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Dachel Morning Wake Uo

May 25, 2016, Philly.com (Philadelphia Inquirer): Are we really still talking about Wakefield's autism con? By Michael Yudell PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Dornsife School of Public Health, Drexel University

May 25, 2016, Washington Post:  Washington Post: 7 things about vaccines and autism that the movie ‘Vaxxed’ won’t tell you, By Ariana Eunjung Cha

May 25, 2016, PBS News Hour: Here’s why states want to make it tough to skip childhood vaccines, By Sarah Breitenbach

May 25, 2016, National Catholic Reporter: Stories of the lives and deaths of writers, By Diane Scharper  


"Last weekend Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced former British physician, brought his shameful film Vaxxed to Philadelphia, where it is now screening at the Ritz Five. The film tries to resuscitate the unsupported belief that autism is caused by vaccination, specifically the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR). Study after study after study has shown this to be an outright false claim."

Michael Yudell, an expert with lots of credentials, turned "Vaxxed" into a movie about Wakefield, whom he thoroughly trashes here. Clearly he never watched the film, or if he did, nothing about fraud, corruption and cover-up at the CDC really bothers him.

I posted a comment.

Washington Post

"On its surface, the movie 'Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe' appears to be a slickly produced scientific documentary with lots of charts and data about one of the most important issues of our time. The central premise of the film is that the country's mandatory measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine — when given to children under age 2 — may be leading to an epidemic of autism diagnoses.

Incredibly this wasn't a review of "Vaxxed" as much as it was a trashing of Andrew Wakefield. I posted comments, including one entitled, "9 things about vaccines and autism that the Washington Post won't tell you." I also pointed out that reporters like Cha love to trash Dr. Wakefield, but they will never interview him to get his side in the debate.

PBS News Hour

"When Jennifer Stella’s two children were babies, she made sure they got all the usual vaccines. But when one started having seizures and the other developed eczema after they’d gotten immunizations, the Vermont woman decided her kids would no longer get shots required to attend school.

"Stella, a co-founder of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, is among a growing number of parents who are opting out of childhood vaccinations because they’re worried about their safety. Public health experts say the movement is leading to outbreaks of nearly eradicated dangerous diseases, such as measles and whooping, among clusters of unvaccinated kids. ..."

After this stunning opening Breitenbach quickly changed the topic, never exploring the implication that vaccines can injury children. Instead she wrote about the move to end non-medical exemptions in various state legislatures. While she did quote Barbara Loe Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center on parental rights, Breitenbach included an Iowa epidemiologist who countered, 'This is not an individual decision; this is a decision that affects the whole community.'

It was hard to move beyond the opening account of a mother whose children developed seizures and eczema following vaccination. Both of these conditions are officially recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I'm sure many reading this came to the stark realization that bad things can happen when kids are vaccinated, but it's an acceptable risk. You have to remember the good of 'the whole community.'

National Catholic Reporter


"The story of autism began hundreds of years ago when people with autistic-like symptoms were called holy fools and sometimes saints. Later, in the 17th and 18th centuries, people who made strange movements and sounds were considered witches and burned at the stake. Some were put in a confined space known as an idiot's cage.

"More recently, people who exhibited unusual behaviors were placed in institutions. ...

"John Donvan and Caren Zucker's compelling book, In a Different Key, focuses on the recent history of autism in the United States. The authors build their story around a little boy named Donald Triplett. ...

"In these early cases of autism, the condition was considered something caused by "refrigerator mothers." Later, some blamed vaccines. Now, autism is believed to be caused by a genetic predisposition combined with environmental factors.

"The book covers campaigns to promote autism awareness and acceptance, as well as efforts to understand the cause of the syndrome, whose effects vary widely, with some people able to function well and others severely disabled....

"But happy surprises like those are rare in this book, whose bottom line is that even after nearly 80 years of scientific research, no one knows what autism is or what causes it."

As a Catholic, this is as disappointing as when the Pope gave a child in Mexico a vaccination for polio.

The National Catholic Reporter reviewed In a Different Key, telling us that autism has always been here, we just didn't know what it was and we did nothing to address the need of those with the disorder. It advocates for acceptance and services. The NCR relegates the link to vaccines to past tense and to the level of those who blamed 'refrigerator mothers' for autism. 

Most frightening of all is the offhanded ending where Sharper casually states, "even after nearly 80 years of scientific research, no one knows what autism is or what causes it."

So what if children today can suddenly lose learned skills and regress into autism. So what if doctors are clueless. So what if health officials have never called autism a crisis. So what if the numbers get worse. So what if children aging out of school have nowhere to go. All we really need is" awareness and acceptance." There's no call for answers here. There's no recognition that this is a health care emergency that no one in authority will address. Sharper tells us that autism has been here for "hundreds of years." It's so disappointing when even the Church doesn't care what's happening to our children.

Here are my coverage of In a Different Key. Too bad Diane Sharper at the NCR didn't read any of it. 

March 15, 2016

March 10, 2016

January 27, 2016

January 25, 2016

January 20, 2016

January 18, 2016

Anne Dachel is Media Editor of Age of Autism.




i don't think the Pope realizes how inhumane the practice of vaccination has become. i hope every day that other Catholic leaders are grated an audience with His Grace so they can present their side of the story..."

Have you read the church's official position on vaccination? It's pure pharma apologism. One might surmise a connection to the fact that the church is the largest holder of stock on the NY Stock Exchange.

The truth is so simple it hurts

Yesterday I took my son's friend to mass with us. My son is mainstreamed, has challenges, but very mild after many years of interventions, stopped vax after MMR, etc. He is 14. When my son was 3-4, he and this child were on the biomedical path. The child was doing well. But at age 12, his Dad got sick of the Mom's "cure fanaticism" and demanded they stop GFCF and restart vaccines.

Yesterday, at church, the child wandered around, flapped his hands (which I had NEVER seen him do) and started mumbling to himself. On the way out I started to apologize to the priest. The priest stopped me and said " I bless you for bringing this child. " Suddenly the boy started asking the priest about architectural details in the church that showed he was very bright. THIS IS SOMETHING NEW!
The child is bright enough to recognize things many adults would not. But he doesn't get the problem with bouncing up and down and hand flapping!

I say this to point out what many of you have said all along "WHERE ARE ALL THE AUTISTIC HAND FLAPPING ADULTS" if this were here all along!

I now plan to visit one priest a month or more if I can and tell them about vaccine injury. To see my son's friend almost recover, but his parents succumbed to all the lies is heart breaking. And his other special ed friend--he won't come out of the closet LITERALLY. He was doing well and Kaiser pushed the DPT and the Flu shot the same visit. His mother doesn't believe me about vaccines. He is now so anxious she had to pull him out of school. She still doesn't believe me about this link. Yet, this kid who was mildly autistic is now that plus severely anxious. The lies about vaccines go on and on and on and on and wear down parents. We must speak out even more. ARGH

Lucious Conway

Controversial New York Play from insiders view on the topic of vaccines and depopulation worldwide and big pharma's role: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r60LhdLZYU&feature=youtu.be


I just want to thank Anne Dachel. I think you are doing a heroic job holding the media accountable for substandard journalism. It is hard to believe that the Washington Post is the same newspaper of Watergate fame, quite pathetic actually.


I agree...Thank you Anne for your coverage of this depressing reality of a media that supports the criminal CDC and the criminal medical profession pushing the CDC's schedule. I've never understood why these diseases that I had as a child are now so incredibly dangerous. I am not Catholic but I grew up in a Catholic working class town where the average Catholic family was six or seven kids. The sounds of children playing was as common as the sounds of traffic and birds. Kids lived outdoors in all types of weather because moms had to clean the house. Everyone got the measles, mumps, chicken pox... everyone!! How can the aging Catholic population not remember? Or for that matter the Pope.

I have always thought that it's easier for the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies to push vaccines for harmless diseases because when there is breakthrough disease not much happens. Can you imagine what would happen if vaccines against truly life threatening diseases like typhoid or typhus failed like for example the vaccine against the "deadly chicken pox plague" routinely does... Then it would be obvious to everyone that vaccines don't even really work. These "childhood" diseases are so benign no one even cares or notices when vaccines fail. It's all academic. Of course, autism is not academic at all. No one is actually studying the biological disease, only the behavioral disorder.


i don't think the Pope realizes how inhumane the practice of vaccination has become. i hope every day that other Catholic leaders are grated an audience with His Grace so they can present their side of the story:


Gary Ogden

Thank you, Anne Dachel, for your continuing coverage of dangerous nonsense in the media. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the political left, which I have long considered my home, would become the leading force in our nation for fascist control of everything, including thought. The right has long displayed these tendencies. I don't have a political home any longer, and I certainly wouldn't bother reading a newspaper. My father was a newspaperman, working for the Wellsboro Agitator. They don't agitate any longer. They meekly go along with whatever political correctness the oligarchs decree is the proper stance on issues of the day. Raise alarms about lead, but fully ignore the much more toxic mercury, and the aluminum salts injected into infants in the first year of life merely to train the parents to keep coming in when the baby is older, and actually capable of mounting an antibody response to the poisons.

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