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Week One: Autism for Adults

FutureBy Kim Stagliano

Quick update on my oldest daughter's first week in her adult autism day program.  The future I worried about is here. And guess what?  Although it's very early, I'm not as terrified as I thought. Dare I say we have:




Our team has worked really hard to welcome Mia to her new routine.  The program is part of a large Mia summer 2016organization here in Fairfield County, CT.  They offer over 40 "day programs," and Mia will be in two. One is arts based the other, her core program, is called "INSPIRE."  Mia calls it, "InSPIDER." We love that.

We've had excellent communication. Texts. Emails. Notes.

The transportation office has be patient with me.

And Mia seems to be happy.  Today, she is delivering Meals on Wheels in the area. I love that.

More soon!



Kim, can you please share with us the funding source for Mia's adult programming? We live in Illinois, which notoriously sucks when it comes to funding adults with disabilities. My son is 20 and has been on the PUNS list for 10 years already, waiting to be pulled for Medicaid Waiver funding. Unless he gets this funding, we will not have any financial means of supporting him in any adult programming, and his adult life will consist of the confines of our home.

Angus Files

Well done Kim ,my boy(18 years) is now moving out of the school system and into the adult, non-care system in the UK, and they couldn't have made it any more difficult for us to keep him at home and to run his life .If I find anything they missed to make it more difficult for us, I will let them know, but I've told them not to hold their breath by design the government's don't want to help with the problem they caused,no surprise.
Hope it all goes great guns.


Michelle B.

Good to hear! ;-)


Congratulations Kim for you and your lovely daughter! Hopeful for a very happy future in her new adult day program that sounds excellent! I know my son would love it too.


Thank you Ms. Stagliano for an uplifting and positive story. Wishing you all the best and please keep us posted on Mia's progress.

Alexis Escalera

Such good news! It will only continue!


Sounds like a great program. Wonderful that Mia has the opportunity to be out in the community helping others.


Kim, your daughter is absolutely lovely. I'm so happy to hear she is doing perhaps better than you'd expected with this program! THAT'S GREAT NEWS!


Wonderful news!!!!

Julianne Boise

FANTASTIC news !! I am so happy for you all : )


Question........ where are the videos that used to be on this site? Were they taken off?


"what you learn and accomplish with your children will, once again, help many others"

Well said.

For KS - and all the others who break new ground and fight the good fight every day - thank you. So nice to hear good news stories like this. Hope things continue to go well for your daughter.

Dan Olmsted

kim, once again you are in the forefront and i have no doubt what you learn and accomplish with your children will, once again, help many others -- admiringly, dan


What happy news and a wonderful blessing! Your good works are being rewarded!

J Fenech

I'm so glad Kim! Yayy!


And we are happy for you, Kim!

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