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Sluts and Nuts Strategy Failing!

Donny Osmond Tweet

Oh dear. One of the strategies used by pharma, govt, media, public health, trolls and skeptics has been called "Sluts and Nuts."  Females, especially beautiful blonde celebrity autism Moms,  who speak out against vaccination injury are labeled sluts.  Sluts are stoooopid and don't know anything about anything and should be silenced. Men who speak out are nuts. Stupid crazy dangerous nuts. All are discredited for one reason or another. Shamed. Ridiculed.

Donny Osmond is an American icon of wholesome family values.

Uh oh.

Thank you, Donny Osmond. For being a thoughtful consumer. You might be down by the lazy river, but you sure aren't lazy.


Angus Files

Well done Donny. It takes men to speak out who are not bought.

Thank you


Eddie Unwind

Dare I say it - a rather conspicuous-sounding slogan, as though someone upon exiting a private screening thought that substituting 'and' for 'with' would be a great idea.

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