Dachel Media: JAMA "Scare Them Into Vaxxing"
Dachel Media: Sacramento Bee Covers Dr. Pan's Reaction to VaXxed

Del Bigtree of VaXxed Tries to Ask SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Questions #PanRan

Pan VaXxed Pan dollars



"I gotta hand it to him. Pan is fast!"  Del Bigtree.

Dr. Richard Pan, sponsor of California vaccine exemption removal law SB277 ran away from VaXxed Del Bigtreeproducer Del Bigtree when Bigtree tried to ask him questions about vaccination safety and the CDC Whistleblower. 

Pan ran...   Here's a video from Bigtree - and few others we added to showcase the absurdity of a pharmatrician like Dr. Richard Pan being so utterly unable to stand up and speak out for his "passion" for pediatric health when confronted.  A bit about Dr. Pan and SB277:

SACRAMENTO –Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician and Senator representing Sacramento, Senator Ben Allen, the former Board President of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalaz who represents San Diego have introduced Senate Bill 277 to repeal the personal belief exemption that currently allows parents to opt their child out of vaccines in our schools. 

“It is our duty and responsibility to protect all children who attend schools in California,” said Dr. Richard Pan, a State Senator representing Sacramento who has been working legislatively to get vaccination rates up while in the State Assembly. “SB 277 was introduced because parents are speaking up and letting us know that current laws are not enough to protect their children. As a pediatrician I have personally witnessed the suffering caused by diseases that are preventable, and I am very grateful to all those parents who are speaking up as a result of the recent measles outbreak.”

By the way, Dr. Pan is into the ban - check this out.  He's a Blockasaurus.... Have you been Doc Blocked? 

Blocked by pan



It's a badge of honor to be blocked by this sissy of someone who calls himself a doctor. I gave him very choice words on Twitter in telling my story of vaccine injury. I doubt Richard Pan met with any parents or victims of vaccine injury. Why not assess both sides of an issue before making a decision to vote on a bill? Pan is pathetic.

Jeannette Bishop

@Danchi re "Isn't teacozy one of Dorit's alias."

It didn't occur to me reading some of the discussions that they sound like the same person...definitely with a similar POV on vaccine issues though, but I don't know if they are the same person.

go Trump

Dr. Pan ... RAN... because he was afraid he was going to be given a MMR vaccine and a mercury flu shot.

Pan and Offit never put themselves in a position where they have to answer open questions on camera.

They meet only with their own kind in controlled settings.

Paul Champion

Thinking about it. Pan is a very fitting name as Pan was the Greek god of chaos. Half man, half goat. The Christians considered him to be the Devil. Swift at running up and down mountains this senator is well adapted - it appears- to running down stairs too. Pan also beguiled people with his melodious Pan pipes. His behavior gets my goat.


Politicians could learn a few things from the way the Del Bigtree does his job. He is hard working, honest, empathetic, respectful, knowledgeable, generous with his time and a peace maker.

It is amazing that none of that is true of most politicians.

I do have to say though, and this is not a criticism. Those two women did not deserve free tickets. If they are scientists, then they should be ashamed and should not be rewarded for protesting ideas that they haven't even heard. But I understand why Del Bigtree did it and I hope that he got through to them.

One more thing - Even if Vaxxed WAS antivaccine - it should still be shown and not discriminated against or censored in any way.

Sophie Scholl

Bill Pembry

~Have you ever thought about stand-up .
Because you are a joke .

Vaccines are the sole cause of autism >99% of the time
Vaccines are a lie . Vaccines are a disgrace (sv40, hcg , nagalase)
Vaccination is a 100% failed technology .
Vaccines are a global medical holocaust .


Given the level of threats of violence that have been levelled at Dr Pan, I'm not really surprised that he ran when confronted by anti-vaccine advocates shouting at him.


Ahhh.... poor Dr. Pan.

All he did was use his pediatric credentials, to champion a law that coerces parents into injecting their children with poisons.

Poisons, which coincidentally are injected BY pediatricians, like Dr. Pan... who make a pretty good living from doing just that.

The nerve of people like Del Bigtree, daring to question Dr. Pan on his motives for dong that.


"...To me .. the video images of Pan fleeing .. reminds me of old black and white films of my long ago youth .. where the "evil" Dracula .. recoils in horror .. at the mere image of someone holding a Cross..."

Actually, Bob, metaphorically speaking in a way, this is PRECISELY what is happening. That fleeing 'scoundrel,' PAN, running for dear life down that hallway and down the stairs, running away from TRUTH.

Light shining all its glory on the DARK.

...doesn't get any better. And it's going to happen again, and again, and again...until all this bullshit STOPS.

Bob Moffit

I can only speak for myself .. but .. all day long .. every-time I view one of the "youtube" videos .. (thank you David Forster and Josh Coleman) .. the more I LAUGH OUT LOUD .. as my newest hero .. Del Bigtree .. whom I had the honor and privilege of shaking his hand at the Angelica theatre in NYC .. chases that fleeing scoundrel down the stairs.

Trust me .. at my age .. as the admitted cynic that I have become .. I do not LAUGH OUT LOUD .. unless what I am watching is .. really, really, .. HILLARIOUS.

To me .. the video images of Pan fleeing .. reminds me of old black and white films of my long ago youth .. where the "evil" Dracula .. recoils in horror .. at the mere image of someone holding a Cross.

These youtube images are .. as they say .. PRICELESS.

@ Danchi

Greatly appreciated your posting of Ginger Taylor's "youtube" interview of former head of CDC Julie Gerberding and CNN's "doctor" Sanjay Guptka .. wherein Gerberding admits that vaccines are KNOWN to "cause" autism.

Frustrating to see that Gerberding has since been rewarded with a FINANCIALY LUCRATIVE CONTRACT .. to head of Merck's global vaccine division .. and .. GUPTKA still remains as CNN's "expert" on vaccines.

How do either of these two sorry individuals sleep at night?

Jeannette Bishop

"Del educates protesters"

Paul Champion

This reminds me of a tune and rhyme that we used to chant in the school yard. So, with a big shovel-full of poetic license:

Pan, Pan the vaccine man
Wants you jabbed as fast he can
Effectiveness, is not a concern
when Pharma needs - your money to burn

Claiming its for the greater good
May-be, he miss-understood
When the hen-house is guarded by fox
It opens sweet Pandora’s box



Jeannette Bishop
Isn't teacozy one of Dorit's alias.


Bill Pembry
CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism

FYI: I was reading the comments on VacTruth and it seems all of Bill Pembry comments have been deleted. I think Jeff discovered he had multiple accounts according to one commenter. So this meas that Bill is a troll.

Angus Files

`Run Forest Run`Gump would have been proud..


Jeannette Bishop

By Josh Coleman:



Mr Burns,
Unable to open your link. Would you please tell me where I could find that?

Thank you so much!

Louis Conte

Questioning an elected official about the safety of drugs that they are forcing your children to take is not violence. It's our duty as citizens.

The people inflicting violence are those profiting from the cult of Vaccinology. This violence is carried out through a policy of censorship, suppression of the voice of vaccine injured people and their families and discrimination against those who ask too many tough questions.

An elected official has an obligation to listen to people so that government can craft reasonable approached. Senator Pan is wrong about Vaxxed being an anti-vaccine film.

It's an anti-corruption film.

He has an obligation to listen so that he can be part of the effective governance of his district and his state.

Right now he's the best Senator pharma money could buy.

Jeannette Bishop

Did Senator Pan actually tweet this?


(I can't figure out how to find this on twitter. I can find or view the first part of this statement).



Bill Pembry

But vaccines still don't cause autism.

Govt Of the Pharma by the Pharma and for the pharma

Rachel maybe if you could get help for your black and white thinking? Yes some of us are anti-vax by now because the more the CDC lies the more we question everything they have ever said, but the movie is not anti-vax. It exposes fraud in the CDC and their lies about vaccine safety that literally brain damaged our children. Maybe if you would stop hiding from this truth by misrepresenting what we are saying you would expand your brain to include not only "anti vax" "pro vax " but --I know --"vac-safety curious"
Also -- hmm. I don't think that people with violent intent introduce themselves? With cameras? Pan ran all the way to his wealthy contributors. Pan sold us out. And he laughed about it. I was there too. I have never seen a more sickening sight than scores of parents telling heartbreakinf stories being met with blank cold stares from most of the legislators who simply refused to see us or hear us . The other inconvenient truth. I still cannot comprehend it it threw me into days of shock and depression. what other victimized group could tell eyewitness stories of injuryto their children and be met with not compassion but veiled anger by the people they had voted for?

David Foster

They released a video of him walking away and saying he had to go to a meeting, and then breaking into a dead run:


Of course he ran, he knew Del was about to open up a can of whoopass on him!

What's really sad is here we have a Pediatrician and supposed "champion of children's health" who is scared to talk to a film producer who is brand new to the issue of vaccine safety.

We all would love to see him answer Del's simple question: "How do you pass a bill mandating a vaccine at a time when you have a senior CDC scientist who has told us that the CDC covered up the fact that the vaccine is dangerous?"

Bob Moffit

@ Rachel

"Given the level of threats of violence that have been levelled at Dr Pan, I'm not really surprised that he ran when confronted by anti-vaccine advocates shouting at him".

From the video posted .. no one even had an opportunity to "shout at him" .. as he fled to his "safe space" in the bowels of the Capitol building.

It's okay .. I understand where you are coming from .. if the cabal's narrative needs a little embellishing to explain Pan's hilarious flight from the truth .. let it rip.

Go Trump

Run Pan run.
See Pan run.
Pan can run fast.
Del can run fast too!

Dan Burns

I just watched Del Bigtree talk a hate group in Denver into watching VAXXED. They literally put down their protest signs and accepted his invitation. It's an amazing scene.


Most pathetic are the people who say that Pan has no obligation to answer to his own constituents and who defend his appalling behavior. They enable a small minded tyrant who believes he is above those who disagree with him. Pan has made enemies of those he is supposed to be representing. This is as far from democracy as government can get.

Gary Ogden

John Stone: Well spoken: A worm and a coward. I'll never forget the smirk he had on his face as more than 700 of us testified against SB 277.

John Stone

He is running because he knows that he has no respectable answers to any questions that Del Bigtree would be likely to ask. If he were to speak and to utter anything remotely like the truth he would expose his sponsors. He is no doubt running because he is a worm and a coward but most particularly because if he was forced to say anything the consequences would likely be worse than simply looking absurd and ridiculous. He is not clever enough to bluff and bluster.

Some very unfortunate, inadequate, maladroit people have been drawn into the conspiracy and protected - Brian Deer would be another example - and Pan knows too much.

Karen Woytowitz

Running is a survival instinct. He has built himself up in his own mind to be a savior of children. He can't allow himself to think for a moment that what he has done is truly an act of violence and crime against the very innocent lives he vowed to protect on becoming a physician. So he runs for cover, to his safe haven, where vaccines are safer than a drink of water.

The tide is turning. I believe he recognizes this. And so he runs...

Hans Litten

Rachel the only threat of violence I am aware of is sb277 .
Which is in my view state sponsored GENOCIDE .

For Rachel

Rachel, nice try. Del Bigtree is a nationally known producer - hardly a threat. If ABC news thrust a camera into Dr. Pan's face, like most politicians, he'd eat it up. Face it, your hero turned tail and ran. No one in our community supports active or actual threats and most of us have experienced them - I've had security protection and had to have content pulled from the vaccine injury denial sites that jeopardized my safety. One blogger once talked about our Dan Olmsted about "being shot" using a very poor pun. It goes with the territory to some degree. We do NOT promote violence of any sort. Dr. Pan ran - fled in dread.



Given the level of threats of violence that have been levelled at Dr Pan, I'm not really surprised that he ran when confronted by anti-vaccine advocates shouting at him.

Bob Moffit

The image of Pan in his panicked run down the hallway .. reminded me of those overly sensitized college students .. who have been trained to flee to their "safe spaces" whenever they anticipate being exposed to what those students and their professors describe as a "macro-aggression .. which occurs when someone .. such as .. Dr. Pan is fearful of being asked a simple question .. causing him to run to the institutionalized "safe space" in Congress .. where security guards are posted to make certain that Dr. Pan remains "safe from the question".

The new image of how stupidity deals with "macro-aggressions" .. the hilarious video image of Dr. Pan .. like a "snow-flake" fleeing the sun .. desperate to reach his Congressional "safe space" so as to avoid someone simply seeking to ask a Doctor or State Legislator a simple question.

In any event .. Pan's inexplicable "run" out the back door of his office would be considered .. "consciousness of guilt" .. justifiably so .. by every police officer and District Attorney charged with investigating CRIMES in our justice system.

After all .. if Pan had done nothing he KNEW was wrong .. why would he run out the back door?

Hans Litten

I suspect Pan is on Performance Enhancing Drugs , crikey he was so quick down those stairs .

What a coward . How embarrassing this story is for him .
I think your political career is finished PAN , that scene yesterday WILL never be forgotten you FOOL .
I am sure he will be having meetings TODAY about how much damage he has done (likely Proffit will talk thru how to stand your ground with these parents and tell bare faced lies to everyone).

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