A Family Member Responds to VaXxed
The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 7.

More Than "Puppy Love" When Donny Osmond Watches VaXxed

Donny Osmond Andy Wakefield
For those readers of a certain age, this photo is likely to make you swoon and re-up your subscription to Tiger Beat.  Donny Osmond watched VaXxed and met Dr. Andy Wakefield in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Look at this photo. Not sure the pharma shills will be able tell us to "Go away little girl" much longer....  The Salt Lake City Tribune called VaXxed "reprehensible." Imagine their angst when SLC's favorite son had a clearly emotional moment with Dr. Wakefield?" More salt in their tears than the Great Lake itself, likely!

Enjoy this blast from the past. And let's hope for the future.  I watched my oldest "graduate" out of school yesterday. When Donny and Marie were on TV the rate was fewer than 1 in 10,000. KIM


Tim Lundeen


You are so far out in left field that it will take hours to walk back to the dugout: you really sound like part of the pharma astroturf campaign; my apologies if you are just misguided. (For people who haven't heard about astroturf and trolls, you can watch Emmy-award-winning Sharyll Attkisson's TED talk at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bYAQ-ZZtEU )

If you are actually interested in vaccine safety, start by reading the vaccinepapers.org site from beginning to end. It lays out the overwhelming case that aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines are a major driver for brain damage and the autism epidemic, and includes hundreds of free full-text peer-reviewed studies.

Then read Robert F Kennedy Jr's book Thimerosal, which includes hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on mercury toxicity, and documents the CDC's cover-up.

Then read Dr James Lyons-Weiler's posts. He has read 3,000 studies about the causes of autism. In particular, try this post: https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2016/03/27/you-know-nothing-about-autism-john-snow/

Finally, watch some of the youtube videos on the hearthiswell channel ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsLuR3X6cpg&list=PLJpPObXpZncOfT0bG2ghgkVb2Nxjd_bNe ). Watch them until you cry, as you realize what we've done to hundreds of thousands of our kids.

And do go see the movie Vaxxed, so you understand even more vividly how the CDC learned that there is a correlation between vaccines and autism, covered it up, and lied to us.


I would hope what you have shared is true, but here is a website I found awhile ago which seems to speak otherwise:



"...As you know, the topic of vaccines has recently risen to national attention and far too often to vitriolic debate. Members of the Church are seeking Church counsel on the subject and many are, no doubt, choosing to vaccinate their children based on the Church’s prominent statements in support of “immunization campaigns.”(1)

Indeed, Church statements are so strong that many members of the Church will likely arrive at the facile conclusion that God is pro-vaccine and choosing not to vaccinate is in violation of God’s will.

Many members of the Church disagree. And contrary to what the First Presidency has stated in the past, our opposition to vaccines does not stem from ignorance or apathy.(2) Members or not, as a whole those who choose not to vaccinate possess higher than average levels of education, and in our increasingly coercive vaccine culture, abstaining from vaccines requires a vigilant and courageous pro-active stance.(3).."


Vaxxed covers all the science that disproved Mr. Wakefields ideas. There is no link between autism and vacation. It has been looked at over and over again. The part I found funny is the movie did not cover the fact that Mr. Wakefield made up his study because he had his own mmr he wanted to put on the market

Sue price

Mormons are definately not encouraged or coerced into vaccinating. Totally the parents choice. I'm a Mormon, and hate vaccines but there are plenty that believe in them, but it's nothing to do with their religion.

Hans Litten

It all helps . These well known celebrities speaking out adds validation to our cause without a doubt .

The paid opponents are completely stunned and dumbfounded about DeNiro , they cant vilify a legend of the silver screen (everybody's favourite actor bar none) .

And more will be speaking out in the future too .

Kathryn B

First Robert DeNiro and now Donny Osmond. I hope more celebrities will get on the VAXXED band wagon. Sad to say, it does make a difference, but not as big a difference as heart to heart conversations with friends.

Has anyone heard any comments about how people are now listening to DeNiro instead of their doctor?


Yes, donny's nephew has a son on the spectrum, and like the 1st poster commented, i completely agree. Donny's presence was huge!


This is good news. I know the Mormon population is heavily influenced/coerced into vaccinating their kids.

I have been following the couple in American Fork, Utah who had quadruplets via IVF. They're an adorable couple, but it's cringeworthy when I watch what they feed their daughters (heavily processed foods, etc.), and they, of course, vaccinate. The father has stated he follows their pediatrician's advice to the 't' because he's so afraid for their health.

Their girls are beyond adorable, but they're constantly sick. I've tried reaching out to them; have sent them via email (two) information about this issue, but all I received was a polite thank you and that's it.

Until I heard about this Utah couple, I hadn't realized that Utah has one of the highest autism rates in our country (if not THE highest rate). I hope Donny's presence at the Vaxxed viewing will reach their ears and perhaps compel them to do the same.

Joanie Calem

Do the Osmonds have someone in their family with autism? Just wondering if he was moved as a concerned bystander or a concerned participant.

Gary Ogden

Thanks Kim! You've made my day, and it's not yet 6:00 a.am.

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