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Therapy House LLC Clinical Trial Enrolling Participants in Pittsburgh for IonCleanse

IonCleanseMany our of friends are using the IonCleanse system from A Major Difference.  If you are near Pittsburgh, PA, and have a child age 3 - 7, you can enroll the child in a clinical trial.

Measuring the effects of the IonCleanse® by AMD on children with autism spectrum disorders
Sponsored by A Major Difference, Inc.

1.    Study Synopsis
A Major Difference, Inc. (“AMD”)1 in partnership the Therapy House, LLC,2 have created an investigational study looking into the efficacy of using the IonCleanse® by AMD total body detoxification system for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (“ASD”).  The study is a prospective study that will be using a currently marketed product in treatment of symptoms of ASD in children.   There will be no costs incurred by participants in the trial.  
This study is planned and budgeted for 60 days and 30 children. Children who meet the inclusion criteria will be randomly selected either to receive the therapy (described next) or to be entered into the control group and receive no therapy. The group will be split evenly. For those receiving therapy, they will use the IonCleanse system for the recommended time and frequencies (based primarily on age). All participants will be evaluated pre and post by professional occupational therapists who will utilize the Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition3 and the Sensory Profile 24 as the measure for gauging effectiveness. Complete details are in IonCleanse Clinical Trial Information File.


Grace Green

This is being sponsored by the makers of the therapy? COI?


I didn't know where else to put this but an under 18 child on the spectrum is being encouraged to transgender. Massive hormone injections, mastectomies...given research that shows gender ambivalence in those with autism this is something that has to be thought through. A) if autism isn't genetic (and no one here believes it is in most cases) then this would seem to be more evidence of harm to young persons and B) How in Gods name is all this surgery and mass hormone treatment and social pressure to transition if you "feel like it" not a sick, medical abuse of our children? The mother of said child who is trying to fight this, is a social worker from Michigan- Levinstein?

David Taylor

The trial should add a third test group: no children. The water in the foot bath does the same thing with or without feet in it. The water turns awful colors because of the corrosion of the electrodes, which are made of metals that--aha--turn the same color as seen in the water when they corrode.

The scam is also based on the idea that toxins are colorful, which is a colorful belief and unfortunately not accurate. All but a few toxins in their metabolic state are colorless.

And since when did skin become so permeable that it can allow these chemical substances to pass through?

This is the kind of thing that our detractors love to see. They will use it as a bludgeon--a true case of foot-in-mouth disease.

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