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Adult Immunization Rates are Targeted through Standing Orders

Vax for Adults
By Mary Romaniec

State and local health departments, along with large medical practices, are poised to increase adult immunization rates by implementing policies and procedures that support a program known as “Standing Orders.” 

At a recent event held in Boston, a small group of demonstrators stood outside the Westin Copley hotel where the Take A Stand™: Use Standing Orders to Improve Adult Immunization Rates workshop was taking place.  The workshop is described as “a unique national program being conducted for a limited time by the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), supported by a sponsorship from Pfizer”.

If IAC sounds familiar it is because they are the group that boasted how they used their listserv to get “Vaxxed” banned from Tribeca Film Festival.

Demonstrators explained the problem is that Standing Orders is a form of collusion and corruption to push pharmaceutical interests, spreading it out across the country via the kind of workshops held in Boston.  In other words, they are going straight to health departments and doctor practices to show them how to increase adult immunizations rates via on file Standing Orders to vaccinate according to the CDC adult schedule (flu, shingles, boosters).  The move essentially shuts down public knowledge and discourse on the subject by going around state legislators or open forums for discussion. 

According to Dr. L.J. Tan from IAC, “Our challenge is adult immunization rates are very poor.  Standing Orders allow a practice to routinize administration of vaccines,” Tan said. 

By routinize, Tan clarified that it meant the practitioner, or someone on staff, can have a conversation about the need for boosters or other adult vaccines.  However, the caveat in the details is that it means your personal physician can write in your medical charts a “standing order”, which can then be done against your knowledge or will in any hospital setting. 

What happens in hospitals?

When you enter any hospital for an emergency or surgery, you sign a bunch of forms prior to them treating you or a loved one.  One of the things you consent to is to be treated with “biologics”, which is a code word for a wide range of products including vaccines.  So if your regular physician has in the chart a standing order (even if you don’t know they wrote it) you could be given a vaccine against your will or knowledge.  Informed patients may write “No vaccines” on any admittance form, but what happens if there are contradictory standing orders from your physician?  Who would be accountable if they vaccinate an unconscious patient who had objected in writing? Truthfully, probably no one. 

What medical professionals know that legislators don’t

 I first heard about this program when Boston area nurses notified me their offices received a flyer via fax for the four-hour workshop.    They were the demonstrators at the hotel, one of whom recognized her office colleagues as they headed into the event.  According to them, there is very real potential harm from Standing Orders as they have witnessed or knew about patients who were vaccinated while unconscious. 

I text messaged a state representative to ask if he knew the event was going on just across town, and he messaged back he knew nothing about it nor was there anything on the docket that covered adult immunization rates.  Now perhaps the reason why state legislators are not involved in any discussion on the Standing Orders program is because it falls under the umbrella and in the jurisdiction of Public Health solely.  Clearly they are not currently involved with the CDC vaccine schedule for infants except to regulate how personal beliefs, medical and religious waivers are determined as a school requirement. 

But look what happened in West Virginia when state lawmakers had no say when the State Health Department moved to mandate vaccines for school admittance.  Legislators were not involved, and therefore neither was public discourse.  On the extreme end for discourse was California’s foray into vaccine mandates via SB277 and the huge public outcry which exposed pharmaceutical nepotism at the highest levels.  

Is it just the adults that are the target?

There is not a shred of doubt other states are looking at the debacle that happened in California as an example of what they want to avoid, taking cue from the seamless nature of the process by going through the State health departments.  To be clear, even though “Standing Orders” is geared to increasing adult immunization rates, nothing within it defines how children will be excluded from a similar program.  HPV and flu shots could easily become a standing order from a pediatrician for a minor.  With health records now electronic, the ramifications of a standing order program have yet to be fully understood or realized.   

In a private conversation with a Public Health Pediatrician, he lamented what former Texas Governor Rick Perry did when he mandated HPV for school aged children.  As the pediatrician explained, the move spotlighted HPV nationally for greater scrutiny, which then led to public outcry and pushback.  Perry reneged on the mandate after the outcry, but the damage to “Public Health” was done, according to the pediatrician.  Instead he would have preferred a more nuanced approach, to keep it as a conversation between health professionals and their patients, so that the public would not be squeamish about HPV: enter “Standing Orders” to routinize the conversation.

Avoiding public discussion 

The concept of health departments mandating health policy is nothing new.  What is new is how the vaccine schedule is increasing along with public awareness of potential harm from any and all of them. 

At another Massachusetts health event sponsored by area hospitals, a crowd of 300 or so medical professionals and community leaders gathered to hear how a comprehensive health initiative was improving the quality of health in the county.  Conspicuously missing from the 73 page handout and hour long presentation was any mention of increasing immunization rates.  In its place were the words “access to fresh produce”.

It was confusing to witness the push for increasing vaccine rates potentially coming from State Health Departments (albeit not publicly), in contrast to how the local communities have identified nutrition as a better answer.  Then again, it could be that a public forum with the word “immunizations” would stigmatize the whole program, which brings it back to what the pediatrician pointed out.  The more the public knows about and discusses how vaccine politics encroach in our lives, the greater the pushback.

So then from their perspective it may be better to avoid publicly talking about immunization rates, and instead just implement the backdoor approach: Standing Orders.

Mary Romaniec is a reporter who lives in Massachusetts. She is the author of Victory over Autism: Practical Steps and Wisdom toward Recovery for the Whole Family.  She writes, speaks and advocates for families of special needs children.


Gasston Montand

There are different opinions about the vaccine safety in every country. The best proof is to line up all the people who decide on vaccination, make the vaccines and administer them, together with all their families and make them to catch up with the 69 vaccines within a month. Vaccines are to be bought beforehand so that there can be no cheating. Of course Mr Pan has to lead the process.

Another way to look at the problem to find a practical solution. if an army is attacked, which was when Clinton signed the death warrant of 36000 soldiers during the Gulf war anthrax scam, it has the right to defend itself. It also has to defend the civilian population against any attacks. . It is better now than never. The modus operandi is to round up all those were or are/were involved in the scams, including the army knobs, who went along with mass murder and try them with a military tribunal, whose decisions should be assisted by mothers with damaged children and some of the survivors of the anthrax scam. . The courts' decision is to be carried out within 2 days without appeal. Such actions would influence of countries where poly-tics and money grabbing has overtaken common sense.

One has to be practical and fair

Mary K

Good citizens, arm yourselves with facts, facts that you can present when the naysayers tell you that you have overlooked the serious nature of the diseases that years ago used to ravage the population, with mortal epidemics,. They will bring up smallpox, chicken pox, whooping cough, typhus, typhoid fever, measles, mumps, rubella, and especially polio. Just show them your source of REAL information, details based on "primary documents", that is on "original sources" -- reports, books, news articles and other writings, spanning the decades before and after the appearance of vaccines.
Tell them about the societal changes that resulted in a dramatic decline of the incidence and mortality of childhood communicable diseases. That decline was largely due to changes in living conditions. Cities that had once been overcrowded, lacking clean water and sewage treatment, were gradually cleaned up. Children who had been pressed into service, at a very young age, to work long hours in the mines and mills of industry, who ate contaminated and inadequate food, who did not know enough to wash their hands before touching themselves or their food, were taken out of child labor and given an education in schools or convents. Yes, these positive alterations to living paralleled the decline of infectious childhood disease.
Then, as these diseases were lessening, vaccines made their appearance, promising complete eradication of diseases. After mass vaccination, many more diseased children (and vaccine injured children) surfaced. Why? Had the vaccine not worked? Of course it had, insisted the vaccine promoters. The vaccine in the sick kids just "didn't take", so re-vaccination was imperative.
To read the timeline and detailed stories for yourselves, pick up the book, co-authored in 2013 & 2015 by Suzanne Humphries, MD, called, "Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History". It's a book you will find difficult to put down, having nearly 500 pages, with charts, graphs, photos and many quotations -- well worth the effort. A MUST READ for your nurse, doctor and pharmacist, and for the "vaccine savvy" among us.


I guess we should all carry those permanent sharpies around with us and if any of us gets hurt - or sick we can write on our love ones foreheads, arms and legs Do not vaccine - fragile immune system - or over active immune system or highly allergic to all vaccines.

I am not sure what to write other than no vaccines .


Vaccine administration should be removed completely from all doctors, nurses, hospitals, and pharmacists and any other allowable medical practitioners and transferred directly to pharmaceutical companies, who should have their own locations and doctors employed directly who do nothing else but administer vaccines. Simultaneously, all responsibility for reporting adverse events needs to be transferred to the consumer and reported to an independent agency. It would solve so many extraneous issues.


IMHO, you could have stopped at " Vaccine administration should be removed completely".

Then no one has the responsibility of reporting 'adverse vaccine events". Because there won't be any.


I wonder if anyone's asked whether vaccinating sick patients in the hospital contributes to MRSA and other superbugs.



You feeling ok?

Going to Pharma for vaccines? Actually, people already do because the ones giving them now arefor the most part, just puppets, but, you want to cut the primary care physician and nurse completely out of the picture? Remember, it's the providers who are giving the CDC/Pharma the most resistance over HPV.


I work in an ER and am constantly disgusted how every single patient that comes in has to be asked about immunizations and the information entered into the computer system. Why are they being asked about the pneumonia shot? We do not even administer it in the ER. It is for information and tracking. And in the next few months we are going to a new electronic record that will link up information with other hospitals.
A few months ago, my 25 year old brother ended up in the ICU severely ill to the point of being unconscious and with a fever to 103. Within hours of being admitted to the ICU, the nurse tried to vaccinate him without his knowledge to the flu and the pneumonia shot. Thank goodness my mother was there to stop them. I was shocked and angered. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows that you don't give vaccines to people fighting for their lives. But then again, you would think they would know that when my son, born a few months ago premature and having to go the NICU, they also were fighting with me to give him the Hep B shot.
These things most certainly would not be happening without a mandate because most healthcare professionals are smart enough to not do these things on their own. But hospitals count on government reimbursements and the government forces them to have all of these checks in the box. And your actual health care be damned

Laura Hayes


So MANY shocking things in Dr. Humphries' book, and I haven't even reached the halfway point yet!

Sure makes one contemplate whether one would EVER voluntarily choose to visit an MD, go to the hospital, give birth in a hospital, or have surgery ever again...short of the most life-or-death type of circumstances. What terrible things go on that most patients don't have a clue about.

Food as Medicine.

Doctors and Hospitals for trauma and emergencies only.


Vaccine administration should be removed completely from all doctors, nurses, hospitals, and pharmacists and any other allowable medical practitioners and transferred directly to pharmaceutical companies, who should have their own locations and doctors employed directly who do nothing else but administer vaccines. Simultaneously, all responsibility for reporting adverse events needs to be transferred to the consumer and reported to an independent agency. It would solve so many extraneous issues.


Do you think they're up to date? Would love to see every CDC employee's records.


Those vaccine records , are like vaccine records for the children of medical doctors.

They'll never let you see them. Because if they did, we would all see that they bear no resemblance whatsoever, to how they tell us to vaccinate ourselves and our children.


This is also how they get away with having pharmacists administer vaccines without a doctor's order and without a doctor present. They have standing orders to give vaccines to the public.

Shelley Tzorfas

"Standing Orders" are more akin to "Falling orders." After adults get revaccinated with things they have not needed in 30 40 years or more, they will be falling on their faces from the Aluminum, mercury/thimerosal, cancer causing formaldehyde, Msg, ether and other deadly chemicals in vaccines.

The issues I have seen are that whether an adult is pro vaccination or anti vaccination for kids-they are nearly all Against vaccines for themselves or other adults (Except maybe the shingles shot because of the marketing). This needs to get out to the adult population as quickly as possible so that the term Standing Orders is known by them and they can be empowered to read if the doctors have put this in their charts. It must become a household expression..


What surprised me in reading Suzanne Humphries book, was that your doctor doesn't have to write the order for vaccination, the hospital can do it, and put the doctors name on the order.

Carolyn C Mcd

I can't help wondering if the sniper had a bad reaction to whatever vaccines he got. They say he wasn't the same after 7 months deployment.

Bob Moffit

I hate the thought ... but .. if history is our guide .. the "stakeholders" who will implement the "standing orders" have a new method of coercing adult compliance to reach their stated goal of all adults up to date on their vaccines by the year 2020.

The new method ... the Affordable Care Act .. which allows the possibility of refusing treatment at hospitals if adult has to be treated for a "vaccine preventable disease" .. say the flu .. and .. that adult is not up to date on their vaccines.

I say the flu because that would probably be the most common .. but .. there are approximately 72 vaccines on adult schedule .. between the ages of 19 and 65 ..

Scary thought that .. after all .. the LAST thing the vaccine cartel needs is ANOTHER method of coercing compliance ..

Laura Hayes


What you mentioned is already happening:



Couldn't agree with you more! Started Dr. Suzanne Humphries' latest book yesterday and could not stop reading it! Read until my eyes burned, hurt, and were bloodshot!

AoA readers, I can't recommend highly enough that you buy one copy of "Rising from the Dead" for yourself, and another for a friend, neighbor, doctor, nurse, or for your local library!


I occasionally wonder what the autism rate is in families of members of Congress and other elites.



"I think that the CDC guys are so over vaccinated that they have gone insane!"

Do you think they're up to date? Would love to see every CDC employee's records. In fact, that would make a great study. Yeah, Congress should demand that one along with the vaxxed unvaxxed study, just to see if the CDC is taking all the *medicine* they're pushing on us.

We should pass a law and call it The You First Act of 2016. Anyone who votes to approve a vaccine for the general public's voluntary use must first prove via records and independent lab reports that that individual has first taken the full series of that vaccine.

go Trump

Nothing better than infants and unconscious people for growing the vaccine industry....

Every once in a while someone gets taken to a funeral home where they suddenly awake.
Could funeral homes be allowed to give "life-saving vaccines" for one last effort ???

Perhaps no one should be allowed to leave the planet without being up to date on their shots.

Tim Lundeen

Please read Dr Humphries' new book, Rising from the Dead https://www.amazon.com/Rising-Dead-Suzanne-Humphries-M-D/dp/0692648186/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468257575&sr=8-1&keywords=rising+from+the+dead

She talks about the injuries of her kidney patients by the hospital's policy of vaccinating incoming patients as quickly as possible, and her fight with the hospital to change its policy. Superb and fascinating.


for Barry Stern:

Yes, the VA tracks the health of veterans. My husband receives this quarterly newsletter. Look at the abysmal health statistics of Gulf War Vets on page 4. --



Read Dr. Sherry Tenpenny's page on the Healthy People agenda of our government that was written over 30 years ago:
Healthy People 2020 and The Decade of Vaccines: http://drtenpenny.com/healthy-people-2020-and-the-decade-of-vaccines/.

This will make your skin crawl.


I caught a bad cold and ended up in UCLA Urgent Care. During the conversation with the doctor he asked me if I had a "primary care physician" and I said "no." I added, though, that I had a skin doctor, endocrinologist, etc. and he said, "no" you need a primary care physician. After leaving the office I thought if I get a primary care physician then I'll be fighting off a vaccine pusher. It just isn't as simple as saying "no" I don't want a flu shot, etc. Now you put yourself at risk by being in the system so they can track you. As more people discover the toxic ingredients in vaccines, plus the fact that doctors can't cure a vaccine induced illness if you get one (basically it's a life sentence), my guess is more people will avoid doctors as much as possible. They are cooking their own goose... good for them.


That standing orders is what they have always done. I have never understood why they wanted to go to all the trouble to mandate by government orders to begin with -- I guess the power of standing orders went to their heads?


Hans; I think that the CDC guys are so over vaccinated that they have gone insane!

This sneaky stuff is what has got our family every thing - You want to got to nursing school - go down stairs of this building and take this piece of paper and get that Hep B shot.

You want to keep working - of course you do; no discussion -- it is that time of year now. We [ don't even threatened, just have a the paper and the flu shot giver with her own office right down the hall.

School nurses - are so needed now a days to dispense so much medicine, or monitor so many health problems - just give a standing order that that school nurse has to have a check mark beside each student for what ever form of the DPT shot beside their name - eeeehhhh and the HPV hand eeeehhh the flu , and eeehhhh -- perhaps another MMR and eeeeehhhh ---


This is very scary indeed, but not at all surprising given the way that things are going. I feared from the start that Obama's push for electronic medical records would result in yet another tool being egregiously used against patients. And now my fears appear to be coming true. I shutter to think how easy it might be for any primary care doctor to simply click a box on his computer screen and have it automatically result in every patient in his practice being flagged for a "standing order" to vaccinate -- against flu, HPV, shingles, Hep B, pertussis, tetanus .... The sky's the limit. After that, any patient who ends up hospitalized or in the ER for any reason theoretically, while unconscious (and potentially fighting for his life!), could be repeatedly jabbed with multiple vaccines without his knowledge or consent. Hospitals could get away with this by making it a de facto condition of admission to their hospital that every patient must consent to the "standing orders" of his/her family physician. Very. Scary. Indeed.

Barry Stern

Speaking of "standing orders", have researchers done longitudinal studies to look at the health outcomes of the kinds and amounts of immunizations that are routinely given to soldiers deployed in developing countries like Iraq and Afghanistan? Wonder whether these vaccine protocols are somehow related to the large number of suicides and mental health conditions of veterans.

Hans Litten

I say vaccinate everyone at the cdc . yes totally agree with it

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