Above All, Autism, When It Comes to the Microbiome and the Immune System
Six Lethal Sins of CDC: A Toxic Legacy of Lies

Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken

Defarge 2Note:  We've excerpted this powerful article in The Truth Barrier by Sheila Ealey about the utter indifference to our children, our families and the shift in the fight for acknowledgement and yes, justice.  Read the full article Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken.

“We’ll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet.”

–Pete Townshend

“Revolutions are times of reversal; those who have been defenseless for so long suddenly find teeth. Their numbers have to make up for the experience in viciousness which they lack.”

Elias Canetti, Crowds  and Power,

  “Reversal Crowds” pp.58


As I write this, Vaxxed, the film, the movement, the awakening, is sweeping the country, arriving in hungry city after hungry city. Today Atlanta. Next Chicago. Compton LA on Thursday.
Nations around the world are begging for Vaxxed to come to them too. Film stars, rap stars, politicians, even doctors are getting on board, after they see, and are transformed by the film.

There is now more demand than Vaxxed can even meet. Perhaps they are hiring more staff.

As one veteran vaccine warrior mother put it on FB: “The tide is not turning. It has turned.”

(By the way, my desk’s paperweight is a medium sized chunk of the Berlin Wall, which I picked up myself, in November 1989. Technically it is the property of GDR, but that does not exist anymore. This is my wish for the CDC.)

Last week, the Vaxxed team– now a touring three piece rock band, or maybe The Avengers–Del Bigtree, (representing, science journalism, and major league baseball)  Andrew Wakefield (representing persecuted science, and big picture) and Polly Tommy (representing the awakened mother, media, and the Mod*) (*will explain later) did what is known as an “ambush” at SB 277 architect Senator Richard Pan’s (D-Sacramento) office, in an effort to talk to him. Pan bolted down a corridor, and two flights of stairs, igniting the obvious hashtag #PanRan, which exploded on social media.

(It is funny, when Del Bigtree says, “I have to hand it to Pan. He is fast.”)

I remember learning that Robespierre feared laughter more than anything, and that when he heard it, he knew he was finished. I think, also, when the powerful begin to run from their own power bases, offices, behaving as prey, not predator, you don’t have to be Elias Canetti to understand it’s getting real....     Read more at Sheila Lewis Ealey: Voice Of The Broken, Voice Of The Unbroken



You know what's really interesting about the media accepting 80% of it's funding from Pharma - I remember when cable TV was just an idea being presented to the American public. The public was told that if they paid a monthly fee, they would have high quality programming with no commercials. So how did it turn out? Not only does the media take obscene amounts of money from Pharma, but the public also pays ridiculous exorbitant monthly fees for the privilege of being continuously bombarded with commercials and propagandized mental junk food. I guess as long as the public keeps taking their Prozac, they'll keep writing those monthly checks (or however people pay bills in 2016). Is it that phenomena where the abused love the abuser? Or is it addiction? Or societal hypnosis? Brainwashing? Pack mentality where one just does what the others are doing? Whatever it is, it's crazy.


Even if they didn't reverse the rule about pharma advertising, shouldn't there at the VERY least be a rule that major media with certain amount of coverage cannot be allowed to receive more than 5% of their income from any one given industry and that market competitors to those industries willing to pay money cannot be declined air time?

Angus Files

Much as I agree with the flight of Pan,I still feel that like the tobacco industry they will try to reverse any progress that may have occurred..until the few orchestrating this human disaster are in jail and wealth forfeited I like many on here wont rest..


Gary Ogden

Linda 1: They are both worse! Equally worse? I requested a Dem ballot so I could vote against Hillary, but it hardly matters who is president. Both Bill Clinton and Dubya were equally horrid. It is the totally corrupt Congress who has the biggest impact.

John Stone


The British humourist Sandi Toksvig remarked about Sarah Palin that it would almost be worth her becoming President although it would almost certainly bring about the end of the world because it would probably be the most hilarious last five minutes you could hope for. Take it in that spirit.




I never vote for the lesser of two evils. In this case, I can't even tell who is worse. I don't know why I'm laughing :o).

John Stone


I know you are such an admirer of Trump!


"...it was the result of an executive order under Bill Clinton's administration in 1996 deristricting pharmaceutical advertising."

And we should elect another Clinton? I think not.

Come to think of it, what would possess a president to do something like that? With so much to do as president, why an executive order (no less) to change how one industry advertises? Was there a public health crisis that demanded the allowance of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising? When only one other developed nation in the world (New Zealand since 1981) allows it? Wonder what Clinton received in return for that favor.

John Stone


Just to note that pharmaceutical domination of the media was achieved without even legislation: it was the result of an executive order under Bill Clinton's administration in 1996 deristricting pharmaceutical advertising.


In the mid-nineties when I first became aware that my child and others had a biological condition that manifested as learning disabilities, I thought the day would arrive when the mainstream media would have headlines announcing the biological origin of the epidemic. I never could have imagined the level of cover-up and deceit of the last twenty years. I never could have imagined a school system that bans children from education for not having vaccines like HepB that aren't even for contagious diseases. When Del Bigtree says in Vaxxed that the mainstream media didn't report the CDC whistleblower story because like his TV show the big media outlets are owned (more or less) by the pharmaceutical industry, I am again bewilderment. How could our politicians have allowed this to happen. How could the California legislature have sold out the children of California to the drug companies. These same legislators are supposedly super environmental (that is how they got elected) and yet the drug companies are the worst of environmental polluters since their drugs once in the water system can't be filtered out. In the future we'll all be drinking water laced with pharmaceuticals as will our wildlife and fishes. It's such a nightmare.


The Avengers is the best choice - saving the world from very powerful evil --

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