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INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism

Type WriterBy Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

About ten months ago I started writing a new book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism, which would utilize the CDC whistleblower story as a way to review the corruption in science regarding vaccines and autism.  I knew Andy Wakefield was working on his documentary, and when I interviewed him for this book he mentioned it, but in my wildest dreams I never imagined VAXXED would explode onto the scene the way it has.  I have been writing furiously to make sure that story is included as well.

In the meantime, I got a powerhouse agent, Johanna Maaghoul of the Waterside Literary Agency, the world's #1 agency for New York Times non-fiction bestsellers.  Johanna has been taking the book around to publishing companies, getting some positive interest, but they are absolutely terrified of the subject.  Publishing companies like to sell books, so that's where you come in.  I want you to read the chapter outline and if this is a book you would like to buy, leave a comment to that effect.  How's that for simple?  That way when my agent is talking to a publisher she can say something like, "Five hundred and seventy two people said they would buy this book immediately!"  Thanks in advance for your comments.

Chapter Outline

Chapter One: The Call – Dr. Brian Hooker, a university biology professor was working in his office when he got a call from a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist, Dr. William Thompson. The two worked together years earlier when parent groups were clamoring for the CDC to conduct research into vaccines and autism. Thompson reveals that the CDC found such evidence, but covered it up. Thompson had retained these documents and eventually turned them over to Congressman William Posey. The most explosive of these allegations is that earlier administration of the MMR vaccine is causing a 3.36-fold increase in autism among African-American males. With Thompson’s guidance, Hooker publishes this information in the summer of 2014.

Chapter Two: The Insanely Good Soul of Dr. Andrew Wakefield – British researcher, Dr. Andrew Wakefield first published his findings suggesting the MMR vaccine was linked to autism in The Lancet in 1997, even going so far as to share these results with the CDC prior to publication. In the ensuing years, Wakefield was subjected to unbelievable persecution and his name was vilified throughout the world. Hooker brings the Thompson documents to Wakefield’s attention. Hooker also initiates contact between Thompson and Wakefield, with Thompson apologizing for participating in the cover-up of research that would have vindicated Wakefield’s research. Wakefield accepts Thompson’s apology.

Chapter Three: The Lipkin-Hornig Team – No two scientists are more frequently quoted in the media regarding vaccine issues then Drs. Ian Lipkin and his collaborator, Mady Hornig of Columbia University. And yet the picture is more complex than painted in media accounts. The author reviews the Lipkin/Hornig publication of 2004 and their Congressional testimony which DID show a link between the mercury in vaccines and autism in laboratory animals. Also reviewed is their “debunking” investigations regarding the XMRV retroviruses and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, the MMR vaccine and autism, and the simple flaws in their experiments which would be clear to anyone with a passing familiarity in scientific principles.

Chapter Four: The Documents – On December 22, 2015, science teacher and author Kent Heckenlively applied for and was granted access by the office of Congressman William Posey to the documents turned over by Dr. William Thompson. Heckenlively reviews some of the most damaging documents and also reflects on how his own struggle with his daughter’s autism would have been significantly different if this information had been publicly released in 2001. There would have been no “Vaccine War” or dismissal of autism parents as being “anti-science”, just researchers and parents working together to find solutions for their disabled children.

Chapter Five: The CDC Runs Away to Simpsonwood Retreat Center to Defend Mercury in Vaccines – On June 7-8, 2000 more than fifty scientists from the CDC, private universities, and vaccine makers gathered at Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Norcross, Georgia to discuss findings that suggested thimerosal in vaccines, a mercury derivative, were linked to increasing rates of autism and other neurological disorders. The meeting was supposed to be secret, and the “study” was not published until more than two years later, after a lot of the incriminating information was eliminated. Using the actual transcript of the meeting, Heckenlively shows how the science was twisted by the same individuals who would later prevent Dr. Thompson from honestly reporting his own findings about the MMR vaccine.

Chapter Six: The View from Congress – Heckenlively interviews Beth Clay, a former senior staff member of the House Oversight Committee chaired by Congressman Dan Burton which had looked into the mercury issue and issued a report in 2003 called “Mercury in Medicine: An Unnecessary Burden.” The report concluded that mercury was probably linked to the autism epidemic and made numerous suggestions for change, none of which were adopted. Clay’s memories of the investigation provide a chilling look at scientists who do not want to honestly investigate one of their most cherished practices. The chapter ends with a speech in 2004 by another Congressman, Dave Weldon, a medical doctor, in which he reviews the shameful conduct of the CDC in this investigation. Weldon’s talk got minimal press coverage.

Chapter Seven: The Legal View – Most Americans don’t realize they cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injuries. That right was taken away by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which established a special “Vaccine Court” which hears all claims. Injured parties are not allowed to obtain documents from the companies which manufactured the vaccines, or are they allowed to call researchers who worked on those products. Even with all of these obstacles, the court has paid out more than three billion dollars in claims, including to several children whose injuries included autism. This chapter features an interview with a judge who worked in the “Vaccine Court” for twenty-two years as well as a Stanford law professor who conducted an in-depth investigation of the court, ultimately concluding it did not provide a good model for other proposed alternative courts.

Chapter Eight: Those Who Oppose Goliath - Brandy Vaughn was a pharmaceutical sales representative for Merck pharmaceuticals, selling the medication, Vioxx, which was later pulled off the market because it was causing heart attacks among those who took it. The experience forced Vaughn to more deeply consider what she had been a part of, and led her to research vaccine ingredients when she had her own child. Vaughn went on to found the “Council for Vaccine Safety” and has been a leader against efforts in her own state to mandate vaccines for all children. The story of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, an autism doctor who died under mysterious circumstances is also profiled.

Chapter Nine: Curious Alliances - After publication of his article, Dr. Brian Hooker becomes part of a group of individuals trying to work in concert with other groups trying to get to the bottom of Thompson’s allegations. Most groups turn away, but significant and enthusiastic support is given by three unlikely groups: right-wing Republicans, the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan, and the Church of Scientology.

Chapter Ten: De Niro, Tribeca and the Real Goodfellas – Wakefield and Hooker’s documentary film about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, is accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival in March of 2016, immediately becoming the subject of controversy. De Niro supports the film at first, then pulls it, then later on The Today Show says he regrets pulling the film and everybody in America should see it and make up their own mind. The film is also pulled from the Houston International Film Festival under pressure from the mayor and a local judge on the grounds that it conflicts with the city’s immunization program. The film is now opening in theaters across the country, attracting record crowds, and provoking a long overdue national conversation.

Chapter Eleven: Can Science End the Autism Epidemic? - Can the autism epidemic be reversed? Can we give those people who currently suffer from this affliction a normal life? Heckenlively sounds a hopeful note by interviewing a leading scientist from the University of California, San Diego, who has been using a century-old drug to reverse autism in animal models, and has had similar success in his initial human trial. Sometimes science can make quantum leaps, and this research holds the promise of not only transcending the current bitterness, but pointing towards treatment for many other diseases.  A doctor in private practice who is working with the UC San Diego team also shares his perspective on the difficulties inherent in bringing new approaches to the public.

Chapter Twelve: Justice – What steps can be taken to punish those responsible for this epidemic and insure that a similar tragedy does not take place in the future? Heckenlively lays out four recommendations to end the autism epidemic, as well as punishment for those who have concealed information and distorted the scientific process.


Caryn Harb

I will absolutely buy this book.

Chelsea Clinton:hep b you baby?

I wonder if Chelsea and her hubby wanted to hep b their baby? I'd bet not! Totally unnecessary even though Hillary is knee deep in pharmaceuticals.


I received an online copy (via Kent's FB request) for feedback today. I'm 3 chapters in, and it is indescribably provocative, intriguing and my favorite thing about (any) book is that I CAN'T wait to read more tomorrow. It clearly illustrates how all the people who "should have known" DID know.

It's very, very compelling and so well-written. You will ALL love it. Thanks, Kent. You're nailing it.

Berta Hammerstein

Of course I will by this book. I have been following this whole thing since my grandson was diagnosed and later have had primary care of him. As I hae gotten much older. Granny Blue

Autism Gramie

I will definitely buy this book! My vaccine damaged grandson deserves a wonderful future that was taken all of a sudden at 18 months with vaccine assault. It is truly criminal.

Autism Mom

I would definitely buy this book.

I also purchased the book that you authored with Dr. Judy Mikovits. "Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases". It was a real eye opener as to how politics can collide with medicine.

You don't have to worry about this fight EVER losing any momentum. There is an army of parents getting more educated and organized everyday. Especially the Mom's. If you think "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned", wait until you see what happens if you harm any of her children.

Linda Swanson

I will buy 4 copies to pass out. Thank you.

Gary Ogden

Count me in, providing I can order it from my local bookstore (B&N). Like Tim Lundeen's suggestions.

Eddie Unwind

I do think it possible that the recent mention of Thompson revising his earlier statements was a red herring. After all, it potentially achieves a) the creation of conflict and mistrust between Hooker and his inner circle, and b) could throw the pro-safe-vaccine (PSV) movement into disarray, creating a flurry of mixed messages which in turn might blur the edges of Thompson's former statements (and hence pave the way for a 'real' revision, and c) create feelings of animosity within the PSV movement towards Thompson, as well as d) (further?) discourage Thompson from appearing before congress.

At very least it cannot fail to make Hooker appear impulsive and therefore less reliable, despite that Hooker, being the honest man that he is, was sure to act on such information in the assumption that it was meant to be taken at face value. It has also created a certain amount of nervousness and second-guessing among the PSV movement, which in turn has been amplified by the PVE's for maximum effect.
And of course it has caused many within the movement to feel mistrustful of Thompson's motives.

Just a thought, mind you. But why would one of Thompson's attorneys let Hooker in on such privileged information, thereby allowing him and his circle 'preparation' time, unless there was more to it?

Govt Of the Pharma by the Pharma and for the pharma

I would add one chapter or appendix about the ari, Dan Drs, refrigerator moms, Green our vaccines, shot in the dark and dr Humphries research to show that this fight has been going on for such a very very long tragic time but would totally buy it as described and get other copies for friends !


I'll buy a copy. I'm interested to learn more about the subject


This is an important book and I look forward to buying it!

Dan Burns

Let's get it out there. Sign me up for a book.


Also I would like to suggest adding March Against Monsanto to Chapter Nine if possible.

And thank you so much for all you do!!!


I would buy it for Chapter 2 alone! Can't wait.


Yes! I would buy this book!

Suzanne Azar

Count me in for five copies please.

Theresa Cedillo

Yes! Definitely I will buy this book!

Jeannette Bishop

I would buy this book, more than one copy if I can.

Veronica Midgley

I would buy a crate full of this book and give it to everyone I know.

Tim Lundeen

I'd buy the book. Some other chapters/topics I hope you will consider:

* View from the scientists: interview Haley, Shaw, Tomljenovic, Shoenfeld. Summarize the findings from vaccinepapers.org that aluminum adjuvant has enough toxicity to explain the autism epidemic. Summarize the evidence that autism rates are increasing exponentially, and that the increase is driven by environmental toxins (lots of evidence for this). Talk about the healthy-user-bias described by vaccinepapers.org, and how it invalidates all of the epidemiology studies showing no-harm-from-vaccination.

* View from the autism 5,000 (the Autism Omnibus Proceedings). Interview Rolf Hazelhurst (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4CwROrKG8A), Sheila Ealy, Jon Poling. Explain how 5,000 kids were denied the compensation they should have received, and 100,000+ parents with kids who became autistic following a round of vaccinations have been denied compensation as well. Talk about how the CDC's coverup affected this case, and the unethical/criminal behavior of our government. Discuss how that at-birth/early autism is usually triggered directly or indirectly by vaccination, it is just not as obvious as the 12-18 month regressions.

* Re treating autism, I hope you will do more than mention some promising new treatment. Do mention Rimland and all the practitioners and parents who have spent their lives to develop treatment, some with great success, and all we've learned from them.


A chapter on Paul Thorsen and the CDC studies he wrote that are still referred to even though he committed fraud and is wanted for embezzlement.

Yes, would be a good book to flood our state reps staff with, so they can get caught up.
Would buy a number of copies.


I would buy this book! I'll pre-order it as soon as it's available online.

Thank you for writing it! I hope a mainstream publisher has the courage and insight to publish it.

re: "The most explosive of these allegations is that earlier administration of the MMR vaccine is causing a 3.36-fold increase in autism among African-American males." Also important to cover that this data showed an increased risk in toddlers with "isolated autism" - which as I recall basically means regressive autism?

re: "There would have been no “Vaccine War” or dismissal of autism parents as being “anti-science”, just researchers and parents working together to find solutions for their disabled children."
That sentence melts my heart. To envision normal cooperative work on these issues is such a nice fantasy, and should have already been reality for the past 25+ years! It's not just pro-disease vs. pro-science! It's let's look at reality as it really is and go from there!

Regarding Thompson, no matter how much he backtracks, no matter how the CDC tries to rationalize, his words are recorded, and a huge number of emails and data and other written info has been turned over to Congress and made publicly available. That can't be undone. That needs more exposure. Clearly it's not the only topic covered in this book, so you're not putting all your eggs in the Thompson basket. But it's a story that still very much needs to be told, and I'm sure you'll further our understanding of it. I for one have not waded through those hundreds of documents, and would love to know more about what's in them. It's truly remarkable that a senior CDC scientist, co-author of some of the seminal "vaccines-don't-cause-autism" papers, has said that he feels very ashamed that the CDC has manipulated and suppressed data, and put autism research ten years behind by avoiding research that could implicate vaccines.

“The CDC put the (autism/vaccine) research 10 years behind”

Dorit et al keep saying that the movie Vaxxed takes Dr. Thompson's words out of context and selectively quotes and splices them, which of course is bullshit. It would be great to know more about that context - in addition to what has been published so far such as in Kevin Barry's excellent book, "Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC ".

Donna Schwart

Count me in for multiple copies of this book. I will give it to friends and family. Thank you!

Paul Thomas MD

This is an important story and it would appear this is an important book that I would buy and encourage others to buy (once I read it of course).
Dr Paul\PaulThomas MD FAAP

Hans Litten

Ronald , I really don't know what you are so concerned about .
They have never managed to discount or undo the Maurice Hilleman recording .
If there was nothing for the CDC to worry about , they wouldn't have worked so hard to supress these films recently & prevent people from seeing them .
If they weren't so worried about the chain of events since Aug2014 they wouldn't have tried to MANDATE vaccines all across the land sb277 (which is an experiment that went pretty badly for them overall) . sb277 is facing significant challenges ahead and they know it.

Our movement (if you can even call it that) is fractured and split from the inside already ,
there is nothing tangible enough to even set back ! There is no unity , everyone is confused and going in different directions (deliberately so , I'd say) . Very knowledgeable people seem to pretend not to know certain uncomfortable truths the whole time . Most commentators here are afraid to write about vaccines hidden ingredients for instance (HCG , Estradiol , squalene GWS) .
Because for me the inclusion of any hidden ingredients EVER or even contaminants SV40 invalidates the whole vaccination industry (I don't see or hear anyone else saying that ) .

I've never understood , how we are not more international in nature , and how we are so badly coordinated (but again this is probably no accident) .They have us fractured into a million parts .
When we start merging and communicating and realising that autism & Gardasil injury & SIDs & Narcolepsy & Gulf War syndrome are ALL the same thing , then its all over (it really is that simple , and whistleblowers will not be required (the people will speak as ONE and REFUSE) .

The CDC has never recovered from Poul Thoresen . My bet is they do have a reversal plan in place but they are hoping the outcry from VAXXED will run out of steam and they never have to play that card (because like Eddie says , that card may not work , and may only further escalate the situation).
They want the situation to calm down and return to normal (with the vaccine opponents marginalised and not listened to by the herd) .

It is incredible , how quiet they have become , and how carefully they are sitting on their hands .
I have not heard the lie "safe and effective" in a long time .They are considering their position.
De Niro is a major problem for them . He is admired to such an extent they cannot touch him .


I would certainly buy the book. The more we can get this travesty into the public the sooner this madness will end.



I would but book for all my friends and I! I am very happy you tird the Simpson would hearings in as well! Sounds great

Debi Haney

I would buy your book. I also suggest a chapteron health care front line workers being trapped in the middle. As a nurse I am duty-bound by evidence-based health care. I have no guarantees any more that I'm receiving non-biased evidence. As a future family nurse practitioner if I fail to vaccinate a HEDIS-determined number of patients my office can be raided by insurance. If I write a medical exemption to vaccines I can be blackballed by state licensing boards. If I go with my gut I can lose my licensure. Our front line health care providers are suffering big time.


I hope this gets published soon, I can't wait to get my hands on one!


I would buy this book too. Thanks for writing it

Susan Jorg

I would buy this! It is history in the making. It is telling the most tragic story of our time. I would buy this for my grand-children and hide it safely in the event that the pro-vaccine movement wins and enslaves us all.

Craig Evans

Hurry up and finish it! I will buy this book, and buy one to loan to other parents. Thank you for writing it.

Alice Becker

I would definitely purchase this book. We need more information about the corruption and flawed science behind the vaccine epidemic and quickly as so many of us and our children are suffering the adverse effects of vaccines.

Bill Pembry

Don't forget to mention Hooker's paper using Thompson's supposedly destroyed data (which Hooker got from the CDC) was retracted for statistical errors and undisclosed conflicts of interest.


I'll buy the book. Are you also going to explain the huge increase in "isolated autism" in males and females of all races, who received the MMR before age 3 compared to later, and explain what isolated autism means? I didn't know about that before I saw Vaxxed.


Absolutely would buy this book!

Holly Riley

I look forward to buying your book. This is timely and urgent-I hope it's published soon!


Yes, will definitely purchase the book!! When is pre-order?

Jen Wilson

Thank you so much for writing this very important and timely book, Kent. I look forward to my copy. It would be great if it could be stocked in UK bookshops too.

Irene Pi

Yes, yes and more YES I would buy this book! And, thank you for writing it! The Chapter outline alone is compelling, I can't wait to read it cover to cover.


I can't wait to read it!!


Yes I will definitely buy it!


Hell yes I will read it! Thank you for putting your energy into this!!


Can I order a couple of copies now?

Since you gave us a glimpse, I'll give you some thoughts :o):

I'm not so sure about the title. I think the rise in autism shined a bright light on the growing depravity that already existed within science and medicine. Autism was and is a test for science and medicine which they have failed miserably. The disease has clearly revealed that they are a bunch of charlatans and may bring about the end of public trust in science and medicine.

Re: "significant and enthusiastic support is given by three unlikely groups: right-wing Republicans, the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan, and the Church of Scientology."

I wouldn't characterize these people as "unlikely groups". They are just as likely to care about this issue as any other and just as likely to want to join in the fight for scientific integrity and medical freedom.

I hope you don't mind my saying...

Best of luck with this endeavor. I look forward to reading and sharing this important book!

Angus Files

good read,"truth is always stranger than fiction" whether people will ever believe us is another thing Mulder and Scully needed I think.



This licensed healthcare worker with 3 vaccine-injured children would buy this book in a heartbeat (plus extras to share). I am so disgusted by the CDC corruption, and look forward to the day they no longer have any say in vaccine safety.


Ronald Kostoff;

Time to talk about the souls of mankind then.

Researcher - When you talk about some people - that have souls that are the blackest; as the blackest night - in contrast you have to show a shining bright soul.


I would buy this book absolutely and spread the word to as many people as I possibly could.


I would like to read this book.
If it is a good and easy read - and simple - I would buy multiple copies and give it as Christmas gifts to my friends, my extensive family of cousins, and I would consider sending it to my representative and Senator. Hmmmm - since I have heard nothing back from the last book I sent my Senator - Mitch McConnell or from Hal Rogers - I wonder how I can work against them - to get those guys that have been in the biz for 40 years -- OUT!

Ronald Kostoff

John Stone,

"Thompson actually admitted it in a recorded telephone conversation. If he turns round now and says something different his credibility would be zero"

Thompson did not admit anything under oath. We have no idea whether or not he was telling the truth. He could have been, or he could have deliberately mislead Hooker, knowing how such revelations would be pursued by the vaccine choice community. Neither you nor I know which is true. If he in fact does do a 180 degree reversal in a new paper, as AoA itself has suggested in a post, you can rest assured that ALL of his previous actions and statements will be modified and explained to insure that a coherent case is made. In one fell swoop, that could easily set the vaccine choice movement back for a long time.

Why would you put it past the 'powers that be' to conduct such an operation? There have been many 'false flag' operations in the past to divert, disorganize, and destabilize the opposition. I'm not stating definitively that was the case with Thompson, but if he does reverse position drastically, I wouldn't rule it out.

John, I examined the cases of perhaps thirty or forty whistleblowers as background for Chapter 9. What they all had in common was the desire to get the truth out to the widest audience in the shortest time possible. They were willing to face the consequences directly, as with Ellsberg, or relocate to escape the impending retribution, as with Snowden. Every one of these that I can remember was reporting on someone else's misdeeds. The Thompson case is so different from these examples and motivations that it raises my suspicion greatly. I hope I am wrong!

Bill Hutchinson

I vote THUMBS UP. Go for it....

Chris W. Houghton

I would buy the book immediately if it arrived on the market. This information MUST get out through any possible avenue. When a government agency begins looking after the corporations and not the people it was created to protect, the news must be spread far and wide and prosecutions must begin. The cover up was in 2004. How many children and their parents since that time have been allowed to acquire Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) so that the drug makers could go on making billions of dollars?
The vaccine court has to be fixed or abolished, since it's not doing what it was created to do. People injured through a vaccine MUST be allowed to subpoena documents from the drug makers to uncover further crimes and proof of the knowledge they have that they are doing harm.

David Taylor

Would buy with priority shipping. A few thoughts:

1. Would the Simpsonwood chapter be more effective earlier in the book since it not only happened chronologically before some of the events now before it, but it so perfectly sets the stage for the criminal, immoral acts to follow?

2. The chapter about how your life would be different. I get that one family's story can be emblematic for the larger group, but I hope you emphasize the scope of travail inflicted upon so many thousands for a lifetime. This wouldn't be a plea for pity, but an in-your-face presentation of the devastation wrought by these criminals.

3. When talking about Wakefield, don't forget the exoneration of Wakefield's coauthor Walker-Smith and, by proxy, all of the authors of that paper. This is very well documented and I'd love to see some of the judges choice quotes as he eviscerated the GMC.

4. Tell the dope-ass publishers to look what is happening with Vaxxed and what happened to Evidence of Harm. Your book is going to be published. Our community is going to support it and drive it to the top of Amazon and probably the NYT lists, just as we did Kirby's. Get a frickin' clue. There are serious coattails here.

Lisa Cooper

I will buy this book!

david m burd

Yes, I would buy the book. Heck of a good job!, Mr. Heckenlively (pun intended)

Chapter Five focusing on the CDC's Simpsonwood Meeting in year 2000, and the revealing of robust data showing the extreme toxicity of mercury in vaccines that was then buried, shows how 16 years later the Medical/Govt./Pharma Cartel has iron-grip control of mainstream media, thus keeping the public ignorant.

I suggest including in this Chapter an emphasis on this Cartel having such control of mainstream media, and why mainstream media has self-censored its Constitutional Right to criticize and check Government power (Federal and States), particularly when it comes to individuals' health decisions, most specifically on child vaccine mandates, directly related to Simpsonwood.

Eddie Unwind


I see your point and in the main agree with where the direction of the debate ought to be taken. However the notion of Thompson and the CDC retracting Thompson's earlier statements - no matter how well-oiled such a scheme may be - entails astronomical risks for them.

Firstly, the grounds for introducing the story itself via the media are unavoidably suspicious and thereby immediately set them on the back foot. They would have to contain the public's reaction by persuading them that the original whistleblower incident was a minor, insignificant matter blown out of all proportion by anti-vaxxers, not even worth mentioning in the first instance. But then, given the CDC's position of responsibility, is it not imperative that such a matter be clarified right at the outset? Surely if it's such a trifle, then the answer is simple, and all can be put to rest quickly. But it didn't happen that way. Consequently, the media would have to pitch the whole thing in an utterly non-alarmist tone, which wholly contradicts the pattern of a long, well-kept silence on the matter (and of course contradicts the nature of the media).

Then, ultimately, they would have to counter every point made by Thompson that might otherwise incriminate him and the CDC, and do all this as though their lending such an interpretation were in any case self-evident. Now in this debate, people continue to hotly dispute any number of points far less contentious and explosive than those uttered by Thompson. That is to open a massive can of worms, and open the door to further uncontainable consequences.

They might do the Thompson revision thing, sure, which in my view would signify an act of plain desperation, nothing more. Perhaps Claudius's words may yet ring true - 'Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out'.

William H. Gaunt

I would buy this book immediately. Thank you for writing it.

John Stone

The distinctive issue it should be remembered with the Thompson affair was not that the paper was a fraud, since all the CDC studies surrounding the IOM review were frauds of one type or another, as was the review itself, but that Thompson actually admitted it in a recorded telephone conversation. If he turns round now and says something different his credibility would be zero.

Tracy Ligtenberg

I would buy but I do agree with Ronald Kostoff's comments--less reliance on Thompson and more objectivity overall on all the points that show how autism has been the outcome of a science-health policy gone astray.


Yes, I would definitely buy this book. I'm especially interested in chapters 6 and 11.

I'm not sure I agree that Lipkin and Hornig are the scientists most often quoted in the news media on vaccines, though. Wouldn't that be Offit?

I would suggest changing the title of Chapter 2. What is insane is the indifference to the harm that has been done to do many children. Andrew Wakefield is extraordinarily brave and highly principled; some might say he was foolish in thinking he could take on the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. But "insanely" should not be used in the same sentence as any sentence describing him; the negative connotation works against the meaning you are trying to convey.

I'd also avoid discussing his soul; that borders on sounding like you've reached a religious reverence for him, which detracts from your ability to sound objective.

Ronald Kostoff

Kent Heckenlively,

Science lost its soul well before the expansion of autism. What I find unique about the CDC whistleblower issue is that Thompson allegedly was one of the perpetrators of the alleged cover-up, and was essentially blowing the whistle on himself as well as the other alleged perpetrators. There is a modest parallel to John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man, although I wouldn't take that analogy too far. I studied the cases of a number of whistleblowers as background for Chapter 9 of my eBook. They tended to be people who blew the whistle on someone else's misconduct. From your book outline, I'm not sure you have emphasized this distinction.

More seriously, what happens if, as posted on AoA, Thompson actually does generate a paper essentially retracting his accusations and allegations. I assume if that were to happen, the CDC team including Thompson would have generated arguments to cover Thompson's statements to Hooker on the phone, the papers Thompson gave to Congress, et al. They would have to cover all their tracks to have a coherent 'story'.

I have been suspicious of Thompson's 'confessions' and actions since day one. They are so different from that of the other whistleblowers I studied (Lewis, Snowden, Manning, Ellsberg, Marcus, Drake, Carlo, etc). Putting this many eggs in the Thompson basket may be a recipe for disaster, and could backfire if Thompson and the CDC generate a good enough story.

Adequate vaccine safety studies have not been performed. This is essentially stated on the vaccine inserts, and the evaluations of selected vaccines I have posted by the government's own agencies. It is validated by a reading of the biomedical literature. That's where the effort of criticism should be aimed. It would be far more robust, and not dependent on the comments and ulterior motivations of any single individual.


Definitely would buy.

Eddie Unwind

From the outline the book grants coverage of some of the most pivotal subject-matter in relation to the autism epidemic - and then some. Count me in.

Bob Moffit

Book outline is enough for me .. to guarantee that I will buy this book .. at the first opportunity to do so ..

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