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Dachel Wake Up: Egypt and Autism

ER Doc and MedWife on VaXxed after Seattle Showing

New paradigm
By Anne Dachel

First of all, let me say that due to the crowd scene following the screening of "Vaxxed" in Seattle, no one got the name of this doctor who was interviewed by Polly Tommey.  (And if anyone knows who this man is, please let me know.)

Both the doctor and his wife are obviously well-informed on vaccine safety issues. Not only that, he's willing to stand up for his beliefs. He's an ER doctor who refused the mandated flu vaccine. He also refused to wear a mask in lieu of being vaccinated.

This is a rare physician—one who is willing to take on the medical community when it comes to mandated vaccinations.  He and his wife have educated themselves on the risks associated with vaccines.

When asked about other doctors who refuse vaccines he said, "There are some that do that, most of them just fall in line with the rest of the herd. …I don’t do that anymore. I won’t do it. I told them they either have to fire me or find another job somewhere because I’m not going to wear a mask, first of all, second, I’m not going to get a vaccine.”

Doctor’s wife: "I have a true passion for children with autism." She went on to describe how she watched her grandchild "getting more and more disconnected" as a toddler. She was worried and she began to research the problem. She became convinced that vaccines were at fault after four years of investigating this for herself. In her words, “I just want to help. I really am avid about getting onboard and getting this message out.”

Next this doctor talked about what he personally saw in the emergency room.

ER doctor: “I’m an emergency room physician and I’ve seen a lot of kids coming in after having vaccines, had seizures, even to the point that I believe that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome [SIDS] has been misdiagnosed. It’s probably vaccine injury in some cases. …

“And calling the pediatrician and saying, ‘Look, you know, got this kid in here, you just gave him shots the other day, and they’re having seizures. Obviously it’s the vaccine that’s causing it’—and just having a total denial from…the pediatrician. I’ve seen that happen over and over again. …”

The doctor went on to talk about the fact that “a huge part of their income”—pediatricians—is from vaccinations. “The medical community as a whole is kind of disabled.”  He said that doctors don’t want to hear this. “They believe in people like the CDC, and when you start realizing you can’t believe those people anymore, it causes a huge problem for you and your practice.”

The doctor brought up the push to give people who come to the ER a tetanus vaccine.

The doctor and his wife talked about the requirement that he get a flu shot every year. He was required to wear a mask if he refused. “I just refused to wear the mask.”

He said he told his superiors, “Why isn’t it that the family members that come in here aren’t all required to wear a mask as well because we don’t know which ones of those have gotten the flu vaccine.”

 The doctor noted, “I work in emergency medicine. I’m around the flu all the time. Do I ever get the flu? No.” He attributed his good health to “a healthy gut. I take care of it. I take probiotics.”

The doctor said it was unbelievable to him that gastroenterologists he’s dealt with don’t know what a probiotic is.

Polly asked him what he was taught about vaccines in medical school.

Doctor: “You never heard about the negative effect of a vaccine. Never.”

Doctor’s wife discussed the serious side effects from the adjuvants used in vaccines. She said her son’s peanut allergy was probably from the use of peanut oil in vaccines.

The doctor said that “Vaxxed” reinforced many things that he and his wife had found out about vaccines.

“It’s caused a huge dilemma for me, obviously in the medical field., because now I’m starting to question a lot of the things that we were taught in medical school, first of all. And then secondly, it’s also starting to make me wonder about the CDC—all the people that send all the information to the physicians. Certainly I think pharmaceuticals are heavily involved in the medical education portion of what we get, and it causes a problem. …”

“If I was a pediatrician and I saw the film, I’d get the heck out. …”

He said questioning vaccines at a medical meeting “was like having a third eye on your head.”

Change, he said, was not going to come from the medical community. It’s going to come from people like the ones promoting “Vaxxed.”

Now I want to contrast what this doctor said with the letter to the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle by a group of doctors who were angry because “Vaxxed” was being shown in a local theater.

June 16, 2016, Letters on anti-vaccine film

The following letter was submitted by physicians Rebecca Reddy, Stephanie Kuhlmann, Venessa Y. Lopez, Mayssa Zayat, Lana Hattar, Katherine Melhorn, Sid Sivamurthy, Natalie Sollo, Robert Wittler, Deborah Kroeker, Larry Hund, Mary Boyce, Jamie Page and Gautham Reddy:

As community physicians who provide care to children in Wichita, we are deeply disturbed by recent local showings of Andrew Wakefield’s anti-vaccine film, “Vaxxed,” and by the discredited former doctor’s appearance at Tuesday’s screening.

In 1998, Wakefield falsified vaccine research for his own gain and misled the public about the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine being linked to autism. His research has been proved false by numerous subsequent studies, and he has been stripped of his medical license. Still, Wakefield’s falsehood persists, and it continues to endanger the lives of thousands of children whose fearful parents needlessly avoid the vaccine.

Wakefield is a pariah in his native England but has moved to the United States, where he apparently is reinventing himself as a filmmaker but should only be seen as the danger he is. We encourage conscientious readers and concerned parents to talk to their doctors about the vaccines…

Unlike the doctor in Seattle, these physicians didn’t say if they  actually saw Vaxxed,” or if they did, they were willing to overlook egregious charges of fraud, corruption, and cover-up at the CDC as shown in the movie. What should have disturbed them was the claim that the agency they look to for assurance that vaccines are safe has been accused of knowingly putting millions of children’s health at risk.

Actually their letter is a fraud because this is not a movie about Andrew Wakefield at all. Pretending that it is, shows a total disregard for the children that they claim to care about. The real message of this letter is: THERE IS NO LINK BETWEEN THE MMR VACCINE AND AUTISM. THERE JUST CAN’T BE. WE COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ALLEGED CONNECTION TO MASS NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE IN A GENERATION OF CHILDREN.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



This just makes me want to cry. As I type these words more infants are being darmaged by what ignorant pediatricians honestly THINK is "good preventativemedicine " because the CDC and WHO tells them so. And we "emotional " parents can't tell them otherwise. They think our children 's symptoms are merely coincidental and just bad "genetic" luck. 7 years of med school and they can't think for themselves or even read a damn vaccine insert... and if they do bother to read the insert they parrot the lie " adverse reactions are extremely rare"

so what parents tell them the change that happened to their formerly happy , healthy talking child must just be our imagination. He was born this way.

No. He. Wasn't. YOU did this. You destroyed his cognitive skills and language and eye contact and beautiful baby skin. YOU.
"No, mom, you pitiful person, looking for someone to blame," they shake their heads and shrug you off as they write a referral for a "developmental pediatrician" to assess the baby.
You wait months for "the diagnosis " to come from on high from a person who interviews YOU, since The baby can't talk. But they are now the expert on YOUR child .
It's such a crock. We know it's not effing genetic or "just the way they are wired differently "
it's from their damn needles filled with aluminum and " attenuated " viruses and other toxins they can't expell. Madness.


This doctor is amazing. I saw this when recorded "live" and kept saying "thank you God they are recording this". Another hero. If I ever went in the hosp I pray that a doctor like that would take care of my care.
Every day it makes me thankful of decisions we made years before we had children (& our own bodies) & know health doesn't come through a needle.

Cherry Misra

Today, I'm really proud to be from Seattle . I know a young couple living there- The husband is a plumber, who have delayed their children's vaccines. They have a cooperative doctor. I also know a young woman who hopes to be a family physician in Seattle area one day. She and her large extended family know all about vaccines because her brother has a severely autistic daughter. History is headed in the direction of the truth but sometimes I reflect that this truth is coming at a terrible cost to so many children and their families - an Himalayan sized mountain of suffering.


I know a lot of doctors. You must all realize that doctors, in general, are FOLLOWERS, not leaders. They decide what to do by looking around at what everyone else is doing. They don't want to stand out. They want to follow the "standard of care", which, unfortunately, has legal teeth.

Meaning a doctor can be held liable for not doing what all the others doctors are doing.

So the truest notion the ER doc mentioned in the video is that change WILL NEVER COME from the medical profession. They're paralyzed legally. Can't budge. If they do, it's lawsuit, ruin, bankruptcy, loss of reputation, loss of license, debtor's prison.

The doc is right about pediatricians. The ones who realize pediatrics has sold its soul to PHARMA just need to GET OUT of the profession. Go do something else. I personally know pediatricians who just don't have the heart for it anymore. They want out. There is a SHORTAGE of pediatricians in many cities. Many medical students no longer want to "go there."

People are waking up and a lot of people are fed up as well. They're sick of all the shots and pills. They don't feel any better and often feel worse. Often enough, they're destroyed.

It's a lamentable situation and WILL come to a head. It has to. There's just too many sick kids and auto-immune destroyed adults. (MS, Crohns, RA, Fibro, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Something's got to give.

Lilly Meehan

Excellent interview Anne, but did you mean to call her a MedWife? That generally means a medically (and not naturally) oriented midwife. No need to actually post this comment on the blog, just an FYI.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Yes. It is doctors and parents like these who choose to "walk away" from vaccines that will give us the power to stand up to the status quo.


Blue Cross Blue BS ... $400 bonus each


Seriously? Doctors are willing to take the risk disabling a perfectly healthy child.... for $400?????

Steven Fischer

I really liked his calling out of the unnecessary use of tetanus shots. By the CDC's own website, there are 30 cases in the US per year. 70% are over 65 with diabetes, 14% are IV drug users. That leaves about 5 non-high-risk patients. With a death rate of 1 in 5, that means 1 person per year, not in a high risk group (5 even including that group) will contract and die from tetanus. Contrast that risk with the stated side effects in the vaccine insert which said that 2 individuals in the study group developed "serious neurological reactions, but neither died and both recovered" If you assume a generous 10,000 in the study group, that means we should fully expect 30,000 cases of serious neurological reactions (or worse) if every person were vaccinated in a given year. Let's see 30,000 cases of serious neurological damage vs 1 death? That seems like a pretty clear risk benefit analysis. In a "This is Spinal Tap" moment, when I presented this to my doctor, my doctor just looked at me and told me "But it's a good vaccine."

Bayareamom last comment was chopped off for some odd reason.

I just want to add that if it hadn't been for the kind support and compassionate stance of the pediatric staff we had in Denver at the time our son was experiencing his vaccine reactions, I don't know what would have happened. If we had a pediatric group at that time who would not acknowledge that our son was suffering with severe reactions, and they still insisted Ryan continue with their vaccination program, I shudder to think what may have happened.

It saddens me deeply when I hear about the rude attitude of so many physicians and nursing staff when parents try to explain to them what they are witnessing when then babies/children are suffering shortly after vaccination.

It's as if our medical institutions here in the United States has lost its soul.


I watched the interview with this couple when Polly was speaking with them, on Periscope. I didn't realize his wife is a mid wife. I was thrilled when Polly panned over to this woman's husband and found out he was an ER physician.

I loved this couple. They spoke the truth. I was also thinking at the time I was watching them, that he may really catch a few 'punches' for his outspoken stance on vaccines, etc., but something tells me he can handle it (and has for quite some time).

This physician reminds me somewhat of the physicians we were using at the time our son was an infant and was suffering from a horrible vaccine reaction. When Ryan was going through all that, this group of caring pediatricians (Denver, Colorado) immediately recognized Ryan's reactions as being vaccine related and told us as such. And I want to be very clear about this: We did not know what was happening to Ryan during these reactions; had no idea they were vaccine related. It was ONLY when I spoke with the pediatrician on call that day that we found out Ryan was, indeed, suffering with severe vaccine reactions.

The pediatrician on call for us that day was an older pediatrician. He recognized immediately what he was hearing when he asked me to hold out the phone as the high pitched screaming of our son continued. Ryan was examined by our pediatric staff shortly after his reactions and they informed me that he was no longer permitted to receive any more pertussis containing vaccines. He was given a medical exemption to the pertussis component...for life.

So just to be abundantly clear: WE did not determine our son had suffered a vaccine reaction (as some of my family members have surmised), our then pediatric staff determined our son was experiencing a severe vaccine reaction.

Two months after this particular reaction (his four month round of vaccines), Ryan, at the age of six months, received yet one more vaccine, minus the pertussis component (DT), but STILL reacted with complete somnolence for several/many hours. It was after this that we ultimately decided to no longer vaccinate our son. When we approached our pediatric staff about our decision to no longer vaccinate Ryan, they were completely supportive of our decision and further, explained to us that Ryan was still welcome in their practice.

I still cannot get over how kind, supportive and compassionate this pediatric group was at that time. We were newbie parents and scared to death for our son. One of the pediatricians even called me up one day, completely out of the blue, and simply wanted to know how Ryan was doing.

What a difference between this type of treatment and the treatment I am now reading and hearing about from so many parents across the globe as they experience similar type events when their own children. The rudeness and downright hostile attitudes toward parents who are experiencing these reactions with their children, by their pediatric staff, just appalls me.

So kudos to this lovely couple. It takes a lot of courage and strength of character to stand up to your peer group, as this physician has so obviously done. Just listening to him speak, made me cry. Compassion needs to find its way back into our healthcare system in this country (and globally). It's as if our entire medical industry in the United States has lost its soul.

go Trump

Just in case some missed this item from JB Handley

Blue Cross Blue BS ... $400 bonus each / for every full vaxxed child by age two. $$$$ benefits outweigh the risks don't you know.... $$$$$

However, I would guess someday the first thing done in the ER would be to update the bleeding patients on their vaccines...


WOW. Just wow.
We need more people like this couple!


I loved listening to this Doctor... I work in a newborn nsy and have for 29 yrs... I am pretty vocal about my disdain for vaccines!!! I also sent texts out encouraging them to go see Vaxxed, but like the group of Drs you referred too they to have to bring up Dr. Wakefield!
I told a Dr. Just the other day "
I watched my grandbaby very closely today so she wouldn't die of SIDS since you inoculated her yesterday " he walked away with a sick look.... I now love reading out loud and highlighted on the fact sheet why their newborn needs a HepB ... Parents look at me dumbfounded !!! .... Carry on....I enjoy reading " Age of Autism "....

Laura Hayes

Excellent interview!

We need doctors who have convictions like this man...who refuse both the vaccine and to wear the mask...YES!!! And dare I say DUH! So hard to find thinking and principled people, especially in the medical field. This doctor, and his lovely, astute wife, are a breath of fresh air!

We also need thinking and principled parents and patients who, whenever possible, choose not to give their business to doctors who still vaccinate...because what such doctors are doing is vaccinating the hell-th, well-being, and life right out of their patients. As the community leading the charge of change, we must stop supporting such doctors.

This vaccine holocaust must be stopped and terminated, permanently. Not only do we need an immediate ban on vaccine mandates, we need an immediate moratorium on vaccinations. There is not one that has passed the test of safety, efficacy, or necessity...not one.

We need a complete paradigm shift as to how one actually protects, maintains, and enhances their own health and the health of their children. The new paradigm does not include vaccinations, pesticides, glyphosate, genetically modified foods, fluoridated water, flame retardants on furniture and clothing, or toxic cleaners. Dare I say DUH again?

Thank you to Anne, Polly, and this lovely couple.

Rebecca Lee

He's an emergency room doc and isn't afraid of anything or anybody.

Bob Moffit

God bless this BRAVE physician .. because his extraordinarily honest opinions on vaccines is sure to incite retaliation by those .. such as .. the Wichita "group of doctors" .. who signed their names to that poorly written letter criticizing VAXXED.

This good doctor used the word "sacred" when he spoke about the medical profession .. an accurate word to describe modern medicine .. based on what amounts to "religious belief in pharmaceuticals" .. rather than pure .. secular .. "science".

This was a VERY ENCOURAGING interview .. as they say .. to "change the world" .. requires changing one person at a time .. and .. VAXXED is forcing MANY people .. parents, grandparents, medical professionals, media .. etc .. to at the very least .. OPEN THEIR EYES AND EARS TO INFORMATION THEY SO DESPERATELY DO NOT WANT TO SEE OR HEAR.

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