of their 2 month old boy... Typical SIDS case / well baby visit / 12 hours later in the ER ... to the coroner’s office...


Dan Burns, I hope you are wrong about 'take several election cycles' because I want to live long enough to see this house of cards crumble!

John Stone

Hi Narad

You would need to look at the back articles of Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill on this site and their book The Age of Autism.


From Article:Leaks like the connection between the first cases of autism reported in the medical literature, in 1943, and the families’ exposure to the new ethyl mercury vaccines and fungicides.

This is very interesting. Could someone direct me to an article about this?

John Stone

Of course, it is leaky. Truth is consistent and the vaccine safety case is full of holes. What marked out the Thompson revelations was insight into that particular paper but also that someone on the inside was admitting it. That there was a lot wrong with so many papers, and with the culture was evident all along the line. If they cared about vaccine safety they would listen to the parents and be very troubled, not use repressive measures, hate mail, Dorit Reiss, sychophantic journalists. etc.

Dan Burns

Three years ago, I called on Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s Dallas office seeking her support for HR 1757, the Vaccine Safety Study Act. Congresswoman Johnson is a nurse by trade and has a reputation in Texas as children's health advocate. When I put the words “autism” and “vaccine injury,” in the same sentence, the temperature in the room dropped into the chill zone.

This week, at a school event, I was seated next to her opponent, Charles Lingerfelt. When I mentioned vaccine injury, fraud and corruption at the CDC, his eyes lit up. “I know the issue,” he said. “This is a crime and should be prosecuted.”

Dan Olmsted, your article “A Torrent of Leaks” is prescient. It may take several election cycles to reach the flood stage, but a hard rain's a-gonna fall.

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