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Anne Dachel Interviews Sheila Ealey on VaXxed The Movie

Sheila Ealey
By Anne Dachel

I recently talked with Sheila and recorded her responses on Skype. Not only is she the mother of a vaccine injured African American son with autism, but she’s also an outstanding advocate for children on the spectrum. For her, the cover-up revealed by William Thompson is very personal.

Sheila, tell us about your role in "Vaxxed." Why were you included in the film?

Sheila explained that she was contacted by someone who knew Dr. Andrew Wakefield was looking for an African American family affected by autism. She said that originally “Vaxxed” was simply going to be a documentary on the Autism Media Channel.

Sheila said that when she and her family were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, they temporarily lived in Austin, Texas. Thoughtful House, an autism research center that is connected to Dr. Wakefield, sponsored a theater night and Sheila met Andy for the first time. She told him the story of what happened to her son after being vaccinated..

“[Andy] and Polly came to New Orleans, and spent about three hours with us, just asking me questions about what had happened….

“Someone asked me if there was a script [for her role in “Vaxxed”], but there was no script. We were just talking casually like I’m talking to you. And that’s how I ended up becoming a part of “Vaxxed.”

Were you surprised by the reaction to "Vaxxed"? What were you expecting?

SHEILA: “When I first got involved with ‘Vaxxed,’ it didn’t even have a name because Dr. Wakefield hadn’t even named it yet. …”

Sheila explained that Andy had first used her video during presentations and talks. “Imagine my surprise when he called me and he said, ‘You’re never going to believe this. Robert DeNiro wants to screen ‘Vaxxed’ at Tribeca.’

“It came like the quiet storm. Bam! We were there. I had no idea ‘Vaxxed’ was going to end up being what it is now.”

Last April, Robert Kennedy, Jr., speaking about the children everywhere who regressed into autism following vaccination, called this a "holocaust," and he came under immediate attack in the media for the use of the term. In your speech on “Vaxxed,” you also referred to children like your son as victims of a holocaust. Do you think you have a right to use the term "holocaust"?

SHEILA: “I’ve used the word ‘holocaust’ to explain what is going on because one of the meanings of that word is ‘mass slaughter and reckless disregard of life.’ When you consider 340 percent causation rate of autism in African American boys if given [the MMR vaccine] before the age of three, when you consider a 700 percent causation rate of isolated autism in any typically developing, healthy child with no other co-morbid factors, you have to look at that and see it for what it is. It is reckless destruction of life, you are destroying these children before they even have a chance. The Nuremberg Code is based upon the fact that the Nazis did medical procedures without consent—informed consent. We don’t have informed consent. They took the right of our informed consent away when they lied and they hid the fact that they knew these things, they knew that that triple dose could do these things to our children.


“So when you consider that, that’s a holocaust.


“As Stephanie Seneff said, in sixteen more years, every one in two children will be diagnosed with autism. And eighty percent of the male population will be autistic. What else can you consider that but a holocaust. It’s massive destruction, reckless destruction of our children, of our future and our legacy. Will there be a society? Can there be a society when you destroy the children? It’s not possible.


“So yes, I consider that a holocaust.” 



What has the experience with "Vaxxed" and the aftermath done for recognition of vaccine-induced autism, in your opinion?

SHEILA: “‘Vaxxed,’ I believe is the vessel that God has used to bring and unite people together. Even though the CDC covered up what was happening to African American boys—and they’ve had a history of atrocities—medical atrocities, it has touched everyone. Autism knows no respect of person. Neurotoxins going in any child’s veins can affect them adversely and damage what would have been a very beautiful life. ‘Vaxxed’ has been the tool to bring us together. We’re in a spiritual movement. I believe that with everything in me. God is the pilot of this movement, and it is a national movement. 

“When a government decides it’s going to go to fascism and medical tyranny, and take away the public’s right to democracy, people are going to rise up. This is about people rising up. And that’s why I used ‘Get off the bus.’ It is time to stop believing the lies we’re constantly fed. When you’ve got 270 more vaccines coming down the pipeline, it makes you wonder. How did society exist without vaccinations for?  Because they did. …”

Sheila explained that “Vaxxed” is going international, in Europe and beyond. “The atrocities that are happening—they’re not just happening here, they’re happening all over the world. …

“We’re in the midst of a movement and that movement is going to forward. I said it and I’ll say it again, ‘This is our America, and we’re not going anywhere!”

Sheila Lewis Ealey is the mother four and lives with her husband Ron in New Orleans. Her son Temple was taken to the doctor to be vaccinated along with his twin sister Lucinda, he was given a double dose of the MMR vaccine, along with the DTaP and HIB vaccines. The effect was immediate. By the next morning, he was not responsive. Within the next six months, Temple was diagnosed with severe autism disorder and later in 2008 with mitochondrial myopathy one. Her son's case was one of the 5,000 injury claims dismissed by the federal government.

Since that time, Sheila has been an advocate for informed consent and truth in the vaccination program.

She was educated in New Orleans' public schools and St. Mary's Dominican College and Loyola University. Currently, she is finishing a Masters in Education. Previously, she was a co-founder, director and curriculum developer for the Creative Learning Center of Louisiana, a school for students with autism for the last 10 years. She is certified in different educational modalities and plans to pursue a doctorate in education beginning in September 2016. 

For more on Sheila Ealey, see How Autism Happens: A Conversation With Sheila Ealey By Dan Olmsted

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Brian Trappler

There's more of a connection between the vaccination industry and the research done in the Holocaust. In fact, manifest vaccination injury is suppressed by its proponents because it scares the population and threatens the entire vaccination program. Its larger goal is population control. If the desired world population quota is 700 million (for global warming), certain select groups can then be exempt, allowing a Universal Government to customize the use of anti-fertility addatives into the "vaccinations" mandated for the rest of us. This process, known as "Eugenics" is a sophisticated way of using Hitler's concept of a "Super-Race". This research module was carried over by the Rockafeller Institute using freed Nazi Germ-Scientists.

Elaine Elaine

I’m so sorry 😥

Bob Moffit

@ Danchi

Thank you for posting the link to view my newest hero .. Del Bigtree .. speak at UC Regents

Very encouraging to hear that Del has spoken to Rep. Chavitz .. shown him and his staff VAXXED .. and .. has received at least some information suggesting that a Congressional Hearing .. where Dr. Thompson will testify .. under oath .. is being seriously considered.

Won't get my hopes up too high .. after a full decade of prior disappointments by our Representatives in Congress .. but .. Del's words were .. none-the-less .. encouraging to hear.

God bless all those courageous individuals .. who like Del .. "don't have any of their own skin in the game" .. Andy Wakefield, Dan Olmsted, Sharyl Attkisson .. and many, many others .. for speaking "truth to power" .. especially when these courageous people know how financially rewarding it would be to simply surrender their voice to that POWER.

When these courageous people choose to speak truth to power .. THEY ARE VOLUNTARILY PUTTING THEIR SKIN IN THE GAME. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.


Del Bigtree speaks UC Regents 6/14/16



I thought your role in VAXXED was extremely powerful. We all stood up a little straighter in our theatre seats when we heard your testimony-thanks for giving us all the shot of energy we need to keep on speaking up, even when it seems no one is listening.

Carolyn McD

Thank you Jonathan Rose, for speaking out. I thought this when they attacked RFK Jr for using that term, that the whole idea of remembering was to prevent this from ever recurring, but I did not feel I had the right. You, with your loss, have the right, and have now given us permission on behalf of your loved ones. Thank you.

Cherry Misra

Any person who dislikes the use of the word holocaust for autism, simply does not know what autism is, the extent of it, and has likely not seen the severe cases. When I left New Delhi in May, I had recently attended a sort of carnival for the families of autistic kids. (Yes, friends, celebrating autism has now reached India ) It was huge- several hundred families, despite the fact that personal invitations had been sent out by a doctor promoting biomedical treatments. Most of the autistism families living near the venue did not even know about it. It was surreal - It looked like a big Indian wedding- packed with brightly dressed people having fun and talking to their friends; parents trying to put their affected kids on the toy train and the horse. And yet each family was simultaneiously living their own private nightmare. No journalist there to wonder, "Where on Earth did all this come from?" It is to be noted that we still have many vaccines in India that contain large doses of mercury .

Birgit Calhoun

Your experiences are so on point. Calling it holocaust is not exaggerated. My youngest son's autism was in a way much worse than death. It was a very slow death that took 40 years. He was a person and he was a constant source of worry and he was in pain, and there was no help from the medical profession. They only experimented with him. As long as he was the "material" for a study they pretended to want to help. But as soon as their hunch didn't pan out, they dropped him like a hot potato. Looking for the obvious was not part of the agenda.

John Stone

Sheila & Jonathan

This has always been controversial, and for instance Bob Krakow - for whom I have greatest respect - has always opposed it, but I also do not think we disrespect the past if we address the needs of the present catastrophe. Sometimes it seems to be the word. Frankly, anything to make people wake up.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Sheila and Anne!


re "How did the doctor or nurse mess up and give him a double dose of MMR?"

It goes into it here some:

I think I remember Sheila saying somewhere (I've watched too many videos to readily find it) that the nurse probably would have given Temple all of his sister's vaccines if Sheila hadn't caught the first mistake.

Grace Green

Jonathon Rose, thank you for sharing your experience with us, and standing up for Mrs. Ealey in this respect. I am so sorry for the loss of your relatives in the nazi holocaust. I can't understand anyone objecting to the use of the word to describe what vaccines are doing to people. We were supposed to never let this happen again, weren't we, so those who turn a blind eye to the vaccine holocaust are at the same time disrespecting the memory of those who were murdered by the nazis.

Jonathan Rose

Mrs. Ealey: As someone who lost several relatives in the Holocaust, I think you were entirely right to use that word, and I thank you for speaking out. When people willfully ignore a catastrophe in their midst, sometimes you have to use blunt language to wake them up. If anyone professes to be offended by your remarks, you can cite me in support -- and you might ask them why they aren't offended by the crippling of hundreds of thousands of children.

By the way, my relatives died at the Belzec camp, which was run by SS men with previous relevant work experience: they had participated in the Nazi program to exterminate the mentally handicapped. In 1943 Belzec was shut down and dismantled, and the ground was planted over to make it look like it had always been a farm: an expert cover-up. In fact we might never have known of the existence of this death camp if one or two escapees had not survived to tell the tale.

So here we have a story about a terrible crime committed against the mentally handicapped, a cover-up, and of course doctors who went along with the program. History isn't repeating itself exactly, but the parallels are all too ominous.


"Since that time, Sheila has been an advocate for informed consensus and truth in the vaccination program."

correction: informed consent


Thanks for telling Mississippi they need to wake up!

Geesh I have family down there and they were lucky enough to have two babies in the last few years.
They call me to tell me they are on the way to the ped to get the four year old that is not talking - a flu shot. Oh, and it is summer????

Angus Files

Thanks for speaking out Sheila .You share the same loss, as us and many on here. Some days you think, I`ve had enough of this Autism, then wake up the next morning and see someone that spurs you on that bit more, you're that for me today thank you.



A double dose of MMR - and they dismissed her case.

How did the doctor or nurse mess up and give him a double dose of MMR?

Bob Moffit

" Her son Temple was taken to the doctor to be vaccinated along with his twin sister Lucinda, he was given a double dose of the MMR vaccine, along with the DTaP and HIB vaccines. The effect was immediate. By the next morning, he was not responsive. Within the next six months, Temple was diagnosed with severe autism disorder and later in 2008 with mitochondrial myopathy one. Her son's case was one of the 5,000 injury claims dismissed by the federal government."

When I left that NYC theatre after viewing VAXXED .. it was Sheila Ealey's heart-breaking "testimony" about her son being "mistakenly given a DOUBLE dose of the MMR" .. that I knew I would remember forever. God bless her and her entire family. God forgive those responsible for Temple's life-long injury .. because .. you can rest assured .. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET WHAT THEY HAVE DONE.

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