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Texas Representative Pete Sessions Dons White Hat for Vax Safety

White hat
By Dan Burns

Answering my handwritten letter, US Congressman Pete Sessions (Texas) put on his white hat. “As you may know, he replied, “there has been ongoing concern … that there were omissions in a 2004 vaccine safety study undertaken by the CDC … that crucial documents purporting a link between the MMR vaccine and autism were destroyed … I believe that every effort should be made to ensure that vaccines achieve their primary objective, building immunity to a specified disease, while not having any detrimental and long-term side effects.”

Rep. Sessions referenced H.R. 933, the Head Start on Vaccination Act, and H.R. 2232, the Vaccinate All Children Act, both referred to subcommittees.

Good to know that somebody in Congress is reading my hand written letters.  Need a motivator to write your representative? Take a look at this short speech by Andy Wakefield on the Texas Capitol steps.




Jeannette Bishop;

I loved that - It was on my facebook; some one put it on there -- yeah - two wee hours if that much in medical school.

Jeannette Bishop

Why are letting doctors turned legislators mandate a product they studied for about two hours?


Why do we even let them administer them?


John, even better then! Cheers!


Thank you Dan and Lindy- Linda'

Ahhh Dr. Wakefield, " Corporate carpet baggers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania." We know a lot to be so far - powerless.


Benedetta. Try autism media channel or Del Bigtree FB

John Stone


In fact it was a Supreme Court judgment, so no further appeal.


On a good note, Nicola Sturgeon's far reaching "snoop law", appointing a minder for every family in Scotland has been quashed by a high court judge.

Dan Burns

Benedetta and everyone, you'll find contact information here:


Please some one; put up Congressman Chaffetz address again and how we are suppose to mail hand written letters to him -

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