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Michelle Guppy Shares "Life with Autism" in Heart Stopping Photos

Brandon BW

We'd like to you take a look at Michelle Guppy's blog entry Life With Autism In Pictures.  Take a deep breath now, you'll lose it when you start scrolling.

On my "Life with Autism" blog, it is my hope that the words you read are inspirational in some way. But on this blog --- I wanted it to be different. I wanted the pictures to be more powerful than the words. Here will be some of our most powerful pictures in our "Life with Autism" - with only a few words to explain...



Michelle- thank you for sharing these haunting photographs of your amazing, brave and precious son. I have so many photos of my 21 year old son, Wynn, just like these--- tall, handsome, strong.....yet, in pain, in a hospital bed, bruised and broken in so many ways. I'm with you in this battle.... Keep fighting!

Pam Byrne

Bless his heart and yours! The photograph with your son's feet in restraints struck a particularly upsetting chord with me because four years ago we had to have our adult son with autism hospitalized in a psych ward (where he was restrained at times) when his aggressive behavior had become dangerous. With proper medication and therapies, he is much calmer and happier, but we went through sheer hell to get to this peaceful existence. I pray that your son will find peace, too, as we wait for a cure for autism.
Pam, Alex's mom
P.S. Does anyone know why our adults and teenagers with autism often hold their hands bent at a sharp angle? My son does this, and I noticed Michelle's son doing this in the photographs, and I have seen others with autism hold their hands in this unusual way.


I have a handsome 28 year old son with autism,epilepsy and Tourettes...but he does not injure himself and is like a child but happy go lucky often unless he is in stressful situations. Hugs and thanks for the photos..our son saw the open head wound and said, "put cream on it" and for the hospital photos he said, "no needles"..our son had a shunt snd several revisions and really does not like needles. The photos made me smile snd year up at the same time...hope you get sleep. Prayers for strength and support and angels in your path.


That is tough when they are head banging and hitting walls. Too rough, too tough, and too sad.

Carolyn M

Cherry Misra,

What dosage of haritake is necessary to kill yeast (and keep it from over growing again)? Does it become become ineffective if used on a regular basis? We really need to know. Thank you.


To Autism Go Away, I playfully disagree with you. I think that for once they made a mistake and did the right th ing-put Aspergers and severe autism together. - They are , after all, both symptoms of mercury toxicity.


So how does MMR cause autism, if it doesn't contain mercury?


#ASD is vaccine related and I think doctors and scientific world need to ask parents of ASD kids and not just read some science and pharma papers .

My heart broke when i saw the pics ,may god bless you and your kid


Thank you for sharing this. I have my own similar memories, could never bring myself to keep any of the few pictures I took of the blood, bruises, stitches and staples caused by seizures. So much suffering for us all to endure--this is the kind of awareness we need more of.

Cherry Misra

To Autism Go Away, I playfully disagree with you. I think that for once they made a mistake and did the right th ing-put Aspergers and severe autism together. - They are , after all, both symptoms of mercury toxicity.But we are going to wait a very long time to hear mainstream medicine say this, despite the fact that mercury toxicologists kknow it TODAY.
As a basic treatment- please ensure that your son gets sublingual or liposomal vitamin B complex and vitamin B 12 and fish oil (without mercury) or krill oil, permanently - every day of his life. I would also suggest vitamin B complex by injection if you can manage that. I would also recommend giving him permanently the Indian (ayurvedic) herb Haritake, which in some people increases excretion of mercury and in all people keeps them more healthy (sick less often) and in all people kills candida in a few days. You can purchase it as a supplement or go to an Indian grocery and purchase Triphala. If he wont take the Triphala, contact me and Ill send you some that he can take on a small spoon mixed with honey. Dont forget all other vitamins- particularly vitamin C and plenty of sunlight. If you wish to do more health measures, I can suggest a few more if you contact me. Of course it is useful to go to naturapaths and DAN doctors also. Dont give up. Try to keep him from suffering.


I thought twice before clicking on the blog link. I knew it was going to hurt, a lot.
But I did click. And it did hurt, a lot.

Michele: you are an AMAZING mother.
And your son is very handsome and VERY blessed to have you.

I'm sure you have try it all, (most of us parents have, right?)
But just in case, something that helped my son control his -really bad- aggression (towards himself and/or others) was controlling his acidity. When his body's PH leans towards alkalinity, his is the sweetest happiest he can be. When it leans towards acidity, all hell brake loose.

PH saliva strips every morning have been so helpful; and to increase his alkalinity, we use either food grade bentonite clay, food grade Diatomaceous earth and/or food grade activated charcoal. A ton.
We muscle test the amount need it and give it on a daily basis. So far it has work like magic. Like clockwork, the day his acidity increases, his aggression increases as well. And vice versa.
Since he does not have yet the microbiome (gut flora) to buffer his own acidity, we help with the products above. They are a staple in our household.

All my prayers and good vibes are being sent to you Michelle, thank you for representing all of us, ASD moms, so well!


John Stone

Thank you, Michelle, for these eloquent photographs.


So powerful! Thank you for this! Just got done watching the doc Attacking the Devil and this "moral campaign" is exactly what is needed. How can any society justify this kind of suffering for any reason?


Beautiful and devastating photos. They made me cry.

For anyone dealing with rage and/or self injurious behavior, please have them evaluated by a Lyme-literate doctor. Bartonella, a Lyme coinfection that can also be transmitted by cats and in utero is a well-known root cause. One tell-tale sign is a purplish stretch-mark-like rash than can look like scratches on the skin, but this isn't always present.

barbara buttram

truly Heart breaking.

For AutismGoAway


I understand. Really I do. I'm lucky I have a supportive husband who is a big guy who can handle my son physically. But, he is not always here when we have an explosive event. And it is scary.
I hate the medications I am forced to use to calm my son down. He too gets very upset for no apparent reason. Many times it clearly has to do with his gut. He goes in the bathroom and bites chunks out of the toilet paper roll and destroys the soap dispenser biting and crushing it with his hands. I must have 50 dents if not more in my walls around my house. When he gets upset he bangs his head on counter tops, tables, walls, or door jams. Or if he is sitting he knees himself in the head. He also bites his hand until it bleeds. It's terrifying to see him so out of control.
There is a sense of shame associated with his behaviors. It makes for an isolated existence. I'm uneasy going places with him alone at times. And well intentioned friends & family make uninformed and naive suggestions on how to deal with him or what to do with him. It's a f*cked up way to live.

Jeannette Bishop

Occasionally, I try to argue about the need for respect of the biodiversity of how we react to environmental exposures...can't say if it works, though.

Jeannette Bishop

Aimee, I personally wouldn't be surprised is much of "neurodiversity" is engineered, but I wonder if the concept of treating autism is sometimes viewed through a lens darkened by how many conditions in the DSM are or have been treated.

The, or one, leap of logic I definitely can't make is in turning a diagnosis into an inviolable identity (to me that kind of smacks of engineering to make denial of what is going on out to be a civil rights, "politically correct to censor" issue). Maybe getting a diagnosis brings relief for some in a tough situation...but I wouldn't want my personal diverse characteristics, if I consider them an innate part of my identity, to be a diagnosis...though I would want understanding where I'm pretty suspicious that I'm different where I'm not understood, etc (I'm suspicious that my scintillating, actually quite anti-social personality has been impacted by vaccines). I guess I'm saying that maybe the diagnosis has been a major source of relief for some, and maybe some think a socially recognized "cure" might in some way validate injustices they've experienced, or it might likely be forced on them as other interventions towards "normalization" have likely been? Or maybe the idea that one can be impacted by environment this way makes for greater feeling of being without control for some who particularly seek the predictable?


I thought we were the only ones. My son has bad self-injurious behavior and it is very scary. The other parents in my community have kids who play video games too much or are too interested in science or who are language delayed but happy other than an occasional tantrum for something specific. I am living in fear all the time. I do not know why my son gets so upset and is so unhappy. I want to do something to help him. I feel so alone and don't know where to turn. Really, there is nowhere to turn because nobody has ever been around a kid like mine and so they cannot understand. Even when I am away from my son for a couple of hours I forget how scary he can be. Where I live the support groups are only for parents of Aspergers kids. I really think most/almost all of the 1/66 is Aspergers and that is why the neurodiverse believes what they believe. if I had a child who liked science too much I would not try to cure him. The young man in these pictures has something completely different from Aspergers. It is not a more severe, but rather completely different. My son is severe but has no trouble understanding social cues and facial expressions but he is so unhappy and in so much pain that he can't participate in life because he is always screaming. Whoever decided to put Aspergers and what the young man in the picture has together and say that they are part of the same spectrum was an IDIOT. It is INHUMANE in our affluent society that there is so little research to help this level of suffering. Personality, psychology and behavioral therapy research is an insult to this young man and my son who have so much to offer the world.
I really don't know where to turn. My life, my son's behavior is so removed from all the rest of the world and so scary.

Aimee Doyle

These photos are truly heartbreaking. I cried. My son is not as severe - but I remember a period i adolescence when he was self-injurious and aggressive - holes in the wall, permanent bruises on his chest and legs (he hit his leg so many times all the hair fell off),

I simply don't understand why the neurodiverse community is opposed to a cure for individuals with severe (or even moderate autism). Could someone weigh in and give me a clue? How can anyone look at these photos and not want a cure? What is the neurodiverse solution to severe autism?

Why does it matter? I don't know how much we can accomplish as a community without finding common ground and advocating from that position. And part of finding common ground means trying to understand where each side is coming from.

Does the deaf community have similar issues regarding cochlear implants?

Totally baffled...

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