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Dachel Wake Up: Salt Lake City Trib Calls VaXxed "Reprehensible"

The PR Hoax of the Marco Arturo Vaxxer Viral Video

Marco Arturo
Welcome to the world of the pro-vaccination-at-all-costs Pharma government machine.   This brief video explains how A+ Media, Google, Walgreens, Disney and other pro-profit, pro-vax zealots put a video on the fast track to Internet hits. 

Levi Quackenboss asked the initial question, "Who is this kid and how did he go viral so fast," on his site.

Update 6-6-2016: Walgreens has revoked their sponsorship of the Marco Arturo article on A Plus after a campaign by Hear This Well and hundreds of parents of vaccine injured children.}

I told myself I was done talking about this little catfish but I have to say one last thing on the matter after some friends were sleuthing around and something became apparent.

In case you missed it, on May 30th Ashton Kutcher shared Marco’s video as a story on Kutcher’s media site A Plus. By then it was starting to go viral, so it’s no surprise that Kutcher’s Buzzfeed-like website picked it up, right?

Maybe.  Maybe they came across it on their own. Maybe on May 30th it was just good fortune that this previously unknown 12-year old in Mexico had someone notify him about Ashton Kutcher’s Facebook status when he was standing by with his smartphone, because that kid shared Kutcher’s post within 21 minutes of it going up. A pretty impressive social media sprint for an unknown kid, but whatever.

Check out this video from  My Incredible Opinion with Forrest Maready. Maready dissects this video with precision from the Google/Internet instant viral position to the actual video production. 



Thank you Hera for proof.


"So explain the children that haven't been immunized and have it"

Well there are other forms of brain damage such as anoxia at birth that cause the same syndrome but when a child born with high Apgar scores and normal development for months or years becomes sick after a vaccine and loses eye contact, the ability to speak and communicate and becomes solitary, it is obvious that the normal course of his or her development has been derailed.

If a child's personality drastically changes after surgery wouldn't it be logical to blame the surgery itself or the anaesthetic or would you buy the line that you missed the signs and your child wasn't developing normally before the surgery?

Fear mongering and brainwashing parents into believing that without vaccines their children will die is of course hogwash.


So explain the children that haven't been immunized and have it.... this is hogwash ...more children die from the diseases not being immunized ... this is fear mongering based on nonsense which is why its not on the mainstream news channels nor in any of yhe medical was disproved the first time it was brought up and youshould be ashamed of yourself for causing unneeded concern to parents based on unfounded data...


I understand being skeptical of the medical/pharmaceutical industry. But we need to be equally skeptical of arguments like the idea that "vaccines cause autism". There is no evidence of that. All I'm really hearing is people spouting off conspiracy theories about Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

Also, why would "catching" autism be worse for our kids than being exposed to deadly diseases that can be prevented by vaccines?


Maybe Kristen Bell influenced Kutcher about the greatness of vaccines? His wife Mila Kunis & Bell are starring in "Bad Moms".



From the Autism NZ website:

What causes the condition?

"The exact cause or causes is/are still unknown but research shows that genetic factors are important. In many cases Autism Spectrum Disorder may also be associated with various conditions affecting the brain such as; maternal rubella, tuberous sclerosis and encephalitis."

Encephalitis causes autism.


.... vaccines do not, cannot and DON'T CAUSE AUTISM.


Nice, now we're getting feedback from the "Department of Redundancy Department"

I COMPLETELY disagree with this remark. Just thought maybe someone should point out that
'do not' and 'don't' ... have the same meaning.


Hey Baz,
Here is the CDC's vaccine injury table

You will note that encephalitis is a table injury. Both the government and the CDC acknowledge encephalitis as a vaccine injury.

And here is a peer reviewed journal article

From the article

"A conservative estimate based on the research suggests that at least 69% of individuals with an ASD diagnosis have microglial activation or neuroinflammation. Encephalitis, which is defined as inflammation of the brain, is medical diagnosis code G04.90 in the International Classification of Disease"

So, what were you saying about vaccines not being able to cause autism?
Interested in hearing your thoughts, preferably science based.
All the best,

Jeannette Bishop

On the subject of viral videos (Forrest Maready just introduced me to happy Chewbacca yesterday--that's how out of it I am--which looks like it has already generated multiple viral videos), I've been following the view counts of the Vaxxed trailer here

and here

and just thought of looking here too

and realized (reservedly as some of us watch these videos more than once, but also assuming there are other sources on the net) that the trailer may have been viewed by around a million viewers by now. I pray many of them are at least getting some introductory vaccine safety education before someone they know becomes injured too.

Tim Lundeen


I normally quote peer-reviewed studies to make my point, but your comment is so far off the wall, so hopelessly brainwashed by the full-on media-myth, that it made me laugh. The sad reality, though, is that our kids being injured by the millions...

If you are really interested in the science, just ask, it will be forthcoming.


I would also not expect to see my post on this site as it doesn't agree with your agenda. Again good usevof freedom of speech!


Despite it all, attacking the kid, the video or how it is broadcast DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that vaccines do not, cannot and DON'T CAUSE AUTISM. Again another example of the truth being lost in hyperbole, mistruths and ignorance promulgated through the internet, by seemingly sensible people who are idiots!


Kutcher has always struck me as an opportunistic guy that likes money. He's big into media and marketing and is a venture capitalist. It doesn't surprise me at all that he's been sucked in by the "cool," slick, medical industrial complex machine that makes science their religion, no real questions allowed.

John Stone

The super smart kid who knows more than the adults has been a cliché of TV comedy since at least the early 1960s. The irony is of course that his lines are always written by adults.


It's the wrong kind of attention. Child abuse.

Laura Hayes

Loved hearing that you are a "Board Certified Anti-Vaxxer"!

This fellow Anti-Vaxxer thinks you did an excellent job on your video and I appreciate the time you put into making it!

Michelle B

Who knew Ashton Kutcher was a whore?!


He reminds me of the "clock kid."

cia parker

I'm sure Marco is having fun with this, the center of LOTS of attention, and praise from his Pharma handlers. I wouldn't feel sorry for him.


Reminds me of Jennifer Hibben-White’s rant about how her infant was exposed to Measles after the measles outbreak at Disney and blamed anti-vaxxers. After some digging it was revealed that:

-The person who exposed her son is an infected male under 30 who has been fully vaccinated, according to the Toronto Star News.

-Her grandfather, Alan Hibben, is a principal stockholder within the big pharmaceutical industry along with his buddy Edward Stow, who so conveniently wanted to share her story with all his other pharma people on their facebook page which the MSM picked up becaue they are worthless lazy bloggers-not journalist.

-Stow worked for a pharmaceutical company and passed her facebook rant onto to other pharma beings who passed it along until it was picked up by the media.

-White as it turns out is conveniently the president of a social media marketing company. Social media like Indeed that hire online trolls for the pharma industry.

-At the end of the day. the child did not have measles. But you know the media never picked up the investigative backstory of this. White remove her page and once the hoax was revealed-it quietly went away.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Excellent. It used to be enough for a doctor to tell us to go get a vaccine. Now we have to have 12 year olds. Desperate on their part.

Eddie Unwind


Whatever degree of veracity one may attribute to the site Truth Kings, the following link contains Facebook images that are clearly legit. As it turns out, it appears that vaccinated children are increasingly likely (i.e. working in inverse proportion to the growing inefficacy of vaccines) to be branded anti-vax, since those promoting the vaccines have no wish to publicly admit that the vaccines aren't working, and so the kids and parents are left to fight it out amongst themselves and harass each-other.

It's a Tower of Babel-type predicament, whereby no authority is willing to lend clarity to the increasingly agitated herd. A potentially very dangerous situation.


Maready is AWESOME!
Thank you for a great video and explanation on how even social media is feeding the monster.
And they thought they had us PUNK'D!!

Eddie Unwind

Nice piece of detective work stemming from the reflecting glasses! Columbo would have been happy with that.


And, one final comment from a minion, Brian, at RI...

There’s some discussion on Quackenboss’ blog about whether Marco’s a hoax, funded and produced by what I assume is BIG PHARMA. Lots of hemming and hawwing, ignoring the fact that it actually doesn’t matter because his message is correct. He could be funded by the Illuminati, the NSA, aliens, Obama, and my Mama, it doesn’t change the fact that vaccine’s have no connection to autism.

"So what if the CDC committed research fraud and destroy government documents? Vaccines still don't cause autism."

"So what if Big Pharma and company set some kid up to spew propaganda all over the net, insulting the intelligence of everyone who view the video? Vaccines still don't cause autism."

"So what if we lie, cheat and commit fraud every step along the way? Vaccines still don't cause autism. Trust us!"

Oh dear, oh dear! How do you reason with these people?!


FSMML says...

"Yes Jeanette, it seems to be the marketing ploy of the day - get some 12 year old child to shame or pressure other children into endless rounds."

Actually FSMML, I would also add that you have to be 'awed' at the depth of scoundrel-ness that the pro-vaxxers have sunk to, with this new tactic. Not only have they refused to enter the ring with us and settle our differences honourably, but now they are actually sending their kid to provoke us. And, when we react we can expect this....

Pro-vaxxer (feigning disgust): Ooohh! You big, nasty anti-vaxxer! How dare you attack a child like that! Have you no shame?!!

Pro-vaxxer (taking Marco aside, cuddling him and whispering): Good job son. Now go back over there and insult him again!


Not a new tactic. Child soldiers. Hitler's Youth. Despicable.

False scientists make me laugh

Yes Jeanette, it seems to be the marketing ploy of the day - get some 12 year old child to shame or pressure other children into endless rounds.

Angus Files

As the Pharma Lie dies the desperation becomes more farcical hopefully they will stop feeding the lie and let it die, but no. The money men still want it to continue and this shows in the orchestrated release.Who in their right mind would put their child up for such a lying bit of crap.Great memories..


Birgit Calhoun

Nowadays most things that go viral like that are done by companies that want advertising dollars. My hunch is someone is working to counteract that already (an antidote against corporate viral video). The first thing to do is to vaccinate against this kind of disease. The boy probably made money on that. Does anyone know how much? Is he paying taxes?

John Stone

The great lie is dying. Pharma and government control mainstream media. It is fascinating to hear from Forrest Mareadey how monumentally advantaged they are when it comes to social media - they can get a video message to 7 million destinations, just like that! We cannot in any way match that, and yet the great lie is dying. It is dying simply in the end because it is a lie, and increasingly no sensible person will maintain it.

Screw Walgreen's

Husband was picking up 3 prescriptions for our son at Walgreen's. Our 20 year old son was in the car with him as they went through the drive through. Girl asked "do you have any questions for the pharmacist?" "No". Girl asked "is this S-----?" "Yes". Girl"S-----, do you have any questions?" Husband "GOOD LUCK WITH THAT HE'S VACCINE DAMAGED AND CAN'T SPEAK".

He said her mouth fell open and she was just dumbfounded.

Hans Litten

Dear Marco Arturo , please trust us , & not the interlopers who have used you .
They will come with the Gardasil vaccine for you soon . REFUSE THEM .
And they will ask you to accept the Flu vaccine annually for the remainder of your life , trust us , & not the people who have duped you (for they will be fooling you once again & again) .
REFUSE ALL VACCINES for the remainder of your life young man for they are not what you assume them to be. They will keep coming back (until you pass , or are sterilised) .

I have great sympathy for poor Marco , to have been used and abused in such fashion .
I would like to say they depths to which they will stoop astounds me , but it doesn't .
Having given up on scientific studies by academics & doctors the CDC is having to resort to this kind of desperation (this could be interpreted as a very good sign for us) .

Has anyone else noticed the dropping of the mantra "safe & effective" ?
I am not hearing it anymore . I miss it .
All I hear though , when they constantly repeat it is "unsafe & defective" .


RI today doesn't mention Maready's devastating (and funny) reveal of the kid's video as an orchestrated PR campaign. Can't claim that I read every word of RI's article, though. Zzzzzzz....


Looks like Gorski has also weighed in on the Arturo schtick. Gorski though is more concerned about Quackenboss and anti-vaxxers reprehensible conduct in doxxing a 12-year-old. Yet, by making himself the subject of the video, a 12-year-old 'scientist' trolling the anti-vaxxers, is digging further into Marco's bio and checking out his cred so off limits? Seems like responsible journalism to me and Quackenboss should be credited. Should someone, instead, passively report on a matter under a 'nym, and in no way make himself part of the story, then I can see why it would be 'appropriate' to respect privacy.

And as to the 'hoax' and Quackenboss allegation that Kutcher's A+ Media article on Marco, that was carried by Walgreen, was picked up relatively quick (3 days after its FB posting)? Well, Gorski would like to point out that it is explicit in the A+ Media article that H-T, a science enthusiast, is credited with sharing it. And, as to Quackenboss' more damning allegation that the A+ Media article was actually Google archived on May 24th, mere 4 hours after Marco posted his video to FB? Well -- crickets!

I imagine when Marco comes up, pro-vaxxers will continue to feign indignation about the 'doxxing' thing, and secretly hoping that Marco will quietly, if not abruptely, fade off into the sunset. The fact that Walgreen and Kutcher have already cut him loose proves that the embarrassment is too much for some of them.

Jeannette Bishop

@A Mom, I wondered also about using a 12-year-old, and your comment has me thinking that maybe this was partially direct marketing in areas like California (or targeted to be like California?) where minors are allowed make some vaccine decisions on their own (Hep B and HPV for now) without parental knowledge.

Also along the lines of anything goes, this post by F. William Engdahl (with a valuable summary of Walker-Smith's exoneration and Wakefield's by extension) mentions a French documentary that describes how patenting motivations now limit parents in France to only two hexavalent vaccines to meet vaccine laws requiring diphtheria, tetanus, and polio vaccines:

False scientists make me laugh

"Science"blogs makes this child out to be a victim. He's a victim alright. A victim being used by adults (he is breaking Facebook's age requirement, among other things) for political, astroturfing purposes. Now that is despicable. The pro vaxx extremists will justify it all they can but it is truly despicable.


I thought the video was staged because the kid started with saying: Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen.
I don't know the time setting for the video but it didn't look like evening to me.

Joy B

How much lower can they sink? Next, I imagine they'll use a nonverbal autistic "prodigy", communicating the same thing through his handheld (and pre-programmed)communication device whilst stimming in the most endearing way...

I shouldn't give them ideas.


PR machine notwithstanding, the bait and switch tactic is compelling. The opening shot of this video is of a little boy holding up a sign that says "evidence that vaccines DO cause autism".

The only way pharma can get people to listen to its lie is to bait them with the truth.


The Mexican government, Marco's parents, pharma must be so proud. Using their child for a thing like that. Its disgusting. I was actually as surprised about the Lesbian who faked her "no tip" for sympathy and money. Way to go in exposing the truth!


Wow! He is so good!
Love the last thing Forrest said. To spend this much, and go to this length------ Imagine what they are wiling to do in the research labs and government buildings.

Bob Moffit

Loved Forrest Maready's opening his show by remembering the "hoax" where a small child was supposedly trapped in an out-of-control balloon contraption that had gotten free from it's moorings .. causing a national television frenzy worried about the child's chances of survival.

All a "hoax" .. child was safely hidden in family's attic all the time .. but ..Maready had the perfect "hoax" to compare to Marco Auturo's even more cynical .. gone absolutely wild .. video.

At least the "boy in the balloon" family admitted creating their HOAX for personal fame .. hoping to gain a "reality television show" as reward.

So far .. NO ONE .. as far as I know .. has admitting having ANYTHING to do with perpetrating Auturo's HOAX .. not Arturo, Not Ashton, Not Walgreens, Not google, Not Disney ..

Why is that? Because Auturo's HOAX was perpetrated to benefit the PRO-VACCINE INDUSTRY CARTEL .. which now all of us know .. includes ALL THOSE MENTIONED ABOVE.

If nothing else ... for their willing participation in this HOAX .. those involved .. Ashton, Disney, Walgreens, Google have revealed themselves as self-invested .. STAKEHOLDERS .. in the ongoing National Adult Vaccination Plan determined to implement COMPLIANCE OF ADULTS TO RECOMMENDED AND APPROVED VACCINATIONS.. (76 BETWEEN 19 AND 65 YEARS OF AGE) .. BY THE YEAR 2020.

A Mom

Shameful on so many levels. Reminds me of the campaign to coerce 12 year olds into getting Gardasil shots at school, without their parents knowledge or consent.

BTW - - Ashton Kutcher, have you met Robert DeNiro?


It's quite telling that most DOCTORS aren't speaking up for the CDC anymore... They know the truth!! Resorting to 12 year olds to do your bidding? How pathetic. I noticed that Ashton Kutcher took down the post...


Can't the CDC find any physicians or scientists to come to their rescue? They have to resort to using a 12 year old?

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