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Dachel Wake Up: What To Do About Autism?

Dachel Morning Wake UoWhat to do about autism?

We've tried celebrating it, calling it "neurodiversity," attributing it to "greater awareness," making the world "autism friendly"--anything to pretend that a debilitating neurological condition that overwhelmingly affects children is nothing to worry about.

I've long thought that this normalizing of autism will continue until the numbers simply bury us.

The Sacramento Bee just announced that there are 97,000 students in California schools who are autistic.

Six months ago the Bee said there were 90,000 students with autism.

In 2009, seven years ago, there were officially 46,000 students with autism in California.

In 1999, there were 14,000 autistic student in California schools.

(And please don't attribute this to an "expanded definition." Asperger's, wider diagnosis happened with the DSM-IV in 1994. That couldn't possibly explain why these numbers show no sign of leveling out.)

The same state government that when into panic mode over a few cases of measles and ended personal exemptions from vaccines--something countless parents blame for their children's autism--is silent on all the disabled kids in their schools.

Parent Herald had two stories about the California autism numbers on July 20. This first one here is a little disingenuous. From the sound of the headline, only 6,500 students have autism in California, and in truth the "jump" wasn't in recent years. During only the last six months the number of ASD kids INCREASED by 7,000 to 97,000 students.  

We've gone from asking....

Do you know an autistic child?, to Do you have an autistic child?, to eventually, Which of your children has autism?

In the second story below, rates are merely "increasing," and yet there's a "wake up call to the world."  Reporter Lani Lane talks about autism as a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out. Yes, she says there are 97,000 ASD students in state schools. Yes, the highest percentage are in kindergarten.

So what are doing about it? According to Lane, the National Council for Special Education has pledged 3 million dollars "to shoulder some of the expenses of children with autism." Lane also said that the U.S. Senate had just passed a bill that "could help individuals that are diagnosed with the disorder."

Actually none of this makes any sense. Neither Parent Herald article mentions a cause for more and more children ending up with autism in California. Neither article talks about all the autism as a real problem.

Finch's articles made one baffling claim: "Researchers from the University of California found that there's a link between autism and education. They believe that highly educated parents' access to services contributes to autism findings."

July 20, 2016, Parent Herald: More Children Diagnosed With Autism In California: Number Of Autistic Students Jumped To 6,500 In Recent Years

By Samantha Finch

More children are being diagnosed with autism in California. Latest special education data from the California Department of Education found that there's a seven percent increase in autistic children in recent years.

…The highest number of autistic children that occurred last year was among kindergartners, rising by 17 percent. At the moment, more than one of every 65 kindergarten pupils in California is autistic.

Chemicals that may increase autism risk are pesticides, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, lead, and brominated flame retardants. These are all neurodevelopmental toxicants, which have the capacity to alter a brain's development.

July 20, 2016, Parent Herald: Autism Rates Are Increasing , A Wake Up Call to the World

By Lani Lane

Autism is considered one of the disorders that people don't know much about. One of the reasons is that only a few actually want to know more about it, thinking that the disorder wouldn't cost any risk of impending danger in a human's life. With the increasing number of those who are diagnosed with the disorder, people are now finally eager to understand it.

The California Department of Education has recently gathered special education data, which showed that "the number of students diagnosed with autism has dramatically increased since 2001", as posted in Sacbee. According to the data gathered, about 97,000 public school students, most of them were in kindergarten, were diagnosed with autism. The 2006 records also showed that about 5,000 to 7,000 cases of children with autism have increased every year.

I looked at California newspapers to see how much coverage the latest increase in the California autism numbers got and the only place I could find it was in the LA Times. It was item #15 on a list of current news reports. The Times cited the Sacramento Bee story. 97,000 students with autism in Cal schools, a disorder that has no known cause.



More cases: The number of children with autism in California’s public school systems has increased sevenfold since 2001. That’s about 97,000 students. Officials say the jump can be attributed to better screenings, a broader definition of the autism spectrum and more children being born with the condition. Sacramento Bee

If you're wondering how the press can cover up what's happening to our children like this, the simple truth is, they have no choice. Just like health officials who've downplayed every increase in the autism rate, wasted millions of dollars on dead-end studies, and lately even falsifying data (see the story about the Utah whistleblower who accused her bosses of producing phony autism numbers to change the rate from one in 47 to only one in 58) , the media has published all the lies. There isn't a major paper or network that hasn't vilified Andrew Wakefield over the MMR, defended mercury in vaccines as safe, and dismissed our children as merely the benefactors of "better diagnosing," and endlessly reassured us that there is nothing to worry about. 

Instead, the numbers are irrelevant and the cause is a curiosity. It's an absolute necessity that we have a month-long celebration of autism every April and invest time and money in a counterproductive committee like IAAC. We have to look like we care about the disabled (something I guess we never did before all the "greater awareness"), and make the world "autism-friendly."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.




20 is still young - and there is still hope - never give up.

I am still working at it - and my two just turned 35 and 30 this year.


Thank you all for your comments and support - so much appreciated.

Hans, I do what I can to get the message out on Twitter every day

Cherry, I fear it would be too late for biomedical treatments as my Grandsons are in early 20s.


Han's, not sure if you knew this but Liz Burt died tragically in a car accident. She was the real deal in so many ways.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

Anne, Thanks for finding all these articles. Margaret, You are so right about these "journalist" reporters of nonsense. Hans Litten, I see AoA as quite a strong group of stakeholders willing to stand up against mainstream detractors.

I will continue to urge that specific sites of damage be looked for in the brain. Mercury and lead, prenatal exposure to valproic acid or alcohol, and many other poisonous substances cause injury to the same brainstem centers that are damaged by asphyxia at birth.

Two or more insults increase the damage. Bilirubin only stains brainstem sites affected by asphyxia. Clamping the umbilical cord immediately after birth causes asphyxia if any delay in breathing occurs. Hep-B vaccine components are likely to exacerbate damage caused by a brief period of asphyxia caused by clamping the cord too soon.

Some of us went to the IACC meeting this week, and just our expressions of grief, I think, helped dispel the idea that autism is part of a normal spectrum.

Cherry Misra

to susan, It is important that your daughter inlaw and son implement some of the biomedical treatments for autism. They take time to work, but they do help. Keep talking to people. Contact me and Ill tell you my experiences . Dont stop searching . - Cherry Misra


It's the sadly people like this who insist autism is awesome. Intelligent people know better. I wish a parent like this could walk in the shoes, just for one day, of a severely affected child who smashes their head continually, cannot speak whatsoever, cannot play, sing or dance, can not go to a typical school or stays awake all night long screaming from GI pain no matter how many interventions are tried. She wouldn't last a day in those kind of parental shoes! Autism is not taken seriously when out of touch individuals verbally vomit this crap 24/7.

From Diary of a Mom (not the voice we need for our kids!)

"Brooke said this: “I like to sing and dance and almost anything. I like being autistic.”
She also said she was “all done now” when she had nothing else to add.
Self-advocacy, and finding her own way, her own time: these are life skills.
Brooke is awesomely Autistic, awesomely distinguishable."
- From Amy Sequenzia's post on the Autism Women's Network, "Awesomely Autistic, Awesomely Distinguishable," in which she profiles Brooke along with two of her proud, unapologetically autistic peers - ttp://
Thank you, Amy!
{image is a white graphic with pink and teal striped border and large quotation marks in teal above the text, which reads, “Autistic, awesomely distinguishable ~Amy Sequenzia.”}

Hans Litten

Susan , it is down to us (the parents) to fight this .
I looked at some old comments on AoA from 5 years ago . The names are gone , they are no longer on here , does that mean they gave up ? I suspect they did .
Commenting here is nowhere near enough . It is next to useless in fact .
We need to organise and mean it . And very few people are doing that .
There are some very good people in this battle , I know that , but there aren't enough like Liz Birt - she has to have been the real deal , because she isn't here anymore (tells you all you need to know about this) . And if we don't fight tooth and nail , then its curtains . Its curtains for everyone I'd suggest 95%.


Too many reporters have backgrounds in political science and nothing else. My journalism prof was against UCONN having a journalism major because he felt that reporters should actually have a skill set, and journalism should take a backseat to that. There's also too much money at the top. Few people would sell their soul for $50,000. You'll find quite a few takers at $500,000. Too many of the public are naive and were never taught to follow the money. It's amazing how much of the world makes sense if you look at who is profiting.

Bob Moffit

@ Susan .. your family's struggle sounds very much like our own ... as my son and his lovely wife are the proud parents of our beloved non-verbal 16 year old grandson .. and .. as grandparents .. we are in a constant state of awe .. of the grace, strength and courage mom and face each and everyday with.

My friend .. if it is of any comfort to you .. please know YOU and YOUR family are not alone .. in that "ocean of vaccine induced autism".


I find people as a whole are unbelievable as the numbers of autism rates -- and darn heck far - mental health and --- along with that drug addiction rises; it is like they are not observant of their surroundings, they cannot correlate causation at all!????


The media stance on the increasing autism rates is unbelievable. The children and now, young adults as well, are suffering greatly along with their families and the Governments, medical authorities and the media simply do not care. This morning I cried over a private Facebook conversation I had with the mother of my two autistic grandchildren. I rarely cry, but the suffering my grandson is going through has caused him to attempt suicide more than once. My son (his Father) is finding it almost impossible to handle and his mother is just very brave. Our suffering is a drop in the ocean that is vaccine induced autism.

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