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Brownstein_david_md_Iodine_thyroidExcerpted from Dr. David Brownstein's blog.  Read the full post Congress Should Be Shamed The Vaccine Crises Continues.


I just returned from watching the movie, Vaxxed, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  The movie is upsetting and infuriating.  If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend that you go see it.

This movie chronicles the controversy about the CDC whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) who claims that the CDC altered, hid, and destroyed data that showed a link between childhood autism and vaccines.  I have been writing about this controversy since August, 2014. (You can access the first post here.) In August, 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC scientist who co-authored 10-year-old studies that exonerated vaccines from causing autism came forward and claimed that the studies he co-authored were fraudulent.  Dr. Thompson’s allegations are chronicled in this movie and in my previous blog posts.

Every parent, physician, and thinking human being should see this movie.

Whether Dr. Thompson’s claims hold true or not, Congress needs to investigate why our children are given more and more vaccines and yet, have become sicker and sicker.

Since 1997, autism rates have skyrocketed in the U.S. and the Western world.  In the U.S., the latest (2015) statistics show that one in forty-five children are estimated to have autism. (1)   In 1995, it was estimated that autism was prevalent in one in five hundred children.   That is an increase of 1,100%!  If the autism rate continues to climb at its present level, some have estimated that one of every two U.S.  children will be diagnosed with autism by 2025.

Folks, this is serious stuff.  In medical school, I was taught that vaccines were one of the miracles of medicine.  I was not taught much about the science behind vaccines, rather I was indoctrinated into the idea that vaccines have been well studied and the proof of their efficacy is beyond questioning.

What I learned after medical school told a different story.  When I researched the science behind vaccines, I was stunned to realize that there is not a lot of good science proving that vaccines are safe and effective.  There is no doubt in my mind that some vaccines do work to decrease the incidence of certain diseases.  For example, the chicken pox vaccine and the measles vaccine do effectively decrease the incidence of those specific illnesses.

But, the more-important question to consider is, “Are we healthier for vaccinating our children against measles, chickenpox and other infectious agents?”  When you consider how many U.S. children are ill, the answer to my question is not so clear.  Our children are sicker than ever—they have more asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, allergies, and autism than any other generation of children.  The rate of sick children is skyrocketing as exemplified in the autism statistics that I reviewed above.

Nowhere in medical school was I taught that it was safe to inject any living being with toxic items such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum or MSG.  And guess what?  It is not safe to inject toxic elements into any living being including children and pregnant women.  (By the way, there are zero safety studies on vaccines in pregnant women.)

This movie raises a lot of troubling questions that need answering.  Unfortunately, our Government, which is entrusted to ensure that vaccines are properly studied and that they are safe and effective, is not doing its job.  When a CDC whistleblower comes forward, you expect the proper U.S. Governmental agencies to investigate the situation.  In this case, nothing has happened in 21 months.

Think about the Flint water crises.  After the crisis made national headlines, within two weeks, there was a full Congressional hearing, with the Governor of Michigan testifying.

Yet, when a vaccine whistleblower from the CDC states that fraud has occurred at the CDC, where are the hearings?  Where is the media? Where is the AMA?  Where are the Congressmen/women?



I meant HPV-77/DK Rubella vaccine of 1969


I was givens he Philips Roxane HPV-Dk/77 rubella vaccine at school. Not long after, I had an acute onset of "juvenile RA." Years later, I was an adult subject of a research study with Dr. A. Tingle. I was not immune to rubella. I have never been the same since. I think all the propaganda about it causing transient arthritis is to avoid mass blame. My childhood was not easy after that & I had soft neurological signs. I was able to become a tenured prof but was never exactly well, and abt 10 years ago, I got really sick with a rare nervous system problem that affects multiple systems. I recently learned I have maternal Epstein Barr, Lyme, Babesios, DNA mold illness, & u name it. I'd like to know (maybe I missed it or maybe it doesn't exist) what, exactly was wrong with that vaccine. Could it have had mycotoxins, metals, or have been grown in kidneys if dogs with ticks? Is there any research on adverse neurological effects, really longitudinal cases of ongoing health problems? Could it have been that I had a weakened immune system that made me one to react? I want to know exactly what was wrong with the vaccine and why it affected some and not others. My case was all documented in the state health dept. thx ps sorry for any typos ..I can't see or type well. Also, I thought there was a class action suit. Maybe the info would be in the court dockets.


Great article, as usual. I totally agree with you, Bob, about the conscience of those in media, Government, CDC, National Health (in UK), doctors any anyone else in authority who know the truth. I hold all of them directly responsible for the destruction of the lives of families affected by this terrible 'epidemic'.

Ed Yazbak

Ms. Calhoun,

Meruvax-I was discontinued because it apparently caused more arthritis.

The following is from the CDC Pink Book
Rubella Vaccine
Three rubella vaccines were licensed in the United States in 1969: HPV-77:DE-5 Meruvax (duck embryo), HPV-77:DK-12 Rubelogen (dog kidney), and GMK-3:RK53 Cendevax (rabbit kidney) strains. HPV-77:DK-12 was later removed from the market because there was a higher rate of joint complaints following vaccination with this strain. In 1979, the RA 27/3 (human diploid fibroblast) strain (Meruvax-II, Merck) was licensed and all other strains were discontinued.


The vaccine manufacturer and everyone in authority decided that if the monovalent vaccines were OK, then putting them together was OK. That is obviously absurd.

There was unfortunately no thorough testing of the Triple vaccine combination. There should have been.

In most of my presentations, I often showed a photo of Andy Wakefield standing behind a large glass pane and drawing three vertical lines with an oblique line through them.

The audience got the message.

British Autism Mother

@ Dr Yazbak
@ Hera

Thank you both for your very helpful information and the time you must have spent finding it. However ..... the version I'm still looking for is the MMR not the MMR I or MMR II.

Both of you please accept my apologies for the delay in my acknowledgement:- my own minor indisposition coincided with a fit of electronic malaise by my computer (I hate Microsoft updates.....).

Dr Yazbak, I may try to contact you another way.

Birgit Calhoun

Grace Green! I had all my dental fillings removed. I am glad I did although it should have been done with n. After I had that done I had a very noticeable reaction of erethism (that's a sudden burst of ugly mood. What I did not expect was that my feet developed a neuropathy in which the soles of my feet were like pins and needles. I was in pain if I walked too long. I imagine the mercury that was set free and circulated in the blood after the removal settled in my feet. It stayed there for quite while. It takes probably at least two years to get rid of the feeling of being mercury-poisoned.

As to the white fillings, they have lasted longer than my amalgam fillings ever have. I recommend getting rid of all your amalgam fillings but make sure to have a mercury-free dentist do it who has the proper equipment so you don't inhale the vapors that are freed in the removal process.

Birgit Calhoun

Dr. Yazbak! Thank you for laying out the use of the various MMR vaccines. Could you tell me why the original Rubella vaccine was replaced? That strain must have been the one I received in 1969. I am mainly curious. The statute of limitations has run out a long time ago and there is no lawyer to help in malpractice suits any longer anyway.

As much as I can gather from that, each of the MMR components was never tested in combination. The Wistar designation refers to a type of lab rat. Could you tell me if the combination of M + M + R was tested together in one test let's say on Wistar rats. To my mind it is not good enough to test each individual virus and then believe that there is no difference if you test them altogether. Am I right in guessing that the interaction of those three disease-causing agents was never tested?

Ed Yazbak

British Autism Mother,

MMR II was licensed and used in the US around 1980

The difference between MMR-I and MMR-II is explained below


In the UK you started using MMR-II in 1988

The following UK time trend will surprise you as it surprised me:


Report of the MMR Expert Group - The Licensing of MMR Vaccines

4.19 A combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (MMR-I) was first licensed in the UK in 1972, but it was not actually used then, because combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccines were not introduced into the UK routine childhood immunisation programme until 1988, by which time MMR-II had replaced MMR-I (differing in the rubella virus strain only), and other similar combination vaccines had been licensed. Prior to 1988, the safety of measles, mumps and rubella combination vaccines was well established based on their world-wide use (over 500 million doses of MMR have been given since the mid-1970s); such vaccines had been routinely used in the USA since the early 1970s and in Scandinavia since 1982. Initially, a single dose was given, but a two-dose immunisation schedule with measles, mumps and rubella vaccine has existed in the UK since October 1996 (the first dose is given at 12-15 months and the second dose at 3-5 years).

Components/strains of MMR used since 1988:

From 1988 to present:
MMR II(Ender's Edmonston (measles), Wistar RA27/3 (rubella) and Jeryl Lynn (mumps) strains)

From 1998 to present:
Priorix(Schwarz (measles), Wistar RA27/3 (rubella) and RIT438 (derived from Jeryl Lynn (mumps) strains)

From 1988/89 to September 1992 (no longer used due to presence of Urabe mumps strain):
Pluserix (licence now cancelled) and Immravax(Schwarz (measles), Wistar RA27/3 (rubella) and Urabe Am 9 (mumps) strains)

4.20 Five combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccines have been licensed in the UK (including MMR-I). Three of these are still licensed and two (MMR II - Pasteur Merieux MSD and Priorix - GSK Biologicals) are routinely used in the national immunisation programme. Following the introduction of combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in 1988, sporadic case reports in the literature of mumps virus meningitis were reported in association with vaccines containing the Urabe Am 9 strain of mumps. Fewer cases were reported in association with combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccines containing the Jeryl Lynn strain. Since the Jeryl Lynn strain appeared to carry a lower risk of meningitis and meningo-encephalitis, only combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccines containing this strain were made available from 1992 (no licensing action has been taken against those containing Urabe Am 9 as the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) concluded that the balance of risks and benefits remained positive). END OF QUOTE

I know that this information was never widely disseminated

I hope it helps

After reading this, it seems strange that poor Dr. Wakefield was ruined professionally because he dared suggest to have the 3 monovalent vaccines offered alongside MMR-II

Grace Green

Birgit, thank you for enlarging upon your story and sharing it. I totally agree with you about it being the responsibility of the med professionals. I have just had the last of my dental amalgams removed, and have experienced a lot of blame for my illness, and criticism for trying to fix my health, from doctors and dentists. To be honest, I don't know exactly what's in the "white" fillings put in their place, so here I am still trusting the same people! They refused to remove all my teeth on the grounds it would spoil my quality of life. Quality of life!


Hi British Autism Mother; I can get you back a bit further than that.
I found an old copy of "Nursing 93 Drug Handbook",inside
it lists three measles ( rubeola) vaccines,
Attenuvax (contains attenuated measles virus derived form the Enders/Edmonston strain ) listed as Pregnancy category X,
Also the MMRII and the M VAX II are both listed as pregnancy category X.
With regard to the pregnancy categories, it states
"Drugs in category A are generally considered safe to use in pregnancy; drugs in category X are generally contraindicated"
Ti continues to describe category X
"Studies in animals or humans show fetal abnormalities, or adverse reaction reports indicate evidence of fetal risk. The risks involved clearly outweigh potential benefits"

Hope this is useful

Birgit Calhoun

Grace Green! I knew about that. I had never been able to contract Rubella as a child. In retrospect I should have known better than to get a shot. However, I did not realize that the Rubella vaccine contained live viruses. Live viruses give you the real live illness in an attenuated form. I should have known to refuse what the doctor recommended. That's how naive I was. I trusted him. The year 1969 was the first year this single vaccine was available. I had limited experience with vaccine. I only knew about smallpox vaccine. It basically was not dangerous because it was derived from cow-pox. Cow-pox vaccine does not bother people. It just leaves a small scar. That's why it was so relatively safe.

It should not be up to the patient to analyze materials prescribed by doctors. Same goes for dental amalgam. In the '60s it was called silver-filling. I would never have accepted the fillings if the dentist had told me that I was getting mercury fillings. I had not expected that dentists were deliberately selling a product without telling me that it was mercury. I was not uninformed at the time, just naive.

By the way, if I had known at the time what attenuated meant, I would have puked.

British Autism Mother

@ Dr Yazbak

Thank you for your helpful advice. I'm not sure if our local library runs to any PDR let alone an historic one but I'll try. The one I'm looking for is a very much earlier one, possibly back to the mid 90s and it's the MMR not (underlined) the MMR II.

Grace Green

Birgit, I am so sorry to read of your experience. As I remem ber it, here in the UK, at that time it was recognized that contracting rubella during pregnancy would put the developement of the baby at risk. Consequently, little girls would try to catch rubella before reaching adulthood. If they didn't, it was recommended that they get vaccinated before becoming pregnant. In view of that, it does seem astonishing that you were given it during pregnancy. God bless. Grace.

Birgit Calhoun

Dr. Yazbak! I very much appreciate your concern about our problems and I thank you for all the work you do. I am concerned about the vaccine manufacturers.

Birgit Calhoun

Dr. Yazbak! You are saying that to me now. But was that the manufacturers' policy in 1969? I remember clearly when thalidomide was freely given to pregnant women. That was only about 6 years earlier. In Germany at that time there were tests done on pregnant rats to see if thalidomide could be given to pregnant women. They found that the rats' offspring was not affected. The reason for that was that deformed rats are reabsorbed in the dam (I think that is what a female rat is called). There were fewer pups, but there was no indication of harm to the rat pups. The German scientists should have known that.

Did the MMR vaccine manufacturers do tests on pregnant rats? I don't know. I just know that I was given a single Rubella shot while I was pregnant. My child caused me to have lost 40 years of a life that I had planned to be different.

I understand that that Rubella vaccine also contained Thimerosal or was it Merthiolate at the time. I am merely pointing out that I was not told in those days about what happened. FOIA was not in place at that time. I am merely curious about what prompted the change in policy about the vaccine? Unless, of course, my doctor committed malpractice and did not read the insert.

Ed Yazbak

British Autism

You need to find an OLD PDR at a Library near you

Here is the 2010 MMR-II insert, the oldest one I could find

I will keep looking for you


Ed Yazbak

Ms Calhoun,
Therefore: There are NO studies on Live Rubella vaccination intrapartum

I did a study years ago on the subject of live virus vaccination AROUND a pregnancy and even that had many risks (almost 400 Moms).


My first published report was on 60 postpartum /vaccinated cases (Our end number cases of that group was 108, if I recall)

More on the study described here

The following is a summary of my research:
"Auto-immune causes of regressive autism
Formulated the medical hypothesis: “Maternal vaccination with live viral vaccines before, during and after pregnancy predisposes to autism” and reported on my original research findings at a June 2000 scientific meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics and at the Second International Conference of the National Vaccine Information Center."

As a result of my study of nearly 400 mothers who received additional live virus vaccinations as adults, I postulated that “The failure of certain women to develop or maintain adequate titers after live virus vaccination denotes an immune problem and predisposes their children to autism.”

I hope this information helps answer some of your questions


I was always told that the only reason that we have a rubella vaccine was because rubella causes birth defect to the unborn, severe birth defects.

I could not imagine an idiot giving a pregnant woman a rubella vaccine. Bridget if you were given a rubella vaccine while pregnant in 1969 - I would guess it was you that they were studying the out come on.

Scary, for sure.

That was the only reason - now why they decided to also vaccinate for the mumps and the other measles - I don't know.

brent remington

When the immense profit is taken out of vaccines may son wasybe they,ll find a cure. When my son was diagnosed chances were one in 10,000 in 1982.

British Autism Mother

@ Dr Yazbak

Over the years I've made several attempts to find a hardcopy of that document for the earlier version of Merck's MMR. I even enlisted the help of someone in a position of responsibility who was surprised to find the doors closed to them as well as me (I'm being deliberately vague to protect the innocent). One day ... one day ...


There is no doubt in my mind that some vaccines do work to decrease the incidence of certain diseases. For example, the chicken pox vaccine and the measles vaccine do effectively decrease the incidence of those specific illnesses.


Can you prove that? Because I don't believe it for a second.

Birgit Calhoun

Ed Yazbak! Thank you for informing me about what the manufacturers do. I was mainly wondering about studies that were and were not done. Who, in the case of the MMR vaccine determined that it should not be dispensed to pregnant women? I did not ever get an MMR vaccine. I had measles naturally when I was a baby. I did have rubella vaccine when I was pregnant in 1969. My child did not turn out so well. So here is my question. Who were the people on whom the single shot rubella was tested before it was given to me. Then who were the children who were used as test subjects to determine that 1. a single rubella shot was ok, and 2. who were the pregnant mothers used to find out whether the vaccine was suitable for inoculation. If, let's say, Merck tested for suitability on pregnant women how did they do that? I have more questions. Right now I am curious about how the vaccine makers knew whether the vaccines should or should not be given to pregnant women. The CDC only approves or disapproves before the OK by the CDC.

Ed Yazbak

Ms Calhoun,

The MMR vaccine is contraindicated during pregnancy by the manufacturer

Hypersensitivity to any component of the vaccine, including gelatin.{40}
Do not give M-M-R II to pregnant females; the possible effects of the vaccine on fetal development are unknown at this time. If vaccination of postpubertal females is undertaken, pregnancy should be avoided for three months following vaccination (see INDICATIONS AND USAGE, Non-Pregnant Adolescent and Adult Females and PRECAUTIONS, Pregnancy).


Birgit Calhoun

In my opinion this blog should not be used as a political soap box. It's bad enough that the government is unresponsive to the needs of the vaccine-injured.

Birgit Calhoun

I trust the statement that there is "no safety study on pregnant women." If there are no studies, how did the CDC? come to the conclusion not to give the MMR vaccine to pregnant women? It must mean they have sufficient CDC information to categorically state that no MMR vaccines should be given to pregnant women. That statement is also true. It tells me that the CDC is obfuscating knowledge about something that is not based on "science?". Interesting.


US Government agencies, which were set up to protect the public, now only protect the corporations.

The great problem is that many members of the public do not recognize this.

Environment, health, food, justice, labor agencies ... all is corrupt.

Go Trump

Hillary, Obama, etc should all be ashamed as well. Massively ashamed.


WHERE IS THE CURE FOR OUR VACCINE DAMAGED CHILDREN? Will it be in our lifetimes or after we are dead or not at all? HEAL OUR CHILDREN!


"Yet, when a vaccine whistleblower from the CDC states that fraud has occurred at the CDC, where are the hearings? Where is the media? Where is the AMA? Where are the Congressmen/women?"

I would respectfully ask .. where are the State Public Health agencies, where are the State Attorney Generals .. where is the US Justice Department Attorney General .. where are the Special Masters and HHS lawyers who so vigorously defend the vaccine merchants of death .. day after day ..


I know where most of them should be. Jail.

Bob Moffit

"Yet, when a vaccine whistleblower from the CDC states that fraud has occurred at the CDC, where are the hearings? Where is the media? Where is the AMA? Where are the Congressmen/women?"

I would respectfully ask .. where are the State Public Health agencies, where are the State Attorney Generals .. where is the US Justice Department Attorney General .. where are the Special Masters and HHS lawyers who so vigorously defend the vaccine merchants of death .. day after day ..


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