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Dachel Wake Up: Measles Mad-ness in Arizona

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

June 13, 2016, Arizona Republic ( Hundreds of Arizona schools breeding grounds for measles? Caitlin McGlade,

About three in every 10 kindergartners who enrolled during the most recent school year without measles vaccines were missing the required exemption forms, according to Arizona Department of Health Services data analyzed by

...But hundreds of Arizona schools did not require all parents to turn in signed waivers when they

Brady Bunch measles
The Brady kids had the measles in 1969. Their biggest fear was whether the doctor would be a male or a female.

enrolled their unvaccinated children in 2015, according to records reviewed by The Arizona Republic.....

Nationwide skepticism over vaccines has swelled over the past decade, gaining traction as celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy promoted a largely debunked link between immunizations and autism....

England said some parents sign exemption forms simply because they believe it is more convenient, and that it’s unlikely parents are truly digesting the warnings displayed on the paper about not vaccinating.

I posted comments. Very biased, easily recognized, junk journalism.


Jeannette Bishop

Have Arizona schools woken up internally to the impact of the vaccine injury epidemics, or do they just have more than they can handle being expected to both police vaccine uptake with the out-of-control schedule and keep kids attending government schools enough to thoroughly learn how government is the solution with enough accompanying academic aptitude to not belie that premise?


Did they censor your comments? I don't see anything written by you in the comments section.

Joanie Calem

And what they don't publicize of course is that all of these unvaccinated kids did not result in any measles epidemic or outbreak....

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