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Dachel Wake Up: Sharyl Attkisson on VaXxed

Dachel Morning Wake Uo

May 8, 2016, Sharyl Attkisson’s Full Measure on “Vaxxed,” Tribeca, and more.

 "When a controversial film is pulled from a prestigious festival some claim censorship. Full Measure talks with some filmmakers about who controls what you see, or don't see, in theatres."


Sharyl: “The sudden withdrawal of a film from the prestigious Tribeca film festival touched off a debate over a hot topic—the increasing effort to control what the public sees.

“Is it censorship and who gets to decide?”… (Clip from “Vaxxed” shown)

“Last month, under pressure, Tribeca Film Festival cofounder, Robert De Niro, withdrew plans to show it.” (Clip from the Today Show shown)

“Del Bigtree produced ‘Vaxxed.’”

Del: “What the people have just seen with ‘Vaxxed’ being pulled from Tribeca is censorship; it’s the power of corporations over media.”

Sharyl: “The whole episode has ignited a larger debate over control of ideas in the media.”

(Sharyl included a media professor from American University who believes that some ideas should be censored. The professor said “Vaxxed” was scientifically inaccurate, despite the fact that she hadn’t seen it. According to her, the vaccine controversy is a “settled issue.”)

And there’s more on her site.

May 6, 2016, SharylAttkisson.com: “Is HuffPo under Big Pharma’s tent?”–Lance Simmens   

“Surprising accusations of ‘censorship’ against popular online website from prominent liberal author, activist and longtime contributor

“Lance Simmens has written approximately 180 articles for The Huffington Post. But his prolific career as a HuffPo blogger came to an abrupt halt on April 15 when he wrote on a subject that turned out to be Kryptonite.

“Simmens’ HuffPo article took no position on the alleged medical links between vaccines and autism that are the subject of heated debate among advocates and scientists on both sides. He simply argued that the unprecedented allegations of corruption at CDC, from a sitting CDC insider, deserve ‘serious consideration and a national dialogue.’

“That was enough to get his blog unceremoniously yanked, and his ability to write for the website revoked without explanation. Simmens was perplexed.

“‘Have I struck a nerve? I believe I have and that raises a lot of questions.’”

Let’s be honest. IF it were true that an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule has significantly injured a generation of children worldwide, it would be a iatrogenic (medically caused) catastrophe. There are many people who would have to bear responsibility. It would destroy trust in the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, health officials, and legislators. It is the unthinkable for millions of people. For them, the science has to be settled.

(To see the full extent of the years of Sharyl’s outstanding coverage of the vaccine safety controversy, see this story from 2014.)

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Sharyl is wonderful at a time when corruption is at an all time high.

American University -- is that Columbia?

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