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How the Failed MMR Vaccine Has Quarantined a Detention Center As Measles Overshadows Autism


Autism Epidemic Overshadowed by Small Measles Outbreak
How the Failed MMR Vaccine Has Quarantined a Detention Center

By James Grundvig

Sixty days ago an illegal alien carried the measles virus into the Eloy Detention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and spread the virus to one of the federal workers; from there it spread. The 1,600-bed facility serves as temporary station for migrants and illegals facing trials, deportation hearings, and other bureaucratic processing.

The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private contracting firm, runs Eloy from Nashville, Tennessee. While it provides 24-hour guard and security services, agents for the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE,) agency care for, manage, debrief, and interview the inmates. The facility, however, doesn’t have a single medical doctor onsite.

To date, twenty-two people have contracted the non-lethal disease. That’s twenty-two over a sixty-day period. That is twenty-two in Eloy, which at the time housed 1,200 detainees, with a staff of 150 ICE agents, and 350 CCA security personnel. All told, there were 1,900 people in the federal detention center at the time of exposure.

According to the Montana Department of Health’s Infographic on measles, a state that hasn’t had a single measles case since 1990, one person with measles can spread the virus to eighteen more people.

2016 Measles Montana

With 1,900 people exposed, and hundreds going home from the facility on a daily basis, not including relatives, friends and lawyers visiting the detainees, how come there were only twenty-two measles cases?

Since the “Largest Outbreak in the United States this year,” one newspaper headline gushed, took place in May, 102 of the detainees have been released from the facility. But ICE Immigration Court has not resumed trials yet and likely won’t reopen until the end of July, according to an Arizona Department of Health press release. All visitors must carry proof of vaccinations to enter. No exceptions.

From www.thinkprogress.org, immigration reporter Esther Yu-Hsi Lee opened her article (7-11-16) as if the U.S. faced a repeat of the 2014 Ebola pandemic:

“A nationwide public health crisis may be underway as dozens of workers at an Arizona immigration detention facility have refused to get vaccinated amid a large measles outbreak — currently, the largest outbreak of the disease anywhere in the United States.”

Blaming federal workers for not being vaccinated against measles is total crap and takes away from a great issue that really is an epidemic of Armageddon scale.

Overreacting by vaccinating workers after measles had spread to others had zero impact on containing the outbreak. One measure that did work to contain the outbreak, which averaged one person getting sick every three days, was ICE froze the flow of detainees, neither accepting nor releasing anyone, at first. That measure, however, created a backlog of cases, as of the writing of this article.

But in the end, the pool of those infected by measles never reached two-dozen people. Some outbreak.

Two Approaches: One Pragmatic, One Deceitful

The temporary lockdown of detainees, and not any machination from CDC or Merck MMR vaccine, is what curbed the measles flare-up at Eloy. But the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which sleeps in bed with Big Pharma lobbyists, will never let pragmatism get in the way of selling fear or force-feeding vaccines on detainees, and federal and contract workers.

In contacting CCA for comment, Jonathan Burns, the director of public affairs, replied by email, J burns CCAwriting:

“We take the health and well-being of our staff and the individuals entrusted to our care very seriously, and continue to work closely with ICE, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local health officials on this issue.

“All but a small percentage of CCA employees have been immunized or produced proof of prior immunity. Please refer to our previous statement and I encourage you to contact out partners at ICE, who have ~150 employees at the facility, and whom I believe the (Arizona) health department is including in the facility percentage figures it has released. I encourage you to contact our partners at ICE, as ICE Health Service Corps provides all medical care at the facility.”

The Arizona Department of Health had referred this author to Jonathan Burns at CCA; ICE pointed to their past press statements; and the CDC didn’t respond to calls to comment. So it appears, the government state-fed trio of agencies is now only talking through press releases on the measles outbreak at Eloy.

Maybe that’s because of the paradoxical situation that this measles outbreak has presented the Obama Administration, whose desire for authoritarian control was given a boost when the president’s signature legislation ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) passed in 2010.

It’s all about control, control, control. But what happens when circumstances throw a knuckleball at control?

Imagine this happening at Gitmo

At Eloy that just happened. A small measles outbreak froze the gears of justice.

For President Obama and the CDC the situation at Eloy is dripping with irony: A tiny, non-lethal measles outbreak has outweighed the rights of illegal aliens to a speedy trial.

Imagine the same scenario occurring at Gitmo? What would President Obama do? Dump the CDC’s concern for measles or hold the detainees there, unable to shutdown the prison facility, long the centerpiece of his legacy, or wait for a new president to come into office?

From local TV station KPNX report, Pinal health officials: ICE not cooperative during measles outbreak, by Joe Dana (7-7-16), he wrote: "ICE folks at the leadership level don’t really want to share information with us about the vaccination status of their employees, they’re citing privacy regulations that are not applicable to a public health outbreak," Schryer said. "So we’re working with them and it’s my understanding that the state is asking the attorney general to work with ICE to force them to comply with our recommendation."

Thomas Schryer is the director of public health at Pinal County, Arizona, in which Eloy operates.

Caught in the throes of this surreal paradox, President Obama’s CDC, whether through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or the U.S. Justice Department (US DOJ), has stonewalled ICE officials—those agencies have done a lot of that lately.

So it will be Arizona’s attorney general versus ICE, which in reality will be the AG fighting for transparency against CDC, HSS and US DOJ to play ball with the holy grail of Big Pharma: Vaccines. Good luck with that.

Measles and the Broken MMR Vaccine

From CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) on May 10, 1991, and later in 1999, the death rate from measles is: A) “provisional”; B) 1 in 1,000, or one-tenth of a percent (0.1%). This author had the measles in second grade, like most of my classmates. But after a week of itching, scratching, and redness, my immune system and I were better off in the long run by contracting the disease.

From a variety of sources, the MMR triple shot vaccine, in which Merck holds the sole monopoly in the U.S., the efficacy of the vaccine works three-quarters of the time for those who have been vaccinated. That’s far fewer than 95 percent the Food and Drug Administration requires for vaccine efficacy.

And so word has it that a little more than half of the twenty-two measles patients at Eloy were not vaccinated for measles in the past. But the exact number is hard to come by since ICE (CDC) hasn’t been transparent about the outbreak when it comes to their employees. The same was true of the Disney measles outbreak: More than a third of those people, who contracted the virus, were vaccinated.

Drowning and Measles

If twenty-two out of 1,900 people contracted measles over sixty days is an outbreak . . . Then what are some trends we should really be concerned about?

From the CDC, on an average year around 300 people get measles in the U.S. That’s less than one person a day.

Looking at other CDC data “from 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States—about ten deaths per day. And additional 332 people died each year from drowning in boating-related incidents.”

Since being near water deep enough to bathe in is far more lethal than measles virus ever will be, why is all the media attention focused on a common disease? Oh, right, vaccines can’t prevent drowning.

Since Vaccine Court was launched in the late 1980s, 1,197 petitions were filed for death by vaccine, with 58 of them dying from an adverse reaction to the MMR shot, according to author and Vaccine Court researcher Wayne Rohde. That is more than the number of people who died from measles over the same span.

The Cold Reality of the Autism Epidemic

Other numbers should frighten people, from reporters and journalists, teachers and CEOs who are concerned about the lack of qualified people to hire, to county, state and federal health officials is the Autism Epidemic. ASD Rate vs Small Measles Outbreak

From CDC’s data, roughly four million babies will be born this year. Using CDC’ ASD incidence rate of 1 in 45 babies will be diagnosed on the spectrum, that means 88,889 babies will develop some form of autism. When broken down by year to weeks, days, to hours, about one baby is born every 6 minutes on the spectrum in 2016. That equates to 244 babies day.

Over the same period of that non-lethal measles outbreak of 60 days, there will be 14,612 babies who will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

ASD Rate Math 7-14-16

If 22 measles patients is a crisis at a detention site, then what do we call an epidemic that is 100 times more lethal with permanent damage to the brain, nervous system, speech, and fine motor, with autoimmune and gastrointestinal issues?

Yes, the MMR vaccine is a lie. Yes, the MMR vaccine doesn’t work as designed. Yes, the MMR vaccine doesn’t meet FDA safety and efficacy standards.

So why is it still on the market? And why would health officials fight a tiny measles outbreak at a locked down detention center with two out of three shots in the MMR jab not measles?

It’s time to break the MMR monopoly the way the federal government broke the Standard Oil monopoly a century ago.

Exploding Costs of Autism

Finally, the costs of the Autism Epidemic will far outstrip the pathetic tiny costs for a non-lethal disease like the measles by the chasm of the U.S. national deficit.

The Autism Epidemic is a double-edge sword. One blade will bleed the costs that will balloon to the trillions by 2030 for care of the disabled adults, according to a UC Davis study. The other edge is the lost opportunity costs of economic productivity to the U.S. economy, since millions of these children will never work. Ever.

Instead of 90 percent of them being productive members of society, they will be a drag both as a cost and as a financial loss. The productivity loss can be estimated to the hundreds of billions of dollars. But the loss of individual creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial vision cannot be so easily rendered.

How many Steve Jobs and Elon Musks will we lose from the pool of millions of children, because the Autism Epidemic cripples them? Incalculable.

For 250 years America separated itself from the world by individual creative spirit. But now that has finally met its match. Not from war or disease—but from Autism, a disorder with roots in environmental toxins.

No, America has met its match by its own greed and shift toward totalitarianism, a shift from health and education to the Vaccine industry’s profit center: Big Pharma.

America, it’s time to wake up or pay the price for this epic crisis.

James Grundvig is a contributor to AoA and the author of “Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and Government Betrayal at the CDC.” He lives and works in New York City, and has one teenage son on the spectrum.



Managing Editor Re Dr. Briggs

Hello, we aren't encouraging conversations with Dr. Briggs any longer. He had an opportunity to regale us with his knowledge. We've no need to engage him further. Thanks.

Hans Litten

Billy Bragg , what say you to the Autism projection of 1 in 2 by 2030 from MIT ?
50% Billy .

Autism rate currently amongst the Somalian diasporo is 1 in 8 Billy .
The Ugandan's of North Germany are recording 1 in 6 Billy
The current rate across the Western world is 1 in 50 .
This is a holocaust Billy like 39-45 and you are defending Nazis

Jenny Allan

Hello Billy
Your quote from the above article "“All but a small percentage of CCA employees have been immunized or produced proof of prior immunity." is actually another quote from one, Jonathan Burns, the director of public affairs.

I am not questioning the veracity of Mr Burn's information. I'm sure it is correct. Apparently, a large measles vaccination programme was instigated in response to the measles outbreak, and almost certainly included both immigrants and employees. However, like most official 'press releases' concerning vaccines, it is economical with the truth.

Another above quote attributed to one Esther Yu-Hsi Lee states :-“A nationwide public health crisis may be underway as dozens of workers at an Arizona immigration detention facility have refused to get vaccinated“

So- the previous vaccination status of the immigrants could not be ascertained and some workers were refusing vaccinations. Hardly a fully measles vaccinated situation. In any case as I understand it, vaccinations are designed to prevent disease and don't protect persons already infected with the virus.

James Grundvig states "Blaming federal workers for not being vaccinated against measles is total crap." As in my youth, quarantine is the only way to stop outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Unlike some pro vax sites, you are welcome to comment here as long as you are polite. We like a good argument!!


Clearly the entire Psy-Op is based on the assumption that people are refusing to be vaccinated or are unvaccinated as indicated by multiple stories going around the web, even as far as Asia. Here are just a few which blames the unvaccinated.

Arizona Measles Outbreak: Is It Because of the Lax Vaccination Implementation?

-Forbes then made a follow-up report wherein it was highlighted that one of the contributing factors of the measles outbreak is the lack of immunization among employees of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

-"The problem is with the staff that doesn't want to comply with our recommendation that started on day one," Dr. Thomas Schryer, the Pinal County health director said. "Which is to become vaccinated or provide proof of immunity.... Neither ICE or CCA requires or encourages staff to have proof of immunity to any disease. All they do is the required TB skin testing."

Measles outbreak at AZ immigrant detention center spread by workers, officials say

The health director for Pinal County, Thomas Schryer, told the Associated Press that the viral disease most likely was brought into the facility by an immigrant being held there, but that it was likely that unvaccinated workers at Eloy that were infecting others.

Schryer explained that all the detainees NOW HAVE BEEN VACCINATED by detention center staff. The workers are another matter.
(so everyone wasn't vaccinated at the beginning of this event)

"They're actually the ones that are passing along the measles among each other and then going out into the community," Schryer said.

ICE spokeswoman Yasmeen Pitts O'Keefe told the AP that the agency has instituted measures to prevent the spread of the disease, including referring workers to health clinics, providing them with masks and gloves and handing out pamphlets about measles.

CCA said that most of its staffers either have been vaccinated or can provide proof of immunity to the disease. Those who haven’t are being asked to either wear masks or remain at home.
(by the center taking these measures and the contradictory statements it’s pretty clear everyone hasn’t been vaccinated)

Arizona measles outbreak attributed to vaccine-refusing guards at immigration detention center

“Thomas Schryer, health director for Pinal County, told the Times that the outbreak probably began with a detainee, but has not spread among them because detainees are now vaccinated. One staff member spent four days in the hospital with measles, he said.

However, Schryer said, it has been difficult to persuade employees to get vaccinated or show proof of vaccination.”

As of these article postings everyone hadn't been vaccinated and the staff was vaccinating people. They asked people to either show proof of vaccination, stay home or get vaccinated.

Your response Billy: Because most people were vaccinated.
Not true according to these articles. The articles also state specific numbers on staff are not provided.

Billy Briggs

"Do you have proof of their vaccination status?"
Well, right here in the article it says, "“All but a small percentage of CCA employees have been immunized or produced proof of prior immunity." You should read it.
" Please present or like many of your comments-it is unsubstantiated. Opinion."
It can be hard when the website stops posting my replies on a thread.

Wayne Rohde

Sadly, the US Federal Court of Claims just released another decision in the NVICP regarding a child who died 1 week after receiving the MMR and Varicella vaccines. She suffered an acute encephalopathy and later died.

More and more people are starting to understand the crap shoot of the MMR. And the CDC keeps the fear mongering going by controlling the message in the media.



"Do you know what happens when pregnant women get measles?"

Yeah. Thanks for bringing that up. It's not good to get measles or chicken pox during pregnancy. My generation didn't have to worry about that because we ALL had acquired natural immunity to these infections long before we were of child bearing age. Vaccinating for these diseases screwed that up BIG TIME. Now, instead of everyone being immune by adulthood, we've got giant holes in the "herd's" immunity, thanks to the spotty, short-term, unreliable, unpredictable, weak immunity provided by vaccines.

Good point. Thanks again.


Just wondering how solid the source of this out break is? Was there an outbreak in the place where the 'patient A' came from? The Disney outbreak was also sourced back to someone from another country, however, I recall there being speculation as to whether or not the Disney outbreak could be sourced back to a vaccine strain measles virus. As immigrants are among the easiest populations of people to exploit I know that one of the main processing protocols for all of these detention centers is vaccination. Considering these circumstances, I feel suspicions could be legitimately raised.


"Because most people were vaccinated"

Do you have proof of their vaccination status? Please present or like many of your comments-it is unsubstantiated. Opinion.

Sophie Scholl

30% of the MMR vaccines has a hidden retrovirus XMRV . The MMR is criminal , the MMR is a crime against humanity . The MMR like all vaccines has been totally invalidated by the lies .

Plague (there is no where to go with vaccines)


Great article....if only this was standard news rather than the fear mongering propaganda we normally get.

I've read a lot about vaccines but very little is written about measles. Actually it seems very little is known about it. So 300 people get measles a year in the most highly vaccinated population in the world. Was measles actually eliminated or not? Could it be possible that some sort of natural immunity is still possible especially if vaccines shed the virus. No one knows. Are there more than one strain of measles vaccine? Again that information isn't easy to come by. The only thing we know about measles is that everyone has to get vaccinated against it. Oh, we also know that some people are low responders and some people are high responders and some in-between; and that generally the vaccine wears off just about the time women are having kids--young adulthood. The measles vaccine is supposedly the most successful vaccine of all because it eliminated measles in the U.S.--at least that is the story we are told and most people believe. Yet until an epidemic strikes no one really knows, do they? I am grateful that some states stand up for the privacy rights of their citizens. Doesn't seem California is in that league.

For Billy


Of course on of the thing they did deliberately was to destroy the immunity of infants too young to be vaccinated with MMR. Also, part of the point is that the vaccines are not available seperately. But your real dereliction is that you continue the big schmooze over autism. What it really comes down to is that the officials, backed by the companies and supported by idiot politicians decided on the policy and to hell with the the consequences. All you then need is very effective systems for denying the consequences and shifting the blame on to the victims. Well, it is time to call their bluff - and yours. Our children don't matter, only the cover up matters in the great scheme. That is the only conclusion.


Imagine billy briggs, if vaccinations were practiced (or approved) like other medical treatments that one-size-does-not-fit-all. You do get that very simple point don't you? What if the CDC instead of destroying documents shifted the recommended age of mmr vaccination to 36 months for all children? Imagine if science weren't for sale; if doctors lived up to "first do no harm". If any of these points were embraced as if we were scientific, thoughtful, there would be fewer children living on the autism spectrum.


Just ran across this. Since we've had a couple of trolls on this site over the last 2 weeks I thought why not inject a little humor into the day:
Internet Trolls - The Musical

Billy Briggs

"With 1,900 people exposed, and hundreds going home from the facility on a daily basis, not including relatives, friends and lawyers visiting the detainees, how come there were only twenty-two measles cases?"
Because most people were vaccinated. Imagine if your dream came true and we had stopped all vaccinations. Do you know what happens when pregnant women get measles?


Again these outbreaks of minor childhood illnesses and the resulting PR campaign to terrorize the populace shows how hardwired to fear the American consumer is. Psy-ops like this serve multiple purposes:
1. Continue to juice up the fear that people from other countries are carrying deadly viruses across the border feeding into the close the border mantra
2. Manipulate parents through the use of propaganda and fear to make sue they take their children for those back to school shots that are pushed this time of the year-every year. I read that vaccine intake is down in Texas. Could it be that the virus was seeded at the detention center and someone with a poor immune system was infected? Not too far fetched if you remember the Disney Measles Hoax where patient zero, who the CDC & their circus media blamed for months on a unvaccinated person-has never been found or identified. At the time there were many unsubstantiated statements that Disney employees had submitted to MMR vaccination weeks prior to the outbreak. We know that the MMR sheds despite it's so called attenuated state. Or as some people suggested the CDC with the help of the California health dept simply seeded areas of the park with the virus that will allow maximum exposure to thousands of people. Those with lowered immune system will come into contact & boom-instant juiced up epidemic. Not far fetched if you take into account the number of human experiments our government has engaged in since the 1900's. Just recently the Homeland Security released a harmless gas into the NY subway system (Harmless gas released into New York subway to prep for biological attack-https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/09/new-york-city-subway-harmless-gas-released-biological--attack-study-jessica-now). Seeding the park with the measles vaccines would be a walk in the childsplay. It can survive on surfaces for a couple of hours.
3. Force employees at the center to submit to the MMR thus provided another opportunity for the virus to shed and infect other people which will increase the number of people who are infected which of course will be reported to the MSM. The press releases are probably already written and within minutes of any indication of an increase in number substantiated as measles or not, it's released to the public. If people who are suspected of having measles are counted as measles and than the lab test comes back negative-how aggressive will the MSM be in reporting this info?
4. Will the health dept in Texas report how many employees are vaccinated or partially vaccinated to the public? Finding out how many of the infected were vaccinated during the Disney outbreak was like pulling teeth. Reporting this info to the public will lessen the fear so it won't be forthcoming soon.

At the end of the day it's still Measles. Inconvenient but not deadly. Even if an outbreak reaches 500, it's nothing considering there are over three and a half million people in the US. This is what a measles epidemic looks like:
Measles Epidemic
Measles epidemic [page 354]
Br Med J 1959;1:351.2 (Published 07 February 1959)

In the first three weeks of this year about 41,000 cases of measles were recorded in England and Wales.
(scroll down)

Gary Ogden

Bob Moffit: The Merck mumps whistleblower lawsuit trial has been scheduled for 2018. Better late than never.

angus files

Over the past week and weekend the world seen the attempted coup in Turkey at that point I wondered if it could happen ,that Europe would fall into a free for all war. With the disabilities in the respective countries I wondered who would be the fittest still able to fight. I also thought that the most vaccinated populations would be the less able to put up the strongest fight. All based on Nuclear not being triggered of course.I do wonder the minds of the very few at the top of the world the Rothschild's, the Carnegie's et-al, all inter married controlling this twisted madness and at the same time the most senior of the families having multiple organ transplants to stay on...scared of hell he must be.


Bob Moffit

"Looking at other CDC data “from 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States—about ten deaths per day. And additional 332 people died each year from drowning in boating-related incidents.”

In 1999 .. the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a warning "against home trampoline use". The AAP instructed their 60,000 members "to actively discourage recreational trampoline use" ... specifically children 5 years and younger. The AAP has consistently updated their warnings on trampoline use over the years.

Odd the AAP so concerned over trampoline injuries .. yet .. I cannot remember a single statement by AAP warning parents of possible serious life-long .. as well as .. life-threatening injuries associated with childhood vaccines? Surely the AAP has heard of the Vaccine Court and is aware of BILLIONS of dollars paid parents whose precious child was injured .. including death .. by a vaccine?

By the way ... what happened to that (still?) pending .. whistleblower ... law suit against MERCK .. for knowingly manipulating their Mumps (virus) vaccine to meet requirements for "effectiveness"?

"America, it’s time to wake up or pay the price for this epic crisis."


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