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New Yorkers Protest Di Blasio Assault on Religious Freedom on 5/13

New York StormFrom Autism Action Network. Learn more here.

Demonstration for religious exemption rights
Friday, May 13, Staten Island, 10 am

     It’s time to stop the di Blasio religious exemption inquisition. They’re coming to Staten Island this Friday to interrogate and pass judgment on three families that are applying for religious exemptions from vaccine mandates. We need you to come out and support the families and make a statement that di Blasio’s inquisition has to stop.

     Please come to this Friday at 10 am for a show of solidarity with the families and for a press event at 10:30. Bring family and friends. Please bring signs focused on religious exemption rights only. Public School PS R373, 91 Henderson Avenue, Staten Island, NY.

       New York is the only state in America that allows public employees to interrogate people and pass judgment on their religious beliefs as part of applying for a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. Forty-six other states provide exemptions automatically upon providing a letter or filling out a form. And in the past few months the di Blasio administration appears to have completely ceased issuing religious exemptions. New York City is the only school district in the state, or the USA, that has full-time inquisitors, some making $100,000 per year, who do nothing but interrogate people about their religious beliefs and delve into their souls to determine whether they have “sincere and genuine” religious beliefs. No one else in America knows how to do this, Pope Francis famously said, “Who am I to judge?” but di Blasio’s inquisitors have it all figured out.

    They are enforcing an illegal quota on the number of exemptions issued,
    They are revoking long-standing exemptions,
    They are refusing to provide translators for interrogations,
    They are denying applications and refusing to say why as required by NY law,
    They are denying children educations.

     Please share this message with friends and families and please post to social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please make a donation at


Grace Green

"Religion" is about morality. Surely our primary responsibility is to protect our children. Get these interrogators into the debate about what is good for children, vaccines or nature.


I don't think you should have to claim to be part of a religious organization to refuse to have something injected into your bloodstream or that of your child. I understand we have to fight for every exemption we have, but this right should be for everyone - religious or not.


If the authorities are claiming that parents want to decline vaccinations on religious grounds --

then point out to them that Scientology saves millions (or billions) of dollars pretending to be a "religious" organization.

What would the authorities do about, or say to, parents who claim to belong to Scientology -- do they recognize it as a "religion" for tax purposes, but not for parental-rights purposes?

Worth asking the question, at least.


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