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The Whistleblower the Dogs Won't Hear: Vaccine Whistleblower

Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse PublishingBy Anne Dachel and Lou Conte

If you were outraged over the movie “Vaxxed—From Cover Up to Catastrophe,”  you need to read the full story of the massive corruption at the highest levels of vaccine safety as revealed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researcher Dr. William Thompson in the book, Vaccine Whistleblower,  by Kevin Barry, Esq.

Barry sums up the importance of these revelations:  “The CDC and the Institute of Medicine went through a charade of investigating the vaccine schedule to see if vaccination had anything to do with the increase in autism.  Rather than looking at all vaccines and the schedule as a whole, they purported to investigate ONE vaccine (MMR) and ONE vaccine component (thimerosal).  Based on this superficial review, they declared in 2004 that the entire vaccine schedule was safe, and then thwarted additional research into vaccine safety going forward, as stated in the 2004 IOM Vaccine Safety Review.” (P. 109)

Likewise the movie “Vaxxed” is waking the American people up to how an agency charged with protecting the health of children, in truth, is dedicated to promoting the interests of the vaccine industry and defending the vaccine schedule at all costs. It reveals more than just disturbing findings on a single MMR study involving African American boys—It describes pervasive malfeasance by government officials who are answerable to no one.

 The movie gives us Dr. Thompson, a top vaccine researcher, who makes shocking statements about the inner workings of the CDC.

Dr. Thompson:  “I was just looking at—I was like, oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did.”

Dr. Thompson: “The higher ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it. In terms of change of command, I was number four out of five. “

Dr. Thompson:  “…Literally, everyone else got rid of all their documents, and so the only documents that exist right now from that study are mine.”

Dr. Thompson: “There are things that I haven’t even shared with you because I can’t prove it, and that’s what I struggle with. I don’t want to share things with you that I can’t prove, that there aren’t hard records. I am worried that the other four people will collude and say no, that’s not true.”

Dr. Thompson:  “That’s what I keep seeing again, and again, and again where these senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable. “

Dr. Thompson: “The reason you don’t see anything else circulating on the study, it was five of us behind closed doors for two years.”

Dr. Thompson:  “It’s the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper.”

“Vaxxed” also includes video of Jim Sears, MD, Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, Luc Montagnier, MD, former U.S. Congressman Dave Weldon, MD, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, and Rachel Ross, MD—all well-respected experts who raise serious concerns over insidious agency practices and call for the removal of vaccine oversight from the CDC.

The book Vaccine Whistleblower exposes an agency entangled in data manipulation and unethical practices.  The four recorded conversations between Dr. Brian Hooker and William Thompson as presented in Vaccine Whistleblower, reveal a prominent vaccine researcher who is beset with worry over his past actions. Comments about the professional standards at the CDC show us an agency that can’t be trusted; officials routinely fix their research findings in order to always conclude that vaccines don’t present any significant risks.

In the first call on May 8, 2014, Thompson said he couldn’t see any justification for the use of toxic mercury in the flu shot that is recommended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. This was the exchange between Thompson and Hooker.

Dr. Thompson: “Let me tell you my thought on that, okay? So, in the United States the only vaccine [flu shot] it is still in is for pregnant women right? So, my theory on that, is that the drug companies think that if it is in at least that one vaccine then no one could argue that it should be out of the other vaccines outside of the US.”

Dr. Hooker: “Right.”

Dr. Thompson: “So I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women, like that’s the last person I would give mercury to.”

Thompson suggested that Hooker focus on the recognized association between thimerosal and tics as a way to increase concern about the use of mercury in the flu shot.

I think as they teach you at the CDC, you have to stay on message. And the message I think to start getting out and then you wouldn’t have the press jumping on you saying, “Well vaccines don’t cause autism.” If you said, “Yeah, that’s true, but vaccines do cause tics.” And then eventually, eventually you could get the message over to oh tics are like five times as common among kids with autism.

It is a marketing thing. You have to figure out how to market this. And it has to come from other voices, it can’t just come from you because you. . . They made you the poster boy of, they want to portray you as crazy and you know um and honestly, I think, you’ve been persistent. You have been right, I will say, most of the time.

As far as testifying about the goings on at the CDC, Thompson acknowledged that he was determined in the future to be truthful.

I just wanted to say, you found what I considered the biggest problem. Here’s what I want to be careful of, okay? I want to be careful of not, uh . . . Here’s what I want to tell you . . . If I were forced to testify or something like that, I’m not gonna lie, but I also don’t want to say things to you right now, that aren’t, that aren’t in some written form. I want to be very careful about that. I will say if I’m forced, if it comes through some legiti­mate channels, if I’m forced to answer questions, I’m not going to lie. I basically have stopped lying.

Thompson noted that Dr. Thomas Frieden, the head of the CDC, stays clear of vaccine safety issues and turns things over to Coleen Boyle and Melinda Wharton.

[Frieden] does have clean hands. But I don’t know where he stands on all of this. I really don’t. I do think this. I do think Frie­den, I think he has closed himself off from all of this and avoids this and says this is Coleen Boyle and uh Melinda Wharton’s problem. I’m guessing, I don’t know that for sure.

Thompson alluded to questionable practices at the CDC.

 I’m guessing that, right, that this is just a political hot potato. They made a lot of mistakes and there’s a lot of documents that they don’t want you to see.

In the second call, May 24, 2014, Thompson openly admitted that he believed thimerosal causes autism.

There is biologic plausibility right now, I really do believe there is, to say that thimerosal causes autism-like symptoms.

Thompson made it clear to Hooker that he could be a valuable source of information about vaccine research.

Right now I am sitting in a very pretty position in terms of providing you a lot of information and let me tell you what is um just became available and I was talking to Marshalyn and my team lead, my immediate supervisor, this week and I was telling them what should be done because it is just outrageous. You will die when you hear this.

We have eight hundred kids with autism that have been given the ADI, well that’s autism diagnostic interviews for the parents, right, so, all of them have been give the ADI and the ADOS. So, they’ve all been given these instruments, all confirmed cases of autism. Um, we have population controls of similar size and we have disability con­trols of similar size. Now, this is the study I was brought in to clean up. Diana Schendel left town, left for Denmark, and I was brought in to clean it up. It’s a big mess but regardless, there is now data avail­able. Ya know, and there is going to be more data available. We’re going to have twelve hundred kids with autism as part of this uh study, um, with all their medical records and all their vaccine records abstracted. So, um, what’s amazing, now this is what’s going to be shocking to you, it shocked the crap out of me. They have ya know six different sites interviewing data and um they all put in proposals to do studies. So far there is about sixty proposals in, um, for people ready to do studies. Not a single one of them looks at vaccines, not one! [laughing] So, I, well, I ripped into these people this week. And I’m like, “These vaccine studies have to be done. This is the largest case-control study you could ever do. They’re all objectively identi­fied as kids with autism. You have the vaccine records.” And what I just, and I, after seeing the Posey hearing I was like, “What are you . . .” I was like, “How are you guys going to answer the question when you know they want these environmental studies and want to look at all these risk factors. What are you going to say when you have twelve hundred autism cases and a bunch of controls and you never looked at vaccines and you have all their vaccine records?”

Thompson described the morale at the vaccine division of the CDC, and he called for Congress to step in and investigate.

 Oh my God! When I heard the Congressmen asking these questions, what are you guys doing? We are sitting on this gold mine. Here is the deal, the CDC is they’re paralyzed. The whole sys­tem is paralyzed right now. And the whole branch is paralyzed and it’s becoming more paralyzed. There’s less and less and less being done as the place is coming to a grinding halt. Really, what we need is for Congress to come in and say give us the data and we’re going to have an independent contractor do it and bring in the autism advocates and have them intimately involved in the study.

Thompson expressed his concern about how the CDC would react if his relationship with Hooker were exposed.

Here’s my fear okay? Let’s say you go public with anything okay? Whatever and then it becomes clear that you got information from me. And then people will immediately say, “Well, he’s mentally ill and why would you believe anything that he says, it’s just hearsay.”

By this time Thompson had his own whistleblower attorney.

…I know but when I talked to this whistleblower lawyer, he said, “What do you want out of it?” and I said, “Well I just don’t want to lose my job.” And I said, “I’m willing to concede that I’ll never do another autism study again if this all becomes public because obviously I can’t be trusted to do that.”

…And I basically was telling this guy I was complicit, and I went along with this, we did not report significant findings. Ya know, I’m not proud of that and uh, it’s probably, it’s the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper.

During this call Thompson talked about his personal feelings and perhaps what motivated him to reach out to Hooker in the first place.

When I talk to you [Dr. Hooker], you have a son with autism. I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism because I have been part of the problem.

...Here’s what I shoulder. I shoulder that the CDC has put the research ten years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism. They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re afraid to look for things that might be associated. So anyway there’s still a lot of shame with that. So when I talk to a person like you who has to live this day in and day out, I say well, so I have to deal with a few months of hell if all this becomes public, um, no big deal. I’m not having to deal with a child who is suffering day in and day out. So that’s the way I view all this. I am completely ashamed of what I did. So that’s that.

Despite the fact that he was one lone individual exposing corruption at the most powerful public health agency in the world, Thompson promised to continue to give Hooker information.

...So I want to be a resource. I want to be valuable to you. I want you to have someone in the system that can give you feedback as these things go through and as long as you’re willing uh ya know to let me to sit where I am I’ll sit as long as I can tolerate it. And we’ll just keep going.

It was on the third call, June 12, 2014, that Thompson discussed how widespread the malfeasance is at the CDC.

. . . these senior people [at CDC] just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.”

Hooker brought up the MMR study that showed a significant autism risk for African American boys and how CDC officials changed the study protocol to make it go away.

Yeah, and we did that. Now with the MMR autism one, the . . . We had an analysis plan that we were supposed to exe­cute, and it was written and, you know, I’m going to be sharing these draft analysis plans that we had and you can see whether we did what we said we’re going to do.

Thompson expected there would be repercussions when officials learned about his conversations with Hooker.

And, you know, I’ve tried to share with you as much information as possible. And if you say you spoke to me, I promise you, everyone will paint me out to be the bad guy, and they’ll dig up stuff. And I’ll become the story about why I’ve become the next Brian Hooker and can’t be listened to.

I’m . . . Nothing I shared with you is classified; nothing I shared with you is privileged information in any way. And if anything, people that have been my supervisors have broken laws. And . . . But I’m not going to be the judge of that. So . . .

And the four [UI] coauthors have a lot of support from the rest of the CDC. There is no one that would come to my defensive. The rest of them are all senior-level people, and everyone would rally around them and try and figure a way out. And they would figure a way out. That’s the deal. That’s the, that’s what I keep seeing again and again and again, and I’ve been involved in the separate situation unrelated to this, where these senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable.  …

In a stunning statement Thompson made it clear that official vaccine science could not be trusted.

. . . Well, I would say every study that has ever come out on immunization safety, the people above know. . . . If there’s a significant finding, they know months in advance of it going into clearance. So, my paper, I put into clearance without them knowing anything about it, and it caught people off guard, and then we went through the process we went through which was a slow, laborious. But I kept pounding away; they kept watering it down. They watered it down. Then we sent it out to the journals. And the journals were just like, “What the fuck?”

This watering down during clearance confused the reviewers at the journal. Why would the authors of a paper containing a signifi­cant finding want to water that finding down during clearance?

Thompson made a concerning reference to the power of corporations over government regulators.

So I just think the current environment in the fed­eral government and you know this because you were in the federal government . . .

. . . is hostile to anyone who says anything negative about any industry. So I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know how we get independent studies….

This final recorded phone call between William Thompson and Brian Hooker was on July 28, 2014.

Thompson said that he’d sent a hundreds thousands pages of official documents to Congressman Bill Posey’s office.  He was hopeful that with Posey’s help these papers could be publicized and he would be able to talk about them.

It would be so great; it would be so great if you could get them to release everything. I’m just telling you that because it would take me off the hook. Then everything would be off of me, because then the records would be public. And then I could discuss them more.

Thompson was still talking about the association between tics and exposure to thimerosal. He made a reference to a paper on thimerosal. These findings were very concerning to the higher ups at the CDC. His supervisors did nothing with the paper for a year.

Alright. Did I tell you the story about this paper?

Okay. This paper was the longest paper in clearance I’ve ever had….

It was in clearance for a year, and there’s a really interesting story about this. So, Gabe Kuperminc, one of the other authors on the paper . . .

. . . about the association. And then it sat in clear­ance for a year, and people just hammered away at the paper and watered it down more and more and more. So, you got the manu­script you ended up with, which is the published manuscript—not the published; you ended up with the final, cleared manuscript with just the most, you know, whitewashed discussion ever.

Where does that leave us?

Dr. Thompson is a top vaccine researcher at the CDC. He is the author and coauthor of all three of the leading CDC studies that sup­posedly exonerate vaccines as a causative agent of autism. These findings were used in a federal court ruling against 5,000 vaccine injury cases involving autism.

This is government corruption at the highest levels of our regulatory agencies. Not only do health officials refuse to do the most obvious and critical research on vaccines, namely a simple comparison study of the health outcomes of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children and a study of children who started out healthy but inexplicably lost learned skills and regressed into autism as toddlers, but as revealed here, they manipulate study results to hide the truth about our unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule. They consciously place every child in this country in harm’s way. These same officials do nothing to predetermine which children would be susceptible for a vaccine reaction.

The dishonest practices were summed up quite well by the producer of “Vaxxed,” Del Bigtree, during a recent interview.

Bigtree made statements about the power and influence the pharmaceutical industry has over our health care agencies and elected representatives:

Having been rejected from Tribeca made this a movie much more than just about vaccines, but about censorship, about freedom of speech, rights in America.  I think what America has just seen is the power of corporate interests now controlling every part of our life. I think we’re tired of seeing them control the banking industry against our interest, oil and gas industry. Now we have the pharmaceutical industry, the most powerful lobby now in the world. They are buying our politicians. They’re trying to make it so their products can be mandated not only for children, but for adults across the country. They want to line us all up and turn us into human ATM machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

You’ve seen pressure on someone as powerful and wonderful as Robert Di Niro, a big celebrity has to turn his own statements around. If they can do that to Robert Di Niro, what are they going to do to very citizen in this country? We should be very nervous now that we’re being censored, we’re being kicked out of that festival, we got kicked out of the Houston festival, the World Fest in Houston….

…People want to know, why would a film be stopped? Why would people want to stop a film from being seen. …The pharmaceutical industry is trying to own our bodies, own the bodies of our children. They only care about the bottom dollar, and they’re going to make billions, possibly trillions of dollars off of us. We should be in control of that. …

The media has pointed out that Thompson didn’t know he was being recorded during his conversations with Hooker. That is significant. He was openly revealing insider information about the workings of the agency that controls the vaccine schedule in the U.S., in addition, they influence what vaccines are given to children around the world. He sought out Dr. Hooker. He would have no reason to lie.

Nothing can be considered credible from an agency where it is acceptable to fix the findings in the final “clearance” stage and where top officials “watered [results] down more and more and more.” The CDC literally has oversight over itself and is answerable to no one. Rather than honestly look at the cumulative effect of a one-size-fits-every-child vaccination schedule and study the numerous vaccine additives, the CDC conducted easily flawed populations studies looking at only one vaccine, the MMR, and one ingredient, thimerosal, and declared all vaccines to be safe for every child in America.

The book Vaccine Whistleblower makes it clear that “vaccine science” as presented by U.S. health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is as trustworthy as the industry controlled research showing smoking isn’t harmful, known as “tobacco science.”

“Vaccine science”—the “tobacco science” of Vaccinology – the science of vaccine development

Why was Vaccinology’s foray into tobacco science necessary? Why did the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Division destroy data, alter research designs and commit research fraud? Why is William Thompson (reportedly) going to re-jigger the data on a 12 year old study that has NOT been retracted (when, obviously, it should) to show that the MMR vaccine had nothing to do with autism anyway?

Because in 2004 the Secretary of Health and Human Services faced billions of dollars in compensation claims from families who brought cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) alleging that MMR vaccine and Thimerosal Containing Vaccines (TCV’s) caused their child’s autism what became known as the Omnibus Autism Proceedings (OAP).

It wasn’t simply the MMR vaccine and TCVs that were on trial in the OAP.

It was Vaccinology itself. If vaccines were shown to cause autism, an entire industry could collapse, the prestige of the medical establishment would be forever damaged and the country would have to deal with the responsibility and the reality that thousands of people were injured in the name of public health.

The whole empire constructed around Vaccinology was under attack and desperate times called desperate actions. And, (damn it!), every times numbers were run on data sets having to do with autism and vaccines, the data screamed that there were associations.

Thompson knew this and tried to get Julie Gerbeding to do something appropriate about it instead of triggering another public relations disaster similar to the secret Simpsonwood conference which sought to conceal the Vaerstratten findings on thimerosal vaccines and autism.

So, once again, a cover-up was necessary and just a few months before the start of the OAP, Thompson says that the esteemed CDC Vaccine Safety staff got together and destroyed data that would have supported the claims of the petitioners.

If this is true, then federal employees destroyed government data and obstructed justice in a federal judicial proceeding.

The damage done to the families in the OAP – and to the world’s children – is incalculable. We can throw around any number of criminal charges here. But the real deal is that if what Thompson told Congressman William Posey the truth, then we are looking at crimes against humanity.

To be clear, the data used in the 2004 Pediatrics paper that Thompson will allegedly re-do, was likely not very good in the sense that the children likely received the MMR AND vaccines with thimerosal. There are so many vaccines given, usually together, that figuring out where the damage is coming from is almost impossible.

The only epidemiological study that would really offer insight into whether vaccines cause autism is a study comparing the health outcomes of children who are vaccinated, partially vaccinated and not vaccinated. THAT study has never been done.

Vaccinology refuses to allow it claiming that such a study is unethical – a convenient rationalization.

At this point, given the statements of William Thompson, a tortured soul (just read some of those statements!) and wannabe whistleblower, would you trust the research produced by the CDC?

What Vaxxed and Trace Amounts and Robert Kennedy’s Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak and Kevin Barry’s CDC Whistleblower and now James Grundvig’s Poul Thorsen expose Master Manipulator reveal about CDC corruption is so shocking that no American can reasonably place trust in the science of the CDC and Vaccinology.

No redo of a 12-year old paper based on the work of the CDC can be trusted because the CDC can’t be trusted.

Just read what William Thompson said.

Additional reading:









Where is the ACLU? Have they ever put out any kind of official statement regarding this controversy?


http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2016/04/victims-of-hpv-vaccine-in-japan-will-sue-state-and-vaccine-makers/ June 16 hpv victims will sue..their justice may work its way around the world.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for further information from the transcripts.

Corroborating this, the Vaxxed team reports meeting with lawmakers who have no idea there is a CDC whistleblower:



Del Bigtree credits the media, and I wonder if we have congressional staff effectively filtering on behalf of the CDC and pharma corporations (hoping for further employment opportunities or possibly just very confident in their world view and their ability to personally legislate and execute moral censorship?) to the perpetuating of possibly the biggest medical disaster of all time. I remember hearing way back on Autism One Radio that the CDC offers interns to each member of Congress.


Gary; Yes, what did happen to a redo - Hmmmm.
A redo of a 12 year old paper is not going to help would be my guess.

Gary Ogden

Forgive me, Ann and Lou for failing to thank you for this fine, powerful piece. We will win, though I wouldn't be surprised if it gets ugly. The powerful won't give up their toys without a fight. I wonder what happened to Dr. Thompson's new massaging of the data. Was supposed to happen last month. Perhaps knowing his voice was being heard in movie theaters all over the land gave him cold feet?

Gary Ogden

David Taylor: I fully agree. We have become a fascist state; that is, industry wields the levers of power utterly. Ludicrous to think the Department of Injustice would do anything about this crime against humanity when they were the instigators of it in the OAP, along with the CDC. Vaxxed is waking up the nation, though. And Robert DeNiro hopefully will help this process along. Will we ever see the headline, "Vaccines Really Do Cause Autism" splashed across the front page of the New York Times? Not likely, but the nation's editorial boards are due for a shaming. I'm not so sure about college activists today. They seem to be turning inward, and concerned about personal identity, but then, they are vaccine-damaged. Current college age Americans are among the most heavily damaged, having been born in the early 90's.

David Taylor

@Bob Moffit--and what does the absence of such investigations say about the kind of government we now have and the kind of society we now live in? As Noam Chomsky recently said in "Requiem for the American Dream," we have become a "very ugly" place.

The blowback from the advances made by social activism of the Sixties continues and grows as the self-reinforcing cycle of more money leading to more power and more power leading to more money snowballs.

We need nothing less than that level of Sixties social activism today in order to make a difference. And it begins with individual awarness and commitment. "VAXXED" is a huge deal in that regard, and if De Niro/Weinstein follow through on their plans, the chance of growing awareness to some tipping point becomes even greater.

My thanks and respect to Anne Dachel and Lou Conte for their continued contributions. Only the ending of Conte's novel "The Autism War" wasn't based on fact. But there's an ever-increasing chance that fact will eventually catch up to fiction.

bob moffit

"The damage done to the families in the OAP – and to the world’s children – is incalculable. We can throw around any number of criminal charges here. But the real deal is that if what Thompson told Congressman William Posey the truth, then we are looking at crimes against humanity."

Imagine that .. the possibility that a massive "crime against humanity" is being alleged by a highly credible source within the CDC ... and ... inexplicably, incredibly .. NOT ONE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL NOR U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL .. HAS INITIATED ANY PUBLIC INQUIRY OR INVESTIGATION .. TO ASCERTAIN IF SUCH A DESPICABLE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY HAS OCCURRED.

WHERE are these law enforcement agencies and WHY haven't they acted as their oath of office would require they do? After all .. a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY has been alleged .. and .. these law enforcement agencies do nothing?

Mary S. Holland

Thank you, Anne and Lou, for pulling so many strings together.

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