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James Lyons-Weiler PhD on Vaccination Science: My Journey from Ignorance

Rear view mirror
We are pleased to excerpt this post from James Lyons-Weiler, author The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism (Skyhorse Publishing).  Cures vs. Profits: Successes in Translational Research (World Scientific, 2016) and Ebola: An Evolving Story (World Scientific, 2015).   You can read his full post at his site: James Lyons Weiler, PhD

We invite you to visit IPAK and read about the CDC Accountability Project. "The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is a not-for-profit organization* which exists to perform scientific research in the public interest. We use the principles and practices of scientific research to help individual researchers, research teams, consortia, and companies push their project through roadblocks, or map their way around them via evidence-based alternatives."


WHILE RETURNING from the United Nations building where I heard NYU Professor Mary Holland (School of Law) nail the issues of constitutional and international law on the right to informed consent to the floor, to a standing ovation. To my delight, I received an email from Mary, which read, in part:

“I  started reading your Ebola book last night.  Wow, you have evolved a lot in your thinking on vaccines in a VERY short period, based on your definition of ‘antivaxxers’ at bottom of 206, top of 207.  Have you written up how your views evolved so quickly?  It might be a helpful roadmap towards turning others around.  Was this all in connection with the autism book, or did your views changing precede that book?”

Looking at my book this morning, I turned to page 206, with trepidation, to find the younger, knowing me, trying to save the world by chiding and deriding people whom I have come to learn much more about in the past two years:

“Again and again with Ebola we see, from Guinea to the US, societies struggling with the ethical problem of the needs (and wants) of a few vs. the safety (and lives) on the many”.

Ok, that’s not too bad.  A bit uppity, but I cannot disagree. But it gets worse.

“With over 100 cases confirmed, the US is, at the time of this writing, at high risk of an epidemic of measles because the herd immunity is lacking due to a dogmatic antivaccination movement”.

I warned you.

Deplorably, I continue:

“The efficacy of the measles vaccine in protecting children against terrible diseases should be reason enough for parents to insist on vaccinating their children, but the so-called ‘anti-vaxxers’ (people who believe vaccines place their children at risk of developing autism) fail to consider the greater good: They put others at risk by not participating in national programs for the greater good.”

I really do not like my former self. Naturally, I continue, because I knew SO much before I actually looked into the studies and the data:

“This perspective is more than mere 20:20 hindsight; such occurrences of cultural and institutional amnesia are certain to recur as our society becomes more reliant and trusting in technology, and we forget to respect the awesome power of biology and Nature”.

I really don’t know this guy, I swear.

Mary Holland will certainly be remembered as one of the most staunch defenders of human rights, well, in the history of abuses in medicine. So back to Mary’s question:

“Have you written up how your views evolved so quickly?  It might be a helpful roadmap towards turning others around.  Was this all in connection with the autism book, or did your views changing precede that book?”

Here’s how and why my views have changed. First, I was really rather upset about the fact that CDC Director Thomas Freiden stated in his testimony to Congress that there were no mutations in the Ebolavirus that was driving the epidemic.  I was upset because I had the 396 mutations on my laptop at the very moment he testified to Congress.  I capture that moment in “Ebola“. My anger at the CDC increased when I attended a secret White House conference call, held by the Ebola Czar, in which I asked about the 396 mutations – whether they influenced the ability of tests to detect Ebola, or altered its virulence or transmissibility. In that call, the entire scientific community was lied to again by a CDC Scientist who claimed that the virus was “99.9999% identical to the strain from Zaire in 1995”, which was not true at all.  I capture both of those events in “Ebola”, as well as how the White House then asked the Associated Press to stop covering potential cases of Ebola in the US.  I even ask in that book whether that was “fascism”.

Fast forward a couple of months to where I had decided to write “Cures vs. Profits“. I felt that we had bungled our response to Ebola so badly that I wanted to cheer myself up and write a book on the successes in biomedical research.  Having participated in so many studies over the past two decades, I knew of many reasons that the public should continue to support biomedical research, and I was going to share all that I knew, and discover more. The first two chapters deal with “the bad stuff” – the doctors who cheat at medicare fraud, which robs other patients of needed funds for real medicine – and the biomedical researchers who cheat at their research studies.

I wrote my chapters out on grapefruit, on cancer vaccines, on prostate cancer robotic surgery, and then something happened: I wrote a chapter on ADHD overdiagnosis. I tell the story of the destruction of a promising career of Dr. Gretchen Watson.  Pharma sent a “Key Opinion Leader” to EVMS to debate her over her study, and the next day she was told her case load was canceled, that her colleagues were told that she no longer worked at EVMS, and that she was to expected to resign.  She refused, and won an appeal to HR.  But then someone floated a rumor that she manipulated her data in the 1996 study showing overdiagnosis.

The investigation revealed no flaw – well, a typo in an appendix – but the damage to her career was done. The good news is that Dr. Watson has decided to write of book of her own after reading my chapter on ADHD.  She now also serves on the Board at IPAK.

When I finished writing the rest of “Cures“, including chapters on the history of hormone receptor status in breast cancer, chemosensitivity assays, characteristics of good research scientists, and cancer vaccines, I found the book missing something.

So I decided to write a chapter on Vaccines.

I’ll let the chapter on vaccines speak for itself- it begins with tales of how wonderful vaccines are, how they save lives.  I went back to review the autism/vaccine link, fully expecting to review the Andrew Wakefield issue briefly, how his claims that MMR were linked to vaccines. I read the retracted study.

I found that Andrew Wakefield never claimed that the MMR might cause autism.  Instead, I found the study to suggest that it was a question worth looking into.

My digging around then led to my discovery of reports that someone at CDC had revealed that CDC had manipulated data on the studies designed to disprove Wakefield by omitting results with a positive association.

The more I dug into the issue, and then into the literature, the more I found the science of vaccines falling far short of the science needed to insure public health via any medical procedure given to millions. And this is where I leave the issue in “Cures“. I added an addendum that reviews four open controversies in vaccines that cause me to question whether vaccines can be called an unmitigated success in translational research.

In retrospect, I see that position as something of an understatement.

My understanding of vaccines was (obviously) limited, and I needed to grasp the risks involved. I needed resolution. So after I completed “Cures“, I began writing about what I had learned. I spoke with people with an open mind. I started to listen not only to what these evil, selfish “anti-vaxxers” had to say, I started to really think about the consequences of the additives. I began to question the over-arching claims of safety.

And via some new contacts, I made connection with Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing. After a few chats, he, Louis Conte and I agreed that I should write a book on the Genetics of Autism. (I love Louis – and knowing what I know of him now, my bet is that he thought I was a good prospect – but somehow I can hear him telling Tony that Jack has ‘a way to go, but I think he’ll get there’. Thank you Louis for the confidence.

So in I dove, into 3,000 research articles on autism.  Not on vaccines – on autism.  I wanted to know if the basic science could in any way reasonably support a hypothesis that vaccines or their additives cause autism. The answer is a resounding “Yes, yes, and yes”. Other articles in this blog will give you an idea of some of the evidence that exists on the role of chronic microglial activation and autism, for example.

To the readers of “Ebola” who feel confused or hurt by my, and others’ ignorance, please remember that there is a Great Unknowing, even among professionals.  Think about it – all “Anti-vaxxers” with vaccine-injured children were once pro-vaccine. As I advised some 500 participants at the VIALs Health Summit in Atlanta, GA, do not argue with them – educate them. Your anger and frustration is warranted, but help them move from ignorance to awareness and understanding.


Nelda McEwen

Dr. Lyons-Weiler, I an not asking anybody to agree with my point of view. I want people to are able to analyse data to be free to go where the evidence leads. I had my own little experiment following the 1980's Tdap that spun my little world back in the day. Barbara Loe Fisher wrote about her personal observations about the damaging affects of this vaccine in 'A Shot in the Dark'.

It is when the experiential truth, and the scientific truth come to the same point; the greater truth. It just takes courage. Thank you for having that courage of heart. For those of us on the front lines....thank you.


So, it wasn't really so hard to come out of your government induced coma? All you needed to do is look into scientific data. That is what really fascinates me that people who know almost nothing about actual natural processes happening in the Nature writing books, and people who reeds those books become convinced that this is the truth, just because you can read it in that book. Can you imagine how much harm you done? Your books out there and people still read it.....

Birgit Calhoun

It's more like, we had no reason to believe that vaccines were not prepared with the utmost care. It's more like we had no idea that they included toxins in the vaccine that really have nothing to do with vaccines and also that vaccines don't just inoculate against one thing. When I got a tetanus shot, I used to think it was a tetanus shout. I had no idea that it contained pertussis and diphtheria as well. When I was given a rubella shot when I was pregnant, I had no idea that in that first year of its existence that vaccine also contained mercury. I thought I was really informed about a lot of things. But then I only knew about thalidomide, and I thought that was a lesson that had been learned the hard way. A read a book about it much later.

Birgit Calhoun

James, thank you! I am glad you changed your mind. I wished more people changed their minds like that. When I talk intelligently to people I am almost never successful with my arguments. Maybe it's the water, maybe it's the lack of good food. But mostly, it's an unwillingness to go to the depth of the problem. When I say something about mercury, people roll their eyes. There is trust in the system, and nobody believes that mercury can do so much damage.

Kathryn B

I read "A Shot in The Dark." That's all it took. I couldn't bear the chance that the light could go out in my sweet baby. That was nearly 20 years ago.

Fast forward to the H1N1 Swine Flu fake scare a few years ago. (Did you know that they applied for a patent on the vaccine before the Swine Flu was "discovered"?) I suddenly remembered being a pre-teen and my mom taking us all into the National Guard Armory in town to get flu shots. Then they took it off the market (which they would never do now) due to Guillian Barre (I am assuming) paralysis. For weeks I woke up each morning and kicked my legs around just to make sure I wasn't paralyzed.


So it would seem, James, that witnessing corruption in one part of the government/science public/private partnership as they chose to disregard pertinent facts was a chink in the armor of your faith in your own opinion which gave you the freedom to further explore vaccine science.

Of course the eventual revelation was aided by time and dedication to writing a book, something most people will never have. Are you doing your writing on top of another full time job? I oftentimes sit and wonder how to convey over a decade of learning into a soundbite. How does the vaccine rights movement pare the immense encyclopedia of the vaccine industry, its corruption, and everything that allows it to thrive, down into a formula to reach as many people as quickly as possible in just the right way to find their chinks and feed their curiosity?


About ebola. I did some research -- not enough to be really conclusive, because it's long and tedious -- and from what I've seen so far it looks like EVERY ebola hotspot is a place where clinical trials were being conducted. Vaccines, I think, but don't remember for sure.

If anyone has copious time, patience and determination, they can work their way through the "historical documents" at and do a real job of looking into it.

Laura Hayes

I appreciated your message, Hans Litten. Thank you :)

Hans Litten

I suspect Laura Hayes , the liars and thieves had wished they had let you leave without vaccinating your child that day too . (they prefer the quiet ones who take these crimes without complaint.)

Bravo & Kudos to you however for the formidable fight you have shown since.

Stand Up!

Thank you James for having the courage to raise your awareness, trust your instincts, and ultimately follow through with investigating the reality behind the toxic practice of vaccination.

Laura Hayes

James, all anti-vaxxers with vaccine-injured children were not once pro-vaccine. Not at all.

When I took my first child in for her "well-baby" visit at two months, having no idea it was actually a "we are going to start vaccinating the hell-th and well-being right out of your baby" visit, I instinctually knew to flee when the pediatrician said, "Well, it's time for her shots." I replied, "I have no idea what you are talking about, but I do not want any shots for my baby." I hugged my baby to myself as I packed up our stuff and headed out the door.

The doctor followed me to the lobby, told me to have a seat, read this handout, and that she'd be back out to talk with me. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY MOTHER'S INSTINCT, FLED IMMEDIATELY, NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN!

She handed me a half sheet of paper with about 3 sentences that spewed vaccine propaganda, including that vaccines were extremely safe, adversely affecting 1 in a million, with no mention as to the severity of what that adverse reaction might be. I sat there sweating, with my heart racing, and my intellect and God-given protective maternal instinct telling me to leave immediately. Tragically, I didn't. The doctor returned after 15 minutes, grabbed my elbow, and said, "Come on now. Your baby needs these shots." And like a lamb being led to the slaughter, I followed her back to the exam room, allowing her to poison and harm my child...and setting the stage for me to allow the poisoning and harming of my next 2 children, too.

Why? Because I was brought up to trust doctors, and to trust them more than myself...BIG MISTAKE!!! Because our society has taught women to tune out their maternal instincts in favor of "science." Another BIG MISTAKE!!! Because I WAS LIED TO by one who is to "first, do no harm". Vaccines are not safe, they are not effective, and they are not needed. Rather, they are THE BIGGEST SCAM OF THE PAST CENTURY!!!

I think it is flat-out wrong to say that anti-vaxxers with vaccine-injured children were all once pro-vaccine. Many of us weren't. What we ALL have in common is that WE WERE LIED TO, DECEIVED, AND TRICKED/COERCED/FORCED into allowing the harming, disabling, and in some cases, killing of our children. And that is an important difference.


The first time I heard someone say vaccines caused the death of a child was in the 1960's when my cousin would tell anyone who would listen that the pertussis shot cause her baby's crib death. The baby died the day after the shot. Funny even though I was really young I don't recall anyone calling her crazy. As my kids were growing up and going through their well children visits I recall their pediatrician, who was also my pediatrician, coming into the nurses station when it was time for their shots telling the nurse that they didn't need it that visit. So we left. Odd but I didn't question it until a friend, who was a chemist for the water dept told me of a new person on his team who used to work for a small independent pharmaceutical manufacturer in the city. He also was a chemist. This guy told my friend he left the pharmaceutical company and took a pay cut after he discovered that there were two different sets of vaccines being distributed by accident. As part of his job he packaged vaccine vials to be distributed to various locations in the Midwest. He had noticed for sometime that the markings on the shipping boxes were different even though it was the same vaccine. One day he was distracted and mixed the vials up so thinking it didn't make a difference he shipped the boxes out-because it was the same vaccine right? Apparently not.

The next day he told his supervisor what happened and was dressed down for being careless. Not understanding what was going on he asked what the big deal was and said the guy just walked away in a huff. He was not told what the problem was but the entire days shipment was recalled. He noticed over time that he was being watched and his shift was changed to midnight. He was a chemist why was he working nights when there was no real work. Complaining to the night janitor a couple of months later the janitor asked him didn't he noticed the coding on the box and vials and where the boxes were going. It was at this point he started snooping and found out that the vaccine were labeled different even though they were the same vaccine and some went to clinics in what could be called ethnic areas and some went to the more wealthy parts of states of predominately white areas. When he discovered this he quit.

This man never investigated this further but he would tell everyone he knew with children not to get vaccinated because there was something going on with the vaccines that the government knew about because this pharmaceutical company had a contract with the government. I really didn't remember all of this until I had my own issues with the drug interactions I had and began putting the pieces together. Corruption within the government/pharmaceutical medical complex has been going on a long long time.

Bob Moffit

"Think about it – all “Anti-vaxxers” with vaccine-injured children were once pro-vaccine."

Not only were "anti-vaxxers" .. like myself .. a 15 year old at the time of Salk's polio vaccine .. which I honestly thought would be the greatest contribution to mankind that I would see in my lifetime .. once "pro-vaccine" .. we also TRUSTED .. without question .. the guys in the white coats to care for our most precious resources .. our children and grandchildren.

Speaking for myself alone .. I will always regret not leaning for MYSELF that a VACCINE may have been the "cause" of my then 4 year old daughter's inexplicable ITP blood disease .. which eventually required the surgical removal of her spleen.

Indeed .. had I been more diligent .. in the 1960's .. and .. had access to the internet that was unavailable then .. I would have been FOREWARNED of the potential dangers of vaccines when my third grandson was born .. and .. received HEP B vaccines and others .. containing high concentrations of Thimerosal (mercury).. by the age of two.

I don't know which was worse .. the betrayal of my trust in the medical profession .. who I now suspect KNEW but did not tell us our daughter may have been vaccine injured .. or .. today's federal regulatory bureaucracies that have recommended .. approved .. and .. promoted .. the ever increasing numbers of vaccines our children receive today.

Am I an "anti-vaxxer" today .. you can bet your life on it.

John Stone

Thank you James

I suppose I had a revelation round about 2004. It had been evident to me for some time that there were serious questions over certain vaccine products and the by and large we were be misled and lied to. The thing that I came to at that point - apart from the fact that if you moved from product to product the picture itself was never as clear as you thought - was simply that if you had the machinery for asserting the effectiveness of a class of products "vaccines" and denying their harms, then it did not really matter what the product was, the system would simply go into over-drive protecting it. The products are not so infallible but the bureacratic machine is utterly tremendous, and it just goes on chewing people up at a faster and faster rate. Journalists are warned not to step in its way.

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