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A Family Member Responds to VaXxed

Sister memeNote: You know Cathy Jameson for her weekly posts: sometimes amusing, often heart stopping, always required Sunday reading.  Her sister Bridget went out of her way to see VaXxed The Movie and wrote about the experience. Family members can be our source of the greatest support or the biggest disappointment.   You can read the full post and much more from Cathy at her blog. And since Cathy often ends her Sunday posts with a song, check out my choice at the end of this post. Feel free to dance. It's Friday, after all!  Kim

A Family Member Speaks Up about VaxXed

Painfully aware of what's happened to Ronan, extended family members know that vaccines have done more harm than good.  Not every family member is in agreement - and have made that quite clear to us, but a few have quietly supported us through every hurdle, seizure and setback Ronan has experienced.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully express how much our their support means to me.  
When I found out that some of our extended family were going to be attending a Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe screening in their area, I cried.  Then I made sure to thank them.  By attending the screening, they jumped out of their comfort zone and bravely spoke up with us.  

After seeing Vaxxed, my sister, who has been one of Ronan's biggest and most vocal cheerleaders over the years, felt called to share her thoughts about the film.  I know that she may get flack for sharing what she did on her FB wall, but she shares as an eye witness to what happened to Ronan.  I can think of no one better to offer such important information than someone who has seen firsthand the negative consequences of vaccines.  

After I read through her post, I asked my sister if I could share it here.  She said yes, and I'm so glad. 

My sister is my best friend.  She's an amazing aunt (and Godmother!) to Ronan and also a great writer.  She's put together some great points - ones that the autism-vaccine community has shared over and over again but ones the mainstream news so quickly glosses over.  

I hope you take time to read through her post (below).  I also hope that you share it.  It's so very well written and should be read by many. 

xo, Cat


From Ronan's aunt:

This weekend I was able to go see the movie Vaxxed, which was followed by a Q&A with the director and the producer. I was both deeply moved by the stories told and deeply disturbed by the information presented. I've been hesitating about whether to say anything about the movie since it involves such a hot button topic, but I've decided that I must. If you don't care to read any more, just keep scrolling past this. If you don't mind reading more, then buckle in. I've compiled a list of reasons why you should go see this movie while you can. 
  1. You do understand that a person can have an adverse reaction to a vaccine.
  1. You think the science is 100% sound and shouldn't be questioned.
  1. You think anyone who questions vaccine safety is a quack.
  1. You have ever referred to a vaccine questioning parent as "stupid" but figure maybe it's time to back that name calling up with some info.
  1. You think that the manipulation of data has no business in science.
  1. You are ok with the manipulation of data if it's for "the greater good."
  1. You understand that most people who question vaccines actually know someone who was vaccine injured.
  1. You believe that parental rights still mean something, especially with regard to medical procedures with known adverse reactions.
  1. You check all the ingredients for every food your child with food allergies may ingest but you've never checked the ingredients of the over 30 shots that a child is supposed to receive by age 6. 
  1. You are pregnant or have an infant right now and want more information about why anyone would question vaccine safety.



I just wanted to clarify that you can see Vaxxed in Austin, TX...
it was shown at Metropolitan 14 and Arbor 8 @ Great Hills.
I purchased tickets via Gathr Films,


Facebook has a lot of fake personas on it, used for the purpose of pushing corporate and govt/corporate agendas. Any anti-corporation stance on Facebook will ultimately be overwhelmed by a manufactured consensus opinion that's financed by very deep pockets. Please do not use Facebook. Please do not use Facebook for working to change people's minds. This is the wrong battlefield to wage war. Use public relations, instead. Read Edward Bernays on this topic.


I want all of my family and friends to be outraged -- as I am -- Outraged seems to be a hard emotion to be provoked.

What does it take to get people outraged?


We still can't see VAXXED in Austin, Texas, home of Andy Wakefield and Polly Tommey. Austin prides itself on being weird and I find that weird.

Shawn Siegel says they're working on it, though. Hopefully they'll find a venue soon.

Hans Litten

Liked the list greatly . The film is working :

Here is my list & why I plan to see the film when I can .

1. I understand that every vaccine harms to some extent – every single one ! Every single time . Autism is a cumulative event .
2. I know that science is corruptable and should always be continually questioned by intelligent people. The science however proves Vaccines are a crime against humanity.
3. I think anyone who questions vaccine safety is a half-way there. However the situation is much worse than just that.
4. I have spent 8 years so far investigating the history of vaccination.The story gets worse with each new fact learned .
5. I think that the manipulation of data has no business in science. That is a crime right ? A crime worthy of a life prison sentence I’d say .
6. I am not ok with the manipulation of data if it's for "the greater good." What is the “greater good “? Is that the other name for the Bilderbergers ?
7. Everyone needs to question vaccines before they end up knowing someone who is vaccine injured. Boycott all vaccination for it is a lie .
8. Parental rights are everything , we need to fight for them, especially with regard to medical procedures with known adverse reactions.But also in every other respect too .
9. The ingredients of the over 60 shots that a child is supposed to receive by age 16 is nothing short of a madmans cookbook.
10. I warn everyone I ever meet who is pregnant about vaccine safety who is intelligent enough to listen.

Dan Burns

Reason why some in my family won't see VAXXED: "If there were a problem with vaccines, the TV would tell us."

Bob Moffit

Just guessing here .. but .. I think the "list of reasons why you should go see this movie while you can" .. are the exact ten reasons why the vaccine cartel so desperately wanted VAXXED NOT SHOWN.

Indeed, the reason VAXXED has been so viciously attacked is precisely because it offers ANSWERS to those questions the vaccine cartel DO NOT WANT RAISED .. while at the same time .. raised completely NEW ALLEGATIONS of manipulation and fraud perpetrated by the highest levels of the CDC.

After all .. if there is a single reason why producers of VAXXED tried to reach the widest possible audience .. especially those Ronan's aunt suggested see the film .. and .. why the pro-vaccine cartel did not want the film to reach the widest possible audience .. and .. that reason is pure FEAR that the film's overall message cannot be denied.

So .. ban the film seemed like their only option to keep their lucrative, carefully constructed illusion the "benefits" of a "one size fits all vaccine" far "outweighs any and all risks".

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