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Dear Vaccine Proponents....A Letter from Vaccine Choice Canada

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Dear Vaccine Proponents

Thank you for your messages and your concern.

I begin with the assumption that you are well intended and, with the exception of trolls paid by the pharmaceutical industry, sincerely believe in your statements that vaccines are safe and effective.

I also know that you are not well informed. Your rigid “everyone should be vaccinated” policy tells me that you have not ventured beyond the promotional advertisements of the pharmaceutical industry or the superficial journalism of today’s mainstream media.

Your position tells me that you haven’t read the research literature or considered the possibility that the medical industry is a for-profit business and has successfully lobbied (bought) politicians and captured the media with their advertising dollars. You assume the pharmaceutical industry is producing products in our best interest and that they wouldn’t be able to produce unsafe products.

You might admit that prescription drugs should be treated with caution. You might even be aware that the medical industry kills around 250,000 people in the US every year and is the third leading cause of death either by preventable medical error, hospital acquired infections, or properly prescribed drug reactions.

But you consider vaccines a different kind of drug. Vaccines are like a ‘magic potion’ with none of the risks or adverse effects commonly associated with other pharmaceutical products. You believe this propaganda, not because you have read clinical evidence of safety and effectiveness, but because you want to believe that vaccines are safe and effective and will protect your child from “vaccine preventable illnesses”.

You also believe that vaccines are responsible for the decline in polio and small pox and the decrease in mortality of measles, though there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. The vaccine industry denies a relationship between injury and death following a vaccination and claim that, “a temporal relationship does not mean a causal relationship”. Yet the vaccine industry is more than willing to claim a causal relationship between vaccines and the decline in infectious diseases by pointing to the temporal relationship between the introduction of vaccines and the decline of many diseases. The fact these diseases declined as much as 99%, before the introduction of the vaccine is not considered relevant.

You trust that the medical industry and government are doing their due diligence with regard to vaccine safety. The fact that most vaccines safety trials last only 2 – 6 weeks and the industry routinely uses other vaccines or vaccine ingredients as the placebo in these trials is not considered significant. There is no concern that no clinical study exists that proves vaccinated children have better overall heath than unvaccinated children.

And there is no concern that no research exists to prove that vaccines are safe in the real world way in which they are administered with children receiving multiple vaccines at once. You assume that governments are doing their own independent research on vaccine safety rather than relying on the claims of the pharmaceutical industry. (They don’t.) And you likely are unaware that in the United States vaccine manufacturers are the only industry, other than the nuclear industry, not legally liable for the safety of their product. Congress gave the vaccine industry a “free pass” in 1986 following substantial lawsuits were filed against the vaccine industry.

I understand your enthusiasm for vaccinations. It’s comforting to believe in “miracles” and everyone knows that vaccinations are a “miracle of modern medicine”. You trust your Doctor when he or she says vaccines are safe and effective. You assume your Doctor has thoroughly researched the vaccine safety literature and would be able to diagnose and treat vaccine injury if it occurred.

While I hate to ‘burst your bubble’ or ‘rain on your parade’, you are one shot away from joining the ranks of those parents who question the claims of vaccine safety and effectiveness. You are one diagnosis of autism, asthma, seizure disorder, neurological deficits including ADD and ADHD, learning disabilities, life threatening allergies or death away from questioning everything you have been told about vaccine safety.

You are one shot away from learning your Doctor knows very little about vaccine injury and even less of how to treat the injury. With every shot you are one step closer to becoming one of us – a quack, crank, tin foil hatter, Luddite, dumb, ignorant and irresponsible parent who should have our kids taken away from us for questioning vaccine theology.

And while I wish it wasn’t that way, that’s the way it is right now. I look forward to getting to know you better while we stand on the front lines with our placards demanding transparency, accountability, and the right to informed consent.

Ted Kuntz

Ted Kuntz is the parent of a vaccine-injured child. Kuntz has dedicated more than 30 years to researching the vaccine literature and is an advocate for preserving our right to informed consent. Kuntz is a member of the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada.


Tim Lundeen

@ronald kostoff

Well said. If just the 5,000 cases of autism rejected en mass by the NVIC had been compensated at, say, $4M each over their lifetime, that would have been $20 billion paid out. Pretty obvious why they didn't want that to happen. Not to mention the 10s of thousands of kids every year who "regress" into autism following a round of vaccines; if we compensated just 10,000 of them each year the total would be $40 billion more paid out each year. If we compensated all autistic kids as we should, it would be $400 billion plus per year, as you say.

Also, re EMFs, I've started doing more research and you are right on. This is a major problem, MUCH worse than I realized. I've read Dr Milham's book, Dirty Electricity, and it is absolutely compelling that there is dose-dependent injury from this source, that it can cause ADD/ADHD symptoms, and (although he doesn't discuss this) obviously make it much harder to treat autism. I'm in the problem of fixing my family's exposure: Fortunately we live on the edge of a low-density area, and do not have a smart meter. But even so, the noise levels on our power lines, before filtering, are downright scary.

Ronald Kostoff


"So far, but I wonder for how long, vaccine compensation has exceeded what the nuclear industry has paid out in compensation for damages."

According to the Wikipedia link in my post below, nuclear insurer and Federal government payouts for nuclear damage have been around $210M. This is not too surprising; we have not had any nuclear accidents in the USA that remotely approach Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Vaccine damage 'compensation' is a different story. The difference between actual vaccine compensation, and compensation that should have been provided, appears to be massive. In my 2015 eBook


I did a cost estimate for the damage done by the CDC's alleged withholding of information (about the MMR vaccine-autism link) from the public. I quote the relevant findings verbatim (p.245):

"As a side note, the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program), which is a special Court set up to compensate the vaccine injured, has paid out approximately $3.2B since 1988 for injuries from all vaccines. Approximately 9% of all compensated claims were for the MMR vaccine, for all groups, so the total MMR compensation would be somewhat less (perhaps substantially less) than $1B since 1988. Compare that with the ~$400B cost estimate above for African-American children for the 2001-2015 time period for the USA for the MMR vaccine only. That's a small fraction of one percent of the total costs being compensated for this one group over one period. Other sub-groups potentially injured from the MMR vaccine, such as children with Isolated Autism, are not included in the $400B estimate!

So, if the lifetime autism cost for this one afflicted sub-group is ~$400B over its lifetime, and the Trust Fund compensation has been on the order of one-tenth of one percent of the lifetime autism cost (or less), then on the order of 99.9% (or more) of the total lifetime autism costs are being borne by sources other than the Trust Fund. Who are these sources? The main sources would appear to be the afflicted (and their families) and the taxpayers, through their support of myriad social services.

Thus, 99.9+% of the ~$400B total lifetime autism costs is the effective subsidy provided (for this one narrow sub-group only) by the 1986 Act and confirmed by the 2011 Supreme Court decision!"

If we knew the full extent of long and short-term vaccine damage (most of which has not been subject to safety testing nor reported in the literature), and integrated the real costs over all diseases (not just autism), all afflicted groups, for all time periods, I would expect the costs to be in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. The $3.2B payout, while it sounds substantial, doesn't even show up on the radar screen relative to the real uncompensated costs!

Tim Lundeen

@david m burd

Thanks :-)

For me to consider a doctor as practicing good medicine, he/she has to listen to his/her patients and believe them (not send them to a psychiatrist when they can't figure out a physical cause, as was done for years with chronic fatigue sufferers). He/she has to at least try to use protocols known to cure a condition (instead of just treating symptoms), has to be both open to and actively searching for better protocols, and has to accept all the facts, not cherry-picking the ones that support their practice. I don't require a doctor to use what I consider optimal protocols, when there will be legitimate differences of opinion at any point in time, but do require that they be open to discussing any protocol, the evidence for/against it, and its possible application.

Dr Humphries is definitely in this camp, and Dr Kelly Brogan comes to mind; she treats depression/etc with nutrition and lifestyle, and eschews pharmaceutical products. Functional medicine practitioners also have the right idea, even though I often think there are better/safer protocols than they use. (I could be wrong, of course...)

Another problem with trying to practice good medicine is that learning about effective protocols is a major ongoing effort. Over the last 10 years, I've learned a lot about how to be healthy and age gracefully, but am amazed at how much new information still comes in. I read constantly, easily over 15,000 pages per year, and in just the last month have learned a number of things that are powerful, life-changing, and surprising in that I hadn't already run into them. So doctors who want to provide optimal care have to spend a big part of their time figuring out what it is...

With all that said, it is not possible to practice good medicine unless you are in private practice and do not accept insurance payments. (As soon as you accept insurance, you have to practice to "standard of care", which makes for extremely poor-quality medicine.) I haven't been able to find statistics for this, but wouldn't be surprised if it is down in the 1-in-100 range. But of these doctors, how many really practice good medicine by my definition? If it is less than 1 in 25, it would be rare, even by your 1-in-2,500 standard :-)


C'mon Hans, I'll give you a clue: Ring vaccination, good cold chain vaccine distribution, bifurcated needle for more efficient immunisation, rigorous surveillance for isolating cases. 200 - 300 million doses used in a WHO controlled country by country eradication program which was 100% successful, unless of course you have an alternative explanation Hans (PS I like your nom de plume)

& BTW Ted is quite wrong in his statement The fact these diseases declined as much as 99%, before the introduction of the vaccine is not considered relevant. The mortality may have decreased but the disease incidence of measles, for instance, didn't alter until vaccination, goodness knows I'm quoting Mr Miller's CHS but it will do, I assume you trust CHS?? https://childhealthsafety.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/measlesmortalityusa1971-75_1.jpg Mortality went down because of better overall health & health care but there were still 300-400 children dying of measles each year in the US before vaccines were available and at least X10 that number left with permanent neurological damage, not to mention the horrible SSPE which decreased at least 90% post vaccine.


Thank you Ronald Kostoff--I did read more on the nuclear industry an the indemnity arrangement they have collectively. So far, but I wonder for how long, vaccine compensation has exceeded what the nuclear industry has paid out in compensation for damages.

Indemnity--security against or exemption from legal responsibility for one's actions. In other, no one is accountable, the state of affairs for maybe the last 50 years of the US government/corporate intersect.

There was a city in California that was going through one of the fluoridation battles maybe 8 or 9 years ago and someone got a hold of the contract between the city and the entity responsible for implementing the fluoridation mandate. In the contract was a clause that provided complete indemnity "in perpetuity" for any sickness, ill health or whatever from the uncontrolled dosing of that toxin for anybody connected to this forced medication. As you point out industry(s) indemnifies itself from the inherent dangers, known and unknown, of its products.


Full of refutation of things I believe to be true. Completely absent of references. How can I change my mind if you provide not a lick of information to back up what you're saying? I wouldn't expect you to change your mind based on anything an individual could say, but the sum of research they provide... maybe.

Thomas Johnson

OK Hans, you can explain it then.

Hans Litten

Thomas Johnson - pathetic argument by an amateur


There are a lot of doctors who do what they are taught without thinking about it.


I agree that lots of doctors are just doing what they've been taught. But don't you dare tell me they're not thinking about it.

These are intelligent people, and they know God damned well what they're doing to innocent children.

They're CHOOSING to look the other way, because they don't have the courage to stand up and put a stop to this.

And THAT is exactly how history is going to remember them, for the horrible things that they've done to generations of innocent, precious, defenseless children.

david m burd

@ Tim, you say "There are other rare doctors who practice good medicine"

In general I've agreed with your comments over the last number of years; however the term "rare" in the medical world means 'less than 5 per 10,000 to be called "rare" - that translates to 1 per 2,500.

Soooo, (just kidding a little bit) - I would submit that perhaps here in the U.S. there are actually at least 5% of medicos - meaning 500 per 10,000 - agree with you and me about the child vaccines' Catastrophe. They are not "rare", they are completely ignored and suppressed.

THE PROBLEM is most of these 5% "go along to get along" and most always hide their views to keep their jobs (how do they sleep at night?).

However, they are not "rare" but they are intimidated and lack the courage Dr. Suzanne Humphries has exhibited these last five years, after she quit her Medical Establishment position.

Maybe there's a tipping point for these medicos to revolt -- but we can't count on it.

Thomas Johnson

Ted, what do you think eradicated smallpox if not vaccines?

Ronald Kostoff

Ted Kuntz,

"And you likely are unaware that in the United States vaccine manufacturers are the only industry, other than the nuclear industry, not legally liable for the safety of their product."

I have at least three problems with your statement.

First, as this Wikipedia reference to the Price-Anderson Act shows (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Price%E2%80%93Anderson_Nuclear_Industries_Indemnity_Act), the industry foots part of the bill.

Second, as this reference states, "These beyond-insurance costs for worst-case scenarios are not unique to nuclear power, as hydroelectric power plants are similarly not fully insured against a catastrophic event such as the Banqiao Dam disaster, or large dam failures in general."

Third, some technologies, such as telcom, have the official safety limits/guidelines set so high that exposures shown to be unsafe in the biomedical literature remain well within the official limits/guidelines. For all practical purposes, such regulatory manipulations have the effect of removing full liability from the vendors and implementers. And, I have little doubt that there are other technologies protected similarly to the latter.

Tim Lundeen

@hans litten @gary ogden

Yes, our medical system is extremely corrupt, designed to generate revenue instead of healing. There are a lot of doctors who do what they are taught without thinking about it. Dr Humphries' book Rising from the Dead talks about them -- her title refers in part to the doctors who are the walking dead, who need to wake up and open their eyes.

There are other rare doctors who practice good medicine. Some examples and their superb, important books: Dr Humphries' Dissolving Illusions, Dr Milham's Dirty Electricity, Dr Kendrick's Doctoring Data, Dr Cowan's The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care and upcoming Human Heart, Cosmic Heart.

Hans Litten

Gary , I'm in the UK so cannot definitely verify the rumours I've heard about the passing of sb277 but some are saying that it the bill was passed with help \ collusion of people who pretend to be fighting on our side . (I can mention the names mooted but my comment would not appear if I was to do so) .
Thanks for pointing me back to Tim Bolen's site

That has been the pattern all along with this Vaccine story , and indeed these tactics are covered by Hans Moolenburgh in his book "Fluoride : the freedom fight" (the story of the resistance in Holland to prevent the fluoridation of the public water supply , which is a marvellous book that I recommend to all .

Hans Litten

@Gary (there is smthg much bigger going on here , Doctors are the unquestioning foot soldiers whose lack of questioning and dumb compliance make it all possible)


Archie Kalokerinos: My final conclusion after forty years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organisation and the unofficial policy of ‘Save the Children Fund’ and almost all those organisations is one of murder and genocide.
They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don’t. I am talking of those at the very top. Beneath that level is another level of doctors and health workers, like myself, who don’t really understand what they are doing. But I cannot see any other possible explanation: It is murder and it is genocide. And I tell you what: when the black races really wake up to what we have done to them they are not going to thank us very much. And if you want to see what harm vaccines do, don’t come to Australia or New Zealand or any place, go to Africa and you will see it there.


Barack Obama is definitely Kenyan born ; This tetanus vaccine (with secretly hidden HCG which caused lifelong sterilisation) was given to 3m kenyan girls in 2014\2015

Gary Ogden

Hans Litten: I share your passion about, and disgust with, the porcine lust of the medical industry, the callous disregard for consequences with which they peddle their snake oil, but it is a mistake to tar all doctors with such a broad brush; there are plenty of fine ones, diligent and caring; most are simply ignorant about vaccines because they are given no training in them. I make a distinction among M.D.'s between actual doctors and industry players. The latter are not doctors at all, but are, like our Senator Pan, craven and cowardly drug pushers. There is blame in this horror we call modern medicine, and it lies squarely on the shoulders of the politicians, better characterized as pond scum, who enable it. There is a great populist ferment taking place in the U.S. today, and if reports can be believed, in the UK and France, as well. Nothing has been won yet (though Brexit seems a shot across the bow), but the complacent class is fearful; this is just where we want them. If you want a bit of hope, go to to Tim Bolen's website and read the SB 277 lawsuit. It is powerful. It is comprehensive. It is righteous. It makes me weep. It represents the behind the scenes work of a large group of bright and capable people and it is designed to go all the way to the Supreme Court. We seem to have a very good judge for the first round. I can't help but think we're going to win this one.

Hans Litten

"You trust your Doctor when he or she says vaccines are safe and effective. You assume your Doctor has thoroughly researched the vaccine safety literature and would be able to diagnose and treat vaccine injury if it occurred."

"You are one shot away from learning your Doctor knows very little about vaccine injury and even less of how to treat the injury. "

You are being generous Ted , Doctors know nothing about vaccination & that's FINAL >
The COMPLETE ignorance and sheer stupidity of ALL doctors is the single most pervasive cause of all of this . They parade around with nice suits, fancy accents and pompous attitudes belittling those who know a great deal more than them - & there is nothing at the back of it at all.
There is no substance , Doctors are a fraud , there is no intelligence there at all .

“For all contributors to vaccine debates: the fact is that about 30% of published orthodox medical research actually links the observed illnesses and serious organ damage and deaths occurring after any and all vaccines to the administered vaccines.
There is no need for any new research, just for reading the existing research. “
Posted by: Dr Viera Scheibner | July 24, 2015 at 11:32 PM

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