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Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Everyone needs to visit this site and watch Kevin Barry's videos. Our children are increasingly sick and disabled. They cannot function in school, which means they won't be productive members of society when they are adults. Vast numbers of them will be dependent on the taxpayers for their lifetime support and care.


(Already members of the media, taking their cue from the powerful forces that control the news, have subtly warned the candidates not to talk about the vaccine controversy. See my story from February, "If It's Sunday, It's Meet the Hush: Chuck Todd Warns Presidential Candidates Against Vaccine Topic.")

Despite this kind of overt pressure, this election has to address vaccines and the generation of injured children that has been created. The Republican and Democratic candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, need to respond. We need to see where they actually stand.

I would ask these questions:

Mr. Trump.....Mrs. Clinton.......

What will you do about the rapidly eroding trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommended vaccine schedule?

What will you do about a top scientist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, who has revealed in taped phone conversations that his superiors ordered him to destroy research that showed a causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American boys?

Are you at all concerned that this researcher said his superiors do "completely unethical, vile things and no one holds them accountable"?

Do you think parents have a right to exempt their children from mandated vaccines considering Dr. Thompson is on record saying he and fellow scientists lied about vaccine safety research?

Do you accept the claim by health officials that "studies show no link between vaccines and autism" when one of their own scientists alleges that the researchers took vaccine safety data and "watered it down more and more and more" to get the desired results?

Would you be willing to view the movie "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,"   and read the book, Vaccine Whistleblower by Kevin Barry to get an understanding of the vaccine-autism controversy?

Will you call for the removal of vaccine safety oversight from the CDC, a measure that a number of experts in "Vaxxed" call for?

What will you do about the fact that one in every seven U.S. children has a developmental/learning/behavioral problem, and every one in forty-five U.S. children has autism?

Our health officials have spent two decades looking at the increasing rate with absolutely no explanation for all the sick and disabled kids everywhere except to claim that it's the result of "better diagnosing." No official has ever called autism "a crisis." And no official has ever admitted there is a true increase in the number of affected children.

What will happen to our economy when huge numbers of young adults won't be entering the job market and going on to higher education, but will become dependent on the taxpayers for their support and care for the rest of their lives?

What will this do to our military preparedness when a significant percentage of young men are unqualified to serve in the military?

These questions matter more to the future of our country than any other issue on the political agenda. These questions affect every family in America.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Herb Townsend

Now that some paraents are avoiding vaccination for their children, has anyone compared the autism frequency of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?

Jock Doubleday

"There is no science that shows that vaccines prevent disease."
- Jock Doubleday Author, "Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination"


Francis Weibel

firstfreedom.org suffers from a lack of transparency. The site does not list its owners or directors, so I find it difficult to trust. Maybe it does not matter to most people, but it bothers me.

Maybe I am being naive. Any owner or director may expose themselves to harassment if they are listed.

bob moffit

"Do you think parents have a right to exempt their children from mandated vaccines considering Dr. Thompson is on record saying he and fellow scientists lied about vaccine safety research?"

If I could .. my question to Trump and Hillary would be more specific:

"Who should decide what vaccine a child receives .. State and Federal legislators .. or .. the child's parents?"

Though a very simple question .. it is by far the most important: WHO DECIDES?

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