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Linda1, it's a good question.
As Dan brings up the point so well in these pieces, disease can have multiple factors involved.
With the Gulf War vets, so many exposures, pyridostigmine bromide, pesticides, open burn pits, oil well fires, vaccines, depleted uranium.


Wonder what EMF/RFR Gulf War vets were exposed to. I don't know, but guessing some of the possibilities - communication devices, high tech weaponry, etc.


Higher rate of ALS among gulf war veterans suggest environmental contributors

Lyme and coinfections also implicated in some ALS patients, notably Dr Dave Martz, who after stabilizing his illness was able to help some others for a time.


I know, lots of questions and few answers at this point, but one has to keep drilling down because knocking down competing hypotheses will eventually leave the truth standing alone.

One more question, and then some musings and I'll quit.
Did the peak of polio occur in the 50's? If arsenic was used until 1950, would there have been a sudden addition to the soil (acute change causing polymorphisms) followed by a build up in the soil (chronic exposure fixing the polymorphisms and continuing to expose humans), and after stopping being used would there be a slow decline. (leading to a different/less/better expression of those polymorphisms in the absence of the arsenic or sugar/arsenic/virus trifecta?) Is there any sort of correlation between arsenic use and discontinuation and polio history in general? Could discontinuing arsenic use in sugar fields make it appear like a polio vaccine was effective? And would the US switching to beet sugar and high fructose corn syrup (horrible in their own rights) have contributed to that mythology simply because maybe arsenic wasn't used on beets and corn? (or was it? I don't know)

And musing:
What good plague doesn't have a rat? Not to sound too paleo or anything, but haven't all the plagues occurred since fields were planted and grains and sugars had to start being stored - maybe attracting mice and rats that normally wouldn't have been around humans otherwise? We all know what happens when new connections are made and previously un-encountered germs (or mutated germs) come in contact with people. Every wharf has wharf rats - and one doesn't have to live in NY or be homeless in its subways tunnels to know about it's largest population of 4 legged creatures. Even if ships are fumigated, rats are still there, with survival mechanisms comparable to a cockroach, at both ends of a sugar ship's voyage.

Now take those plantation rats and feed them arsenic: might kill them at first making for a good crop that year (so it looks like productivity is raised from arsenic killing weeds whereas it was from killing rats chewing on stalks), but what happens to the surviving rats who maybe didn't eat enough arsenic to be killed? Obviously they and the germs they carry have to mutate somehow to survive? Would the second and following years show as good a profit?

It's common knowledge that arsenic laden feed was fed to chicks, though that seems to be changing. The arsenic laden runoff was what decimated Chesapeake Bay, right? Thank-you David Kirby. But even if you get chicken not fed arsenic laden feed, it's my understanding arsenic is still thrown down on the floors of factory farms to kill the mice/rats, which are always attracted to grain-heavy environments. What did/do the vineyards in California use to kill rodents, if anything?

I don't know specifically about toxin and virus outbreaks in humans, but in animals, methinks you'd have to look no further that pfisteria fish kills. Fish kills aren't necessarily caused only by oxygen deprivation due to algae blooms, are they? If arsenic in water (or antibiotics or pesticides dually certified as antibiotic) is a problem in the same areas where pfisteria outbreaks occurred and fish died as a result of the pfisteria " feeding strategy by releasing a toxin that paralyzes the respiratory systems of susceptible fish, such as menhaden, thus causing death by suffocation. It then consumes the tissue sloughed off its dead prey.[7] I've seen pictures of those nasty sores/holes in the fish, but I don't remember anyone from the news saying the fish were paralyzed first. Could that be a fish version of polio paralysis or ALS? No little iron lungs for fish, tho.

ok, done


David, re Lou Gerhig:

From epidemiologist Sam Milham's (MD, MPH) book, _Dirty Electricity, Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization_:

"I have a theory regarding the etiology of ALS...My theory is that ALS may be caused by exposures to electro-therapeutic devices and elevated EMF/RF environmental exposures...

The Washington State occupation mortality data shows that ALS has a very high mortality rate in Boeing engineers. On frequent visits to the company twenty years ago, I noticed that most of their engineers worked in large rooms, surrounded closely on four sides by computers. This is a likely high dirty electricity environment, and I would like to see those workspaces accurately measured, by me or someone else.
When I was at the Washington State Dept of Health, I helped Boeing set up a mortality surveillance system using their insurance and worker record systems, and helped them resolve disputes with OSHA. My requests to do a study have been ignored.
ALS has been shown to be more common in people who have had serious electric shock episodes, and it is more common in electrical workers in general....Another clue to ALS etiology is clusters of the disease that have bee reported in Italian soccer players and in United States football players. These players, and other athletes, have often use transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation devices (TENS), which deliver small electric shocks to the skin to ease pain. It acts a a counter-irritant in the same way as liniment.
Athletes are also often treated with shortwave and microwave diathermy for musculoskeletal injuries. Unlike TENS units, diathermy penetrates deeply into tissue and heats it by using RF, just like a microwave oven. I recently contacted a young woman with ALS (age twenty-seven) who had been a professional basketball player. She reported extensive use of TENS devices beginning in high school and continuing through college and her professional sports career. Her case caught my attention, because ALS is uncommon in people under thirty years of age.

There is some circumstantial evidence that Lou Gehrig...might have been treated with short wave diathermy. In 1933, Boston Red Sox player Dale Alexander had his baseball career cut short by a serious leg burn and gangrene following a diathermy treatment by a Red Sox trainer named "Doc" Woods, so diathermy was in use by major league baseball teams in the early 1930s. And a long-time New York Yankees trainer, Earle V. "Doc" Painter, burned Joe DiMaggio's foot with a diathermy treatment during spring training in 1936, DiMaggio's first year with the Yankees. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe DiMaggio were all reported to have been patients of "Doc" Painter. Plus, Bob Waters, one of the three members of the 1964 San Francisco 49ers professional football team who died of ALS, reported being treated for many hours with diathermy in the team's training room. At least a dozen United States and Canadian professional football players have or have died of ALS.

My hypothesis is that sporadic ALS is caused by exogenous electrical currents induced in, or applied to, the body. Since most cases of ALS have no obvious connection to electrical shock or electrical therapy, most non-familial cases (e.g. cases with no identifiable genetic link) may have had currents induced in their bodies by working or living in environments with strong EMFs. Strong contact currents may also be a contributing exposure. In addition to TENS and diathermy exposure, electro-convulsive shock therapy, electro-surgery, and electric acupuncture also generate electric currents in patients (Milham 2010)."

Dan Olmsted

Jenny, you ask a lot of the questions that intrigue me, too. unfortunately, i don't have very good answers for sugar and arsenic beyond 1916, except to say, as you suggest, that circumstances changed a lot very quickly. someday i would like to go through their records in detail, but for now i think it's clear they used arsenic in a pretty intensive way in 1916, and not before, and things may have changed thereafter, which is consistent with it as a trigger for a big spike in 1916 only. my environmental toxicologist reader-adviser thinks, as you also suggest, that the laborers could have gotten sick from the arsenic and eckart realized it was not healthy (The animals, too -- a good thought. Maybe that's why they needed another 20 mules!). i don't think the paper mulch experiment survived for very long, either -- my sense is that olaa was pretty much a lost cause no matter what they did. from reading the old papers and sugar journals eckart comes across as someone who started out strong and fell flat -- he came in with a bang, full of ideas, and had an initial succcess in 1916, but then floundered around and was probably kicked out or saw it was hopeless. i don't think arsenic was widely used on sugarcane in hawaii, and there isn't a whole lot of discussion about it being used in other locales around the world where sugarcane was grown -- some, but not a lot. once i get done with the 1916 epidemic i'm going to branch out beyond the sugar issue...i'm basically looking for targets of opportunity where the association between toxin and virus is the most convincing. thanks for your interest -- dan


Very interesting, lots to think about.

Well, maybe Lou Gehrig really liked ice-cream, or maybe he had access to a lot of it through advertising endorsements? It looks like there were ice-cream companies that gave away ice-cream by the bar or buckets if you traded in lou gehrig pictures to them that now go at auction - what's the relationship there?
There was also a politician who at one point thought the Mayo clinic should open Lou Gehrig's medical files to the public because she thought maybe his condition could have been caused by too many concussions (brain damage), but they wouldn't do it due to privacy reasons. Some suspected it was maybe because he's too much of an icon for the ALS movement for them to risk losing the celebrity association with the disease. (Brain damage/concussions always makes me think of all those autism brain samples destroyed in storage when the electricity went out - would they have shown that there is such a thing as a chemically-induced "concussion," one that doctors have no control over when it comes to where it occurs in the brain?)
In a poster dated 1928, Lou gave away Fro Joy ice-cream to orphans in Boston, with Fro Joy claiming ice-cream would make "strong bones, sound teeth, and healthy bodies."

On a side note, I've asked 2 different practitioners if they have heard of sciatica pain being induced by high sugar consumption - both said no, they hadn't, but that they would think on it. But what if just a little bit of sciatic pain occasionally were some kind of attenuation/assimilation of a virus such as polio?
Here is an interesting article of how viruses (in dogs/cats) are passaged for attenuation for animal vaccines and how polymorphisms can arise and become fixed in DNA.

I don't think it's a far reach to hypothesize that like in a lab where viral polymorphisms may occur in culture, that the "culture" of our daily environment (the primary environment consisting of our body and what we put in it, could result in a polymorphism in a wild virus, and as as they note in the article, the effects of a polymorphism are not always known in a lab, so one can imagine the range of results out in the wild, for the better or the worse. Why would arsenic NOT have an effect on viruses, and also, why wouldn't sugar itself, or maybe sugar prevents successful attenuation/assimilation somehow, for instance because of the glucose/insulin thing? What if ALS is a slower but more dangerous result of a polymorphism of polio while sciatica is the result of a successful attenuation of it? (not that either is the case, just using it more as an imaginary example).

I look forward, too, to hearing ideas on why the second year wasn't producing as much sugar. Did their laborers get sick from the arsenic? Did they buy the mules and feed them arsenic poisoned sugar bagasse and kill them all, figure out there was a problem, and push the sugar out to the public and hope for better times? Did other sugar plantations in the area adopt the arsenic and suffer the same problems? Or could tariffs come into play, it looks like non-hawaiin sugar was up and coming in the market as well as the political unrest in and between China and Japan, from whence a lot of the labor was being imported, and American policy toward Asian immigrants. Historically, it looked like immigrants were kept separated from each other to discourage any type of unionizing for workers rights and to keep the workers dependent on the missionary plantations for living supplies - kind of like the sugar version of "sold my soul to the company store." It's mentioned that arsenic was used through 1950, so were they continuing to see some kind of benefit - maybe enough to make up for labor changes & tariffs? The bagasse was also used to make a kind of particle board used in the area, and was (is?) burned as a source of energy on the plantations. Did the burning start as a way to prevent a build up of arsenic contamination? How long was the bagasse paper used to prevent weeds? Did that continue or not?


In the material below, the researchers were concerned about the health of plants. But it might provide some interesting information with regard to the ongoing speculation about arsenic being taken up into sugar cane.

- - - - - - - - -

Analysis of sub-lethal arsenic toxicity to Ceratophyllum demersum: Subcellular distribution of arsenic and inhibition of chlorophyll biosynthesis
Seema Mishra, Matthias Alfeld, Roman Sobotka, Elisa Andresen, Gerald Falkenberg, Hendrik Küpper
Journal of Experimental Botany, 2016.

" . . . we found that arsenic initially accumulates in the cell nuclei," Küpper reports.

Only when the concentration rises to five micromols per litre, a level that the plants are unable to withstand for prolonged periods, is arsenic also found in the vacuole and thus more or less throughout the entire cell.

"This means that the capacity of the epidermis is exhausted and the plant can no longer get rid of the toxin, and that's when things start to get serious," says Küpper.

Dan Olmsted

benedetta, these are all really good questions and especially the latter. this is one of those cases where the detailed records of the plantation are not online but at the university of hawaii. believe me, i plan to read them all one day. meanwhile i can only say that in reading all the online newspaper and specialized publication accounts of olaa, it's amazing how excited there were about the arsenic and then all of a sudden started talking about the bagasse mulch to kill weeds. -- dan


Dan: So the second year was less sugar cane.
People who experiment are observers too. Did they observe and figure out that the sugar crop was less because of arsenic ?- I bet they did.

Did they observe their workers having blisters and being sick? you know they did.

Wouldn't it be something that they also observed too much sugar in the arsenic at the very end of the production line in New York , but said nothing and sold it anyway.

Dan Olmsted

Benedetta -- Olaa plantation had a bumper crop of sugar for delivery in early 1916 -- the one right before the epidemic -- but then a much lower crop of sugar the next year, for delivery in early 1917. it's the 1916 crop that i'm proposing led to the epidemic, and i don't know why the next year tanked. It might just have been seasonal conditions, or maybe soaking the fields with so much arsenic turned out not to be such a hot idea. They did start experimenting with the bagasse paper to kill weeds right away, which makes me wonder if they had some concern about the arsenic or if they were just rampant experimenters. Someday I want to find out more about it. I think I'd need to go to Hawaii for that -- what a pity! Perhaps the Gates Foundation will fund me. At this point i'm not making any claims for sugar's involvement in polio outbreaks except in 1916.

Danchi -- I'll say more about the good work of Jim West next week along with the other advocates of the polio-as-toxin viewpoint. I certainly think they were right about half the equation. I just think that the virus was the other half. As I said, I might be wrong, but either way I'm trying to make the case for the toxin. If it is half and half, as I believe, that has much to tell us about other diseases like EV-68 and conditions like autism. But I think people who take the toxin-only approach would find the evidence in this series useful.

The association of polio following exercise is interesting. I've heard it too often, including from older people who remember polio cases themselves, to think it's a coincidence. Sandler wrote that "physical exertion, especially in summer, is accompanied by much sweating, thirst and fatigue. The desire for cool sweet drinks is great and thirst is most pleasantly quenched by sweet drinks and ice cream ... the combined effect of physical exertion and the consumption of sweets may greatly depress the blood sugar and thereby favor the onset of polio."

david m burd

Tim, you've certainly elicited lots of response! As to adult athletes coming down with polio, I an very curious. Can you supply a few names? As you know Lou Gehrig (dubbed the Ironman because he was so healthy and never missed a game) was diagnosed at age 35 (?) with ALS that progressed over a few years to kill him.

Gehrig lived mostly in NY City while playing with the Yankees, and I've tried to find if he somehow was exposed to toxic chemicals (such as rat poison, etc.). OR, maybe he was especially fond of ice cream (I don't know) that kept being made with arsenic-tainted sugar for several decades?


@Tim Lundeen,
To me, it all looks like they are looking to blame a virus. Blaming a virus is always good for business. Any other option is typically bad for business.

What do u make of the recent "Colorado" AFP cases? Again, they are looking to blame the virus, this time it's EV-D68, though half the kids didn't have it.

I read in another piece that if they find the virus in the spinal fluid - that's a "proof" the virus is to blame. Well, doesn't look like a definite proof, to me... Could it be the virus is there (when it's there) as a consequence of the illness, and not it's cause?


Have you read Jim West's work?
Poliovirus Isolation: No Evidence

Dr. Stefan Lanka-
In the case of the influenza- herpes-, vaccinia-, polio-, adeno- and ebola-viruses each photo shows only a single particle; nobody claims that they´re isolated particles, let alone particles that have been isolated from humans.

The "isolated" polio viruses are artificial particles, generated by suction of an indifferent mass through a very fine filter into a vacuum. Its structure (no characteristic structures) differ clearly from the ones of the "viruses" in the cells. Here the information is essential that a biochemical characterization of those "isolated" viruses, although "isolation" is claimed, has never been published anywhere nor has anybody even claimed such a characterization.

Dr Stefan Lanka Debunks Pictures of “Isolated Viruses”

The perspective of these two individuals is very interesting and give more weight to environmental & toxin causes for polio.


"FDR was infected and then paralyzed because of his swim."

Maybe FDR didn't have polio, scientists say

The symptoms of Roosevelt's illness, which first became apparent in 1921, more closely resembled those of Guillain-Barre, also known as acute ascending polyneuritis, a team at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston said.

It is believed to be an autoimmune disease -- one in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. It occurs after a mild infection, surgery or, rarely, after an immunization.

FDR Didn't Have Polio?
Late President's Paralysis Likely Caused by Guillain-Barre Syndrome


If the arsenic weed killer kept the weeds out and they had the bumper crop that year? I was confused about that - they did have a bumper crop that year didn't they? Then why did they - it looks like that the next year's crop was way lower than what they thought it was going to be.

Dan did you find anything on what they thought the reason the crop harvest was so much less?


Don't know where else to put this:

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no gold standard study answers question: are vaccines safe?

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This is fascinating Dan, you are awesome.

Reading about the arsenic, it reminded me of when my son as about 18 months old, already sick but I wasn't aware yet.
One day, when walking him on the stroller with my mother in law, she observed him and said: "what happened to his hair?"
And I said; "what do you mean??"
She responded: "it looks so weird... like if he would have been poisoned with arsenic...".

Big sight...

I of course now know, it wasn't arsenic, but most likely mercury...

Tim Lundeen

@david m burd

Thanks :-)

Yes, illnesses (and vaccines) are very dangerous for malnourished infants/children.

Polio is able to cause paralysis in healthy well-nourished people, though. It can penetrate the nervous system and cause paralysis when blood sugar is low, presumably because that weakens some critical part of the immune system. Some polio victims were healthy athletes, who would have serious polio injuries after intense exercise, such as a football game. Swimming in cold water also uses up blood glucose, so quite possibly FDR was infected and then paralyzed because of his swim.


So interesting - looking forward to the rest of the series.

And, like other commenters, I was thinking about Zika.

david m burd

@ Tim Lundeen, you say "There is overwhelming evidence for a polio virus that causes paralysis in some cases."

Yes, I would agree the "some cases" of polio paralysis do happen; BUT, are these not cases in malnourished infants and children?

Yes, throughout history lethal illness pops up, but I ascribe them not to a virus infection (that we are meant to go through), but to other tangible factors such as malnutrition.

Nevertheless,, far worse are the toxic consequences of the polio vaccines' excipients. AND, the usually ignored fact that ALL VACCINE shots have contaminates that wreak havoc to a growing baby, as do all the other excipients in vaccines.

Always like your comments! Cheers!

Tim Lundeen


Great series, thanks :-)

@Danchi, @david m burd, @VE

There is overwhelming evidence for a polio virus that causes paralysis in some cases. Sandler's work alone is conclusive, showing that injection of rabbits with polio virus does not cause paralysis, but injection of virus plus insulin (to cause low blood glucose) causes paralysis. There are also well-known correlations between intense exercise when infected and an increased risk of paralysis, and between vaccination during a polio infection and the risk of paralysis in the injected limb. Today we have a strong correlation between enteroviruses (non-polio-specific strains but in the same family) and acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). None of these have plausible explanations except for a virus combined with an immune system suppressed by environmental factors.

Dan Olmsted

TK -- good question ... I would not have gotten so far out on this limb if I didn't think there were a lot more branches to climb! Stay tuned! -- Dan


fascinating. have you looked at other places with polio epidemics to see whether arsenic was at play there as well?

Dan Olmsted

i appreciate the interesting comments. i hadn't thought about the troop ships in that way, but i will now. i've also spent a lot of time thinking about the 1918 pandemic. that was definitely a strange strange thing. zika is weird too. i'll try to look into as many of these things as i can as part of the series .... dan

david m burd

LaurA Hayes, you say "Well, we here on AoA know the answer to that question...greed, money, power, fraud, bribery, deception ."

Yes, I agree. I myself put on the onus ALL ON OUR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES whose purpose is to NOT permit terrible toxins of every type and vaccines of every type to be foisted on the public.

There's always going be good-meaning (or not good-meaning) companies trying to get their health related inventions and products on the market. But they are NOT motivated by power, though they are clearly motivated by profit motive.

This is quite different from our no-longer-to-be-trusted Government Civil Servants who have become mad with their unaccountable POWER, and their unaccountable ZEAL to become self-important, and who LOVE THEIR CONTROL (mind and physical) of the hapless public. And, it's worth mentioning these so-called Government Civil Servants become WEALTHY not only at taxpayer expense but they move on to the Pharma Empire gaining many $millions, ala Julie Gerberding.

George Orwell and others saw this coming ---- . As the adage goes, 'power destroys, and absolute power destroys absolutely', perfectly describing our present situation.

L  Land

I have thought that the poison gas during WW1 caused the infamous flu outbreak. Poison gases actually used as weapons as well as the R&D and with this the transport.

But if the transport ships are already contaminated the using your phasing
toxin (arsenic) found a vector (sugar residue and the now contaminated ships )that delivered troops to a places (US and Europe, Asia) where a virus (flu) was circulating, triggering an outbreak

Just going further outside the box

Betty Bona

This series is so interesting and timely! The WHO and the CDC have concluded that the Zika virus is the one and only cause of the microcephaly outbreak in Brazil with the idea of developing a new vaccine for all of us as the mosquitoes increase their territory in the northern hemisphere. They used some statistical doctrine to "prove" that the other possible causes (like pesticides, larvacides, or newly instituted vaccinated schedules for pregnant women - I'm not sure they mentioned the vaccine possibility) could be excluded. It's just the Zika virus according to the CDC, so all efforts need to be placed on developing a vaccine. I asked an expert after a talk whether they had found the change in the virus that might explain the sudden change in outcomes for infected pregnant women, and he said that they had mapped out the changes in the virus but had not yet learned why these small changes make such a difference. I'm sure they will "learn" soon! People totally buy in too. They are cancelling trips to regions where infections may possibly occur or putting off pregnancy plans until after their trips. I certainly can't argue with that precaution but that could possibly include the Southeastern US. Do they need a new polio-like scare to get us compliant with new vaccines?

I didn't get a chance to ask the expert how he could explain the microcephaly outbreak in Washington State (I think it included many migrant orchard workers, though I'm not sure). He had some "very important" meeting to run to right after my first question about changes in the virus. I want to know why the CDC didn't even interview those moms in Washington (hope they die or disappear as many of them did, being migrants) and why they have also ignored an outbreak of birth defects in the Roaring Forks region of Colorado. Was it because they couldn't find anything to blame it on that wouldn't cost some favored industry money or credibility (some suspect fracking in the Roaring Forks region)? I think I will send this "expert" a link to Dan's series. He probably won't read it, but at least I can try. Does anyone have a link to that study that ruled out alternative causes for the microcephaly in Brazil with a statistical doctrine? I want to reread it as this expert acted like that paper precluded any further need for investigation into alternative theories, but I can't find it anymore. I don't know why because I can usually find anything with google.

I also think that the polio virus is implicated as is the Zika virus, but I'm open to alternative theories. I wonder if we will start having polio-like symptoms soon in young children infected with the Zika virus? Zika virus is already being blamed for some GBS. It is such a corrupt world! No wonder Brits want out of the EU and over here so many are planning to vote for Trump even though they hate how "Trumpish" he is. Some would go for the unknown rather than the known that is sure to continue to be corrupt!

I hope this series gets spread among many researchers. They only see the corruption that relates to them in who gets funding. They can see that corruption, but they don't want to believe and frequently refuse to hear about the rest of the corruption.


Almost exactly the scenario you suggest for polio virus and arsenic seems to be playing itself out in Brazil with zika virus and an insecticide:

"New doubts on Zika as cause of microcephaly

In Brazil, the microcephaly rate soared with more than 1,500 confirmed cases. But in Colombia, a recent study of nearly 12,000 pregnant women infected with Zika found zero microcephaly cases. If Zika is to blame for microcephaly, where are the missing cases? Perhaps there is another reason for the epidemic in Brazil.
The NECSI report analyzes the data and shows that the four cases of Zika and microcephaly that have been observed till April 28 [in Columbia] are just what would be expected due to the background rate -- of the 60,000 pregnancies about 20,000 births would already be expected. The expected microcephaly rate for countries with no reported infections of 2-in-10,000 births gives exactly four cases. The study also notes that until April 28 there has been a total of about 50 microcephaly cases in Colombia, of which only four have been connected with Zika. The four cases are expected for the coincidence of Zika and microcephaly in the same pregnancies even if Zika is not the cause.

In light of this evidence, NECSI says the cause of microcephaly in Brazil should be reconsidered. One possibility that has been raised is the pesticide pyriproxyfen, which is applied to drinking water in some parts of Brazil to kill the larvae of the mosquitos that transmit Zika. Pyriproxyfen is an analogue for insect juvenile hormone which is cross reactive with retinoic acid, which is known to cause microcephaly. A physicians group in Brazil and Argentina, the Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Center, and NECSI have called for further studies of the potential link between pyriproxyfen and microcephaly."

I would say the "amplification" you mention in the case of polio and arsenic is accomplished in the case of zika and pyriproxyfen by an autoimmune reaction: infection with zika arouses and primes the immune system, then when pyriproxyfen causes what would normally be minor brain damage, the aroused immune system attacks the very parts of the fetal brain being damaged by the pyriproxyfen, causing vastly greater damage and resulting in microcephaly.

Laura Hayes

Amen to your comment:

"We need to stop spewing out poisons and wondering what the heck is going on."

And BRAVO to another excellent installment of this fascinating investigative series of yours, Dan!

We are being poisoned from every angle: injected with and infected by vaccines; the fluoride drugging of our drinking water; the aerial spraying of pesticides without our consent; the widespread use of Round Up and other pesticides which contain glyphosate, which according to the brilliant Dr. Stephanie Seneff is horribly destructive to many of our bodily systems, but which I have heard was chosen as the active ingredient for FDA approval of Round Up because it was less toxic (!) than many of the other heinous ingredients in Round Up; meat from poisoned, sickly, inhumanely treated animals that live in deplorable living conditions; plastics in use in just about everything we purchase that wreak havoc on our thyroid, hormones, and more; Rx drugs which cause way more harm than healing; genetically modified foods which do goodness knows what to our bodily systems that are not equipped to deal with such foreign manmade concoctions; toxic cleaners used just about everywhere we go; furniture and clothing sprayed with dastardly flame retardants; waste from all of the manufacturing plants that make all of these toxins from vaccines to pesticides that end up in out water, soil, and air; and on and on this endless list goes!

One might ask how in the world did any of these poison-laced, clearly toxic products ever get approved to be made and marketed? Well, we here on AoA know the answer to that question...greed, money, power, fraud, bribery, deception...and a complete disregard for human health and for all that we need to survive.

I keep wondering when the massive rebellion by the world's citizens is going to happen over these mass poisonings that have resulted in the mass destruction of the health, well being, and longevity of us all. Most people I speak with seem ignorant, oblivious, and apathetic about all of it, save for those I know who aren't in denial about the vaccine injuries/deaths their children have suffered.

Hopefully, this latest work of yours, Dan, will open more eyes to the imminent crisis which requires immediate addressing by all worldwide. Thank you, as always, for your passion and dedication to shedding light on that which the powers that be are hellbent on keeping hidden from the public.


If you read the works of Jim West and Dr. Stefan Lanka both make an excellent case stating No polio virus exists because it has never been isolated. What are you insights on this?


Thanks for your answers, Dan.
BTW, a fascinating and incredibly educating series. Thanks for that, Too!

Dan Olmsted

David, you may be right. given the natural history of polio it just looks to me like a minor microbe turned into dangerous epidemics when certain toxins were present. as i said to VE, and as you kindly noted, even if i'm wrong about the virus i'm hopefully giving ammunition and credence to the idea that an environmental factor was essential -- and essentially the heart of the matter, because microbes that don't hurt us are not a problem, and don't require mass vaccination campaigns to kill them.

i see it in the framework of autism and i'll give more attention to that toward the end -- kids with a load of mercury and aluminum or whatever crap is in today's ubiquitous pesticides get hit with three or four live viruses at age 1 and down they go. even in our own community there's debate over that, but i think it explains an awful lot of autism. arsenic, mercury and aluminum are all metals (basically), and polio, mumps, measles and rubella are all viruses. there's a lesson here.

Dan Olmsted

VE -- thanks for this question which goes to the heart of the issue. based on work that mark blaxill and i did for the first age of polio series in 2011, i'm persuaded that polio epidemics involve both the virus and the toxin. the vaccine, in my view, ended polio epidemics because it wiped out one half of that equation -- the virus. that obscured the "amplification" effect of the toxin, which is what i'm trying to establish because a, it's interesting, and b, it relates to a lot more than polio.

i'm sure we're both aware of scobey, biskind, and janine roberts who did important and courageous work on the toxin angle, starting with lead arsenate and going through ddt. but just as the orthodox view missed the environmental co-factor, their theory mistakenly discounts the virus. i realize i could be wrong, and i certainly don't dismiss or denigrate the toxin-only theory. if nothing else i hope this series will point more clearly to the role played by toxins in amplifying the damage done by microbes that we otherwise could live with more peaceably. we need to stop spewing out poisons and wondering what the heck is going on.

david m burd

Dan, A question I have you may have already addressed, but I missed it. In 1916 there were no laboratory tests to pinpoint the existence of any virus, particularly of "polio" virus, or of polio antigens, as I understand the medical technology of that time.

Of course, since virtually all children had already been through the "infection of polio" around the age of one year they would (virtually) would have tested for the antigens, regardless, and been in normal OK health, having naturally acquired polio immunity, when they consumed the arsenic tainted ice cream and/or other candies made with arsenic-sugar.

Since one of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning is "peripheral neuropathy" according to various medical sites, did the medicos back in 1916 just innocently/naively chalk up as "polio" every child/adult with various degrees of muscle flaccidity in their limbs, flaccidity that was caused by a variety of pathogens including your major revelation of arsenic-tainted ice cream/sugar consumption. The fog of time certainly obscures so much, but your revealing of the arsenic connection certainly blows huge holes in the Vaccination Dogma Dike. And is a parallel to your book (with Mark) documenting the totally misguided use for centuries the medical use of mercury.


2 Questions, if u will, Dan:

1. Why do you assume there was a virus component to the epidemic? Toxins are known to cause serious illness and death even without a virus present.

2. Assuming a virus was circulating and contributing, why would you assume it was polio? At that time, nobody new what polio virus looked like or had any scientific tools to identify it.

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