Del Bigtree of VaXxed Tries to Ask SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Questions #PanRan
Circumcision and Autism: A Recent Danish Study

Dachel Media: Sacramento Bee Covers Dr. Pan's Reaction to VaXxed

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

A big thank you to the Sacramento Bee for this coverage, which does present both sides of this further episode in the actions of California State Senator Richard Pan.

May 11, 2016, Sacramento Bee: Vaccine tiff between Richard Pan, ‘Vaxxed’ producer roils Twitter, By Jeremy B. White

 The latest flareup of a conflict between vaccine skeptics and an inoculation-championing state senator has moved from a Capitol corridor to the realm of hashtags.

On Monday, Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree arrived at Pan’s office without an appointment to talk. After Pan exited without granting an audience, Bigtree pursued him down a hallway.

Posts recounting the incident, including a video, have circulated among vaccine skeptics who have gleefully promoted the hashtag #PanRan (they’ve also leveled more threats; one wrote on Facebook she hopes Pan gets hit by a bus).

Not so fast, said Pan communications director Shannan (Velayas) Martinez. She started firing off tweets on Wednesday arguing that her boss simply strolled away and then Bigtree couldn’t keep up. Naturally, it comes with its own hashtag (#del2slow), and suggests Bigtree is unfit – “Appears #Vaxxed producer @delbigtree not used to stairs and displays poor fitness. #del2slow #SB277 @DrPanMD. Bigtree didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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 A video from May 6, 2016 was also included.

“It’s a film about CDC cover-up… information is being withheld from the American people. It’s not necessarily pro-vax, anti-vax. It’s just simply pro-choice for vaccinations or not.”

Matthew Beelman: “My son has autism. He didn’t have any symptoms until about 12 months. And he received the MMR around that time. I didn’t know anything about vaccines back then. I just trusted they were okay.

“After he became autistic, I started looking into his condition as far as what I could do to help. It’s amazing to see the different links I’ve found, other people’s experiences, other parents and the timelines involved. Things started lining up.

A mother: “My son, at four months, suffered severe vaccine reactions. He’s been able to recover from them. …”

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Read more here:

I think it's important to remember what the Sacramento Bee reported about Pan on June 18, 2015.

He personally received almost $100,000 in pharma donations during 2013-2014, and altogether the legislature took in nearly $3 million drug industry money. 

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Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Jeannette Bishop

Very informative coverage:

Gary Ogden

Sure seems to me that seeing Dr. Wakefield, whom he had libeled and slandered with impunity and abandon over the past more than a year, walk into his office gave the little fellow such a case of the cobblywobblies that he had no choice but to flee behind the mommy's apron of the California Highway Patrol (they do security in the Capitol, and, unlike some of the ones who stop you on the highway, are here quite cordial and helpful, at least in my experience). At least the Bee covered it.

Tim Lundeen

All you have to do is watch the videos to see for yourself who is telling the truth :-) Pan's modus operandi is "lie, lie, and lie some more".


All you have to do is say "Not so fast" and that takes care of everything, right?

Oh, yes, and use the word "gleeful" too.

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