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Dear Vaccine Proponents....A Letter from Vaccine Choice Canada

18 Facts the Ontario Vaccine Education Sessions Won’t Tell You

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By Ted Kuntz

On December 11, 2015 the Ontario government announced its intention to introduce Bill 198, 27 a legislative amendment to the Immunization of School Pupils Act that would restrict parent’s access to legal vaccine exemptions for their children.  

Parents who consciously choose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate their children selectively will be forced to attend a mandatory vaccine “education session” before being allowed to exercise a right they already have - their medical right to informed consent and their Canadian Charter rights of freedom of conscience and religion and legal right to security of the person.

Below are 18 facts the Ontario government likely won’t tell you in their vaccine education sessions:

Fact #1: The safety of the current childhood vaccine schedule has never been proven in large, long-term clinical trials. 1 18 There is increasing evidence the risks of vaccination outweigh the benefits. 23

Fact #2: Vaccines have not been tested for carcinogenicity, toxicity, genotoxicity, mutagenicity, or for long-term adverse reactions.

Fact #3:  The current vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety in the real world way in which the schedule is implemented. 3  

Fact #4:  No independent trials confirm the safety of giving multiple vaccinations at once. Research shows a dose-dependent association between the number of vaccines administered simultaneously and hospitalization or death. 24

Fact #5: No long-term clinical evidence exists that show vaccinated children have better overall health than unvaccinated children. 2  4

Fact #6: There is no independent biological science that shows injecting mercury into humans is safe.  There is increasing evidence that the use of mercury in vaccines increases the risk of neuro-developmental disorders. 5 25

Fact #7: No clinical studies have been conducted to establish the safety of using aluminum in vaccines. The neurotoxicity of aluminum is well documented, affecting memory, cognition, psychomotor control, and damage to the blood brain barrier.  6

Fact #8: The amount of aluminum used in vaccines regularly exceeds the maximum amount permitted by the FDA. 7 

Fact #9: Most vaccine safety trials use control groups consisting of other vaccinated populations or “placebos” containing aluminum and other vaccine ingredients. These are not true placebos. 6  The failure of the medical industry to use a neutral placebo undermines the integrity of vaccine safety claims. 8


Fact #10: The US Vaccine Court has awarded more than $ 3.3 billion dollars in compensation for vaccine injuries and death since 1988. 9  This includes families whose children developed autism following vaccination.  28

Fact #11:  Artificially induced immunity via vaccines is not life long. Disease outbreaks regularly occur in fully vaccinated populations. 10  19

Fact #12: Vaccine safety trials are not conducted by the government. They are conducted by the vaccine manufacturer who has no legal liability for the safety of their product.

Fact #13: Vaccine producers Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have paid billions in criminal penalties and settlements for research fraud, faking drug safety studies, failing to report safety problems, bribery, kickbacks, and false advertising.  17  22

Fact #14: The disclosures by CDC senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, reveal the CDC has known for more than a decade that children receiving the MMR vaccine on schedule are significantly more likely to regress into autism compared with children whose parents decided to withhold the vaccine until the child was older. 11  12  13

Fact #15: The rate of autism has increased from less than 1 in 10,000 prior to 1980 to more than 1 in 45 children today. 14   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) now affects 1 in 10 children.  15 

Fact #16:  Canada has one of the most aggressive vaccine schedules in the world. The number of recommended vaccines in Canada has more than doubled since 1980. Children can receive as many as 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6. 16

Fact #17:  ALL vaccines in Canada are voluntary.  Any effort to make vaccinations mandatory contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mandatory vaccination violates the medical ethic of informed consent, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

Fact #18:  Canada is the only G7 nation without a national no-fault vaccine injury compensation program. 20 21 Provincial (except Quebec) and Federal governments have no duty of care if you are injured by a vaccine. 26  You are on your own.  

By Ted Kuntz

Ted Kuntz is the parent of a vaccine-injured child. Kuntz has dedicated more than 30 years to researching the vaccine literature and is an advocate for preserving our right to informed consent. Kuntz is a member of the Board of Directors of Vaccine Choice Canada.


“The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”

~ T.H. Huxley

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Hans Litten

An independent disciplinary committee with the Ontario College of Teachers says Tim Sullivan is guilty of five acts that include abusing students psychologically or emotionally.

“If asking uncomfortable questions makes me disgraceful … then I’m guilty as charged.”


Thank you for this useful info. Im about to go through the exemption process for my son in Ontario. Wish me luck!

Ted Kuntz

Thank you for your message and the 10 reasons. It's difficult to believe any thinking parent would willingly participate in the vaccine program. We both know that if vaccines were so effective and safe, the manufacturers and government would share the research data to support their claims. The fact they need to force compliance is the biggest clue that vaccines are dangerous and ineffective.

Heather Fraser

The Charter is intended to limit the reach of government into the lives of citizens. However, there is the 'within reason' aspect to the rights of individuals that provincial government may bank on using the (empty) herd immunity argument ie. it is not reasonable that my freedom to not vaccinate impacts your freedom to be protected. I've had several conversations with MPPs (our members of provincial parliament) who will be voting on this legislation. While they get that it is wrong not to take responsibility for vaccine injury they are not willing to go toe to toe with the Ont. Minister of Health. They will vote in a block and the legislation will pass in the fall. I'm betting that it is in the implementation of this legislation that things will blow up. All parents will be encouraged to video tape the education sessions and upload to a lawyer. At real risk is the government interfering with the Ontario Health Care Consent Act which is specific in that consent to treatment must include all risks and benefits as well as alternatives to the treatment offered. There is a law suit waiting to happen. The government has interfered with the decision making process of the parent.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Ted, for both of your articles posted on AoA today...and for the work you are doing up in Canada to oppose Ontario's "AB2109-imiation" bill.

I hope and pray the Ontario government isn't as bought as CA's legislators, for if it is, next up will be Ontario's "SB277-imitation" bill.

I am a huge fan of, Edda West, and the others are amazing and inspiring! Keep up the good fight, and may any victories you achieve spill southward to the fascist U.S.A.

BTW: Here is a "Top Ten" list I wrote during our battle against AB2109 in CA. Perhaps you can use it in some way during your battle in Ontario. Additionally, I have provided a link to my rally speech opposing AB2109 at the CA Capitol Go get 'em!


1. Violates a parent’s and patient’s rights under the Nuremberg Code, the First Amendment, and the Constitution, and it threatens, and in some cases denies, the right to receive an education.

2. The state has no authority to restrict or eliminate a parent’s right to exempt their child from one or more vaccines, or from any other medical procedure. This bill oversteps the authority of the state.

3. This bill is unnecessary as pertinent Federal Law already exists. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act requires that a doctor thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits of each and every vaccine, specific to each patient.

4. The Supreme Court has legally defined vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe.” Each vaccine contains known neurotoxins, and each vaccine carries with it numerous risks, including grave injury and death. Only the individual can make these risk-versus- benefit decisions. No one is authorized to coerce or require people to participate in medical procedures or medical experiments. It is common practice to regard vaccines as benign and trivial, when in fact, they are serious medical procedures that carry serious risks.

5. AB 2109 is not a bill that the citizens of CA requested. It is a self-serving trade- industry-sponsored bill with the markings of corporate influence, pharmaceutical funding, and medical professionals wanting to increase their profits through undue influence and coercion.

6. This bill will have a negative impact on our already-struggling schools. This will be one more mandate that schools will be required to implement and enforce, versus focusing on educating students. It will cost schools money in terms of implementation and enforcement, student absenteeism, and potential lawsuits by parents of students who are refused entry.

7. This bill will not change anything. It won’t change parents’ minds who have researched vaccines, or who have experienced vaccine injury firsthand, and have already decided to file an exemption. It won’t change the rates of infectious diseases, as the author and sponsors of the bill readily admit that we are well above the rates that they claim are needed to achieve what they call “herd immunity.” All it will do is cost the state money and create increased cynicism, anger, and resentment among parents toward legislators, doctors, and schools. This bill will call further into question the integrity of our nation’s entire vaccine program.

8. The state of CA is in financial crisis. This is not a good use of our legislators’ time, nor of taxpayers’ money. Implementing this will force the reduction of needed services and programs. It will also open the state up to related lawsuits.

9. Without an easy-to-access exemption, consumers cannot protect themselves from known problems with vaccine mandates. Vaccines are portrayed as, and widely accepted as, safe and effective. A cursory look into vaccines will show that those assumptions are not valid or correct. Since vaccines have proven to be dangerous, even deadly, and since they have often proven to be ineffective, it should be made as easy as possible for a parent to exercise their right to exempt their child from any and all vaccines as they see fit, without government interference, obstacles, harassment, or coercion.

10. The author and sponsors of this bill refuse to require that a doctor must sign the form if a parent pays for the “counseling.” They also refuse to elaborate on and specify what this “counseling” will include. Therefore, there is rightful suspicion that doctors will not only refuse to sign these forms, but that they will embellish the “benefits” of vaccines while not adequately or accurately discussing the serious risks of vaccines.


Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes's Rally Speech Opposing AB2109, Sept. 2012

Calling our son Ryan to the podium immediately after my AB2109 Rally Speech to give people a firsthand view of what vaccine injury looks and sounds like


Ted, great post!

Yes, there was quite a media blitz when the Ontario Government announced their proposal of a vaccination course for parents seeking exemptions. Recently when I searched for an update on the proposed bill, however, I found this article from the National Post, that it was delayed due to MPs' scheduling.

Ontario’s course may be a unique first in North America but it doesn’t go as far as California, which has completely removed the “personal belief” exemption for vaccination of students in public schools. Ontario would still allow parents to choose not to vaccinate their children for personal reasons, they would just be required to complete the course first.

Past human rights and court rulings in Canada suggest that it would be proven unconstitutional for Ontario to completely remove the “conscientious or religious” exemption option.

Ted, I highlighted that passage for a reason. Indeed, as you mentioned, it is a violation of the Canadian Charter to mandate vaccines. The Charter's freedom of conscience and religion permit us the right to choose.

Yet, would not even forcing parents to take a vaccination course infringe on these freedoms? I read a lot into the article bringing up the Constitution. I also think the proposed bill is not delayed due to scheduling, but the Government realizing they may have a Constitutional fight on their hands.

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