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Dachel Wake Up: 'Antidote' With Michael Parker Interviews VaXxed Team

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

I have transcribed much of a talk with Andy Wakefield and Del Bigtree who've given us the film "Vaxxed."  This is the current situation in America. We are all at the mercy of an industry that controls our elected representatives, the medical profession, the media, and health officials. Brilliant discussion that will educate everyone.


May 23, 2016, VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote (Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree)  Interview by Antidote host, Michael Parker.


MICHAEL PARKER: "Today we're going to discuss the most controversial film of the year, about one of the most controversial subjects of the last couple of decades. The film is called 'Vaxxed'...." 


Michael said he had viewed the movie two times---an unheard of admission by anyone in the media talking about “Vaxxed.”

Michael brought up Del’s history in Hollywood. “You are an Emmy Award-winning television producer, on a medical journalism show--“The Doctors,” you had six seasons of that—as far as I can tell, it’s a hit, so why would you walk away from that to do a film as potentially explosive as this…?”

DEL: “First of all, the story about Dr. William Thompson, which is what this film is really about—a whistleblower at the CDC that came forward and said that they basically threw out data, manipulated data, kicked kids off of a study, committed one of the most egregious forms of scientific medical fraud we’ve ever seen on the MMR-autism study. Looking into that story, that was an extremely important story to tell. Millions of children are in harm’s way. It’s clear that this MMR vaccine has a link to autism. So we know one of the potential causes of autism now in this country, which is a skyrocketing epidemic. So that’s why I got in. I got in because, as a medical journalist, it’s always important to me to tell the important medical stories. That’s what brought me to it. But, you’re right, once I looked into that story, and Andy was the one working with Brian Hooker, he was the one that was already working on the documentary, he had years and years of the investigation behind all of this.

“So I had to say, am I going to work with Andy Wakefield? I mean this is a guy that clearly—you know I had all the bumper sticker slogans—‘Baby Killer,’ ‘Father of the Anti-Vaccine Movement’… So that was where my research began. What is this story around Andy, and is it true or not?

“And as soon as you really start looking at the Lancet paper, which is what this is all about. Andy Wakefield had 12 coauthors on a paper—which is the first thing I’d like to point out. They say, the Andy Wakefield fraud, Andy Wakefield put together this fraudulent data and published it in a paper and got it  published in The Lancet. They all leave out the fact that there were 12 coauthors on this paper—some of the top scientific minds in the world, …and they were a part of the entire study. So to call it an Andy Wakefield fraud, you really have to ask, if he was using fraudulent data, how did he get 12 of the top scientific minds in the world to sign off on it?....

Del discussed further the charges that Wakefield said MMR causes autism.

DEL: “This was a study looking at a gastrointestinal problem. These were 12 families that brought their children forward saying, …Andy was a gastroenterologist, so they went to Andy saying we’ve seen your over a hundred papers written on different gastrointestinal issues. It started with one mother contacting Andy and say, …my son has major gastrointestinal problems, and he has autism. And Andy’s response: I know nothing about autism.”

The mother pressed the issue and said that what Andy’s research showed was just like what had happened to her son.

“So that’s where the study began. The study was really about was there a novel intestinal disease or problem that went along with autism. That’s what The Lancet paper is really all about. So when people say it was about autism being caused by the MMR vaccine—NOT TRUE. How that came about was, eight of the twelve families talking about the story, in this paper as they interviewed everybody involved with these children to get to the bottom of it, eight of the twelve families said, my child’s autism began right after receiving the MMR vaccine. And it’s important to also point out that in the UK, that was the only vaccine they get that day. Here in the United States sometimes you get the MMR with other vaccines. …And the parents all had the same story, that night or soon after that vaccine, fevers, seizures, lost the ability to walk, lost the ability to talk, [and] descended into what we now know as autism….

“This side note that THE PARENTS were blaming the MMR for autism, that had to be put into the paper….”

Del went on to say that there was discussion among the other eleven researchers about omitting the parents’ claim about the MMR connection. In the end, because it was the parents’ story, they put it in the Lancet Paper, which they ethically were obligated to do.

Michael Parker brought up the claim by Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT that by 2032,“we will have one in two children with autism. Eighty percent of all males will have autism.”

Michael asked why officials are so quick to exclude “any form of external factors from being related to autism,” when autism’s cause is a complete mystery.

ANDY: “It’s actually a very straightforward story. It’s not complex at all. Autism isn’t the enigma. It’s the disease of the last 100 years. It’s appeared, it’s gone from vanishing low levels to potentially affecting one in two children by 2032.

“That is the most alarming epidemic that we have ever seen. It is absolutely extraordinary, and will destroy the economy, will destroy the social infrastructure of this country and other countries around the world.”

Andy pointed out that one in 66 children in India now have autism. Before the appearance of autism, they didn’t even have a word for the disorder in India. He explained how experts downplay all the affected children by saying it’s always been here, “we just didn’t recognize it.” Andy made it clear that the expert diagnosticians of the previous centuries made no mention of autism, or as Andy put it, “Had autism existed, it would have been described.”

Andy made an interesting comment. He said, “Medicine is looking for something to blame. Medicine  historically blamed the parents—It was the refrigerator mother… This was the medical perception of autism in the very beginning.

“Then it was genetic. It was the parents’ fault again. No, it’s not genetic. You don’t have genetic epidemics. And now the medical profession is trying to exonerate vaccines, blaming the parents again, …”

Michael Parker next talked specifically about the content of “Vaxxed.” Andy and Del reiterated the story of William Thompson and his revelations to Dr. Brian Hooker of how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention destroyed significant findings of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Andy explained how the findings on isolated autism and the MMR and on African American boys who got the MMR before the age of 36 months were manipulated to show no association. These findings were used to dismiss 5,000 vaccine injured claims involving autism by the Department of Justice. Andy called this action “obstruction of justice.”

ANDY: “So this goes from a simple fraud…to various felonies and obstruction of justice. This is a criminal act, really the most egregious, is the most serious fraud that we’ve ever witnessed in the history of medicine.”

DEL: “This is the study that we all point to in the medical industry. As a medical journalist, when we say vaccines are safe, this is the study we point to because this was the last study ever done, ever funded by the United States government, looking at: Are vaccines causing autism?

“This is the last one done, and we’re talking ten years ago. …We have one of the worst epidemics in the country, in the world, and the CDC’s officials statement right now to the public is, ‘We don’t know what’s causing autism.’ That’s really scary. …”

Del asked why news outlets aren’t talking about autism as an epidemic. “When you talk to doctors that are working specifically in this field, they believe we may be at one in 25 children being born now are ending up on the autism spectrum. Meanwhile on our news, they’ll scream and yell about 120 people in California that got measles. Or 644 people in the entire country that got measles. …

“They’re using this fear of measles to push this MMR vaccine on everybody. Meanwhile, it very well may be one of the major causes of an epidemic that’s now at one in twenty-five children. …It’s Russian roulette now with our babies. It’s an incredible fraud. And as Andy said, it goes beyond just a fraud. It’s injuring children every day, every seven minutes a child is being diagnosed with autism now in this country. What people really need to ask themselves is, why have I now heard about that? Why is no one telling me that our children are in this much danger?”

Michael addressed what he called “a press and media embargo on this story.” He pointed out how we are inundated with pharma ads for prescription drugs that come with life-threatening side effects. He asked the question, “Why would a vaccine not have side effects?”

DEL: There is no one-size-fits-all. Every race, every age, every human body type is different. …Can you imagine if you mandated everyone in the country has to have penicillin? And we don’t care that some of them die. Is that really what we’re going to say? We don’t care. Penicillin’s so great, we’re going to accept the casualty of all the deaths it’s going to create. That’s what they’re saying with vaccines. We don’t care that children get injured. We don’t care that children die. That’s just the cost of doing business. That’s at the heart of all of this. That cannot be the case. Our country cannot mandate something that we know destroys children. We just can’t do that….”

Del went on to explain that drug company ads are paying for our TV shows and these same companies also controlling the content of shows. Sponsors run the show.

DEL: “All of our news stations now are being controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s a fact. …”

Del explained what he and Andy are up against with all of mainstream news controlled by pharma.

DEL: “Just like Watergate or any story a journalist breaks, if we’re trying to get you that story, how are we going to do it when every news station is being controlled by the very industry we’re calling out? That’s what we’re up against.”


Andy brought up the fact that laws to end exemptions are being introduced across the country and they are, in fact, being written by the pharmaceutical industry.

Michael asked why there’s never been a simple comparison study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children. Andy told him that the CDC refused to do such a study, but private resources are conducting such research.

Del described how pharma controls medical school and medical journals. He went on to say that “we’re not doing long-term safety studies on vaccines.” Vaccines are in their own separate category.

The fact that the CDC has runs the vaccine program and also has oversight over vaccine safety was something that Del addressed. He called is a huge conflict of interest. “We need a totally independent testing body.”

DEL: “Too many children are being injured. We have the sickest children in the industrialized world. Four days ago, CBS came out with the story that we now have more day one infant deaths, meaning your baby dies the first day it’s alive, fifty percent more than all the other industrialized countries put together. …We’re the only group injecting a HepB sexually transmitted disease [vaccine], into a baby on its first day of life.



Andy talked about number of neonatal intensive care nurses who had told him off the record, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0CY8FhzcPg&feature=youtu.be

‘I need to tell you that what’s happening is that when …infants, premature infants, unhealthy infants are getting their hepatitis B vaccines and other vaccines,…we are ready for them to code. We are already there waiting for them to go into cardiac or respiratory arrest, because it happens so frequently.’


When asked if they’d say this in front of a camera, the response is no, because they’d lose their jobs.

Michael brought up the fact that since 1986, the pharmaceutical industry has been indemnified against any liability for injuries. Del responded by pointing how reckless this action was. The drug industry doesn’t have to worry about what they’re doing to children. BUT…the future cost is going to fall on all Americans.

DEL: “We’re watching honors classes disappear, as we’re watching these special needs classes explode in every single school. Sports programs are being sucked up, so that these special needs children can have single teachers for each one of them or every two kids. We can’t afford this.


“And then think about $5 million per child [with autism, according to the CDC]. There’s now been one million children diagnosed with autism since this fraudulent paper came out… Multiply one million children times $5 million. Do you think …is there an insurance program that can cover that? Who’s going to pay for that? And this year alone, over 100,000 children born will ultimately be diagnosed with autism. That means we’re building cities of autistic children. They’re going to be [autistic] adults, and the United States taxpayer—It’s going to bankrupt us.”


Del summed things up by saying that “this is a manmade disease and we could stop this, and we’re not because we’re more concerned with the interests of a pharmaceutical industry.”


Del told viewers to contact Washington and demand they hold a hearing on Dr. Thompson. He called for abolishing the 1986 law removing liability for the vaccine injury, and he said we need three separate vaccines for mumps, measles and rubella, plus we have to do authentic, independent studies on the safety of vaccines.

Andy called for the end of vaccine mandates and return vaccine choice to the parents.

It's clear we're up against as great a threat to our future as any foreign enemy ever was. It's time for Americans to call for an end to a corrupt system that cares nothing about the health and safety of our children.



This is the best interview I've seen with Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree. Great job, Michael Parker.


I do believe we will see an even greater effort to get more films out such as VAXXED and Man Made Epidemic, eventually people will understand that we have a real problem here.


Just listened to this interview while doing the dishes. Sat down at the end and the comments section on the YouTube page caught my attention. In reply to a comment Michael Parker says his show was "put on hiatus" 5 days ago and "It was not my choice and I do not know when it will come back." ?!? Retaliation?


Image via man-made-epidemic.com.

First Vaxxed, now Man Made Epidemic; Yet another documentary on vaccine safety gets pulled from international film festival

PRESS RELEASE, 6 June 2016
Vaccine safety documentary pulled from East End Film festival amid outside pressure

“Man Made Epidemic” by German filmmaker Natalie Beer has been pulled from London’s East End Festival. The film had originally been chosen to premiere at the festival on the 25th of June. The festival director decided to withdraw the film last Friday after a hefty discussion on their Twitter account had arisen. This is the second film dealing with vaccine safety being pulled from a film festival within a few months. Earlier this year Robert de Niro bowed to outside pressure and pulled the documentary Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival.

On Twitter the East End Film festival states:

“We believed Man Made Epidemic was well-balanced. However, further exploration of the film’s presentation has led us to withdraw it.” Taken from the Green/med info site
Banning people from seeing this film is the best way to draw attention on the topic .What are they hiding.

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