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Dachel Morning Wake Up: 1-Year-Old Dies 3 Days Post-Vaccination

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 21, 2016, Parent Herald: Vaccines and Infant Death: 1-Year-Old Boy Died Three Days After Being Vaccinated

By Abby Kraft

The ongoing conflict about vaccination and its health risk has been an ongoing controversy when it comes to infant and toddler healthcare. The said health risks range from autism to death.

 On October 2015, at the age of one, Michael Whitesell received his MMR, hepatitis A, varicella and flu vaccines. Like any regular vaccination aftereffect, Michael had a high fever three days after their trip to the hospital. According to Vactruth, he was given Tylenol to soothe his fever, but he was found dead the following morning.

As the investigation moved forward, they found no foul play in regards to the child's death as it was ruled out that he died of natural causes. His death cause was labeled as Sudden Unexplained Infant Death, which is due to "natural causes." None of his vaccines were listed on the report.

The one who examined Michael, however, noted that he experiences vascular congestion on his brain, heart, lungs, liver. His urine was also mentioned to be positive with glucose. Michael's grandmother mentioned that the vaccine could have caused his death, but no medical explanation backed it up.

It's time we stopped limiting the conversation to just autism and vaccines. Our children are sick and dying, and no one in charge cares at all.

Also included in the story is this 2015 NJTV video,   Vaccine Debate: Parents, doctors discuss the pros and cons.

Dr. Brian Levine: "The very first thing I tell them is not to Google anything."

Levine claimed that the controversy over vaccines has started to die down.

Mom: "I think it's really important the parents are getting their information from the right sources. ... Everybody nowadays thinks that they're a doctor and that they know best, but the truth of the matter is, even though I'm a mom, I'm not a doctor. You know, you have to be able to trust, trust that other people know what they're doing.

State epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan: "There have been many, many studies that have been convened and looked at by the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, ...that always point to the evidence that these vaccines are safe and effective."

Another mom talked about the increased schedule and autoimmune problems.

Sue Collins, NJ Coalition for Vaccine Choice: "More and more vaccines are continually being added to the schedule, and no studies have bene done to see how all these vaccines reaction with each other, how they may affect the efficacy of each vaccine."

NJTV did a very poor, but typical job in presenting this issue. The reporter gave us two mothers, one from the Coalition for Vaccine Choice, who raised serious concerns about the risk.

The reporter talked to two doctors, one a state epidemiologist, who defended vaccines, (one even told parents not to educate themselves about vaccines, just to take his word for it). She found no experts to challenge the standard, studies show n  link mantra her experts gave us.

The reporter has no idea how to legitimately cover this controversy. She should have actually asked her two experts to respond to the claims of the two mothers.

The interview should have gone like this:

"Dr. Levine, is it true that there has never been a study on the cumulative effect of the ever-increasing vaccination schedule?"

"Doctor, what about the fact that neither the vaccine makers nor the doctor has any liability for a vaccine reaction? How much incentive is there for producing a truly safe product?"

"Doctor, is it true that there are not double blind comparison studies done on vaccines like there are in standard drug trials?"

"Dr. Tan, how do you answer parents who say that there is actually more independent research that raises serious concerns about vaccine side effects compared to all the CDC's population studies?"

"Doctor, is it concerning to you at all that there are substantial ties to the vaccine makers in each the 'many, many studies' you cited? "Are you aware of all the money the vaccine makers have donated to the AAP? Do you think this has any influence over their endorsement of vaccines?"

Of course the woman from NJTV would never ask such revealing and pertinent questions. She has no idea what's really going on here. It's he said, she said, she said, she said, and we all go home.


Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



My God, all those vaccines in one visit!!! Poor baby.
I have to say I miss the old format. It was more "busy" looking but I liked the area to the right where you could see who was posting.


“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.”
― T.S. Eliot
I believe the CDC and all the doctors and parents they lie to about vaccine "safety" THINK they are doing the right thing, "protecting" infants and toddlers.
I've been waiting 15 years--since my son regressed from a healthy, engaged baby into a confused toddler with autism-- for the truth to be accepted.

Each time that I had hope that things would fianlly change, that the maddness would stop, or at least slow and they would take away even one shot (Hep B or Chicken Pox, two totally unnecessary shots) ... esp after the Hannah Poling case... esp when all the adverse reactions from gardisil were covered by people who could TALK about their experiences (unlike infant/toddlers)...but no. It is all explained away and we parents are villified and called "anti science"... it is driving me mad.

But now, finally, I hope Vaxxed will have an impact. Thank you Age of Autism for all your work. Don't know how you can continue banging your head against the wall this way.

Jeannette Bishop

"On October 2015, at the age of one, Michael Whitesell received his MMR, hepatitis A, varicella and flu vaccines."

So is this now the "normal" live viral load for a one year old (if the flu vaccine was flu mist)? Nevermind that with three or four we had a disability (and who knows what mortality) rate that may easily rival the morbidity risk of somehow naturally happening to get all four in the first year or two of life with natural maternal immunity?

I don't think we should consider SIDS to mean death by "natural causes" since it's used officially when we can't find a cause (or unofficially don't want to find a cause).

Shelley Tzorfas

Now SIDS is being differentiated from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome vs Sudden Unexplainable Infant Death Syndrome to those who die after a year old. Under a year old it is simply called SIDS. In both cases it occurs just after vaccines. So many one year old and up children are dying after a round of vaccines that they had to develop a new "Heading"-category..

bob moffit

"Of course the woman from NJTV would never ask such revealing and pertinent questions. She has no idea what's really going on here. It's he said, she said, she said, she said, and we all go home."

Unfortunately .. "the woman from NJTV" has had ample opportunity .. if SHE was really interested in pursuing the serious concerns that parents of vaccine injured children have been asking for DECADES .. she would have conducted the "discussion" as Anne demonstrated .. which leads me to believe .. it would be IMPOSSIBLE for her to have "no idea of what's really going here".

In other words .. this "reporter" was simply "doing her job" .. as she was trained to do .. as a "willfully ignorant" participant .. following the well-worn .. highly successful script of the vaccine cartel .. that has not produced a single answer to RESOLVE any of the questions and concerns of parents .. as if SHE was hearing the questions of parents for the first time in her life.


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