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Pharma Adverts on TV: What Will You Say?

TV pills

A petition is circulating to put a halt to the current Gardasil vaccine campaign.

TELL THE FTC: Merck HPV Vaccine Television Commercial IS FALSE & MISLEADING

By Cathy Jameson

When we were on vacation last week, my kids were reintroduced to cable television.  At one point, after they’d watched a few shows, I asked the kids to count how many big pharma commercials they saw being advertised.  In a short amount of time, quite a few had flashed across the screen.  Since they couldn’t fast forward through the commercials, which the kids admitted were getting annoying, they turned the volume down, talked amongst themselves, and waited for the drivel to be over.  I was proud of them.  

Not too long ago, they’d have been glued to the tube and ready to repeat whatever it was they heard… 

After getting Ronan off to school one morning several years ago, I could feel a migraine coming on.  Rest, in the form of a quick nap in a darkened room, is usually all I need to stave off a headache, so I asked my children to play a little quieter so that I could do that.  My kids had what they thought was a better idea.  They recalled what they’d heard on TV and thought they’d offered me some health advice instead. 

Mommy, just take that medicine.  It makes headaches go away.  Then, you’ll be all better. 

Three of my kids nodded to each other and then smiled at me – Yeah, there’s that one that makes you feel better.  You can take that one.  It makes headaches go away fast.  The commercial said so!

I asked my oldest to repeat herself.  She repeated only the last part:  The commercial said so!

Pro-vaccine plots on PBS shows had me begin to limit my children’s television time already.  The day that my children suggested that I just pop a pill was the day we decided to completely cut cable out of our lives for good.  Sure, I miss sitting on the couch and vegging out to mindless television at the end of a very long day, but I don’t miss the annoying, in-your-face advertisements that had my children questioning me.  It was a pivotal day for me as a parent and one that I’ll never forget. 

That day, I looked at my daughter and said, “Honey, Mommy doesn’t need any medicine.  I just need a quick nap.  Give me 20 minutes, and I’ll be okay and ready to play with you again.” 

I could tell she wasn’t convinced that a quick nap would do the trick, but she shuffled the little ones into the playroom and found a quiet game that they could all play together.  I closed the curtains and laid down on the couch in the living room for 20 minutes.  I slept.  Hard.  And woke up refreshed and headache free as I knew I would.  After I’d gotten up from the quick nap, I unplugged the TV. 

Twenty minutes.  It was all I needed to get rid of the headache.  It was all the time that my daughter needed to trust me again, too. 

I called the cable company later and told them that we didn’t need them anymore.  Trying to convince me to keep a service I didn’t want or need, the representative attempted to offer me more incentives – prime movie channels!  live sports events!  more channels than I’ll ever have time to watch!  I listened to the pitch and then politely said, “No.  No, thank you.  We’re done with cable.”

If I want to watch television shows, I can still do that.  I may be a season or two behind with what the rest of the world is currently watching, but without cable TV, I can still veg out at the end of a long day and watch a show or a feature-length movie.  The best part is that I’m not forced to sit through anything that targets ‘anti-vax’ parents as idiots.  I’m not forced to watch big pharma commercial after big pharma commercial after big pharma commercial during a daytime talk show.  I am free to pick and choose what I want to watch and when I want watch. 

I may pay a small price to have other viewing options, but I can still enjoy television – mindless or otherwise, through several avenues:  online streaming, Redbox, Netflix, and even YouTube.  Now, YouTube has gotten a tad annoying with their choice of ads that they feature – and that you can’t skip, but I can mute the volume and look away.  My kids know to do the same when they see questionable advertisements, especially ones that big pharma pays for.  Sadly, the big pharma commercials, like the latest HPV vaccine advert that I heard other parents discussing, are the ones we can’t always skip over. 

Since we made the decision to cut cable television out of our lives all those years ago, I was unable to see the latest HPV vaccine advertisement when it aired on TV.  Turns out, I didn’t need to have cable to see it – I was able to find the commercial online at the end of last week.  I was not impressed: Merck HPV vaccination commercial.

Others were not impressed either.  Citing the commercial false and misleading, a petition has been created, which you can share in your groups and on social media sites.

I can’t mute every advertisement we hear on the radio or rip out the ones that I see in print before my kids are exposed to them, but I do my best to keep adverts, especially the ones sponsored big pharma, out of my family’s life.  I’m encouraged that others are doing so as well. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



For Bill, and all those who use the word "science" to smooth out the rough edges and distract us from the ugliness of certain ideologies:

" has no business telling people how to live. It’s striking how easily we forget the evil that following “science” can do..."

The greatest evil, IMHO, is convincing the public that science alone drives the "greater good", based on body count.


"Are you seriously coming here, to tell US that WE have our OUR fingers in our ears??"
That is what I said, yes.
"What are they paying you for now Bill..."
"...why don't you...go peruse through the content of this website..."
Because it's not credible.


Sure Bill. All of those parents are just making it up.

And we should all listen instead, to you.


Hi Kim
Great comment to Billy. He's not anywhere as prolific commenting as he was on Vac Truth. Jeffrey just got tired on his nonsense and booted him plus with Disqus-once a person is banned all their comments on the site are removed. Very refreshing to read comments from people who are actively engaged in decent conversations. Well, at least some of them.


I always have wondered what it would have been like to have been on the wrong side of the thalidomide debate. When babies first started showing up missing arms and limbs, there were doctors who dismissed everything the parents were saying. It is just a co incidence. Science has proven that thalidomide is so safe it is considered almost impossible to overdose on. And they were right; science had shown that. Arrogance perhaps on the part of doctors who were unwilling to look at the facts.

How many babies could have been saved, if their had been willingness to listen to the parents?

Of course, I tend to assume that those who actually knew what thalidomide was doing , and hushed it up for profit, were a whole different level of evil.

I suppose it does all make me wonder why people who believed in vaccines, strongly enough to give their children shots of Gardasil,( is it even mandated or required in any state?) suddenly are considered "non credible' when they report what happened to their children?

Managing Editor

Hi, Bill. I'm Kim, Managing Editor. You know what? I don't bother reading sites I don't find "credible." Not unless I'm trolling to cause trouble and or scurry back to another site to report on what those awful folks 'over there" are saying. And as Mom to 3 kids with autism and managing editor, I just don't have the time to do that.

You should stop reading us if you find us "incredible."

We have a vaccine for that. I'll use it now.




For those who haven't read Janine's Roberts piece on the HPV Mystery here is a bit:

Why is HPV virus thought to cause this cancer? It seems only because Harald zur Hausen found certain genetic codes in or near the cervical cancer cells; for, in about 90% of cases, ‘DNA and transcripts of specific HPV types are regularly detected in biopsies from cervical cancer and in its precursor lesions.’ (International Agency for Research on Cancer op cit)

He presumed these codes were from proteins that were unique to this virus. We have to say, “presumed,” as most viruses have not yet been studied so logically it is impossible for us to be certain that a protein is unique to any virus. Also, finding them in these cancer cells does not mean that they cause the cancers. The cells may produce them for other purposes

Thus, because this virus cannot be grown, the vaccine is instead based on ‘Virus-Like Particles;’ made from synthetic versions of proteins said to be parts of HPV. In reality, human skin cells make these proteins – but these same cells have not confirmed their ability to make HPV itself by doing so in the laboratory. This makes it near impossible to prove that these proteins come from this virus.

Where are the genetic codes identified as papillomavirus found? Van Hausen did not find them in viruses produced in cell cultures, not in isolated viruses, but in the human genome, the most protected part of our cells.( Journal of Biological Chemistry - 2000 jan 7th pp 87-94) He did not find there the whole code of his virus, but only part of the code. He postulated from this that the virus must exist and must have transported this code to our cell. But it is hard to distinguish these sequences from our normal DNA, as they seem to be in nearly all of us.

PCR tests suggest nearly 80% of healthy human adults in the USA have these proteins, meaning their cells make them, but far less than 1% of women get cervical cancer, suggesting the proteins normally do not cause cancer. Furthermore, an antibody test for the virus has also proved difficult to develop as ‘antibodies to early HPV proteins have also been detected in patients with HPV-associated diseases as well as in healthy individuals.’ (International Agency for Research on Cancer op cit.)

So, why were these proteins linked to the cancer? Some HPV scientists say these proteins might affect a normal protein found in cells called p53 that helps protect us from cancers. “The E6 protein (one thought to come from a certain form of HPV) binds to p53 and this interaction results in a decrease in the half-life of p53 within cells,” (Journal of Biological Chemistry - 2000 jan 7th pp 87-94) but this is very much an argument from association. There seems to be less p53 in circumstances where this protein is present. This does not prove that one causes the other.

The piece is wealth of information that is easy to understand. The closing argument is HPV as some research from the 1960-until Merck decided to turn it into a virus for profit showed that it is in just about everyone and not just in the reproductive organs.

So – does HPV vaccine lessen our chances of getting this cancer? If the virus is present in many healthy people it seems unlikely it to be the cause. If the ‘co-factors’ are the main causes, then a vaccine cannot give us immunity. It has also to be said that the vaccines have not yet been proved to work– as the cancer takes 10 – 60 years to appear and the vaccines have not been tested for more than a few months.

Bill Pembry

"Are you seriously coming here, to tell US that WE have our OUR fingers in our ears??"
That is what I said, yes.
"What are they paying you for now Bill..."
"...why don't you...go peruse through the content of this website..."
Because it's not credible.


Science has been corrupted as predicted by Dwight D. Eisenhower before he left office in 1961.

In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.

Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961


Science is Pure: If this is how you want to identity yourself, accept my apology for laughing because it is surely a joke. Science is for Sale as Dr. David Lewis has written in his book. We no longer have sincere in the true sense of the word-we now have corporate science and the study you sent is directly from corporate America.

There is plenty of evidence pointing to HPV playing a role in cancer, this is just one example:

It's not hard to find anything today that cannot contribute to any type of cancer from the moment a child is born being hit with the Hep B vaccines. Actually before that if the Mom has taken the "recommended" Dtap and Flu shots that are full of random DNA, thimerosal, blood from animals etc. You guys know.

Right after Gardasil was pushed through onto the schedule by Julie Gerberding after it was rejected and Gerberding was offered a multimillion dollar position as Head of vaccine at Merck---who makes Gardasil, a report was posted by the FDA on the Reclassification of HPV.

FACT: The finding of HPV viral DNA integrated in most cellular genomes of cervical carcinomas supports epidemiologic data linking this agent to cervical cancer however, direct causation has not been demonstrated. Cervical Cancer Prevention, Health Professional Version,
National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Cynthia Janak has spent years researching HPV and Gardasil. Her site has extensive data which I recommend reading.

FDA and HPV -- when did they know the truth? By Cynthia A. Janak
From article:
In my last article about Gardasil I quoted a document that I found on the FDA website called the "Reclassification Petition for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA, Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Detection" published March 7, 2007.

What I have done is read all 68 pages of this document. What I am going to show you is that the FDA knew back in 2003 that a HPV is not the actual cause of cervical cancer. The actual cause is a "persistent HPV infection that may act as a tumor promoter in cancer induction [8-11].

I want you to take note of "persistent HPV infection" and "self-limiting." These terms are stated throughout the document and very important to what I am going to show you. Here are the definitions. At the end of the document I will have further definitions of some of the terms that are used in this document.

Persistent-Function: adjective Etymology: Latin persistent-, persistens, present participle of persistere Date: 1826, 1: existing for a long or longer than usual time or continuously: as a: retained beyond the usual period persistent leaf>

Self-limiting-Function: adjective Date: 1863, : limiting oneself or itself; especially of a disease : SELF-LIMITED Function: adjective Date: 1845, : limited by one's or its own nature; specifically : running a definite and limited course self — limited disease>

What I am going to do is quote segments of this document and highlight what I consider is important to the average person. I know this is going to be long but to summarize would be an injustice to the authors of this document.

VI. Statement of the basis for disagreement with the present classification status

[21 CFR § 860.123(a)(5) ]

The basis of this reclassification request is that the present regulatory classification of HPV DNA tests as devices intended for use in identifying and typing HPV infection to stratify women at risk for cervical cancer, thus assigned to class III, requiring submission and approval of PMAs [2], is no longer appropriate because continued designation of low-to-moderate risk HPV DNA test devices as class III devices contradicts the current understanding of HPV infection and its relationship to the development of cervical cancer. Based on new scientific information published in the past 15 years, it is now generally agreed that identifying and typing HPV infection does not bear a direct relationship to stratification of the risk for cervical cancer. Most acute infections caused by HPV are self-limiting [1, 4-7]. It is the persistent HPV infection that may act as a tumor promoter in cancer induction [8-11]. Identifying and typing HPV is an important tool for following patients with persistent HPV infection. Repeated sequential transient HPV infections, even when caused by "high-risk" HPVs, are characteristically not associated with high risk of developing squamous intraepithelial lesions, a precursor of cervical cancer.

A woman found to be positive for the same strain (genotype) of HPV on repeated testing is highly likely suffering from a persistent HPV infection and is considered to be at high risk of developing precancerous intraepithelial lesions in the cervix. It is the persistent infection, not the virus, that determines the cancer risk.

The FDA has accepted the above interpretation of current medical science, as reflected in its March 31, 2003 announcement on approval of the Digene HC2 High-Risk HPV DNA Test while making the following public statements on record [I] :

"The FDA today approved expanded use of a laboratory test to detect the presence in women of human papillomavirus (HPV), one of the most common sexually transmitted infections ."

"The HPV DNA test does not test for cancer, but for the HPV viruses that can cause cell changes in the cervix . If left untreated, these changes can eventually lead to cancer in some women."

"Most women who become infected with HPV are able to eradicate the virus and suffer no apparent long-term consequences to their health . But a few women develop a persistent infection that can eventually lead to pre-cancerous changes in the cervix."

". . .most infections are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer."

Remaining information at:
She has multiple article on Gardasil & HPV.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

There is plenty of evidence pointing to HPV playing a role in cancer, this is just one example:

However what role the vaccine may play in preventing it is very much open to question, as is the likely adaptation of the virus to widespread vaccination against just four (Gardasil) or two (Cevarix) of its strains. The other question to ask is why the immune systems of some people are unable to clear the virus.

Those questions have been ignored by those who cannot see through dollar signs clanging in their eyes.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Cathy! A good step to take to "get off the bus!"

A courageous response to Merck's ad:


You can stick your fingers in your ears but most cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and the vaccines for it are safe and effective at preventing HPV.


Are you seriously coming here, to tell US that WE have our OUR fingers in our ears??

What are they paying you for now Bill... comedic relief?

Although I'm sure that you're already well aware of this, why don't you make some good use of your time, and go peruse through the content of this website

If you can come here after that, and still spew your usual nonsense... then you'll pretty much have confirmed that you are a paid troll.

Angus Files

Andy Murray won the English grass title at Wimbledon today again, and although this is tremendous it left a sad sour taste in my mouth when I seen his T-shirt advertising it has "Malaria No More" on the shoulders and at the same time the same paper states `his wealth will double over the next 2 years due to family appeal` him being a first time father. No doubt been recruited by the dark side.




I have been through the exact same thing with the waiting room Torture TV. I wrote a letter to the medical staff and they removed it! I told them, among other things, that I find it disturbing and when I'm not feeling well, it makes me feel a lot worse to have the blaring noise and constant in my face list of ailments, drugs and treatments. They still have a TV in the waiting room, but it isn't connected to that horrible looped infomercial programming. Try writing to them. Tell them it makes you feel sick, which is the truth. I bet they listen to you!


Here you go, Bill, from Merck (caps and format, my emphasis - IMO, this info. should not be in fine print):

6.2 Postmarketing Experience .... The following adverse experiences have been spontaneously reported during post-approval use of GARDASIL and may also be seen in post-marketing experience with GARDASIL 9:


Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: PULMONARY EMBOLUS.

Gastrointestinal disorders: NAUSEA, PANCREATITIS, VOMITING.

General disorders and administration site conditions: ASTHENIA, CHILLS, DEATH, FATIGUE, MALAISE.


Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders: ARTHRALGIA, MYALGIA


Infections and infestations: CELLULITIS.

Vascular disorders: DEEP VENOUS THROMBOSIS.

Tim Lundeen

@bob moffit

We did not evolve to degenerate as we get older. If you find yourself in the doctor's office multiple times per year, try reading the Jaminet's Perfect Health Diet and following their lifestyle advice; that will make a big difference. Rebounding on a Cellerciser (get that specific brand) just a few minutes a day is tremendously helpful because it stimulates lymph flow, improves whole-body strength, and prevents osteoporosis: start at 30 seconds per day and work up over 1-2 months; bounce on your heels. Get near-whole-body sun every day without sunscreen (cover your face); work up to 30 minutes per day. Some supplements are helpful: ubiquinol 100mg/day, zinc 15mg/day, magnesium 200-400mg/day, low-level copper to balance the zinc, low-level B vitamins, Vitamin K2 as MK4. If you or anyone emails me (, I'll send our current protocol and sources...

We have a family doctor just in case, but rarely see him.


The only pallitive for waiting room torture is BYOB (bring your own book). Preferably a large, heavy one requiring extreme concentration. John Taylor Gatto's " Underground History of American Education" would be a good one to start with.


This applies when fear mongering is used to manipulate the populace to take away freedoms of all kinds:

A Warning About Fear-Mongering to Take Liberty


You can stick your fingers in your ears but most cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and the vaccines for it are safe and effective at preventing HPV.
Posted by: Bill Pembry | July 10, 2016 at 08:39 AM

Bill is a troll kicked off of most comment boards. This is a hit and run comment. One of his trademarks. If he had any data that confirms HPV even cause cervical cancer he would be one up on the CDC because they have yet to provide a study that confirms that HPV even causes cervical cancer. Just the fact that he states that the vaccine is effective at preventing cervical cancer show that he's just pushing industry propaganda. Even the CDC and NCI admit that the effectiveness of this type of vaccine won't be known for almost 20 years:
While there are well-established cancer registries in the United States, it will take decades before the impact of vaccine on cervical cancer is observed. More proximal measures of vaccine impact include outcomes such as prevalence of HPV vaccine types, incidence of cervical pre-cancers and genital warts. (Post-licensure monitoring of HPV vaccine in the United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,Vaccine.2010 Jul 5;28 (30):4731-7. Epub 2010 Feb 25,

National Cancer Institute says that, "direct causation has not been demonstrated” National Cancer Institute U.S. National Institute of Health

Corruption claims taint the Nobel Prize as allegations surface that Astra Zeneca had undue influence:
http://www.nydailynews (dot) com/news/money/corruption-claims-taint-nobel-prize-allegations-surface-astra-zeneca-undue-influence-article-1.355282.

Since the WHO researchers had a part in the study that has been repeatably posted on blogs this should be taken into account:
Board Member Of The World Health Organization Is A Large Shareholder In Vaccine Company

We are already familiar with the CDC''s corruption in getting this poison recommended:
Regarding corruption surrounding the recommendation of influenza vaccines; there are no restrictions with regard to conflicts of interest for the employees of the CDC or for those of the FDA (Kuehn, 2010). Each employee of either agency is allowed to own stock in drug companies. There is of course the revolving door. The most blatant example of revolving door corruption may be the action of the former director of the CDC, Julie Gerberding. Gererding blocked the CDC's planned retraction of their recommendation for HPV vaccine after significant numbers of girls had died or been rendered paralyzed by the HPV vaccine. Soon after blocking the retraction, Gerberding was offered and took a position at Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, the world's best selling HPV vaccine, as head of Merck Vaccines Department (Reuters, 2009). It is a level of corruption that we would expect to see in only third world countries.
How the Government’s Vaccine Policy is Infected by Corruption

However next time you see the HPV lie, I mean misinformation commercial, I mean ad, I mean infomercial or you read about it on a blog you should remember this:

PROOF Chesterfield Cigarettes have no adverse effects on nose, throat, sinuses

"Your Doctor Recommends Camels" and Other Cringe-Worthy Cigarette Ads-


Bill Pembry ; Got those long term studies - in hand -- you know 30 years in advance to see if the HPV are effective? LOL!


Just watched the ad. The "actor portrayal" is priceless. They couldn't find a genuine case? There is no shortage of cases of HPV vaccine injury AND CANCER FOLLOWING THE HPV VACCINE.

Thanks for this report, Cathy.

Andrea F

I agree one hundred percent. Well said. This is exactly why I'm not renewing my Guideposts magazine this fall. After seeing all those obnoxious "grandma in wolves clothing" whooping cough vaccine adverts I decided enough is enough. While I enjoy the magazine itself I can no longer support the big Pharma companies that keep it running.


Great post, Ms Cathy, many thanks. For those of us who need more than a 20 min. catnap, there's this:
Magnesium Treats Migraines by Carolyn Dean MD ND

Bill Pembry

You can stick your fingers in your ears but most cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and the vaccines for it are safe and effective at preventing HPV.


I've seen that Gardasil commercial and could not believe what I was watching. It is the most misleading piece of garbage since Vioxx and AVANDIA. It speaks volumes that Merck can get away with the blatantly misleading commercial in the US because they have the protection of the courts from lawsuits when this poison harms people whereas outside of the US they are more cautious. The study they are referring to is produced by people who work for the WHO and the CDC. That says it all.

Japan is currently in the process of suing Merck:

The Japan Times recently reported that a class action lawsuit will be filed after June 2016 against the Japanese government, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline by victims who have suffered severe side effects as a result of receiving the former government recommended vaccine. Twelve plaintiffs will file the lawsuit at four district courts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The plaintiffs are demanding answers as to why they were not informed of the risks of HPV vaccine prior to receiving it. [8] The defense team will be hosting seminars in the next two months in hopes of seeking additional plaintiffs. [8]

Vaccine-Injured Victims Cannot Sue Vaccine Makers in the U.S
Unlike in Japan where vaccine-injured victims can directly file a lawsuit against the state and the vaccine manufacturers, the judicial process in the U.S. for vaccine-injured victims of HPV and other government recommended or mandated vaccines is remarkably different, to say the least.

India filed suit years ago because of the lies the industry told that country to push the vaccine there. Other countries like South America are pursuing individual suit against their governments.

It's not just this blatantly false commercial that saturating the public's consciousness, dozens of blogs are running Gardasil/HPV stories. Here are some of the lies, I mean articles:

-CDC: Vaccine can prevent 28,500 HPV-related cancer cases a year:
“Increasing vaccination coverage could decrease the cancer incidence and disparities in the United States,” researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wrote in the report “Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cancers — United States, 2008-2012” published Thursday in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report,
CDC: Vaccine can prevent 28,500 HPV-related cancer cases a year

-CDC: Number of HPV–associated cancers on the rise
Nearly 29,000 cases of HPV–associated cancers could be prevented through HPV vaccination, according to the researchers.

-A vaccine could prevent these cancers, so why are they still on the rise?

But recently they have been running articles that say it's has prevented so many cases of HPV associated cervical cancer. Parents need to not fall for this BS or they may find themselves on a slow sinking boat in the middle of the ocean without a life preserve.

This should be posted in every comment in regards to the HPV vaccine initial trials in India:
In the September 2008, FDA Closing Statement on Gardasil it was noted that 73.3% of girls in the clinic trials developed “new medical conditions” post vaccination. 17 girls died during the clinical trials. (September 2008 FDA Closing Statement on Gardasil http://holyhormones(dot)com/wp content/uploads/downloads/2010/11/gardasil091108.pdf)

go Trump

They do not use the .... word Gardasil... in the commercial, because IF THE DID, they would have to list all the known side effects of the vaccine... now banned in France, banned in Japan and did not make it through testing in India.

The Merck goal is 12 million HPV / Help Pay for Vioxx / doses a year, 3 - $120 doses for each for the 4 million children born every year in the USA.
About 1.4 billion dollars worth... for 11 year olds.

In California, an 11 year old can get the Gardasil vaccine without the knowledge of their parents. I assume it is free... meaning paid for by the STATE who now own all California children.

I understand cervical cancer rates are about 1.5% mostly in women age 45 –55. (Boys do not get cervical cancer)

It will be 30+ years before we know if Gardasil has made a dent in this number.

AS WE KNOW the CDC is not very good with data & studies. Such elite BS.

Bob Moffit

Kathy ... your words on those damned .. pharma commercials .. really hit home with me today. At my advanced age .. I find myself in my doctor's "waiting' room at least four or five times a year. For the past 10 years or so .. the television set in the doctor's "waiting" room is tuned into a "non-stop drug commercial" station .. that ONLY shows pharma adds .. to patients in a doctor's office .. each add warning that captured audience to "ask you doctor" about product X if you have ... blah, blah, blah.

I have complained .. somewhat bitterly to the doctor's staff .. and .. they say they have absolutely NO CONTROL over that set .. they cannot "turn it off" .. they cannot "lower the volume" .. they cannot DO ANYTHING. Indeed, last week I was early .. (to my doctor that means I was on time .. his staff wasn't) .. and .. upon entering the "closed for the night office" .. the ONLY thing that was working was that DAMNED TELEVISION SET .. which apparently means that set is NEVER turned off. NEVER. 24-7 .. 365 DAYS A YEAR .. PLAYING ONLY PHARMA COMMERCIALS TO PATIENTS WAITING TO SEE THEIR DOCTOR .. WHEN THEY CAN "ASK HIM ABOUT "x'.

I wouldn't be able to watch television without being able to "fast-forward" through ALL commercials .. let alone just pharma's .. which believe me .. are absolutely .. the most annoying of ALL .. describing various symptoms .. followed by a lengthy list of potential "adverse reactions" .. which often takes far more time than the "symptoms".

It is bad enough to be sitting in that damn "waiting" room for an appointment already delayed .. only to watch the young, pretty, handsome, former college cheer-leader type .. DRUG REPRESENTATIVES .. be admitted through the locked doors to "see the doctor' the moment they enter the room. At the very least .. these "drug pushers' should be FORCED TO SIT AND LISTEN TO THE DAMNED TELEVISION AS EVERYONE ELSE IN THAT DAMNED ROOM HAS TO DO.

I have to laugh when I hear those criticizing the "cruel and unusual" way "terrorists" are treated .. such as .. waterboarding. I think my doctor's "waiting" room is unnecessarily "cruel and unusual" for his patients.

Sorry for the rant .. but .. Kathy .. your words really struck a nerve with me today.

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