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INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism

Type WriterBy Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

About ten months ago I started writing a new book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism, which would utilize the CDC whistleblower story as a way to review the corruption in science regarding vaccines and autism.  I knew Andy Wakefield was working on his documentary, and when I interviewed him for this book he mentioned it, but in my wildest dreams I never imagined VAXXED would explode onto the scene the way it has.  I have been writing furiously to make sure that story is included as well.

In the meantime, I got a powerhouse agent, Johanna Maaghoul of the Waterside Literary Agency, the world's #1 agency for New York Times non-fiction bestsellers.  Johanna has been taking the book around to publishing companies, getting some positive interest, but they are absolutely terrified of the subject.  Publishing companies like to sell books, so that's where you come in.  I want you to read the chapter outline and if this is a book you would like to buy, leave a comment to that effect.  How's that for simple?  That way when my agent is talking to a publisher she can say something like, "Five hundred and seventy two people said they would buy this book immediately!"  Thanks in advance for your comments.

Chapter Outline

Chapter One: The Call – Dr. Brian Hooker, a university biology professor was working in his office when he got a call from a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist, Dr. William Thompson. The two worked together years earlier when parent groups were clamoring for the CDC to conduct research into vaccines and autism. Thompson reveals that the CDC found such evidence, but covered it up. Thompson had retained these documents and eventually turned them over to Congressman William Posey. The most explosive of these allegations is that earlier administration of the MMR vaccine is causing a 3.36-fold increase in autism among African-American males. With Thompson’s guidance, Hooker publishes this information in the summer of 2014.

Chapter Two: The Insanely Good Soul of Dr. Andrew Wakefield – British researcher, Dr. Andrew Wakefield first published his findings suggesting the MMR vaccine was linked to autism in The Lancet in 1997, even going so far as to share these results with the CDC prior to publication. In the ensuing years, Wakefield was subjected to unbelievable persecution and his name was vilified throughout the world. Hooker brings the Thompson documents to Wakefield’s attention. Hooker also initiates contact between Thompson and Wakefield, with Thompson apologizing for participating in the cover-up of research that would have vindicated Wakefield’s research. Wakefield accepts Thompson’s apology.

Chapter Three: The Lipkin-Hornig Team – No two scientists are more frequently quoted in the media regarding vaccine issues then Drs. Ian Lipkin and his collaborator, Mady Hornig of Columbia University. And yet the picture is more complex than painted in media accounts. The author reviews the Lipkin/Hornig publication of 2004 and their Congressional testimony which DID show a link between the mercury in vaccines and autism in laboratory animals. Also reviewed is their “debunking” investigations regarding the XMRV retroviruses and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, the MMR vaccine and autism, and the simple flaws in their experiments which would be clear to anyone with a passing familiarity in scientific principles.

Chapter Four: The Documents – On December 22, 2015, science teacher and author Kent Heckenlively applied for and was granted access by the office of Congressman William Posey to the documents turned over by Dr. William Thompson. Heckenlively reviews some of the most damaging documents and also reflects on how his own struggle with his daughter’s autism would have been significantly different if this information had been publicly released in 2001. There would have been no “Vaccine War” or dismissal of autism parents as being “anti-science”, just researchers and parents working together to find solutions for their disabled children.

Chapter Five: The CDC Runs Away to Simpsonwood Retreat Center to Defend Mercury in Vaccines – On June 7-8, 2000 more than fifty scientists from the CDC, private universities, and vaccine makers gathered at Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Norcross, Georgia to discuss findings that suggested thimerosal in vaccines, a mercury derivative, were linked to increasing rates of autism and other neurological disorders. The meeting was supposed to be secret, and the “study” was not published until more than two years later, after a lot of the incriminating information was eliminated. Using the actual transcript of the meeting, Heckenlively shows how the science was twisted by the same individuals who would later prevent Dr. Thompson from honestly reporting his own findings about the MMR vaccine.

Chapter Six: The View from Congress – Heckenlively interviews Beth Clay, a former senior staff member of the House Oversight Committee chaired by Congressman Dan Burton which had looked into the mercury issue and issued a report in 2003 called “Mercury in Medicine: An Unnecessary Burden.” The report concluded that mercury was probably linked to the autism epidemic and made numerous suggestions for change, none of which were adopted. Clay’s memories of the investigation provide a chilling look at scientists who do not want to honestly investigate one of their most cherished practices. The chapter ends with a speech in 2004 by another Congressman, Dave Weldon, a medical doctor, in which he reviews the shameful conduct of the CDC in this investigation. Weldon’s talk got minimal press coverage.

Chapter Seven: The Legal View – Most Americans don’t realize they cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injuries. That right was taken away by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which established a special “Vaccine Court” which hears all claims. Injured parties are not allowed to obtain documents from the companies which manufactured the vaccines, or are they allowed to call researchers who worked on those products. Even with all of these obstacles, the court has paid out more than three billion dollars in claims, including to several children whose injuries included autism. This chapter features an interview with a judge who worked in the “Vaccine Court” for twenty-two years as well as a Stanford law professor who conducted an in-depth investigation of the court, ultimately concluding it did not provide a good model for other proposed alternative courts.

Chapter Eight: Those Who Oppose Goliath - Brandy Vaughn was a pharmaceutical sales representative for Merck pharmaceuticals, selling the medication, Vioxx, which was later pulled off the market because it was causing heart attacks among those who took it. The experience forced Vaughn to more deeply consider what she had been a part of, and led her to research vaccine ingredients when she had her own child. Vaughn went on to found the “Council for Vaccine Safety” and has been a leader against efforts in her own state to mandate vaccines for all children. The story of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, an autism doctor who died under mysterious circumstances is also profiled.

Chapter Nine: Curious Alliances - After publication of his article, Dr. Brian Hooker becomes part of a group of individuals trying to work in concert with other groups trying to get to the bottom of Thompson’s allegations. Most groups turn away, but significant and enthusiastic support is given by three unlikely groups: right-wing Republicans, the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan, and the Church of Scientology.

Chapter Ten: De Niro, Tribeca and the Real Goodfellas – Wakefield and Hooker’s documentary film about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, is accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival in March of 2016, immediately becoming the subject of controversy. De Niro supports the film at first, then pulls it, then later on The Today Show says he regrets pulling the film and everybody in America should see it and make up their own mind. The film is also pulled from the Houston International Film Festival under pressure from the mayor and a local judge on the grounds that it conflicts with the city’s immunization program. The film is now opening in theaters across the country, attracting record crowds, and provoking a long overdue national conversation.

Chapter Eleven: Can Science End the Autism Epidemic? - Can the autism epidemic be reversed? Can we give those people who currently suffer from this affliction a normal life? Heckenlively sounds a hopeful note by interviewing a leading scientist from the University of California, San Diego, who has been using a century-old drug to reverse autism in animal models, and has had similar success in his initial human trial. Sometimes science can make quantum leaps, and this research holds the promise of not only transcending the current bitterness, but pointing towards treatment for many other diseases.  A doctor in private practice who is working with the UC San Diego team also shares his perspective on the difficulties inherent in bringing new approaches to the public.

Chapter Twelve: Justice – What steps can be taken to punish those responsible for this epidemic and insure that a similar tragedy does not take place in the future? Heckenlively lays out four recommendations to end the autism epidemic, as well as punishment for those who have concealed information and distorted the scientific process.


Jeff Zervas

I read the outline and would like to read and study the book.


I’ll buy this book

White Rose

Posted by: Grace Green | September 01, 2017 at 06:27 AM

Grace I have been posting daily complaints to the BBC since Aug-2014 since the William Thompson revelations first became common knowledge .
They are still yet to print William Thompsons name.
That is 1,127 days so far the BBC has refused to tell the story of the CDC vaccine autism cover up .
And they have had anywhere up to 1,127 complaints from me , most of them mentioning the forbidden verboten name of William Thompson .

The BBC is a Nazi organisation , do not be fooled by the David Attenborough tones .

Work will not set you free.

John Stone


I don't think the BBC are frightened of lying at all.




They may fitfully tell fragments of the truth, or someone may file a story because they have got nothing else to do, but for lies to be plausible bits of the truth have to be used anyway.

Grace Green

There was an item on Kent being banned from Australia on the BBC website yesterday, under Australia. Polly and Dr. Suzanne were then also mentioned, with the usual misinformation about the latter also being banned. The article quoted all the usual rubbish from the pharma industry, but at least it's a start that they're talking about it. I think the BBC is really afraid of actually lying, so they either avoid the topic, or choose their words very carefully.

Linda john

Agree 100%
It's a epidemic

Ian Tompkinson

Hi Kent. I have read many controversial books over the years, but I don't recall ever going through one as fast as I went through Inoculated. I could not put it down. I feel a real sense of urgency ,that we must all, those of us who know, must keep the pressure up on the powers that be. This to me could be a game changer. I listen to talk radio on a regular basis. Over the past two weeks, I have heard several segments on the station I listen to, AM 640, but it was all very one sided propaganda style broadcasting, and not once, was a dissenting view allowed to be addressed. If you ask me, "they" are having a panic attack, and are in damage control mode, and I think it has everything to do with the movie VAXXED, and your excellent book,which gives further details and info. on this most important issue. If you have the time, and if you like, I would like to share with you, as briefly as possible, my experience and adventures as an activist here where I live. Thank you for your honesty and courage, because, "the lie is the first and most poisonous source of injustice".

John Stone

Hi Tylor

It is in fact published and cam be puchased from Amazon.

Tylor Keller

I can't wait to read this book, hope it will be published soon.

John Stone

Hi Coleen

It is now published:


Coleen Hyland

BEGGING, BEGGING Please get this book published. I will pre-order no less that 10 copies. I read David Kirby's book Evidence of Harm - Just the introduction in that book is astonishing. How can we help get this published? Coleen

Dave F

I just finished the Age of Autism book. I don't know why it took me so long except that I've been doing most of my research online the last 4 years. In the last month however, I've been playing catch-up with Kindle books, reading 8 books in 4 weeks. Dissolving Illusions was an excellent backgrounder on the history of infectious diseases and early history of vaccines. Plague was excellent, familiar to me from various Judy M. lectures at AutismOne. I did see Vaxxed and knew the story well from various Andy Wakefield lectures and interviews. I felt as though Vaxxed barely scraped the iceberg on the vaccine issue, but certainly timely in the wake of the Thompson whistleblower documents/recordings.


yes, considered it ordered


Yes, I would VERY much be interested in purchasing this book when it's published!


If you wait around for chapter 12 to write itself - or to happen and then you write about it then:

There is a good chance this book will never be finished.

Melissa Caulk

Yes I would love to read a book like this, hope it gets published. I also hope it is available on Kindle as that is where I read the majority of my books unless it is out of print.


Definitely would buy several so that members of my family, who are supportive, would get angry enough to help with tis fight.


I would definitely buy this book plus at least a dozen copies to share with friends and family. Can"t wait for the book to be published! This book will be such a great addition to your earlier book "Plague" and the powerhouse film "VAXXED".

Dennis Picknett

No, seriously, this is definitely a book I would buy. WHAT A STORY!! I believe someone (who made Shrek?) wants do 'the Wakefield story'. It's all going to come out sooner or later.

Denni Picknett

There are 572 of me, and ALL of us would like to read this book (twice). If you could reserve 1144 copies I (we) would be very grateful. Dennis xx

Amanda Morgan

I would definitely buy the book. I am a mother of twins with autism. My boys are now 6 and one of my boys is completely non verbal. I have home videos of my boys and everything about them is typical. I recall the day my now non verbal child stopped trying to talk. He suddenly wasn't making any sounds. It's sad and I hope that one day, justice is served. Autism has effected our entire family. We have been isolated from some of our extended family and most all of our friends. They don't understand autism and I guess it's easier for them to keep their distance.


I'd buy the book. Seen VAXXED great film.


I'll read anything you write! Plague was one of the most important books ever written! I went to see VAXED with 8 people in the movie theatre, two were Autistic parents with their children, and the movie was only playing for a week. It made me sick that more people wouldn't be clamoring to become informed and see this movie. Please help us spread the word!


I would buy this book (yes, even pre-order it), partly because I'm interested in the topic, and partly because any publisher who dares to challenge the mainstream orthodoxy in this supposedly free country with its supposedly neutral science, deserves all the support we can give it. And please, let's not be deceived by the excuse of "unprofitability" which no doubt will be offered by some publishers who actually fear the political risks of promoting such a controversial title. The power and ferocity of the opposition speaks volumes about its motives. Take courage!

Brett Wilcox

Yes, of course I'd buy this book. Can't wait to see it in print.


I would definitely but this book! Would pre-order if available. Please publish soon.

Denise Torres

Please get this book published ASAP!! I will not only buy a copy but multiple copies to give to family and friends. I will also post links to share where to purchase this book!!!


I most ABSOLUTELY will buy this book when it becomes available!!! Please make it SOON!


I would definitely be interested in buying this book and I am hopeful that someone will write a book about the problems with the Gardasil vaccine due to the number of injuries including my daughter. These conversations have been surpressed for far too long.

Theresa Farrell

Oh I am interested in this book. I'd like to know the old treatment a scientist from the University of Southern California San Diego is proposing to reverse Autism.


Looks amazing. Will buy as soon as it is available.

Paul Picha DC

Blown away by the breadth of info that will be covered! Can't wait to get this book.

The Liberty Beacon Project

In Support of - INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul In Autism ... http://wp.me/p2X3AR-hxZ

Judy Hayman

A book that needs to be published for the sake of our children and future generations


I would love to buy this book! When will it be available to purchase?

Gordon Eischens

"Plague" was very informative and I look forward to reading your new book, "Inoculated".


I would buy it 😀

Holly B

I will buy this for sure! I'll preorder it the day it hits amazon! :)

Janisse Smith

Would buy


I would certainly buy this book for myself and all of my friends with children. Please publish


Yes, I would buy a few copies of this book!

Betty Bona

I can't wait to purchase the book! I loved Plague, but I think this new book will have an much broader audience. I will be able to entice others to read Innoculated by purchasing a book for them. I am hoping that researchers will read this book. Most are well-intentioned but totally ignorant about the fraud that makes up their world of research. I can't fill them in because they think I'm crazy, and Plague was too easy for researchers to put out of their mind as an oddity or just something that didn't really apply in their world. I have high hopes for this book!

Hans Litten - I consider myself well-informed, but I have never heard about Estradiol as a hidden ingredient in vaccines. Can you enlighten me further?


Yep, I would buy it!


I'll buy it and I'll buy copies as gifts. Can't wait to read it!

Ruth E.

I will buy 15 copies for birthday and Christmas gifts, to provide loved ones with this life-saving information.
And then I'll want to buy more copies to share with physicians who know nothing about vaccine-induced neuro-immune disease and the corruption perpetuating it.

Kent, I'm very grateful that you and Dr. Judy wrote PLAGUE, and I can't wait to read INOCULATED. It will become the go-to book about this subject matter.

Jennifer Ross

Where can I buy this book? I would definately read it!!
My son is autistic & honestly tired of all the controversy. I know vaccines don't cause Autism but I definately feel they are a contributing factor when faced with particular genetic & environmental factors. I personally was vaccinated as an adult & suffered horrific injuries that have changed my life also. My son & I face our issues together to have the best life that we can. Would just be nice to have answers.


I will buy it!!!

Amanda F

I will buy.


My young relatives are just starting to have families and I would buy copies of this book for each...as well as for a number of other relevant people I care about.

Thousands of people have seen and will see Vaxxed. Since not everyone will see the movie, Vaxxed viewers will want a book to hand out to the people they love. There is a built in audience for this book and many eager people ready to move it into the world.

I wonder if publishers are afraid that no one will buy the book OR if they are afraid of the tidal wave of push back from Big Pharma/ CDC. All the more reason to publish. We rely on publishers to publish the important books and let the readers make up their own minds.

Tricia Wilson

When can I buy it?

Cherry Misra

PTP - Promise to Purchase and to Debi Haney- I think that this is a very important topic . When does the suffering end? - first the children and now the doctors who practically face prison for conscientious objection.

lauren tremblay

Will buy, I want to know more.

Marilyn Veach

Absolutely! I would buy this book for myself and additional copies for friends/relatives.

Thomas Schmitt

So is it available online reading? I mean we can pay for it.


This book should absolutely be published, because it s the right thing so do. It should become a text book in schools on science ethics. If this kind of thing is not exposed and dealt with firmly, you can kiss our Nation goodby. I hope you as publishers can see this. Where will your business be when 1 in 2 in our Nation have Autism? Publish the book. Thank You.

Julie Papa

Yes! I would buy the book.

Dale brown

I can't wait to buy this book!!! Please polish ASAP and I will buy 100 more to give away to friends family and patients!

Lorna Belkin

I would buy this book. Can't wait!


I'll buy this book; sounds great!


Will buy 1 for me and another for local library
chapters look great
not sure if RFK Jr's piece would help to be included, and the hundreds of research studies done that show connections between autism and vaccines, Suzanne Humphries, etc.


Does it include anything on the subjects of aluminum adjuvant or immune activation? If not, then its missing the most important parts of the vaccine-autism story. Mercury is mostly a dead issue, since it was taken out of vaccines many years ago. Vaccines activists damage their credibility by beating on the mercury dead horse.

Katie Jones

Will buy.

Caroline Kennedy

I'd buy this book. Please make the chapter about Dr Wakefield -- and his coauthors as detailed as possible and explain that the other doctor -- I believe his name is Walker-Smith-- was exonerated and why Dr Wakefield was not. The pro-vaccine folks' first arguments always start with trashing Dr Wakefield and many people including those who oppose vaccines do not know the details of the recent decisions reinstating his coauthor's license.


I would buy this book too.

Emily W

I would buy it asap!


Looks absolutely fascinating!! I'd buy this in a heartbeat and would buy a copy for my son's physician!!

Kayla Wildman

I'd buy this book, ask the local library to buy it, and recommend it on Facebook groups and parents' email support lists I'm on.


All parents should read this book before agreeing to have their children vaccinated - especially new parents who are likely to be unaware of the extent of the dangers.

Anna Gray

I would buy this book! This information needs to get out there to save children from vaccine injury and injury! Please publish this book so that more people understand the risks of vaccines and get involved in a world wide discussion about vaccine safety!


I would definitely buy several copies of this book! I was lucky to have been raised by parents who realized the dangers of modern medicine. My 10 children have been raised with no vaccines, I can't say the same for all of my grandchildren :( My mother said that when we were young doctors knew that there was a risk with giving too many vaccines at once and also if a child was ill. Then we entered the dark ages where everyone forgot how harmful this could be. She said a chiropractor explained to her how the immune system worked and she thought wow that makes sense, why are we messing that up with all of these shots? That was the end of vaccines in our lives. She is 83 now and she said to me I can't believe that people haven't figured this out! We've had the information for 50 years....

Judy Grodsworth

Yes, I would absolutely buy this book! The word needs to get out in every way possible. The health of our children, ourselves and our families are dependent on the publics right to know the effects of these damming and toxic vaccines.


Yes, would buy this book


I will buy a copy as soon as its released


Yes, I would read it!

Aimee Doyle

I will definitely buy this book for myself - and several copies for my nieces and nephews who are married and now having children of their own.

Please let us know when it is available for pre-order on Amazon.

And I would love to brainstorm with you about ways to promote both Plague and this new book - here in Washington DC. You and your family can come out and stay with us during a book promotion and signing - I think there's a market here for the book. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


YES, 10 copies please

Virginia Maison

I will buy it if you will sign it.


I would like to buy a copy of this book.


Definitely would buy this book.


Count me in, i will buy more than one!

Birgit Calhoun

I liked your book "Plague". So, yes, I'll buy your book.


I will buy for myself as soon as it's available, and recommend to anybody who will listen!

elaine suski

I can't wait to buy this book.

G. Tate

Yes! Thank you, I would buy at least one copy of this book!

L  Land

Wish this book was already published. Chapter five would be great source material for the meeting at the end of this month on what happens to the Simpsonwood property.

Hans Litten

I'm Spartacus too - Hear this well - I'll buy the book .


Yes - I will buy this book!


One good book deserves another. Stephen King's books have nothing on the horror of The Plague. I'll buy;

Liora Pearlman

I'll definitely buy it. Probably in more than one format! Audiobook, etc.


Would buy a copy to share with my daughter who is vaccinating our grandson.

Gillian Kiely

I would buy this book


I would buy and least one and I know several other people who would also buy one.


Yes, yes, yes!!! I would definitely buy it. I am about to finish "the plague " and I am always looking for resources to help spread the truth! Please go for it. I admire your bravery and integrity in a world where you get prosecuted for those very virtues. I have your back on this ! :)


Not only will I buy this book, I am happy to pre-order...

Janet Cook

I would very definitely buy this book.

Jennifer O'Donnell

I would buy this book. I have an VINDA son - vaccine injured due to 29 vaccine doses before he was 1.


Yes!!! Would love to read this!

Max Swafford

I have been lucky enough to work on several written projects for Kent Heckenlively, as we are old friends and go way back in time. I'm happy to say I HAVE read this book as an editor, a proof reader, and as another author. I have to say INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism is another stellar piece of work on Heckenlively's part. This book pulls back the veil and exposes much of what has happened in the world of inoculations and issues like autism. Kent kicks ass and takes names, as we say in Texas, and puts it all on the line. And he does it with the professionalism of a true journalist, the determination of a tested author, and the compassion of a parent with an autistic child. In the end, it is hopeful. It asks difficult questions, and seeks answers from those who have them. And he ends it with what is almost a prayer that asks for science to regain its soul. A powerful book. A joy to read, considering such a stressful topic. I will definitely buy extra copies for friends.

Deb Batnett

I would buy this book! Time to let the truth be known! Please please publish this book!


I would purchase this too.
I appreciated Plague for bringing new ideas to the table, and greater understanding of the challenges researchers face.

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