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Dachel Wake Up: Grading VaXxed

Dachel Morning Wake UoGrading the media on “Vaxxed” (More reporting)

Grade: F

June 15, 2016, Portland (OR) Mercury: Step Aside, Lord of the Rings. Vaxxed Is the Fantasy Epic of Our Age

By Erik Henriksen

For here we come to the crux of Vaxxed—the part that, along with footage of teary-eyed parents and slow-mo close-ups of screaming babies, takes up much of the tale's runtime. Boasting secretly recorded conversations with CDC scientist William Thompson (whose own findings, too, were discredited—though this also isn't mentioned), Vaxxed accuses the nefarious CDC of destroying research that proved a link between autism and vaccines, particularly in African American boys. And since no fantasy is complete without a prophecy, Vaxxed offers that, too: Warning of "complete catastrophe," Vaxxed vows that if we keep vaccinating children, the Dark Age of 2032 will mark the epoch in which half of all children born—including 80 percent of all boys—will be autistic.

Erik Henriksen had an article about “Vaxxed” on June 8, 2016.   (It was also received an F.)

The grade of F here should stand for fraud on the part of the Portland Mercury.

Reporter Henriksen was unmoved by what he saw in “Vaxxed.” Doctors, scientists and legislators in the film raising serious concerns about an agency with vast money ties to the industry they regulate weren’t worth mentioning. Henriksen wasn’t troubled by officials with oversight over themselves. Instead, he devoted most of time to attacking Dr. Wakefield.

Dr. William Thompson’s admissions about the destruction research findings on the MMR vaccine were talked about in ONE SENTENCE.

Henriksen ridiculed the story of fraud and corruption that is the message in “Vaxxed.” It’s all just science fiction that the CDC is accused of covering up an autism risk for African American boys. All the autism everywhere that no one can explain, along with terrifying predictions of future rates, mean nothing. There’s nothing anyone could tell this person that would cause him to question any aspect of vaccine safety claims.

Henriksen simply doesn’t care. His job is to convince people “Vaxxed” isn’t worth seeing.

And of course, in the manner of all good propaganda pieces, there’s no place for comments.

Grade F

June 14, 2016Williamette Week (Portland OR): The “Documentary” Says Vaccinating Your Kids Will Make Them Autistic--"Vaxxed" is wack

By James Helmsworth 

It's totally reasonable to believe in widespread government cover-ups. The U.S. government spies on you through your computer and phone, the Chicago police department ran a secret torture chamber, and public officials in our own city knowingly allowed our kids to drink polluted water. If all of these are true—and they are—is it so crazy to think the Centers for Disease Control could be covering up vaccines' ability to cause autism? I listened to Wakefield's argument.

 ...Using sound bites from autism journalists, activists and parents of autistic people, and a few shorthand notes from a CDC meeting schedule, it posits that the CDC suppressed evidence the MMR vaccine causes autism in order to retain funding from Big Pharma.

Helmsworth is one more frightening example of journalists so bereft in ethics and a sense of duty that they can sit through "Vaxxed" and be totally untroubled by any aspect of the film. Sure, there have been government cover-ups in the past, but that could never happen when it comes to vaccines. Helmsworth has only to think back to March when the story of Michigan officials allowing lead in drinking water in Flint came to light.

This is Helmsworth's description of "Vaxxed"..."[I]t posits that the CDC suppressed evidence the MMR vaccine causes autism in order to retain funding from Big Pharma."

Helmsworth joined in the cover-up by carefully NOT mentioning any of the doctors, scientists, and elected officials appearing in "Vaxxed" who challenged the safety claims of the CDC and called for major reform of this agency.

Helmsworth's "review" was really nothing about the film. Instead, he trashed Andrew Wakefield, and he explain that vaccines don't really make that much money for pharma in the first place, so no one would have an incentive to cover up findings.

Missing was any mention of the specific study findings that were destroyed, including the 240 percent greater risk in African American boys who received the MMR before 36 months of age. Missing too were the recorded comments by Dr. Thompson where he described an agency regularly engaging in malfeasance and where "senior people just do completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable."

Helmsworth did point out that the parental accounts of vaccine injury, which he described as "a teary-eyed anecdote about how a kid started showing signs of autism after getting a vaccine," while "moving," was nothing more than coincidence.

This is the mindset of almost all of mainstream media. They're not going to look into this because it couldn't possibly be true. It just can't be.

Grade: A

June 13, 2016, Edmond (OK) Sun: Makers of the movie ‘Vaxxed’ visit Oklahoma City

Amidst the overwhelming response to the movie, producers, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey, as well as director Dr. Andrew Wakefield, attended a Q&A dinner in Bricktown Wednesday evening, with over 140 Oklahomans in attendance. Doctors and legislators joined the crowd that turned out to learn more about the CDC cover-up from ones most familiar with the story.

The reporter here described what was said during the Q and A with Del, Polly, and Andy. The unnamed reporter quoted Andrew Wakefield and talked about the push to have Dr. William Thompson testify before Congress. While there was no “Vaxxed” trailer included, it was authentic coverage.

Grade: F

June 13, 2016, Does controversial film 'Vaxxed' fan vaccination fears with discredited science?

By Grant Butler

 "Vaxxed" contends there's a link between vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella when administered to children under age 2 and autism. The film also explores whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knew about the connection and destroyed evidence from scientific studies.

Butler cleverly avoids any mention of a CDC researcher turned whistleblower who revealed a criminal cover-up of data implicating the MMR with autism. He also hides the fact that it involved African American boys. 

Earlier “Vaxxed” reviews in the press.


Jeannette Bishop

Thoroughly putting "there's no such thing as bad publicity..." to the test:

Jeannette Bishop

By Lawrence Solomon:

William H. Gaunt

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: Thank you for posting this link. This has to be the major reason they've become so hysterical in their suppression of the truth in recent years.


Here's a message for James Helmsworth of Portland's Williamette Week. To correct his claim that Pharma doesn't make money on vaccines so there is no motive for a crime. From Business Wire June 15, 2016:

"The overall revenue from the sales of vaccines has become higher than the overall revenue from the sales of drugs. Hence, major pharmaceutical companies are looking forward to entering the vaccine market."

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