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VAXXED in San Francisco

Dachel Media: Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey Talk VaXed on Fox2 Bay Area Oakland

Online newsInterview Fox2 Bay Area/Oakland

Creators of the controversial documentary "Vaxxed" visit KTVU to discuss alleged cover up by CDC | KTVU


Host: “Vaxxed is a documentary about an alleged cover-up by the Centers for Disease Control and claims a 2004 study found a link between the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine and autism.

“I watched this documentary and I watched the message and I can understand both sides, but why people who are so scared your movie is about anti-vaccination, that this is what’s causing the uproar. …

“Is this about not getting vaccinated?”

Del Bigtree: “This is not an anti-vaccine movie, in fact we are desperately trying to make vaccines safer. We have a whistleblower inside the CDC, a top government scientist in charge of looking at the safety of vaccines. He’s come forward and said that the MMR vaccine, the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine—they threw out data and they manipulated a study to cover up the fact that this vaccine can be causally linked to autism. This vaccine can cause autism.”

Host: “So you’re not saying, don’t get your measles vaccine, don’t get the mumps vaccine, don’t get rubella, because we just had this measles outbreak in California. ….”

Del: “What we’re saying is, we would prefer the MMR be split up again back in the single measles, the single mumps, the single rubella, that we didn’t have people claiming that the vaccine caused autism. We have hundreds of thousands of parents like Polly Tommey worldwide that got this MMR vaccine and their child descended into autism.”

Polly Tommey: “[Billy’s] my second son, so I had no reason to question the vaccines. My daughter was absolutely fully vaccinated and fine. …In the morning he had the MMR and by the evening he had a massive seizure and was very, very sick. The doctor said he’d had a common reaction to his MMR vaccine and everything would be okay. But it wasn’t okay, and it’s still not okay. He’s  very, very sick.

“My concern for California children is you passed a law that means the children have to …have their vaccines to go to school. How do we know which of the children are going to be sick like my son? I think it’s very dangerous and I’m very concerned.”

The host asked if Polly and Del were making a distinction with only the MMR, that children should receive their other shots. “It is a very confusing and scary thing for parents….”

Del: “This is about the MMR specifically. The entire film is focused on a fraud around the MMR, but if the CDC is committing fraud on the MMR study, we do have to question their ability to test any of the other vaccines.  We want an independent testing body immediately looking at all vaccines to make sure that they’re all safe, that they’re working well together. ---Look, measles affects one in 450,000 people in America. We have now one in 45 children getting autism very year.”

The host talked about the “call to action.” What should people do next?

Del: “Everybody needs to contact their Congressperson and say I want the CDC fraud investigated immediately, we’re talking about the health of our children.

“While we should be investigating the CDC fraud, we have Senator Pan pushing a bill making us take this fraudulent, defective vaccine. In fact, I’d like Senator Pan to sit down with me at any time on television and talk about why, when he knew we had a whistleblower at the CDC saying that this vaccine was destroying children’s lives, why would he pass a law making us have to use that defective vaccine?”

The host asked Polly about her fears about vaccinating her third child.  

Polly: “I would like safe vaccines. I need to know what I’m putting into my most precious child is safe. I’ve seen first-hand what a vaccine injury can do.”

Del was asked about the showing of “Vaxxed” in San Francisco.

Del: “We’re selling out every show in every theater we open in. We’re opening in more and more theaters everyday all around the country. Everyone that is coming out of the theater is saying, ‘Oh my God, why is my government not stepping up and doing their job? Why have we left this whistleblower a year and a half waiting to be heard by the congress?’”

“Vaxxed” is now showing in San Francisco and Berkley.

I have to congratulate the reporter interviewing Polly Tommey and Del Bigtree. She went out of her way to point out that the film "Vaxxed" is NOT AN ANTI-VACCINE MOVIE.

I recently wrote a story where I pointed out the fact that almost every major print and broadcast news outlet denounced "Vaxxed" as "anti-vaccine" in their headline on the movie.

None of the reporters announced, like the woman at Fox2 did, that they had actually watched "Vaxxed." It seems clear that while the big news sources are slamming "Vaxxed" in a well-orchestrated effort to cover up the story of a whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, local affiliates like Fox2 in Oakland are trying to cover this issue as legitimate news. I guess the message for all of us is that we need to have serious concerns about what NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal tell us about vaccines and autism, but we can look to local affiliates to do real investigative journalism.

One thing that needs to be part of this discussion is the safety of the MMR in the first place. Three years ago I came across the incredible film, "Hear the Silence," where Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) played Andrew Wakefield. I interviewed Andy about the film.

 "Hear the Silence" was an incredible portrayal of the research done by Andy. The most unforgettable moment of the film for me was the comment about the fact that while the mumps, measles, and rublella vaccines had all been tested individually, there were no studies on the safety of the combined MMR vaccine. How was that possible?

I asked Andy about this lack of safety research.

Me: "Did they really license a vaccine that was never tested in combination? Are they really giving three lives viruses together, something that would never happen in nature?"

Andy: "It is fair to say that the safety studies of the combined MMR were inadequate, certainly compared with the studies of the single measles vaccine. Two of the three MMR vaccines licensed in the UK were known to be dangerous when they were introduced and had to be withdrawn 4 years later. They were not destroyed but sold on to developing countries where they caused the same side-effects meningitis."

It seems there are a lot of questions we need to be asking about the safety of the MMR. There's more than what the whistleblower alleges happened with the 2004 MMR study.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Gary Ogden

It seemed to me that the interviewer was at the beginning of a learning curve, which represents a sea change from the typical media approach to questioning vaccines prior to the debut of Vaxxed. I found it interesting that Del Bigtree offered to debate Pan on TV. I've heard Pan speak a half a dozen times, and he doesn't strike me as particularly intelligent, knowledgeable,or articulate; no match for Del Bigtree. Not likely he'll take up the offer, any more than that coward Dr. PrOffit would. How is it possible for someone as dim as Pan to receive a medical degree? Some folks are quite good at memorizing and regurgitating, but lack a basic understanding of, or judgement about, the bigger picture which life presents; and, quite frankly, even medical professionals are occasionally known to lack a moral compass.

Grace Green

I noticed also that the interviewer didn't seem to comprehend that you can be not anti-vaccine but yet not vaccinate your youngest child, as Polly Tommey described. These people don't seem to understand the difference between anti-vacc and anti-particular- vaccines which have been proved to be dangerous.


I don't know, maybe I'm jaded at this point but I keep hearing the woman promoting vaccination throughout the interview with statements like:

Host: "I watched the message and I can understand both sides"

However she didn't say what the other side is that she understands. How can you understand test results that show clearly fraud? What's the other side?

Host: "because we just had this measles outbreak in California. ….”

She needed to mention that basically saying-look what happens when you don't get the MMR. Did she happen to mention what strain the outbreak is? Aren't reporters in contact with local health officials? If it's a vaccine stain would she mention that?

Host: stated that there are dozens of studies that say the MMR is safe and effective.

Really? Why didn't she name any? Why didn't she say there were all industry paid for studies. Why didn't she mention that there has never been a study of the combo shot?

Over the last 5 years the public has been conditioned with very specific words that create images of fear and illness. These are called "triggers". They activate an emotional response without having to go into details about the event or situation. Prime example: 911. The triggers here are:

-The video of Dr. Wakefield who has been so viciously assaulted by the two governments and was given the inaccurate label of Father of the Anti-Vaccine movement. The scene set the tone for the interview because he has been called a failed doctor, a liar, fraudulent scientist, a murderer of children and any other disparaging pejorative. I'm sure there were other scenes they could have put in this piece but stations continue to chose this one no doubt told to do so by the CDC/pharma. Wakefield is a major trigger. This is why trolls constantly post in their comments Wakefield & Jenny McCarthy. It invokes images of fear/anxiety/stress-anti-VAXes who want your child to die.
-measles outbreak

These 3 triggers have such powerful imagery & emotional baggage of fear attached -the pro-vaccine opposition don't feel a need to send someone to counter Polly & Bigtree's comments. The triggers do all the work.

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