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Joshua Coleman Videotapes Dr. Richard Pan Bolting Down Stairs Away from VaXxed Producer

Steve Harvey Pan
NOTE:  Thank you to Joshua Coleman for sharing this video from Senator Richard Pan's office in Sacramento California.  Dr. Pan is the sponsor of SB277, a California law passed that denied vaccination exemption rights to millions of Californian children and their families.  When confronted by the VaXxed team to discuss the impact of his bill, he flew down a staircase faster than Peter Pan himself can fly.   Dr. Pan has claimed he was not running, but like Steve Harvey declaring Miss Colombia the winner of Miss Universe, when in fact, Miss Philippines had won, public statements can't always be taken as fact.

We had at least 3 of Pan's constituents with us. We stood in Pan's office very quietly and calmly with Pan run 2cameras put away. (although I snuck a little bit of footage with my cell phone in his office) His secretary said he wasn't in.

Then, Katie Mills saw him quietly sneaking out a side door and literally start RUNNING down the hall.

Del walked outside and asked if he could talk to him and Pan yelled back that he was "late for a meeting" and then Pan ran as fast as he could down the hall, two flights of stairs, another hallway pass the security at the Sergeant At Arms area where we could go and immediately started walking when he was in his safe place.

Pan is online doing damage control saying he was walking to the AAPI Heritage Month Ceremony (which wasn't the same direction he was going)

What a day!

I'm Joshua Coleman videographer and photographer.  I have a vaccine injured child who is paralyzed by vaccine induced transverse myelitis.  I testified at a senate hearing against AB1117,  spoke at several rallies against SB277 and have shot and produced over 60 videos informing people about the dangers of vaccines.



A nun and a priest was escorted out by the police when trying to talk to Pan

And so--- Del. Wakefield - made him escort himself down to the police - Putting them above a nun and a priest perhaps. Is that sainthood. LOL


I hope it is alright to copy and paste
your link Jeanette?

Jen says:

May 17, 2016 at 4:25 pm

Bravo! Well said. We are near a tipping point, The truth is set to cascade.
I’d like to offer one tiny correction: Del, Andy, and Polly didn’t ambush Senator Pan. There were a group of Sacramento activists accompanying them in the Capitol that day, including four of Pan’s constituents. Pan and his staff knew we’d be coming. For two weeks we had been communicating with his office in attempt to get an appointment. We were using the online appointment setting system (which I assume is broken as I’ve been using it in attempts at getting an appointment for 14 months now, have yet to have an appointment request honored). There was a letter written requesting an appointment that was signed by almost 50 of his district constituents (I know, I wrote the letter), which was emailed AND hand delivered the week before (this in conjunction to phone call requests for an appointment as well). Pan knew we were coming, it wasn’t an ambush, yet he still ran. We were granted appointments with several other legislators; some appointments made in advance, some granted on the spot. A Sacramento activist team visited EVERY SINGLE Senate and Assembleypersons office, gave them a Vaxxed postcard and invited them to the movie (they were in session the week Vaxxed was playing in Sacramento). We also told every office that Del, Andy, and Polly would be in the building and might stop by. Some gracious representatives welcomed the entire team with open arms, Senators Anderson and Moorlach for example. Some representatives granted on the spot meetings without prior notice; Assemblymen Gomez for instance. Some, who were very PRO SB277 granted us an audience; Ben Allen’s COS for instance. In case you’re not familiar, Ben Allen is the co-author of SB277. We were told over and over that day at the Capitol that the implementation of the bill is a nightmare and that constituents and schools are drowning the staffers with phone callsand emails; office after office told us that Pan has been unwilling to respond to their requests for guidance. So you see, it’s not just Wakefield and Co. Pan’s running from, it’s not just his constituents he’s running from, it’s also his colleagues.

He is a man without integrity. He doesn’t answer to the people, he answers to special interests. And he is the perfect example of all that’s wrong in our political system.

FYI- in 14 months not one of us from this activism movement has been granted an appointment. NOT ONE! Last August I went to his office with a Nun and a Pastor, whom are both very upset about this law. As a thank you for our desperate attempt to speak with Pan we were escorted to the Capitol Police office. This is how Pan and his staff operate. Truth and integrity are not currencies this man operates with.

Jeannette Bishop



Eddie Unwind

Pan's run, it's probably just confusing correlation with causation...

Angus Files

Well done Josh ,Del must have engendered irrational fear of the truth..RUN!!!



I would like to ask "Dick" what the scientific basis is for his claim that severe reactions to the DPT have been historically caused not by the vaccine, but by genetics. Is he basing his opinion on the teachings of vaccine fanatics, liars and criminals such as Paul Offit?

Because there is no scientific basis for his claim. None.

Doctors who know better should write to him, to the California Medical Board, to "scientific" journals perpetuating this FRAUD, and to the media to call him out on this outrageous, disrespectful (to the injured and diseased) and dangerous lie.

This ranks right up there with the CDC's crimes - Pan covering up the truth, lying about the science in order to coerce the public into taking the murderous DPT, falsely claiming that this vaccine never harmed anyone.

Quote from

"Nearly all seizure disorders that occur in infancy or early childhood, even those that occur shortly after vaccination, are caused by genetic disorders...Many children who were diagnosed with pertussis vaccine encephalopathy were not harmed by a vaccine at all; they had a clear genetic basis for their disease."


Laura Hayes

Brilliant film work, Josh, as always! Thank you for catching this clown, Pan, on video.

Californians, please remember that this ignorant, bought-and-paid-for FOOL is making laws that we are now forced to live under.

For more of his bumbling idiocy, read this article I wrote after his presentation at UC Berkeley's School of Public "Health" (LOL).

"SB277 Sponsor Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury" by Laura Hayes

Also, you can watch ANY of his footage during the hearings for AB2109 (when he was an Assembly Member) and SB277 (when he was a Senator) to see how the man not only lies, but also how he cannot speak in complete or sensible sentences for the life of him.

He is a pathetic excuse for a doctor, elected official, and lawmaker...not to mention a danger in all 3 capacities, as his statements, recommendations, and laws regarding vaccinations are harmful and potentially deadly. Furthermore, he is a danger in that he has not only threatened our liberty and parental rights in CA, he has unconstitutionally, unethically, and wrongfully helped to eliminate them. In my opinion, he should be removed from his medical and legislative duties immediately.

I also talk about him in my most recent radio interview with Jeanie Keltner, which can still be heard on KVMR's website:

Click on "Listen" at the top of the home page.

Click on "Archives" at the bottom of the Listen section.

Click on "Wed., April 6th, 2016, 12:00pm" in the middle column titled "Date" (you will have to scroll down a ways).

Click on the play arrow in the right column titled "Action".

The interview begins at the 7:17 mark and goes until about the 57:00 minute mark. MY COMMENTS ABOUT PAN are from the 46:05-48:30 mark, but begin at 44:35 if you also want to hear my praise for Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Hope to have a YouTube link for it soon!

Keep up your GREAT and NEEDED work, Josh!


Oh wow. I almost choked on my trail mix as I was watching this. Unbelievable. But way to go, Del!


My husband's suit doesn't swing like that when he walks. Looks like politicians' double speak needs it's very own dictionary. Like, what is their definition of serious side effects, versus what any normal everyday parent calls serious side effects.


Thank you Josh, for this, and all your work in exposing the dangerous vaccine program and corrupt politics that support it.

To those not familiar with Senator Pan, he REALLY is a lying coward that survives by being insulated from any type of scrutiny. He is able to lie at hearings, and no one can speak up to challenge him. He makes false statements to the press, who never fact check. He refused to meet with any constituent, any doctor, any clergy member or anyone at all that opposed SB 277 while it was being pushed thru the Senate and Assembly.

He prospers because he runs away from scrutiny. It is what he does. His cowardly display Monday was not unusual, it is exactly how he conducts himself on a daily basis.

Gary Ogden

Guilt speaking loud and clear. Six nice people of calm demeanor striking utter terror into the heart of this buffoon and scoundrel. That says it all.


Ohhh, the video of Pan running!
------- And why was Del Bigtree not allowed in some sergeant office (what ever that is) After all two dressed up suits of pharmacy lobbyists where allowed right on the floor of the state senate - whispering and conniving.

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