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VaXxed The Movie Facts

CdcpoliticsAs you share information about vaccine safety and the connection to autism, your friends and family will likely recite what they have heard over and over in the media, "but, THAT doctor's study was "debunked."  Here is a bolus dose of clarification about who is Dr. Andrew Wakfield from the VaXXed The Movie website :

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Since the release of the 1998 paper in The Lancet, which suggested the possibility of a link between a novel form of bowel disease, autism, and the MMR vaccine, one of the report’s co-authors, Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been the subject of great controversy and defamation. Here, Wakefield addresses the allegations of fraud, conflict of interest, and medical misconduct that have been leveled against him.

Visit the VaXxed site to see the following video clips:

1. Dr. Wakefield's Medical Background

Wakefield shares his medical background as a gastroenterologist and how he became involved in research related to autism.

2. The Link Between Autism and The MMR Vaccine - 1:24

The link between the MMR and inflammatory bowel disease was first brought to the attention of Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues by the parents of sick children. Wakefield explains how human disease syndromes are normally identified and then studied and how that related to their study on MMR and the age of exposure. Jump to section.

3. MMR Vaccine Safety - 3:28

Wakefield explains how safety studies on vaccines including the MMR, were largely inadequate. Testing for single vaccines was better. Jump to section.

4. The Lancet Study - 5:05

Wakefield lays out the facts as why the case series report was published in 1998 in the Lancet. Jump to section.

5. Conflict of Interest - 6:13

Wakefield addresses the allegations against him for “conflict of interest” and how he has been accused of being on the payroll of lawyers with regards to the Lancet study versus serving as medical expert in a litigation case against the vaccine manufacturers. Jump to section.

6. The Discrediting of Dr. Wakefield - 8:21

Although there were 12 other authors on the study, Wakefield describes how he was targeted and vilified by the medical community and journalists because he had joined the litigation against and spoke out about the pharmaceutical manufactures. Brian Deer, the freelance journalist who most obviously went on the attack against Wakefield wrote for The Sunday Paper, the British paper published by James Murdoch, who was then on the board of GlaxoSmithKline. Jump to section.

7. Blood Samples - 14:25

One criticism of Wakefield is the claim that he “unethically” took blood samples from children at his son’s birthday party for the study. Wakefield shares where he was at fault. Jump to section.

8. Retraction of the Lancet Paper - 16:12

The Lancet paper was withdrawn on the basis of two allegations which Wakefield defends: 1) that the children in the study were sequentially investigated, and 2) that there was no ethical approval for the study. Jump to section.

9. Medical License - 17:21

Wakefield describes the process in which the General Medical Counsel (GMC) revoked his medical license in the UK. Although Wakefield was had to forfeit an appeal for reinstatement due to financial realities, Professor Walker Smith, a co-author on the study who also lost his license, appealed and overturned the decision and was reinstated. Jump to section.

10. Consequences - 19:56

Following the 1998 study, after Wakefield suggested that parents should opt for the single vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers (Merck and GlaxoKlineSmith) stopped making them available in the marketplace.

11. Outlook - 22:00

Despite the controversy and criticism, Wakefield explains what keeps him going.


susan wysoki

The media smear campaign to get this movie removed from Tribecca Film Festival was disgusting. You can't have a conversation about a movie if no one sees it. Congrats to Robert DeNiro, Dell Bigtree, and Robert Kennedy for offering a $100,000 reward for PROOF that vaccines are SAFE! Vaccines are NOT free of mercury, or aluminum, or other toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, in addition to other fillers like "human diploid cells" from aborted fetal tissue, animal tissues from pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, washed sheep blood red blood cells, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein, just to name a few. The CDC admits that even vaccines that people believe are "thimerosol free" still have trace amounts of mercury, they just aren't required to list it. There is no safe level of mercury, no matter how small. The combination of aluminum and mercury is particularly toxic. It's one thing to throw Andy Wakefield under the bus, but his work and research was never discredited. The UK General Medical Council threw out the case against his Co-author on the study Dr. John Walker Smith, who won his appeal and the case was thrown out. The Lancet should have reinstated the article, but they didn't. Shame on Them! None of the people associated with this film or other documentaries about vaccines EVER claim to be ANTI-VACCINE. In fact, it's just the opposite, they want SAFE VACCINES!! Why is this so hard to comprehend? Look at the Congressional Record for 2001 and 2002 where Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet's findings show "Vaccine Strain" Measles Virus (MV) in laboratory pathology found in blood, bowel, and spinal fluid of autistic patients, including his own son, Matthew. How did Vaccine Strain measles get into our kids, except through the vaccines themselves?!? Why would Merk make the single strain vaccine components of MMR unavailable to parents as an option? This isn't speculation, it's a fact. It woud be great to get more information from Dr. Bradstreet on these links, but since he was found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest in a river, 3 days after an FDA raid, that will be tough to accomplish. According to the late Dr. Bradstreet, MMR is unquestionably associated with autism, the distinction was whether it was primary causality or co-occurence, which by definition represents an association. The blogosphere to collectively malign and discredit these doctors and scientists as "Quacks" is a joke. So Dr. Wakefield is a "quack", Dr. William Thompson from the CDC is a "quack", Dr. Brian Hooker, Environmental Biologist is a "quack", all the doctors that dare to question vaccine safety are "quacks"? Clearly these "science based skeptics" have never heard these doctors presents their case. And unfortunately they never will, since over 60 doctors, including Dr. Bradstreet, who practiced holistic medicine and questioned the medical establshment, either through alternative treatments, nutrition protocols, or just speaking out against Big Pharma have been found dead or murdered in the past year and a half. Doctors who are speaking out are in fear for their safety and for good reason! The fact remains that the CDC manipulated data to cover up an association between MMR and autism. Thank God Rep Bill Posey has the documents to prove this, since the CDC destroyed evidence of this. How anyone can look at the tens of thousands of families affected by autism, listen to their uncanny testimony about their child's development before and after MMR, watch the movie VAXXED, Trace Amounts, and the Truth about Vaccines, which features Dr. Mark Geier, PHd Geneticist at NIH and Director of Genetics at the Maryland Medical Lab, and David A. Geier, Biochemist, and still claim that there is no link? Ridiculous. The other post that mentions the bogus vaccine compensation program and immunity for Big Pharma is right on! Why would they need to be protected from liability against something that is safe and harmless for our children? Over three billions dollars have been paid to familes whose children are damaged in settlements where the cases are sealed and the Pharma companies are never publicly held accountable, Why are newborn babies being given Hep B shots on the second day of life as a mandate? IV drug use, tattoos, infected needles and sexual contact are the modes of transmission...does it make sense that a newborn would need this? In the 1970;s autism was 1 in 10,000 now it;s 1 in 43? We increased the vaccine schedule from 10 shots in 1989 to 36 shots in 1990? Was there some plague in 1990 that we weren't aware of? Why are we giving twice as many shots as any other country in the western world? Vaccines are the fastest growing divisions of pharmaceutical company revenue, and represent more than 13 Billion in profits. Would we ever blindly accept the safety of a pharmaceutical drug that was only tested for 6 months? Of course not, but vaccines like Gardisil were rushed to market in just six months! How much safety data can you test in six months? Most drugs go through a 4 year review process! Look at the incestuous relationships between big Pharma, government, and the medical establishment. (Anyone remember Gov. Rick Perry mandating Gardasil in Texas?) Only to find out that his former chief of staff was a drug co. exec trying to influence public policy. What about efforts through state and federal legislation to eliminate personal/religous exemption for vaccines? We are forced to give our children this poison and not ask questions? Today, it is shocking that 1 in 6 kids has some form of neuro-developmental disability. Autism is just one component. Drug companies finance medical schools and associations like The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the AMA. A "cradle to grave" marketing campaign is now in full swing, not only for pediatric patients, but for adults and seniors. You'd have to live on another planet to miss the latest multi-million dollar advertising push for Shingles, Hep C, Pneumococcal Pneumonia, H1N1, and of course the Flu, which EVERYONE, including pregnant women, are supposed to take. But if we, as the public dare to question vaccine safety, when we KNOW that these toxic chemicals are STILL present in the Flu vaccine, and many others, somehow that is considered "Pseudoscientific anti-vaccine propoganda, crackpot, cunning-con manufactroversy?" There's a sound scientific argument....The motivation of millions of concerned parents and the public is the safety of our children, the motivation of Big Pharma to push vaccines is profit, over 13 billion to be exact, but it's the public that has it wrong? We should just trust these guardians of public health to grab and stab our kids, and not ask questions? If a kid breaks a thermometer in biology class, a hazmat crew is called in because of the mercury risk, but we're ok that mercury is still being injected into our kids? Show me that Mercury in any amount is safe!

Reading Is Fundamental

@Bob Moffit:

The public persecution of Dr Andrew Wakefield is very similar to the public persecution of Dr. [Ignaz] Semmelweis

This is much more a popular myth than what the actual history bears out.

Birgit Calhoun

The reason why I made that statement is a good one especially when it comes to the vaccine issue. The reason why Bruesewitz v. Wyeth was decided in the way it was is that none of the Supreme Court Judges had a clue about the science that is behind vaccines and mercury poisoning. They blindly trust the studies that are often generated by pharmaceutical companies themselves.

Donald Trump at the moment puts out statements that make him into a formidable candidate for the most conservative of republicans, but looking at his background his past tells a different story.

Grace Green

Sorry about my last comment - my brain gets easily side-tracked! What I really wanted to say was Del Bigtree is a powerful advocate. Having someone from the medical journalism field apparently without a personal connection with the autism problem is just what the movement needs. Andy Wakefield said, long before the movie came out, that it's no good preaching to the converted, we need to get the message out to those who don't yet know about it before it's too late. This is now happening, and this video is a platform to get the truth about the Wakefield witch hunt out to the mainstream.


The problem with Donald Trump is that he is not knowledgeable of what is important for a Supreme Court Justice. I don't mind so much that he chose judges who are conservative; but they have no science background and they are not impartial as judges should be. Trump recommends judges who are only useful in showing how conservative Trump supposedly is. He does anything to curry favor and nothing to impress me.


We live in a world where most people believe that carbon dioxide.... is a bad thing.

Where most people have been convinced that vaccines ...prevent sickness.

With all due respect, that's a pretty ridiculous point upon which to single out Trump. Or an candidate for that matter

Birgit Calhoun

The problem with Donald Trump is that he is not knowledgeable of what is important for a Supreme Court Justice. I don't mind so much that he chose judges who are conservative; but they have no science background and they are not impartial as judges should be. Trump recommends judges who are only useful in showing how conservative Trump supposedly is. He does anything to curry favor and nothing to impress me.

Jenny Allan

Yes- this was a witch hunt against the three doctors, aided and abetted by Tony Blair's Labour Government, which carried legal liability for any MMR vaccine damage. Professor Walker-Smith in his memoir, referred to the 3 year GMC disciplinary hearing as an 'inquisition'.

The London Euston Road glass and steel edifice may look modern, but the 'trial' was very much conducted along medieval lines, effectively 'fitting up' the evidence in order to achieve the guilty verdicts. It's VERY important for US citizens to understand the GMC was NOT a REAL UK court of justice. The obviously biased, and in some cases conflicted 'panel', were not the slightest bit interested in 'due process', and simply ignored evidence which favoured the defence, preferring the cherry picked, and often manufactured so called 'evidence' of Brian Deer, which had already featured in several lurid articles in Murdoch's Sunday Times, also not permitted as evidence in REAL courts.

In February 2012, it took High Court Judge, Lord Justice Mitting less than 4 days to 'quash' (his words) the guilty verdict on Professor Walker-Smith, with some scathing comments about the GMC panel's 'inaequate and superficial' scrutiny of Deer's evidence, which the Judge stated was just plain WRONG in several instances. Judge Mitting made it very plain this hounding of a distinguished elderly physician, already retired for 7 years prior to the hearing must not 'happen again', and the GMC was forced to change their procedures, to less formal tribunals.

Yes-John and Benedetta. I am one of those commenters who keeps repeating this outrage, since the UK and US press and media are all in thrall to corporate and political 'sponsors'. The only antidote to repeated lies and propaganda is constant repetition of truths.

My recent letter to the Scottish Daily Mail, replying to a pro vax troll type writing slanderous lies abour Dr Wakefield, and objecting to the Mail's very balanced published article about Vaxxed, was not published. Shame on those press outlets which keep regurgitating those ridiculous allegations of 'fraudulent' research from a 'discredited' doctor. In Scotland a senior Government medical person put out press releases blaming Dr Wakefield for outbreaks of MUMPS in our universities. He omited to tell readers these young adults nearly all received MMR vaccines in infancy.

The rise and rise of Donald Trump suggests citizens are at last sick and tired of being herded and bullied by Governments, dictated to by corporate interests, spewing out lies and propaganda.

Birgit Calhoun

The destruction of Dr. Wakefield's career is very similar to the witch hunt in the Middle Ages. It is very disturbing how truth does not count and that science is falling into such disrepute. The fact that Edward Bernays and his booklet "Propaganda" has been mentioned in this blog in another post is not surprising. Anybody who wants to know how things work nowadays must read it. It gives you the history of propaganda and it gives you more information on how lives have been destroyed. Bernays' was related to Sigmund Freud's wife. So the two were related. And considering all he has wrought and how much he has contributed to the welfare, or should I call it ilfare of the 20th century etc. no stone should remain unturned to expose the nefarious nature of that concept. I recommend this very short book. Read it here: http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/bernprop.html

Grace Green

The truth is being aired at long last. This is really good, concise, irrefutable information about Dr. Wakefield.

Benedetta, yes, Roundtree is a Quaker name from the Birmingham area, England. I'm wondering if Bigtree - a wonderful name - is from the First Nation people? I've not come across it before.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

We have had a good number of posts on AOA in which John Walker-Smith's successful appeal in the English High Court was reported, and many in which it has been mentioned, but it is a good reminder that we can't point these things out often enough.



Sorry Del Bigtree.

The name Roundtree is a more common name around this area.


I did not know that Walker-Smith had lost his medical license, and that he got it back through appeal!

Dr. Wakefield is great as always, and so is Del Roundtree


bob moffit

The public persecution of Dr Andrew Wakefield is very similar to the public persecution of Dr. Philipp Semmelweis .. who developed a "germ theory" that dared challenge the prevailing science and medicine of his time.

Ridiculed, scorned and disabused by the medical profession and scientists .. Semmelweis' "germ theory" was eventually proved correct .. unfortunately .. too late to save the thousands who unnecessarily suffered and died because the medical profession and science had resisted his theory.

I suspect the day will finally come when Dr. Wakefield's good name and reputation is recovered .. unfortunately .. again .. too late to save the thousands who will unnecessarily suffer and die .. waiting for today's medical profession and scientists to accept his initial identification of the "gut" connection between the MMR and autism.

When will we ever learn.

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