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Science Summary: Adjuvants and Vaccines-Induced Autoimmunity: Animal Models

Science post imageImmunol Res. 2016 Jul 14. [Epub ahead of print]
Adjuvants- and vaccines-induced autoimmunity: animal models.
Ruiz JT1,2, Luján L3, Blank M2, Shoenfeld Y4,5.
Author information


The emergence of autoimmunity after vaccination has been described in many case reports and series. Everyday there is more evidence that this relationship is more than casual. In humans, adjuvants can induce non-specific constitutional, musculoskeletal or neurological clinical manifestations and in certain cases can lead to the appearance or acceleration of an autoimmune disease in a subject with genetic susceptibility. The fact that vaccines and adjuvants can trigger a pathogenic autoimmune response is corroborated by animal models. The use of animal models has enabled the study of the effects of application of adjuvants in a homogeneous population with certain genetic backgrounds. In some cases, adjuvants may trigger generalized autoimmune response, resulting in multiple auto-antibodies, but sometimes they can reproduce human autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren syndrome, autoimmune thyroiditis and antiphospholipid syndrome and may provide insights about the potential adverse effects of adjuvants. Likewise, they give information about the clinical, immunological and histologic characteristics of autoimmune diseases in many organs, especially secondary lymphoid tissue. Through the description of the physiopathological characteristics of autoimmune diseases reproduced in animal models, new treatment targets can be described and maybe in the future, we will be able to recognize some high-risk population in whom the avoidance of certain adjuvants can reduce the incidence of autoimmune diseases, which typically results in high morbidity and mortality in young people. Herein, we describe the main animal models that can reproduce human autoimmune diseases with emphasis in how they are similar to human conditions.


Ronald Kostoff


"I don't see the same "central" issue as you, because if the perfect vaccine was available, why do you think it doesn't address the issue of more serious problems at a later date? Because if it doesn't, then it's not the perfect vaccine.’"

Nowhere below did I use the term "perfect vaccine". My statement implied that even if we had 'perfect' adjuvants and preservatives, and could eliminate contaminants, we might still have a problem based on the Hygiene Hypothesis. Under those conditions, the 'perfect' vaccine would be the antigen transmitted naturally. So, I'm not sure we are that far apart.


Science is pure. People are corrupt,

"The existence of 'hot lots' also suggests that contamination is at the root of the mechanism through which vaccines cause autoimmune reactions."

That is partially true. There are a few ways autoimmunity can arise:

1) You associate cellular and tissue damage and allow the immune system to find an exact protein (antigen) match that is the same as self-antigens. I believe that contamination of human cell line DNA most likely contributes to this.

2) You teach the immune system to recognize proteins that are very SIMILAR to proteins in the body. A good example of this is the Hep B virus. I wrote about this in another comment on this site, that the Hep B virus has been known to cause autoimmunity via molecular mimicry. The Hep B surface antigens are very similar to human myelin proteins, and therefore, memorization of Hep B surface proteins has the potential to cause cross-reactivity against myelin cells. Autoimmunity against myelin cells can lead to conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Here is a study that shows that about 50% of adults developed cross reactivity to myelin proteins after a Hep B shot

Hep B Vaccine autoimmunity to myelin mimics

3) Bystander activation. This is when, for example, an inflammatory response is so strong that T-killer cells may accidentally kill host cells rather than the disease pathogens. Enough of that kind of damage may confuse the immune system and may send signals to the rest of the immune system that the killed host cell proteins are actually part of the problem and that the immune system should also attack it as well.

My point is, it's not simply just contamination that may cause autoimmunity, but I do agree that it is a very potential factor. The virus or the bacteria may also induce autoimmunity, so as long as there are proteins on it that are similar to our own. The hepatitis viruses are good examples of this.

"AlOH adjuvant may be a contributory factor, it is hard to say while the methods for detecting the elimination of metals from the body is so crude"

It is not just a contributory factor... it is an essential factor. Remember, the immune system requires that damage be detected in order to respond and to memorize. Aluminum causes that damage, and its cytotoxic nature is the fundamental mechanism for how vaccines work to stimulate the immune system (unless that virus is live). But that stimulatory factor is also sufficient enough for it to cause the immune system to memorize things that it shouldn't as well. Without aluminum, vaccines would induce an immune response so weak that it wouldn't be considered "protective".

I agree that it is difficult to track the elimination of metals like aluminum, but I thought the general thought was that the aluminum "depot effect", in which aluminum remains at the site of injection for months, slowly leeching aluminum and aluminum-antigen complexes into our systems, would mean that the elimination of aluminum is very slow. Hence why I think that we suffer from low-grade inflammatory responses for a much longer period of time than we are lead to believe about vaccines, and we know that a long term, chronic inflammatory state is NEVER a good thing in a developing infant.


Ronald Kostoff,

I believe that if the problem of adjuvants and contaminants were addressed (though I highly doubt that it CAN be addressed), it would go a long way minimizing the devastating impacts of immune dysfunction.

But I think that it is nearly impossible to actually address them, because the perfect adjuvant for a disease, is the damage done by the disease itself. The perfect antigen would be, the disease itself. It would also be free of contaminants, because the disease would replicate itself, therefore, providing the perfect proteins (or antigens) for the immune system to memorize.

IF there was some mythical vaccine that would act as the perfect antigen and the perfect adjuvant, one that did not cause any immunological misprogramming, one that did not contain any contaminants (only pure disease antigen alone), one that did not cause a long-term low-grade inflammatory response, and one that provided a perfect immune response that actually mimicked the actual disease and provided long term protection like the disease, I think it would actually go a LONG way into address my complaints about vaccines, and perhaps, I would actually consider vaccinating if this miracle vaccine was available.

Honestly, the closest thing to this is old-school innoculation or live disease exposure.

We are very, very FAR from reaching that goal, and I don't think we will be able to achieve that in our lifetime. I don't see the same "central" issue as you, because if the perfect vaccine was available, why do you think it doesn't address the issue of more serious problems at a later date? Because if it doesn't, then it's not the perfect vaccine. And quite frankly, many of the more "serious disease/symptoms" after a vaccine are a result of having a misprogrammed immune system, having allergies and autoimmunity, having chronic low-grade inflammation, and having a toxin overload.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Whyser -

The existence of 'hot lots' also suggests that contamination is at the root of the mechanism through which vaccines cause autoimmune reactions. AlOH adjuvant may be a contributory factor, it is hard to say while the methods for detecting the elimination of metals from the body is so crude.

Reading Is Fundamental
Easy way to verify what kinds of damage vaccines do--see what the health status is for Christian Scientists over the course of their lifespans and compare it to the general population.

I have only been able to find two studies, by William Simpson. These compare longevity from college age onward, i.e., they exclude child mortality, which is clearly a confounder. Christian Scientists fared somewhere between indifferent to below average in both studies.

The first is paywalled, but the data tables are here. "The hypothesis that Principia College graduates had a higher death rate was tested using the Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel χ² test. The hypothesis was confirmed (P = .042 for the men, P = .003 for the

The second compared with Seventh-Day Adventists, who came out ahead. The limitations of the results, which apply to both, are described in the editorial note.

It seems unlikely that any further epidemiological attention will be paid to Christian Scientists, as the sect seems to be dying out. (Membership numbers are an official secret, but the sales of historical properties are not.)

I doubt that most people who read the Monitor even pick up on the connection, much less that with Mark Twain. The connection to Watergate's Haldeman and Erlichman is doubtlessly even more obscure.

Ronald Kostoff


"I believe it is completely relevant to understand the consequences of adjuvants and contamination in vaccinations to understand the phenomenons that are happening today."

I never said adjuvants, preservatives, contaminants, etc, were irrelevant. Obviously, they have caused damage. My concern is if they become the main focus of the opposition to vaccines, that could be a strategic mistake. If adjuvants et al are substantially improved, and adverse effects are minimized, then the pro-vax community could state that the anti-vax concerns have been addressed, and vaccinations can proceed full-speed ahead. It is most important to stay focused on the central issue, rather than win a near-term battle and lose the war!


Ronald Kostoff,

Though you have an interesting theory going on there regarding the central issue of vaccines, I don't know if I agree with you completely.

I believe it is completely relevant to understand the consequences of adjuvants and contamination in vaccinations to understand the phenomenons that are happening today.

I know that you're a regular on this site, but I don't know how much you know regarding how the immune system works, but I'll rehash it for anyone who is reading.

The first thing people must understand is "what is an antigen?" Most people believe it to be simply disease matter. But if you look it up, you'll find that the majority of antigens are simply proteins.

The second thing people must understand about immunity is to know what causes the immune system to react and memorize a protein? The old immunological theory of self vs non-self has dominated immunology for a long time, but in the last couple of decades, newer theories regarding the danger theory, postulated by immunologist Polly Matzinger, is a much better model, which states that the immune system responds to cell and tissue damage, and looks for the offending protein associated with that damage.

This makes sense from a disease standpoint, as diseases tend to cause some form of damage inside our bodies. It should be no surprise, then, that vaccines work based on the same principles.

Adjuvants, such as aluminum, cause damage to our bodies. They cause cells to burst, releasing intracellular DNA, which acts as the immunostimulatory signal required to tell the immune system that we are in "danger". At this point, the immune system searches and samples the environment, looking for the offending protein. This is where contamination becomes important, because ANY protein in the vaccine that is NOT the disease antigen is a likely candidate for memorization, since it is also associated with the damage.

In my opinion, vaccines leaves the immune system extremely vulnerable to misprogramming, because there is a great potential to memorize antigens that is not supposed to. That is why there is such a large increase in allergies of all kinds (food and environmental), as well as autoimmunity, all of which are examples of immune misprogramming.

In terms of the hygiene hypothesis, the hypothesis really boils down to Th1 and Th2 immune response imbalances. Th1 if the cellular immune response, Th2 is the humoral (antibody) response. Generally, the hygiene hypothesis says that we have an overactive Th2 response and inadequate Th1 response because of infrequent infections that doesn't exercise the Th1 side of the immune system.

Their explanation for how this happens is because we are too clean and therefore, we don't get natural infections often. While a nice theory, I have a different one, that is, vaccines.

Aluminum adjuvants are WELL KNOWN simulators of antibody (Th2) production, heavily biasing the immune response to be stronger Th2 than Th1. This information is not difficult to find if you are looking for it. So when we get shots at 2, 4, and 6 months, we are effectively creating that Th2 bias, creating the right conditions for the induction of allergies and immune problems.

I think Shoenfeld is on the right track here, and that his studies support the fundamental problems with vaccines.


Easy way to verify what kinds of damage vaccines do--see what the health status is for Christian Scientists over the course of their lifespans and compare it to the general population.


Everyone should just stop taking vaccines. I bet autism would virtually disappear in younger children.
On Sept.11th 2001 they grounded all the planes when they realized there was a problem and they couldn't identify which planes were part of the problem, so they grounded all the planes to prevent further damage, until they could get a handle on the situation.
Why can't they care enough to ground all vaccines to avoid further injury ?
Probably because the terrorists are the ones running the vaccine industry.

Ronald Kostoff

I'm going to go out on a limb here. While I think articles on adjuvants, preservatives, contaminants, etc, in vaccines are useful and provide valuable information, in a larger sense they tend to distract from the central issue. Vaccines tend to suppress symptoms that characterize what we call childhood infectious diseases, but may result in more serious symptoms/diseases at a later time; i.e., a variant of the Hygiene Hypothesis. The central issue is whether the benefits of suppressing these childhood disease symptoms outweigh the costs of increasing the probability of more serious diseases/symptoms at a later date (ranging in time from shortly after vaccination to much older age). To answer this question requires 'serious' short and long-term vaccine 'safety' studies that identify any increases in potential long-term consequences.

The problem on focusing on the relatively peripheral issues of the vaccine contents other than the antigens is that even if 'perfect' adjuvants and preservatives could be found, and contaminants could be eliminated, the central issue remains. First and foremost, the central issue needs to be resolved. Of course, harmful adjuvants, preservatives, contaminants, etc, only make the situation worse, but radically improving them might not eliminate the central problem with vaccines. That's why 'real' short and long-term safety studies of vaccines are required, not what passes for safety studies being done today.

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