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March Against Monsanto Founder Tami Canal with Del Bigtree of VaXxed

Del at Chaffetz
NOTE: Thanks to attendee Levi Quackenboss for blogging about this meeting at the Quackenboss site:

I wasn’t going to write this blog until next week but my flight landed and clearly all of you are standing by to hear how today went, so I am sitting down the minute I walked into my house to update you.

This is going to be quick and dirty because it’s late and I haven’t slept after flying into and out of DC today and yesterday.  The background is that a few months ago I approached Tami Canal, the founder of March Against Monsanto (MAM), to strike a deal: if I gave her the link to watch Vaxxed before just about anyone else in the country, she would write a review of it and promote it on Facebook. Because of an incoming link to my blog earlier in the year I realized her position on vaccines for the first time– and the fact that the anti-GMO group isn’t united with the vaccine freedom group boggled my mind.  We’ve got to get it together. Long story short, she accepted.  Vaxxed lit a fire in her and I put her in contact with people who advocate on the federal level.  As kismet would have it, Tami is a constituent of Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR)– the committee charged with investigating the CDC Whistleblower hot potato. Because MAM has over a million followers, she was able to get a meeting with her Congressman and a half dozen of us convened in Representative Chaffetz’s office this afternoon without him knowing who was coming. Surprise! We brought Del Bigtree, one of the producers of Vaxxed, with us.  Read more at Levi's site:

Here's a video of Del Bigtree of VaXxed with March Against Monsanto founder Tami Canal.  Del speaks about the disconnect among many liberals and progressives:  they can see the duplicity, lying and corporate greed in Monsanto and our food supply and American health but have not opened their eyes to the parallel world of pharma, government interference and vaccine injury. Below is a video from Facebook live of Del at Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz's office to call for a subpeona of Dr. William Thompson and hearings on the CDC whistle blower.  Thank you to Del, as ever.

EMAIL TODAY ~ [email protected]

Please email them, The Oversight & Government Reform Committee (OGR), to subpoena Dr. William Thompson



And over at RI, seems Orac has really taken to admonishing Chaffetz for the bad 'anti-vaxx' friends that he is keeping of late, and entertaining their request for a CDC whistleblower investigation. The 'sordid' cast includes Bigtree, who is 'fawning' over the 'child-killer' couple from Lethbridge, the unethical 'nym blogger, Quackenboss, who recently doxxed 'poor' 12-year-old Marco, and the 'loon' anti-GMO activist, Tami Canal. Orac is incredulous that Chaffetz did not tell these 'misfits' to bugger off and take their investigation request with them.

And, how exactly does Orac square this?..

It’s time to take the gloves off when discussing this “CDC whistleblower.” William Thompson has become antivaccine. As difficult as that is to accept, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion, given his behavior. As a result, I’m starting to drift closer to the position of antivaccinationists on this, but for a different reason. I now want an investigation, if only to get Thompson’s butt on the stand for some cross-examination. He’s been silent for nearly a year. I want him to be forced to explain himself and back up his charges. I bet he can’t

I suppose just different shill day -- different shill demand!



Want to apologize for my incredibly sexist comment! The day is long.

I am incredibly grateful to all the GREAT MEN and WOMYN who are helping me to protect my children. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

Eddie Unwind

Of course the lobbying effort is for the better -

Firstly, it is a relief in that it is dynamic; a concrete departure from the usual, flickering indeterminacy of the cyberspace routine. It is therefore confrontation in purest, civilised form. As a gesture alone it sets an example.

Contrast this with those who are too cowardly to follow such an example, the 'roaches who are afraid of the light', as Blaylock puts it. The all-talk, no-action principle of the pro-vax extremists (PVE's) who bandy together and congratulate each-other, yet, despite their boasting, not ONE of them has the courage to confront the Vaxxed panel at question time. Their claim that they don't want to spend money on such a film is pathetically transparent given how fiercely they argue a case for 'saving children's lives' - such passions that you would imagine ought to take precedent over such a trivial denomination.

And so that leads to the second reason why the lobbying is a positive: it quite simply shows up the impotence, cowardice, and inactivity of the PVE's, who, when it comes down to it, give not a rat's behind about making a case in broad daylight for the children they insist that they are looking out for.

Most PVE's are appalling hypocrites in this respect.

And so irrespective of what Chaffetz does or does not do, the act of lobbying is a demonstration of the sincerest form of motivation on behalf of children's well-being, and courage, which in such instances must always translate as the willingness to risk losing face. Any ensuing mockery on the subject simply reflects an effort to divert attention from the embarrassment of lacking the passion and conviction to be drawn towards action.

Ronald Kostoff

John Stone,

"Except that I also don't think it is pointless. I think he would welcome it if we stopped lobbying and people must keep at it. We must not stop lobbying, and we must call his bluff."

I don't think it is pointless either. The question is how effective it is. Chaffetz' job is not threatened by receiving pressure from all over the country. His job could be in danger if a significant portion of the 709,000 people he represents in his District become unhappy with him. If tens of thousands of people in his District apply myriad pressures on him relative to vaccine choice, that could perhaps impact his behavior. However, unless an opponent could be found who supported vaccine choice, deposing Chaffetz could be a pyrrhic victory. Additionally, voters are reluctant to depose Committee Chairman, given what they can do for the State.

Greg also believes that the lobbying efforts have been effective. As he states below, not a single State passed a bill similar to SB277, after it was passed. To me, that's not a victory, that's a 'holding action'. How many existing vaccine mandates were revoked? How many minor bills relative to SB277 have been passed since then?

NVIC shows past and present vaccine-related bills on its portal. The past can be accessed here ( and the present can be accessed here ( So, some lesser vaccine mandates were passed in 2015/16, and many more are pending. While many have been defeated, none in existence have been rolled back.

The numbers above make it pretty clear what has to be done. At the Federal level, tens of thousands of people in each of at least 250-300 Congressional Districts need to be mobilized to force legislation at the Federal level allowing for vaccine choice, irrespective of what the State politicians do. In parallel, candidates for Office need to be promoted who will support vaccine choice legislation. If that many could be mobilized for the Congressional races (and we have to include the Senate), then there would be adequate people to exert their will on the State legislators.

In other words, doing what's needed to get real change is a formidable task, given the numbers involved. It parallels the message of my eBook. To reverse serious illness (if possible), many contributing factors have to be eliminated. Another formidable task!

John Stone


Perhaps Grandma has worked out that the sky is not always blue, and the earth isn't round but only very approximately spherical. Nor do I think she would feel any compulsion to act on her own pieties. Finally, she isn't most people's grandma.

Bob Moffit

@ Linda1

Don't worry about the Clinton's second grandchild .. from what I have read .. all those questions you raised about vaccines during pregnancy, day of birth, cocoon, etc have been answered:

(Paraphrasing here) "The sky is blue, the earth is round .. and .. vaccines work. Grandmother knows best"

Hey .. it is THEIR choice .. and .. I pray to God THEIR choice .. does no harm to their beloved grandchildren. I just don't want THEIR choice to be REQUIRED for the rest of us.


Let's all take a little break to congratulate Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky and her husband on the birth of their new baby boy, Aidan. I wonder if she got all her pregnancy vaccines and if tiny Aidan will get his Hepatitis B vaccine today, his day of birth. I wonder if Grandpa Bill and Grandma Hilary will be getting their Tdap (or is it Dtap?) boosters so they can "cocoon" little Aidan. I wonder if little Charlotte, now 2 years old, is fully vaccinated. I wonder if any of them have been paying attention to the biggest fraud in medical history. I bet they know. And I bet they are vaccinating (or not) accordingly.

John Stone


I think we are trying to warn about the same thing, even if I got my vocabulary wrong. Except that I also don't think it is pointless. I think he would welcome it if we stopped lobbying and people must keep at it. We must not stop lobbying, and we must call his bluff.

Ronald Kostoff

John Stone,

" but it is progress that that he has been forced to change tactics."

Still don't agree, and it's not a matter of semantics. Let's examine the hierarchy of 1) goals and objectives, 2) strategy, and 3) tactics. I would argue that Chaffetz' goals and objectives (and those of most of the other 534 members of Congress) have not changed on this issue over the last few years. Whether he changes strategy, tactics, or both is a matter of game-playing. If the goals and objectives don't change, we can easily get mired down in changing-countering strategy and tactics ad infinitum, and think we are making progress in this endless shell game. And, given the main political goals of 1) getting sufficient funding for re-election and 2) laying the groundwork for a cushy job upon retirement are not about to change, I don't see any real progress.

Tim Lundeen

@John Stone

Re Chaffetz and "The good news is that it it is getting to him a bit, the bad news is that he should not be taken at his word."

Couldn't agree more -- I talked with my CA senator and representative while opposing SB277, and they were extremely nice and made me feel good, like they heard me and understood. Then they voted for SB277 anyway. I believe what politicians do, not what they say. So I'll be happy if we see action from Chaffetz. I do believe we have his attention for the moment, the question is what will come of it.


I agree absolutely but it is progress that that he has been forced to change tactics. So, we are doing something right.

And here I agree wholeheartedly with John. Ronald, if you look on the surface of things, it would appear that we are not having much success taking down the vaccination establishment, which is still firmly in place. Yet, a deeper look will reveal some very positive instances of how we've stalled its progress, and how we are indeed having success. Take SB 277 for example: The way it's politician backers were talking, it was expected to be the model for all states? Yet, what has happened since? Not a single state have passed a similar bill, and it's starting to seem like a pyrrhic victory, with citizens feeling that the Goverrnment overstepped and are infringing on their rights, and coupled with the fallout from the Whistleblower affair. How telling that Pan was seen tearing away from Del when Del approached him.

Ronald, as to the CDC not following their own policies, I did not bring it up intending to cry foul, blasting them for not doing better. As I explained above, it represents another instance of the success that we are having, and as John said, forcing them to change tactics.

Jeannette Bishop

@Greg, copying the first part of your link stopping just before the quotation mark works...I wonder if we've been seeing on a macro-government level this keep-things-in-house type of containment of complaints.

William Thompson was outed to the many whistleblowers never even get so much as a youTube airing of their complaints...

John Stone


I agree absolutely but it is progress that that he has been forced to change tactics. So, we are doing something right.

Ronald Kostoff

John Stone,

"They want magic solutions and vaccines are magic"

What they really want is re-election and some cushy well-paying job when they retire from government. Promoting vaccines/drugs/wireless radiation, etc, accomplishes both goals.

"but it is only strategy"

I would argue that his STRATEGY is unchanged; only the TACTICS have been altered!

John Stone

The fundamental problem perhaps lies with politicians more than anything else. They want magic solutions and vaccines are magic, particularly in the hands of psychopathic officials. They assert the benefits and deny the harms and they get very good at it - the policy works and the politicians sleep at night. This is why they are addicted to vaccines. I read the Quackenboss piece and immediately became very uncomfortable. What I was getting from it was Chaffetz saying to himself how can I get this to go away again at least temporarily. Quackenboss is telling us that Chafftetz can use charm - and he is bothering to use it where before he was frankly rude and dismissive - but it is only strategy and we must not be taken in. The good news is that it it is getting to him a bit, the bad news is that he should not be taken at his word.

Ronald Kostoff


" My links are not working. Google 'responding to allegations if research misconduct,CDC'. It's well worth the read."

Your Google search term should be 'of', not 'if'.

More importantly, how much credibility should one ascribe to ANY government agency policy statement, or mission statement? The policy of any agency is only as good as the motivations of the employees (and especially the top management) to implement that policy, and the motivations of the IG and Congress to oversee the adherence to the policy in implementation. Do you see any of these motivations at work related to the conduct of CDC operation?


My links are not working. Google 'responding to allegations if research misconduct,CDC'. It's well worth the read.


Let's try thus again..

CDC policies and procedures investigating research misconduct:">">


CDC policies and procedures investigating research misconduct...">">


Linda had some good points.
Our government appears to have become a big slow moving Behemoth. Slow for a government most times is good and fine. Slow is welcomed; especially when they are making laws to take away citizens' rights. However; in the case of murder, and maiming, by local governments or a federal agency, or a large company that affects every American; just as serious as an attack from a foreign power don't they need to get out of slow motion?


On a slightly unrelated note, ever wonder what's occuring with the CDC's own investigation into the Whistleblower affair? Back in Aug 2015 after Posey brought up the matter in Congress, CDC spokesperson Skinner said this..

The CDC is aware that employee Dr. William Thompson has raised concerns regarding an article he co-authored that was published in 2004 in Pediatrics. Consistent with CDC’s existing policies and procedures, the agency, through its Office of the Associate Director for Science (ADS), and in coordination with the HHS Office of Research Integrity, is reviewing these concerns. The agency will provide further information once the review is completed.

And what exactly are the CDC's formal 'policies and procedures' for reviewing allegations of research misconduct? You can find them in the document below.

Interestingly, the document specifies that the CDC have 120 calendar days to complete their investigation. We are well passed that!


Correction to my earlier post:

The autism-vaccine war will be won from the bottom-up.


.I agree with Lisa that we should not be too hopeful about Congress investigating the Whistleblower affair. And, even if they were to, I wonder if it would not devolve into a charade, as they make statements and promises. amounting to squat. The way I see it, seriously moving the needle with the Whistleblower affair won't occur with disingenuous politicians, but it is more likely to occur in the court of public opinion. This is where we are starting to see success, and especially with Vaxxed. Truth be told, the autism-vaccine war will not be won from the bottom-up, but the top-down. Shiuld we see substantive hearings, they will likely come only after we win.


The wording doesn't sit right with me. A swarm of mosquitoes could get their attention. I don't want their attention. I want to see evidence of their passion for justice, their commitment to getting to the bottom of this and to protecting the citizens of this country no matter what it takes and what it costs, even if it costs all of them their careers and/or lives going up against this pure evil that has infiltrated their ranks and is attacking this country. I want to see courage. I want to see ACTION.

When confronted with their inaction over the past 2 years since Thompson has confessed compared to what looked like a 30 day response to the Flint poisoning, they reportedly responded that it took 2 years for them to investigate Flint'. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE ANYONE FEEL BETTER? THAT THEY TOOK THEIR SWEET TIME WHILE AN ENTIRE AMERICAN CITY WAS BEING LEAD POISONED? That the American people were misled to believe that the federal government responded in 30 days when they actually took 2 years? That they kept it quiet for 23 months and then made it look like they just found out? It would have been bad enough if it had been one citizen and it took them 2 days to get that one person untainted water. Two days would have been too long. Just one person's life should have been worth saving. THEY LET A WHOLE CITY BE POISONED and irreparable harm done to almost 100,000 people (including all the women who were pregnant over those 2 years) and we're supposed to walk away satisfied that that's just how long it takes for them to address domestic threats to our lives? We're now supposed to back off because by calling we're preventing them from continuing to be comfortable taking their sweet time doing nothing? We're supposed to relax now and trust the process?


I don't know what's wrong with Quackenboss. Maybe other things were said in that meeting that would make me have more confidence. But from what I can see from this report, I am not impressed. I am disgusted with these people, their foot dragging, excuses and lies.

Ronald Kostoff

John Stone,

"Chaffetz has only been in position since November 2014"

He has been Committee Chairman since November 2014, but has been a member of Congress since 2008. One can take some type of action without being a Committee Chairman, as e.g. Posey did last year. I don't see any motivation on Chaffetz' part for pursuing the vaccine choice issue, not do I see any motivation on the part of his Ranking Member, Elijah Cummings, for moving forward (see Anne Dachel's column on 5 February 2016). Without the support of the Chairman and Ranking Member, who exactly will be the prime motivator for a fair and unbiased hearing?

John Stone


Basically I agree with you about this but only point out that Chaffetz has only been in position since November 2014. There is a small amount of progress - now he is trying to soft soap, so he is bit more wary of our movement after the success of VaXxed than previously. But that is a long way from saying we should trust him and back off now. And I would not advise it. As an Utah congressman he ought to be paying attention to what is happening his doorstep:

Bob Moffit

I agree with all AoA commenters who question the sincerity of Rep Chavitz .. especially his request that 'we" stop calling his office because .. supposedly .. he and his staff are fully aware of our demands that he hold Congressional Hearing .. placing Dr. William Thompson "under oath".


Unfortunately .. using history as our guide ... WE have no reason to even HOPE Chavitz will DO ANYTHING in the foreseeable future of this DO NOTHING REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.


Ronald Kostoff


"Now, what will Chaffetz do with the ball? Will he try to hide it? Sit on it? Casually dribble it down the court zig zagging in no particular hurry and in no particular direction? Will he pass it around and forget about it while it is in the hands of others? Will he throw it to the enemy?"

Chaffetz (and his colleagues) has had many years to hold hearings on this issue. Prior to the Thompson revelations, he took no action. After the Thompson revelations on 27 August 2014, Chaffetz had a tinely reason to hold hearings, if he so chose. He did nothing. After Rep. Posey's speech on the Floor of the House in July 2015, Chaffetz had a golden opportunity to hold hearings on the topic. He did nothing. What has changed that would motivate him to take a different course? There are reasons that he and his fellow colleagues in Congress take no action on this issue, and those reasons have not gone away.

But, suppose a miracle occurred, and he decided to hold a hearing. Who would be the witnesses? Well, for starters, there's Thompson. According to recent postings on AoA, he is in the process of backtracking his claims, and is writing a paper disowning his previous claims. I don't see him being a favorable witness. Ordinarily, in these Congressional hearings, there are witnesses chosen by the Majority and Minority, to get some opposing viewpoints. Who exactly on the Committee will be pushing for the 'vaccine-choice' witnesses? Have any of the Committee members expressed any support for a 'vaccine-choice' approach? The Committee could stack the deck of witnesses to place vaccine choice in a very bad light; I see no motivations for them to do otherwise.

The best one could hope for is that Rep. Posey would be allowed to sit on the Committee hearings for this issue, and perhaps influence the choice of at least one witness. Given that his speech on the Floor was highly dependent on Thompson's comments, one wonders how supportive he would be now that Thomson is alleged to be backtracking on his accusations.


I am old, male and not gorgeous and I fear being strung along. I didn't realise Levi Quackenboss was a a man!


I'm with Linda,

I think brilliant forceful men (like Bigtree and Quackenboss) wither in the face of more accomplished men, like Chafitz

I'm waiting for Mrs Larson's and Mrs Canal's responses.

Laura Hayes

I agree with Lisa.

We were told that same line during our battle against SB277 in CA..."You have our attention. Now please stop calling so we can work on it." HA! LIARS! A few of us who had already given our all to fight against AB2109 knew better than to fall for that. The truth of the matter is they don't want their phone lines tied up because it impacts their ability to focus on their pet bills.

Chaffetz has been contacted for well over a year by many of us, on a regular basis. Every one of our calls has met with the same dismissive run-around by some kid staffer..."I am not familiar with this. Let me check into it and get back to you" (which they never do)...or, "I'm sorry. Everyone is in a meeting. There is no one who can talk with you right now. I will be sure to pass along your thoughts"...or, "It's under investigation so we can't comment" (for months on end, with no evidence to us, tax-paying American citizens, that they are investigating anything).

Chaffetz is guilty of not immediately subpoenaing Thompson once it was within his power to do so, which has resulted in millions of more people being injured and killed by vaccines. That has happened on his watch. Let's not forget that.

go Trump

Not sure if all this delay is due to proper timing for the election or what... I am sure some would like to see indictments soon which would help others get elected.

How in the hell could someone lose votes standing up to this medical f - mess ???

Correct me if I am wrong but... I believe both the Clinton's have been disbarred and that does not even begin to expose other issues.

I wish Trump would meet with Putin before others start "bad idea number III." They could talk about vaccines and perhaps who has the most money....

Trump should pay off Thompson as to not fear losing his "damn CDC retirement" and bring him along to make a few public health statements.

Again... how could anyone lose votes with taking the side of the children of America, ,,,, many who can no longer speak ?


Don't fall for this, folks. This is a do-nothing Congress. Nothing is going to happen. My advice: This guy says don't call his office because we're just trying up staff. Keep calling his office. Call more not less. Let him know we're going to make it impossible for his staff to do anything else unless/until he addresses this.


"Del speaks about the disconnect among many liberals and progressives"
Amen and pass the plate.
(Thank you Tami Canal!)
I wrote to the Democratic Committee to express my concern for the party sponsorship of vaccine coercion legislation, and have called about GMO labeling many times.
A failure of the political parties, a failure of Congress, a failure of the executive branch, a failure of the media.

I'm with Laura Hayes.
Stop coercive mandates, of children and adults.
Stop government rewards that incentivize institutions, schools, hospitals, and other organizations to deny informed consent.

Angus Files

Great news,and thanks to Del and all .A bit of democracy, a small voice, and a couple of hours listening time, and were all tripping over ourselves, that's how un-democratic the system is.
We need more like Jason Chaffetz and as Dan says videos and letters for the case build.



Tami Canal is gorgeous!

How amazingly wonderful is to see young, smart (and beautiful) women like Tami leading the way for new generations.
You go girl!

I have participated in every March against Monsanto walk since the very first one, in my city. I have a vaccine injured child and after the initial shock after the diagnosis, i quickly realized the dangers of everything we eat, breath and inject in our bodies. That lead me to learn about Monsanto and big Pharma.

So glad to see the possibility of joining forces to educate even more people.

Because, we are the 99% after all! Yay!


Huge thanks to Del and everyone who attended that meeting on behalf of all of our vaccine-injured children! Maybe this nightmare will finally come to an end?


The ball was passed to Del Bigtree and on his own without need for anyone to pressure him, out of his own concern for mankind, he has run with it as fast and as furiously as he could with it to get it over the finish line. Del just handed the ball to Chaffetz. Now, what will Chaffetz do with the ball? Will he try to hide it? Sit on it? Casually dribble it down the court zig zagging in no particular hurry and in no particular direction? Will he pass it around and forget about it while it is in the hands of others? Will he throw it to the enemy? What will Chaffetz do on his own without being pressured? Is Chaffetz willing and capable of conducting governmental oversight?

John Stone

It has to be admitted if everything was in order it has taken the congressman a very long time to communicate the fact. But he also ought to consider that many more children could be injured while the investigation hangs fire. The good news is that just possibly he is beginning to feel the pressure.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz was he sitting on the committee when they had meeting in Nov of 2012?

Congress is at fault for all of this. Their answer for the pertussis vaccine damage - horrible dangerous vaccine that was happening in record numbers in the 70s was the vaccine court and can't sue - and now we got the vaccine schedule we got right now and it is still escalating.

That is 30 if not 40 years of a continuous crime.

And Thanks Dan for putting in an automatic spell checker --It makes me look like I have a couple of more points on to my IQ !

Gary Ogden

I will be dusting off one of the fountain pens I no longer use, and opening my last box of Crane stationery, in order to write a letter of thanks to Representative Chaffetz. This is extraordinarily good news, that his staff is engaged.

Ann Millan

I think we all recognize Del's ability to be the 'power' in a room. I love it. My biggest concern, while all this is going on, is that the vaccine schedule be relaxed, including use of multiple vaccines at one time AND timing of vaccines. Particularly the MMR. Doctor's are threatening parents daily on both issues. Let's stop and take a breath. Perhaps we should start a 'go fund me' page to buy advertising to make parents realize they have a choice. I'll donate. We parents wanting vaccine safety need to feel we're controlling something .

Laura Hayes

Banning vaccine mandates must be on the immediate action list. I know that presently mandates are a state-level issue, but it should be a federal issue in the "land of the free", and based on our freedom-protecting U.S. Constitution.

No state in the USA should be allowed to mandate forced medicine.

Dan Burns

You can read some detailsof the meeting at

Excerpt: "Chaffetz said that if we do get to the point of having a hearing that it would be great to be able to tap into a reservoir of personal stories. You can do this in two ways:

"Make a 30-second video and send it to [email protected] (his staff will be checking the YouTube channel) and you can hand write a letter (yes, with a real pen and a piece of paper) and send it to him at Congressman Chaffetz 2236 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515."

BTW, Chaffetz asked people to write and send videos but stop calling. His staff is required to return all calls, and it is taking time away from the investigation. "You have our attention," Chaffetz reportedly said. Hand-write letters and send videos the staff can use to build a case.

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