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Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe Neil Z. Miller

Science post imageJournal of American Physicians and Surgeons
Volume 21  Number 2  Summer 2016


Although health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim that childhood vaccines are safe and recommend combining multiple vaccines during one visit, a review of data from the Vaccine Averse Event Reporting Sstem (VAERS) shows a dose-dependent association between the number of vaccines administered simultaneously and the likelihood of hospitalization or death for an adverse reaction.  Additionally, younger age at the time of the adverse reaction is associated with a higher risk of hospitalization or death

Read the full article here.


Ricky Barnes

Even the product inserts will inform that the product was not tested concurrent with another vaccine. We talk a bit about multiple simultaneous antigenic stimulation in my film www.50centsmovie.com. Thanks for taking a look.

Eddie Unwind

PS: Just to be sure, 'Synergistic toxicity studies', in case anyone read my use of the term 'synergy' in anything but the pejorative here...

Eddie Unwind

Bob - agree entirely with your recommendation.

It forms the only relatively comprehensive analysis - nearly 39,000 Vaers reports - of the absolutely pivotal synergy-of-toxic-substances issue that I know of to date.

As one might expect, the news isn't good, hence why such studies aren't done.

'VAERS': after the vaccine manufacturers were handed their 'Immunotopia' from standard court proceedings in 1986, we got stuck with VAERS - which has proven to be about as effective (for those seeking compensation, as opposed to the CDC) as the United Nations.


But Sanjay Gupta says it's fine! Don't worry.

Grace Green

Thank you for linking to this amazing article. I cannot believe that this was written four years ago and hasn't swept the media by storm. We need another Vaxxed-type movie to bring to light the many cases, like Mr. Marchant's - whose beautiful daughter Jodie I have seen on videos - of multiple vaccine injuries. This was another issue raised by Andy Wakefield all those years ago, when he recommended getting the vaccines in single doses.


As a Dad who's daughter was damaged by an 8-in-1 vaccination I can add weight to the dangers of mixing vaccines into one syringe. My daughter is never going to enjoy life, such is her induced disabilities immediately following the illegal administration. Jodie is recorded on VAERS -ID-173222 as having an immediate re-action although missing out the Hibtiter. The sadness is that rather investigating and preventing more casualties any problems are swept under the carpet and hidden by a corrupt system who profit too much to admit the truth. W Marchant.

Bob Moffit

I would recommend everyone read the full article .. which I found so interesting I printed it out for further reference .. as there are MANY statistics .. providing substantial EVIDENCE of the great harm being done to our nation. Consider this ONE paragraph to get an idea of how critical the information in the article is:

"Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines concurrently, as recommended by CDC, are significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously. It also showed that reported adverse effects were more likely to lead to hospitalization or death in younger infants.

"These findings are so troubling that we expected major media outlets in America to sound the alarm, calling for an immediate reevaluation of current preventive health care practices. But 4 years after publication of our study, this has not happened. Could it be because, according to Robert Kennedy Jr., about 70% of advertising revenue on network news comes from drug companies? In fact, the president of a network news division admitted that he would fire a host who bought on a guest that led to loss of a pharmaceutical account. That may be why the mainstream media won't give equal time to stories about problems with vaccine safety"

Again .. though lengthy .. this article is well worth reading fully .. I highly recommend making it part of any serious discussion regarding VACCINE SAFETY.

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