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Dachel Wake Up: Egypt and Autism

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

June 22, 2016, Parent Herald: Pyramids Turned Blue: Discover The Reason Why The Egyptians Began To Talk About Autism Adeline King

Autism spectrum is a condition that Yehia had heard before, but she knew so little about it. To add insult to injury, autism in the Egyptian society is pretty much a tough issue. People in the part of the globe according to their beliefs is that his condition is a curse. ...

Thanks to Dahlia Soliman, now people in Egypt have a better understanding about the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Before they only thought of it as a mental disorder.

Now, Egypt was able to celebrate, Autism Awareness Month....

It isn't enough that we celebrate a worldwide tragedy every April by lighting monuments up in blue and pretending that it's wonderful if your child who started out happy, healthy and normal is now a nonverbal, destructive, eighteen year old in diapers and prone to wandering,

Scroll down in the story so you won't miss the video of autism awareness in Egypt. It has background music of Frank Sinatra singing "Fly Me to the Moon."  And if you watch the entire video, even the Sphinx is shown in blue lights.

People used to think of autism as "a curse" in Egypt and "a mental disorder." And now? Now Egypt is AWARE. They turn on BLUE LIGHTS. They are able to CELEBRATE. Autism is just another way of living.

CHILDREN who inexplicably get sick, lose learned skills, turn into special needs students are everywhere in the world, and no one is alarmed. No one ever uses the word crisis. Our schools are no longer filled with the best and the brightest. Children today have been reduced to the disabled and chronically ill, and every government in the world is just letting it happen.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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