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Would You Drive A Car That Failed 50% of the Time? CDC & Flu Shots.

California-lemon-law-attorneyIf you buy a car that fails, you are protected by The Lemon Law.  If you buy a vaccine that fails?  Or if that vaccine harms you? You can go suck a lemon.....  From the National Vaccine Injury Center:

Americans have never been big fans of flu shots. During the 2009 “swine flu” influenza A pandemic, only about 40 percent of adults bothered to roll up their sleeves.

Last year, flu vaccine rates were still just 47 percent for adults but pediatricians had vaccinated 75 percent of children under two years old. 2 Perhaps it is because parents are being thrown out of pediatricians’ offices if they don’t give their children every federally recommended vaccine – or maybe it is just because adults can talk about how they felt after getting vaccinated and infants and children under age two cannot.

How many times has someone told you: “The year I got a flu shot is the only year I got sick” or maybe you learned that the hard way yourself after getting vaccinated. Doctors insist that just because we get sick with a fever, headache, body aches and a terrible cough that hangs on for weeks after getting vaccinated, it doesn’t mean the vaccine made us sick. They say it was just a “coincidence” because correlation does not equal causation.

Well, that may be true some of the time, but now the CDC is admitting that flu shots don’t prevent influenza most of the time. 5 In fact, studies show that a history of seasonal flu shots can even make people more susceptible to getting sick with a fever, headache, body aches and a terrible cough that hangs on for weeks! 6 But just like with pertussis infections, a lot of people also get and transmit influenza infections without showing any symptoms at all.   Read more and watch the video at:

CDC Admits Flu Shots Fail Half the Time



Looking for risk factors for shingles, I noticed that some people said they had a shingles outbreak on the heels of a flu vaccination.


The reason they're so willing to accept a 50% failure rate, is that they know it's actually 100%.

Jeannette Bishop

One man with two in his family significantly harmed by flu vaccine...

(Not sure how long this link will stay active--Vaxxed in Novi, Michigan):

Jeannette Bishop

I probably should add that I don't know if any of the 10 vaccines they want this child to take is an actual flu shot (or which vaccine probably induced renal failure), but I'm struggling more than usual with just typing about this...

Jeannette Bishop

Annual flu vaccines may make you more susceptible to long term illness, and we can hardly prove that they provide benefit in the limited scope of just protecting against current flu strains, but let's keep religiously promoting them, and keep having no clue why so many health problems are on the rise.

And force them on a child in renal failure post vaccination before a transplant will be performed?

Bob Moffit

It is absolutely infuriating to see the callous disregard of our medical and public health professionals .. who routinely approve, recommend and administer flu vaccines at every opportunity .. including pregnant women, infants, senior citizens .. KNOWING those flu vaccines have been PROVEN .. year after year .. to be ineffective in more than 50% of the people receiving them.

Common sense inquires .. how is it possible this SHAM continues year after year .. squandering millions of dollars in advertising .. on a product that has such a MISERABLE record of success?

Hans Litten

Cochrane says the efficacy is no better than 0.5%
50% is terribly optimistic

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