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Dachel Wake Up: Another Gardasil Into Poor Health "Coincidence"

Dachel Morning Wake UoJuly 22, 2016, ABC7 Spartanburg, SC: Family points to Gardasil vaccination after daughter’s health decline

Carolyn Wall, Georgia’s mother described what’s going on with Georgia.

“Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Basically, when she’s sitting down her heart rate is one thing and she doesn’t have enough blood volume or blood pressure to push the blood back up to the brain like it’s supposed to go,” she said.

POTS is a cardiovascular disorder that is a cluster of symptoms, a syndrome.  Wall said her very active child never showed signs of before being vaccinated.

“I believe with all my heart that the Gardasil vaccination did this to her,” mom stated.

We're not told what the doctor said about how sick this girl became or if her parents ever filed with the NVICP.

BUT........the coverage doesn't challenge what the two mothers contend.......The vaccine damaged their daughters! TWO OF THEM!


Jeannette Bishop

Another Gardasil injury, but also recovery story that might be helpful to share:

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