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Dachel Media: JAMA "Scare Them Into Vaxxing"

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

May 9, 2016 JAMA Network | JAMA Pediatrics | Leveraging Behavioral Insights to Promote Vaccine Acceptance: One Year After Disneyland

Alison M. Buttenheim, PhD, MBA

David A. Asch, MD, MBA 

"One reason education has little potency is that it requires a rational mindset in which new information informs actions, which may make sense for economists, but rarely does for other people."

The medical community seems continually bewildered by parents who question the mandated vaccine schedule. Here JAMA reports on the non-vaccinating parent. The premise is that there is no rational reason not to vaccinate, therefore there must be something wrong with these people. The non-vaxxers have long troubled medical experts who discuss them as if they're members of a religious cult or mentally ill.

It seems educating them doesn't work. Really?

How do you "promote vaccine acceptance" to people who know the following?

...neither the doctor nor the vaccine maker has any liability for vaccine damage.

...the government has paid out billions in claims for people who were seriously harmed or even killed by vaccinations.

...vaccines are the most poorly tested pharmaceutical products on the market.

...official safety claims are based on pharma-funded, population studies--the least reliable type of science.

...a top scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted that his agency committed fraud in their vaccine research.

...the U.S. government has quietly compensated over 80 vaccine injury claims that involved autism, all the while saying there is no link between vaccines and autism.

...medical experts at HHS conceded the case of Hannah Poling, a Georgia girl who became autistic following routine vaccination. officials have never done a simple comparison study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated children to study health outcomes. officials do nothing to prescreen children and find who may be at risk for a vaccine reaction.

...officials have never studied the children who were fine and suddenly lost learned skills and regressed into autism following vaccination.

...parents see more and more children with diabetes, seizures, bowel disease, autism, ADHD, and realize that we have the most vaccinated kids in the world and some of the sickest.

I think it's about time we started an education outreach program to inform doctors about all the things that parents know.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Dorie Southern

I do not think unvaccinated immigrant children would be allowed into the schools without getting an exemption. Exemptions are not given out without some effort. Of course, if a child did not get a vaccine at a particular age, I suppose those have to be skipped. Unvaccinated grown-ups are a different matter because there are no requirements for adults to be vaccinated. But the other thing is, I thought that the vaccines were supposed to protect those who got them. So why are vaccinated people concerned about the unvaccinated making them sick? It makes no sense.


This just goes to show that our strategy of explaining that vaccines are not safe was never going to gain sustained traction as long as we continued to pretend that vaccines actually work.

It meant that it was a battle between who could inculcate the greatest fear. Us of the dangers from vaccines or the media, government and medical industry of the dangers of the diseases.

Given that inculcating fear is the one and only thing that the latter groups do well we were always guaranteed to lose this.

So long as people believe that vaccines are what separates them from being dead from smallpox or crippled from polio they will always choose the devil they know.

That is why if you want a powerful statement, instead of talking about 3 billion dollars being paid out for vaccine injury, tell them this:

"rates of paralysis have increased since the polio vaccine".

This attacks the very core of their beliefs. The first time they hear it they will shrug it off, but once they hear it repeated a few times their faith in these concoctions will start to diminish.

Reference here: (before you say “but this is just a facebook site” it uses the following WHO data) and (see data for total AFP in India and other developing countries in 1996 and again in 2014) as well as and publications/sipp2010.html (Table A-4) (for disability rates). And (Around one in 50 Americans have some paralysis and around 40 per cent of those cases are due to disease).

It never ceases to amaze me that even though explaining that vaccines are completely useless is actually quite simple most non-vaxers have deluded themselves into thinking that if they hand over half of their ammunition to the other side it will make it easier for them to win this war.

It will not.

Tim Lundeen


Dr Humphries has a safe and effective treatment for whooping cough:

I suggest parents deciding whether to vaccinate read this, watch videos of kids with post-vaccination seizures, autism, and other brain damage, and then weight the risks of the two alternatives :-)


I completely agree about educating doctors about vaccines, especially OBGYNS so they can warn pregnant women to do more research because once the baby is born that's when the vaccines start, right away....and if you haven't done any research by then it's too late.


Awesome. Patients are now expected to educate doctors, about how dangerous vaccines are to the child you just delivered to their office.

Imagine if you just decided to take a Caribbean vacation... . would you consider it reasonable if you had to track down your pilots, and educate them on the hazards of flying the plane that's bringing you there??????

My vote is that we start suing a few 'top' pediatricians for child abuse. Because believe me, that will inspire the less famous among them, to get their shit together in a hurry.

The next step after that, is to start harassing some 'top' paid talking heads like Paul Offit and Brian Deer. Start rattling their pathetic little cages. And send a massage to other vocal hopefuls, who regard this sociopathic behavior as easy money.

Birgit Calhoun

British Autism Mother! Thanks for that bit of interesting tack. I hadn't thought of that. But knowing corporate thinking, the connection to patentability is interesting.



I bet Dr. Wakefield has the answers to your questions.

British Autism Mother

@ Birgit Calhoun

My suspicion has always been that there is a copyright/patent on vaccines which only lasts a certain length of time (twenty/twenty-five years?). Therefore the single measles, mumps and rubella vaccines had to be combined into the MMR to be considered a new product that could be patented. Later, c.2005, Merck added the V for varicella (chickenpox) vaccine to the MMR to make the MMRV (marketed as ProQuad). Perhaps there's a copyright/patent lawyer autism parent out there who could enlighten us all?


"Yes. Only when and if medicine recovers from it's collective mental illness evidenced by their irrational behavior in allowing the pharmaceutical takeover of their profession and our government while they are used as puppets to deliver "treatments" which harm, enslave and kill, will medicine be able to be educated."

Wow. GREAT comment and couldn't agree more.

Birgit Calhoun

Does anyone have knowledge about testing for titer? I venture to say that if you requested it, it would come out of your own pocket.

Does anyone know where the decision came from about putting Measles, Mumps and Rubella all in one single shot? Do those virus' live together in harmony during the years while they sit on the physicians shelf? Do some of the viruses die while confined to a bottle? Are the dead remains toxic? How is their expiration date determined? Was it convenience? Was it cheaper to make by the three? Or was it done so that nobody could tell which one of the three actually caused autism? I don't expect an answer. But for fun who would like to venture guesses?

Bob Moffit

I find it curious .. to say the least .. when an outbreak of measles .. such as .. last year's Disney outbreak .. that outbreak leads all "nightly" major media outlet news sources .. yet .. when a recent similar outbreak of measles occurs in Tennessee .. the media goes silent. Why should that happen?

Perhaps the media's SILENCE is due to the likelihood the measles outbreak in Tennessee .. which supposedly began in a Muslim Mosque .. raises "common sense concerns" regarding present "unvaccinated immigration" policies as outlined in the following article:

The article begins as usual:

"According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the number of measles cases in the United States grew from 63 in 2010 to 667 in 2014. It fell to 189 in 2015. That year, “the United States experienced a large, multi-state measles outbreak linked to an amusement park in California. The outbreak likely started from a traveler who became infected overseas with measles, then visited the amusement park while infectious; however, no source was identified.”

However .. the article then states:

"Surprisingly, the majority of the more than 70,000 refugees resettled annually across the United States through the federal refugee resettlement program are not required to have been vaccinated for measles prior to their arrival here.

(Think about that for a moment .. 70,000 A YEAR entering and being resettled throughout the US .. presenting an obvious problem for Public Health officials and our major media sources .. terrified of questioning our "open border immigration policies" lest they be accused of violating official federal government policies that have been deemed as POLITICALLY CORRECT .. thereby opening anyone who dares speak out to be accused of "racism, religious intolerance, bigotry and hatred of all "immigrants")

The article continues:

“Refugees being resettled in the United States, unlike immigrants seeking residency, have not been subject to immunization requirements,” according to a Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) released by the CDC in January 2015."

As Alison M. Buttenheim, PhD, MBA and David A. Asch, MD, MBA have stated .. it must be ME and MY lack of education .. but .. for the life of me .. I haven't heard a single State Public Health official complain when a few thousand "unvaccinated immigrants" are "resettled into their communities and schools"?

Indeed .. where are the State politicians .. (Sen Pan are you listening) .. who demand OUR CHILDREN be vaccinated .. yet .. these very same politicians are SILENT when the Federal government "resettles" so many "unvaccinated immigrants" into their cities and States.

Hey .. ever the optimist .. I see 70,000 .. A YEAR .. "unvaccinated immigrants being resettled into our communities and schools" .. as a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to conduct that .. "too dangerous not to vaccinate children to create the unvaccinated population required" .. study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated".

Let's determine how many of these poor, mal-nourished, vaccine deprived immigrant children .. have any of the now chronic autoimmune diseases the children in the United States have .. such as .. autism, asthma, peanut allergies, etc ..

Does anyone believe there are anywhere NEAR .. 1 in 68 "unvaccinated immigrant children" with "isolated autism"?

Jeannette Bishop

Revisiting Michael Gaeta's experience in a conference with an immunologist:

"...there is no benefit to vaccines given before age 1..." (and I gather maybe not really until about age two if you want that 90-plus-something-"herd immunity"--so how many infants who got on the something-like-1-in-2-chance-of-having-their-health-wrecked spectrum didn't even get that most holy-of-holy level of titer "protection" they aim for, until maybe Kindergarten boosters?!? if then?!?)

(not perfect quote) "...if the vaccinations were not part of the well-baby visits, you would have a hard time getting parents to come in for 2,4,6 month visits..."

" it's actually more of a training thing..."

This always just makes me so ... we have given "public health" authorities so much rope, they are in the process of hanging us all...all for ideal numbers, confident they can manipulate any other numbers I guess, distant from all the lives those numbers represent, for their two main considerations: vaccine uptake and titers--which seems to be really code for multiple vaccine doses so I guess it's really just one number...vaccine uptake.

See, they've really done a "training" job on me!


I want to correct something I said about the whooping cough vaccine. It doesn't spread disease, it just doesn't prevent whooping cough. However, it does make a baby more vulnerable to vaccine resistant strains. Since this is mainstream knowledge any pediatrician should inform a parent that the vaccine has the benefit of preventing symptoms of whooping cough but it doesn't prevent the disease. So if you are willing to have your baby absorb all that aluminum into the internal organs and the brain in order to prevent symptoms of whooping cough, which in fact can be pretty bad, then the vaccine is for you.


We have the sunshine laws about which doctors accept how much money from pharmaceutical companies.
Is there a list out there that shows which universities receive the most funding from pharmaceutical companies? If not, we should have one. Seems like Un. of PA is deep deep deep down in those pockets.
One could use the general psychological approaches they talk about, however, for a successful anti-vaccination campaign. After all, our tax money probably partially contributed to their research anyway.


It's possible to study every vaccine in depth but that is pretty hard. I haven't studied every vaccine. A parent just needs to know that 1. anything injected into the muscle could travel through the lymphatic system into the brain and once in the brain it's hard to get out 2. any vaccine can be Russian roulette because you don't know what vulnerabilities your baby could take just one vaccine to start a chain reaction of descent into illness 3. 60% of the vaccines are contaminated with unwanted materials brought in from manufacturing, all vaccines are basically filthy 4. none of the diseases are as dangerous as the vaccines.. I know because I've had them all. Whooping cough is a possible exception in a tiny baby but then the vaccine doesn't work but in fact spreads the disease. 5. Just say "no" to them all.


Yes. Only when and if medicine recovers from it's collective mental illness evidenced by their irrational behavior in allowing the pharmaceutical takeover of their profession and our government while they are used as puppets to deliver "treatments" which harm, enslave and kill, will medicine be able to be educated.


I completely agree about educating doctors about vaccines, especially OBGYNS so they can warn pregnant women to do more research because once the baby is born that's when the vaccines start, right away....and if you haven't done any research by then it's too late.

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