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MN Department of Public Health Coerces Somali Families into MMR Vaccine

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Note: Excerpted from the Vaccine of Safety Council of Minnesota. Thank you to Patti Carroll for sharing with us.

By Patti Carroll, VSCM board member

I apologize for the long title, but it’s important that readers understand exactly what our tax dollars are being spent on.

On Wednesday, April 13th, I attended an educational forum for professionals put on by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The title of the forum was “Autism in the Somali Community and Vaccine Hesitancy”. The stated purpose was: “This session will provide the latest information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by a national childhood development expert and updates on immunization data relevant to Minnesota Somali children”.

Background: MMR uptake in the Minnesota Somali community has been steadily dropping over the past few years, so MDH has been devising ways to persuade Somalis to give their children the MMR vaccine – rather than respecting the Somalis’ faith, their intelligence, their life experiences, and their personal health choices.

The purpose of the forum was innocently framed as simply providing information about autism and vaccine hesitancy, but having attended several MDH “informational” forums in the past, I knew better. For example, during a small measles outbreak in 2011, MDH held an “informational” forum where people could learn from the “experts”. The forum presented very little information about autism, except that they did not know what causes it. But every “expert” on the panel emphatically stated that autism is NOT caused by vaccines. These “experts” included a Somali autism mom with no vaccine research experience, a man they referred to as a doctor, but whom has never had a license to practice medicine in the US, and various MDH spokespeople. During the forum, MDH set up a free mobile vaccine clinic (stocked with 600 doses of the MMR vaccine) as if they believed the Somalis would fall for the propaganda and immediately jump in line to roll up their sleeves. There were exactly ZERO takers, by the way.

The Somalis who attended felt betrayed by the doctors and health officials they put their trust in. They witnessed the immediate and dramatic health decline of their beautiful children after a round of vaccines. Only then did they do their own research and soon realized that doctors were not providing the facts about serious side effects of vaccines, nor about the complete lack of accountability that exists when vaccine injuries occur. They now know that while the measles may be deadly to malnourished children in third-world countries; it is mostly a benign childhood disease that was killing very few people in the US long before a vaccine for it was developed. To quote one Somali parent: “Who cares about the measles? Measles is temporary, but autism is forever.”

As you can see from their power point, MDH has been working since 2008 to dispel the Somali parents’ fears of vaccine-induced autism. Since all of their efforts have failed, they are now enlisting the aid of Somali health professionals to help them coerce the Somali parents who have thoughtfully (and legally) chosen to avoid the MMR vaccine.

Here’s an overview of some of the forum speakers:

Maggie Diebel of the MDH gave a brief introduction, during which she stated “Engaging with the community is absolutely critical”, and went on to say that MDH has hired two more Somali staff to conduct training in the community on autism and vaccine-preventable diseases. She also made the claim that MDH tracks immunization records “to ensure people are protected from dangerous diseases”.

The tactic of using leading terminology (like the term “immunization” instead of the actual act of “vaccination”, and claiming diseases are “vaccine-preventable”) grossly oversimplifies the issue – as if to say that “vaccinated” automatically equals “immune” or “protected from dangerous diseases”.

Side note: During the aforementioned small measles outbreak in 2011, up to 38% of the people who got the measles had been vaccinated for it, but MDH rarely makes a point of telling people that.

Ms. Diebel also said “We are obligated to do what we can to improve vaccination rates”.

What she didn’t say: Anything to acknowledge the truth of what Somali parents have been telling the world for years: Their previously healthy children regressed into autism after vaccination. She said nothing about the well-known side effects of vaccines, including brain damage and death, nor that the US government has compensated many families for vaccine injuries resulting in autism. She did not say that MDH is “obligated” to protect Minnesotans from vaccine injuries, even though vaccine injuries are just as devastating to the health of Minnesotans as any communicable disease.

Read the full post here.



Reading the mdh link, it said if the mother refuses, invite the father to the next visit.
So mdh can incite marital discord to get higher VAX rates?
Just lovely.

Tim Lundeen


Wow, that's quite a letter... Amazing. (Re http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/2012/ucm312929.htm )



with no liability, no recalls, just warnings , it would be a neglectful act to read and still vaccinate.


In order for the state to demand schools send them data on all medically exempted children ,including the name of the advising doctor,(strong arm them to fear giving exemptions)they must first ignore the 4th amendment concerning search and seizure, Our government has been turned over to big business and the foundations they set up for the imaginary greater good. They are in violation of offering a free and equal education to all children as well. Not bad enough we've allowed them to insert themselves into our science to twist in favor of any money making product that comes down the pike, now we are allowing them to disable our kids for life. No wonder they want our guns. aclu on this?

Jeannette Bishop

I appreciate hearing that many of the Somalis in Minnesota are more awake than most (maybe because they have more reason to be, or maybe because they are less vaccinated or something).

And likely they don't want to move to California either, if they ever did:


The first several degrees of vaccine injury my daughter sustained were initiated in Santa Barbara too, and I'm sure they wouldn't give her a medical exemption now, even though they have no idea if a vaccine would do less than harm her further and less than nothing for "herd immunity."

Laura Hayes

May the number of takers remain at ZERO, and not just for the dastardly MMR vaccine, but for ALL vaccines, for all Somalis...and for all people EVERYWHERE!

Thank you for this update, Patti, and for attending this meeting which must have been maddening to sit through.

I have yet to hear of an ethical, moral, or competent Dept. of Health in the U.S. Does one exist? Seems like they are filled with robotic and idiotic vaccine pushers/coercers/enforcers/fascist tyrants, dead set (pun intended) on vaccinating the hell-th and well-being out of every kid they can get their hands on.

Tip for the Somalis (although I think they may have already figured this out):

Do the exact opposite of whatever the MDH and CDC tell you to do if you wish you and your family to remain healthy, robust, vibrant, and long-lived!


In Poland's ( chair for merck) Mayo clinic, etc. He mentioned the "cohort" that reacted in a genetically different manner, extreme responders he called them. He did the research on kids from MN, no doubt he knows exactly which kids are being poisoned, they were again no doubt the somali children. Oh he went on to say that they may react to other live viral vaccines differently as well, but that's for later research. ( why would merck pay him to uncover more ugly facts) yet the tune was, we can use less, we might avoid bad reactions with dosing to the child. .When something this big hits, the research should be taken out of their hands to not allow for them to sit on it while making money. Bottom line they know it's not a coincidence that these extreme responders represent a >cohort< of injured children.

go Trump

Looks like an "elaborate fraud."


Can those people who are promoting the vaccines really believe they are 'safe and effective'? If they do, then surely they should have researched more and, if they know the side effects, then they are simply wicked.


--- I see they don't mind exploiting young kids. Hump - who knew!


Except Hans - vaccines cause mitochondrial dysfunction in the first place - LOL.

I think I finally understand that the upper crust of those working in the CDC, NIH, big pharma company do know the side effects - that happens often in brain injury. Yeah, they have always known.

Don't these people have kids too?

Yeah Coleen Boyd has grandies. I would love to see their vaccine records (no wait! They could easily create any form they wanted now couldn't they) At this point I would have to follow the vial form the vaccine plant, read that bottle as the put the needle in and actually have a string attached as the nurse went from vial to the arm.

Logic tells me that they don't vaccinate their kiddos though, and that is why they want every body else to - so ours won't carry the disease to theirs. That is part of it - not all of it though. I don't know what the rest of reasons behind it is. Some times you think - it can't be all just for money, it can't?

They still think if they just educate they can make people stop believing their friends and neighbors' lying eyes and lying mouths as they try to warn those around them; as they run after an eloping kid, put a helmet on their seizing kid, or can talk plenty as their kids stands close by in complete silence.

Bob Moffit

If the MDH insists on COUNTING the numbers of Somali children with autism .. and .. the high rate of autism is most likely GENETIC .. why doesn't the MDH count the numbers of Somali children in SOMALIA .. who have the same GENES as those in Minnesota?

As I understand it .. the Somali immigrants have labeled "autism" the "American disease". If this is true .. it would explain why MDH refuses to count autism increase in SOMALIA since 2000? How hard would it be to determine if Autism ... NEVER WAS .. or .. is NO WHERE near .. the explosion of autism among immigrant Somali's TODAY in the U.S.

Hans Litten

Love this article for all these reasons :

There were exactly ZERO takers, by the way. (Free Vaccines , roll up , roll up)

“Who cares about the measles? Measles is temporary, but autism is forever.”

After repeating how complicated this whole process is, Dr. Carbone then made the bold statement that if he were to do genetic testing on your child, there is a 30-40% chance he can tell you what caused your child’s autism. Wow – if this were true it should be front page news!

New literature suggests a link between mitochondrial dysfunction and ASDs. This association has been recognized in persons with autistic behaviors and loss of speech after a febrile illness or immunization with subsequent encephalopathy.
So, Dr. Carbone (inadvertently, no doubt) referenced a paper that actually backs up what thousands of parents including myself have been saying for years:

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